Incy Wincy Spider

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The man and the girl sit side by side on the couch watching television. Even though it was a warm night the girl has her duvet draped over her legs and upper body. Perhaps it is just as well, because she is clad in just her nightdress. And she has her feet up on the couch seat with her arms clasped around her knees outside the duvet. The man, distracted by the way the 18-year-old girl is sitting, tries to picture the look of her raised legs in his mind. He knows that they are long and slim, and lightly tanned. He watched her around the house all afternoon doing chores. Bare feet, hip-slung denim mini-skirt and pink halter top with white polka dots, lithe, dainty movements, flashes of bare, sun-brown, slightly rounded stomach. A delicious juicy plum, ripe for the plucking.

The man looks at the girl slyly out of the corner of his eye. She is so young, much younger than he is, and so fresh and pretty. The duvet is not clasped so tightly to her chest as it had been to begin with. Now he can see the swelling curves of the top of her breasts and a hint of cleavage where the cotton material has stretched and parted slightly at a buttonhole.

The girl clasps her knees and stares at the television screen, absorbed in the movie. The man is bored. It is not the kind of film he would normally choose to watch – some teenage pap about a bunch of college kids trying to solve a murder. One of them is going to get iced pretty soon, he mused, probably rather messily. The most likely candidate is the plump, faintly ugly girl in the blue dress who has a habit of going off on her own. It certainly won’t be the strawberry blonde ‘star’ with the big tits and nice tight ass! The dark one will get trapped in a darkened building and run panting and sobbing up the stairs when she should run out the front door. Then the baddie will catch up with her and either throw her though a window or off a balcony. Splat! Flat on her back, legs akimbo, staring eyes, trickle of blood from one nostril and a large, dark pool spreading from beneath her skull. So predictable! Perhaps the blonde is the sex interest for later? Are they allowed to screw in these teen pics? Goddamit, something has to happen to make this movie interesting!

Incy wincy spider… There is a commercial break. The man surreptitiously reaches across to the edge of the girl’s duvet. His hand, a big, fat-legged tarantula slowly crawls across the fabric towards his young companion. The girl tenses, aware of his approach, but pretends to ignore him. Until, when his stepping fingers almost reach her hip, she abruptly drops her feet to the floor and brushes his hand away.

The man withdraws, but he is not deterred. In a few moments the girl has put her feet back up on the couch again.

Incy wincy spider…again she pushes his hand off at the last moment while she drops her feet to the floor. And again, and again. The programme is back on now, but she is warming to the game, keeping an eye on the man’s hand as it walks in differing directions but always eventually returning to the same goal. Suddenly, he skitters his fingers across the duvet in a rushing assault. The girl screams laughingly and slaps the oncoming hand hard! The spider rolls onto its back, its legs twitching spasmodically. Man and girl watch the dying insect gravely for a few moments, then slowly he drags his hand away.

The girl resumes her knees-raised sitting position and returns her attention to the movie.

Incy wincy spider makes his way beneath the edge of the duvet into the warmth beneath. Slowly, inexorably he steps one finger after another over the seat of the couch towards the greater heat at the centre. The girl knows he is there, but she still jumps when the back of his finger brushes the bare skin of her hip. All the previous raising and lowering her legs has lifted her nightdress up over her legs to around her waist. She clamps her hand down hard on his through the duvet. But the man can still move his index finger. Slowly, gently, he strokes back and forth across the smooth flesh. He can feel the edge of her panties. He had expected her to be wearing underwear, but it is still a disappointment to have its presence confirmed.

The man is tall, even sitting down. He gazes down at the girl. She is rigidly still, unsure of how to react to the man’s invasion of her space. The duvet has fallen away further from her upper torso. The hairs on her arms are standing on end. Hard nipples project beneath the thin cotton of her bodice. Reading this as a sign of arousal, the man is encouraged to continue. Gently, but insistently, he extricates his hand from her clutch and slowly slides the backs of his fingers up the length of her outer thigh to her knee. The girl makes no move to stop him. He strokes her skin up and down, softly, unhurried, familiarising her with his touch.

The man turns his hand over so that now he touches the girl with the pads of his fingertips. He is fondling the back of her leg, gliding effortlessly bursa escort from the round of her buttock, up to the softness at the back of her knee, down her calf with the backs of his fingers to her ankle and then returning up and down to his starting point. And with each downward sweep over her thigh, his fingertips spread her legs slightly a little further, and slip imperceptibly inwards to reach the warm, impossibly creamy satin of her inner skin. Now, when he reaches the end of his journey, the side of his little finger lightly touches the inside edge at the leg of her panties. But he does not linger.

Meanwhile, the girl stares at the television screen seemingly transfixed by the programme. But she sees and hears nothing. There are points of high colour on her cheeks and her chest is heaving enticingly with her ragged breathing. The man yearns to take the swelling curves in his palms to squeeze and fondle their hard-tipped softness, but he knows full well that that will break the spell he has cast over her.

