Ice cream

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As they drove down the island, warmth washed thru the car. The first day of the year that was truly shorts and t-shirt weather. She sat in the passenger seat wearing a pair of print shorts and a loose blouse held up with thin spaghetti straps. He wore a pair of hiking shorts with elastic waistband and a t-shirt.

Talking about the weather, their jobs and other things, an ice cream shop came into view.

“Ohh, let’s stop. Ice cream would hit the spot today.” She said.

Smiling at her, watching the wind pick up her long dark hair and blow it around, he slowed the car and turned in.

Getting out of the car, he lagged behind. He loved watching her ass in shorts as she moved. And today, her shorts seemed to mold themselves to her shape more so than usual. It was at that point he realized, that she wasn’t wearing underwear. Her normal underwear was a thong. He saw no signs of lines under the tight shorts.

Standing at the counter, ordering their ice cream, he put his hand on the small of her back, and then let it slide down. His hand brushed over her waistband, then slid further, pressing hard against her skin. His fingers moved in small side-to-side motions, feeling for anything underneath the material.

Feeling his hand exploring over her ass, she turned and smiled at him. “Find what your looking for?” She said.

Getting their ice cream, they walked to the car. He watched as her tongue slid out of her mouth, licking up the length of her ice cream cone. The motion brought to mind her licking other things. Shaking his head, smiling, he opened her door. Smiling at him, licking her cone as she looked into his eyes, she sat down.

Walking around the car, he smiled at her ability to tease him. Climbing in the car, they sat and chatted about plans for the summer and other items. And yet, as they chatted, his eyes always wandered to her tongue. The ice cream sliding across her tongue as she licked the cone up and down, and around its circumfrence. He could not help but begin to picture his cock in the ice cream’s place.

And with this thought, his cock rapidly became erect. Nonchalantly, he readjusted, but this just served to draw her attention. He felt his cock flex when he realized she was staring at his shorts.

With Escort bayan her attention drawn away, she didn’t notice her cone drip onto her shirt, right above her nipple. Grabbing a napkin, he stroaked her shirt a couple of times to remove the spot. Then pinched the material with his thumb and forefinger to blot the stain. As he did this, his finger pinched her nipple. He felt it, rolled it for a second, noting it was already firm. Releasing, he did this again and again. Her breathing caught for a second, then sped up.

Staring into his eyes as he played with her nipple thru her shirt, she then leaned over with her cone and dripped a couple drops on his shorts, right onto his erection. “Oooops,” she said, smiling innocently.

Grabbing a napkin, she started to stroke the stain, and in the process, stroked the length of his cock.

Her fingers let go of the napkin and slid along his length, before finding the head of his cock. There, they swirled around the tip, pinching it every time he squeezed her nipple. A new stain began to show as pre-cum seeped thru, showing on his shorts.

Staring ahead, he lost himself for a moment in the feeling of her hand sliding up and down on his cock thru his shorts.

Gathering his thoughts, he looked at her, noticing that her nipples were now full and sticking thru the thin blouse material. Reaching over, he slid one of the straps off her shoulder, exposing her breast to the air. The nipple was read from his pinching. Taking his spoon, he scooped some chocolate and ice cream from his sundae, and then smeared the mixture on her nipple. Watching the ice cream melt, it slid down the curve of her breast before falling to her stomach. When it did, her breath caught and a long low moan escaped her lips.

Encouraged, he slid his finger into his sundae, and then placed the finger where the ice cream had come to rest. He then slid his finger down, trailing the chocolate and ice cream on it.

His fingers slid beneath the waistband of her shorts, sliding down until finding the top of her slit. There he stopped, pushing in on the top of her slit, making small slow circles.

Listening to her moan, he felt her tug. Lifting his hips, she pulled his shorts down, freeing his cock. Then, bending Bayan Escort over the car’s center console, she smiled seductively and moved her cone close to his cock. Holding his breath, he stopped moving his fingers over the top of her slit as he watched the cone get closer to his cock. Then as the cone touched him, she slid the ice cream up and down, encircling his cock. Coating it with her raspberry ice cream.

As the cone moved over him, his cock flexed pushing deeper into the ice cream. Pulling the ice cream away, she put her tongue out, licking the cone, twisting it so she could lick around its circumfrence.

Putting the cone down she leaned forward, her tongue sliding out of her mouth, she licked the tip of his cock. Letting her tongue swirl around the head.

Moaning deep in his chest, he slid forward slightly, letting her have full access to his cock. While she licked around him, he slid his fingers up and down the length of her slit, tracing the shape of her lips. Then as he felt her lips slide over the head of his cock, he slid a finger down her slit, letting it part the lips, then slide back up before sliding deep into her, wiggling as it entered her.

Her lips clamped down onto his cock as he entered her. She shifted in her seat, setting a foot up on the door so her pussy was open to him. Putting his sundae down his other hand slid over her shoulder, removing the other strap, and sliding her blouse down around her waist.

Then, dragging his nails up her side, till coming to her breast. He circled the breast as he added another finger sliding in and out of her pussy. Her wetness coated the fingers, his thumb sliding up, finding her clit. He pushed against her clit, rubbing it side to side.

She stopped her mouth on the head of his cock She felt his fingers slide over her body and into her body. As the second finger found its way inside, she moaned, thrusting her mouth down on his cock. She quickly cleaned his cock of the raspberry ice cream. Her tongue slid along the shaft as she pushed till all of him was inside her mouth. Her hand slid over and cupped his balls, then began rubbing them. She started a slow rhythm, her mouth moving up and down his shaft, licking and cleaning.

Her moaning grew as his Escort fingers slid faster and faster inside of her. His thumb on her clit making her squirm..

Taking his cock almost all the way out of her mouth, she then slid it back into her, with her teeth dragging along its length. As she did, she felt him stiffen.

Feeling her teeth slide up his cock, he felt his entire body react, his cock flexing under her teeth. His fingers digging deeper into her pussy.

He grabbed at her breast as he tried to keep from cumming. His fingers finding her nipple, twisting it and pulling roughly on it.

And then he felt her body also tense, and her thighs began to shake. He pulled his fingers out till just the tips remained, then plunged them back into her. His thumb flicking across her clit. He heard her muffled moan as she buried his cock deep into her mouth. Her entire body convulsing.

Feeling her body react, his control began to crumble. His mouth muttering as he head his threw back into the seat, “God, I’m cummmming.”

Her head raised on his cock as he felt the first flush of his orgasm begin. The first jet of cum sliding up and out of his cock as his voice trailed into a shaking moan. His entire body raising and tense.

Her mouth suspended over his cock, his cum flying up into her waiting mouth, her tongue flicking over the tip, encouraging him.

Her own orgasm began to subside, until his fingers slid over her clit, pinching it. She began to scream and cum again even as she threw her head down, swallowing his cock and all of the cum she could suck from him. Pulling hard, milking his cock with her lips.

They both sat in the car, her mouth surrounding his cock, feeling it flex and cum dribble out as his body slowly unwound.

Her body, relaxing, his hands covered with her juices, her tits red and flushed from his pinching and rubbing.

Finally, he gathered himself. Looking around, ensuring no one had called the police, he laughed a little. Stroking her hair with his hand, feeling her tongue slide over him, cleaning the last of his cum from the tip of his cock.

As she lifted her head, he bent down kissing her, tasting the salty flavor of her lips. Pulling back, she smiled at him as she raised the straps on her blouse, covering her breasts.

Laughing louder as he lifted his shorts, he said, “Did the ice cream hit the spot?”

She laughed with him as she looked into the mirror and then at him, licking her lips, “No, but your cock did.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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