Incy wincy spider…finally stops his miasmic wanderings and rests full-palmed at the fork of the girl’s thigh, just touching the edge of the protective cotton at her crotch. The girl’s legs are parted a full hands-width now. Time seems to stand still. Their senses, both man and girl, are on a knife-edge of fearful anticipation.

The man has truly not expected to get this far! He wants to make his next move, but is wary. Will she scream and cause a fuss? The girl knows that she has let this go on much too long; that the man should not be touching her like this…but…

Steadily, so as not to startle her, the man shifts his hand until his fingertips rest lightly, fully on the damp fabric covering the girl’s secret core. She accepts his advance, closing her eyes and giving out a low sound that is a cross between a sob and a gurgle. Up until now the girl has only known her own touch…and the guilty pleasure. She lets her head loll back against the back of the couch.

Incy wincy spider…explores the plump pouts and creases beneath the cotton cloth. His gentle rubbing action quickly turns slight dampness to outright wet, even through the double thickness of the gusset. The girl reacts pleasurably to his caresses, parting her legs wider still and making tiny, thrusting movements with her abdomen.

Biting his lower lip hard between his teeth to control his wildly rising excitement, the man pulls the tight leg opening to one side and places his fingers directly on the warm, wet gash. The girl jumps convulsively at this fresh invasion and then subsides again. Stubby, powerful fingers spread slippery lips and delve among their secrets, searching for her pleasure spot. The girl jerks strongly again when a fingertip brushes across it. With a satisfied smile, the man moves on; lower down to the small, slightly gaping, moisture-dribbling mouth. In his mind’s eye the man imagines the girl-redolent heat beneath the duvet; the purple-pink, glistening, dark hair fringed puffiness; the heady, musk laden odour; the light honey-salty taste of her sexual juices. He wishes he could replace his fingers with his lips and tongue, but she is as yet too young and inexperienced and it may disgust her.

He inserts the tip of his middle finger and pumps it gently in and out, making the girl jump again. She uses tampons for her period, but has never experienced anything else in there, not like this. Not even her own finger, not even when pleasuring herself. The girl finds that she enjoys the intrusion and invites the man to penetrate deeper by spreading her legs wider and lifting her pelvis. In her imagination her naked handsome lover looms above her, about to slide his hard smooth shaft into her belly. Just as he does in her hot, sweaty, nighttime fantasies when she has her hands between her legs.

The man pushes his finger deeper into the hot, tight, wet silk. He is disappointed to encounter no resistance from a hymen. Up until this instant he was confident of the girl’s virginity. Perhaps she is more experienced than he expected? The setback causes him to be rougher than he would otherwise have been. He lunges deeper into the clinging tunnel, grinding the back of his thumb hard against her pleasure spot. The girl does not seem to mind. To his surprise, she meets his every thrust with a powerful one of her own. In spite of her hissing gasps and soft moans of pleasure, the man can even hear the squishy liquid sounds from beneath the duvet. He is jerking his own, stiff-shafted pelvis in time with the girl, pseudo-fucking her within the confines of his chinos.

The girl is ‘out of it’. She spreads her legs as wide apart as they will go. One thigh falls across his legs. She traps the man’s wrist beneath, restricting his movements. He growls with frustration. He is getting cramp. He will have to move his hand away and take her from above.

The girl wails pitifully at the loss of his plunging finger. Yet, although the bursa escort bayan man is no longer inside her, she carries on with her wild pelvic thrusts.

The man pushes the duvet away and onto the carpet. The scent of female sex billows through the room. The reality of the girl’s wide-parted thighs and undulating abdomen takes the man’s breath away. He tugs at her panties, trying to pull them down. She lifts her bottom from the seat and uses her hands to help him. In an instant she is exposed. He slides his hand down over the smooth belly-flesh, over the dark, springy pubic thatch, back into the hot moistness. The re-entry of his finger makes the girl hold her pelvis high and utter a sobbing gasp of, “Yesss!”

The man fucks the girl with his finger and the girl responds. His lust for her soars to ever-greater heights. With his free hand he fumbles with the waist band of his chinos and then the zipper. When he can fully release his rock-like cock from his boxers he will climb on top of her and take her! She will wrap her perfect, slim legs around him and he will empty his hot seed into her womb!

His cock comes free. The girl’s upper thigh, moving in time with her sexual thrusts, presses against its hot length. She appears not to notice. The man is about to make his move on her when the girl suddenly arches her back, trapping his finger with the downward bearing of her pubic bone. Her whole body jerks violently three, five times. Then she screams loudly and thrusts his hand away from her while she coils into a quivering ball on the seat beside him with her forehead pressing on his chest. She shudders spasmodically as the hot orgasmic waves pulse through her and then slowly stills in the golden afterglow.

The man looks down at the girl’s face. Her eyes are closed. Impossibly long eyelashes, damp with pleasure tears, form exquisite fans on her soft cheeks. Her lips are slightly parted. He longs to bend down and kiss her, but that would bring back the reality of the wide difference in their ages. Instead, he moves his arm over the back of the couch and gently strokes the short hairs at the side of her neck with the back of his index finger.

The girl swallows, sighs softly and runs the tip of her tongue over her lips. The sight of their saliva shiny pinkness tips the man over the edge. He is beyond caring if she is willing or not. The bulging, pre-cum glistening mushroom head of his erect member is just inches away from that soft perfection. He urgently wants relief; believes that he deserves his share of ecstasy. He presses his finger harder against the girl’s neck.

The girl resists. She guesses immediately what the man wants her to do. She has never done that before! Read about it, yes, but never, ever contemplated doing it herself! The man’s other hand raises and joins its companion at her neck. She catches her sex own scent on his fingers when he caresses her cheek. Fearfully, she gives in to the added pressure, allowing the man to lead her face down his body. She hears his heart pounding wildly in his chest. She keeps her eyes closed, not wanting to look and see the thing lurking at her destination.

She doesn’t know what to do. The man finally realises that this is the girl’s first time, that she is indeed an inexperienced virgin. This knowledge does not deter him; he is too far gone for that. Still holding her head down with one hand, he takes hold of his rigid cock with the other and rubs its slimy tip to and fro across her soft pink lips. The girl tries to pull back, but the man holds her head firmly. She can smell his faintly musty man-smell. Finally, reluctantly, she opens her mouth and lets him guide the fat, hot shape inside.

To the girl’s surprise he tastes only mildly bitter, and slightly salty. His ‘thing’ feels like a big rubbery sausage between her lips. Experimentally, she wriggles her tongue against the ridged underside and is rewarded with a deep groan of pleasure. She does it again and the man jerks his abdomen in ecstasy, forcing the fat sausage deeper inside. The girl has read about deep-throating too and is definitely not ready for that! She must gain some measure of control! Swiftly she wraps her fingers around his stiff shaft, and is surprised once more at how hot and smooth it feels.

The man’s hand takes hold of hers and teaches her how to raise and lower her circled fingers up and down his length. The action causes tiny spurts of salty taste on her tongue. The girl decides that she quite likes it and squeezes slightly harder on the upstroke to get more. The man is panting loudly now and muttering rapid words of encouragement under his breath.

Suddenly, the shaft stiffens in the girl’s hand. She senses that the man is about to cum…she has read about this as well…and tries to pull away. But he holds her there, his whole body stiff and trembling. Then the thick, slimy, musty goo bursts into her mouth in great gouts. The girl chokes. She doesn’t want to swallow, escort bursa but there is too much of it and she has to. Eventually, the man’s ‘thing’ stops jerking in her fist and he releases his hold on her head. At last she opens her eyes to look at it. It seems huge! Pearly, white fluid is still oozing from the small eye in its shiny purple, bulging head. Was that really inside my mouth? She asks herself. Then, as she watches, the fat monster begins to wilt and soften. In no time at all it seems to shrink to nothing, just a soft wrinkled tube that almost disappears inside the man’s shorts.

The man hauls her upright and facing him. He looks into the girl’s eyes gravely, trying to detect how she is feeling, how she is likely to react to what has just transpired. He rubs the corner of her lips with his thumb where a minute dribble of his sperm has escaped. Without realising what she is doing, the girl puts out her tongue and licks the caressing digit.

The man smiles with happy relief and places a hand on each of her shoulders. Firmly and insistently he pushes the girl backwards so that she ends up laid out on the couch with her head resting on the side arm. It is not over yet, she thinks, I wonder what is coming next? She does not have to wait long to find out.

Moving with surprisingly lithe agility for someone his age, the man slips to his knees on the floor and parts the girl’s thighs legs to stare at the junction of her thighs. She blushes, ashamed that he is looking at her secrets in this way. But her blushes quickly turn to hot delight when he lowers his face and uses his tongue and lips on her pleasure spot and into the entrance to her sex. Aaaaaaaah! The warm tide in her belly swells when he starts to finger her at the same time as his tongue flickers over her most sensitive spot, and she starts to fuck his finger and his face with wild abandon.

Suddenly, the man stops his wonderful ministrations and props himself upright with a hand beside each of her hips. Frowning with disappointment, the girl looks down her spread-eagled body and sees that unbeknownst to her, the man has worked his pants and under-shorts right off. He is naked from the waist down. Fascinated, she gazes at his crinkled, grey-streaked black pubic thatch and his huge, hairy balls. And at his fiercely, enormous erection! A thrill of fear floods though the girl at the certainty that the man is now going to push that great thing deep inside her virgin body.

Transfixed, the girl watches as the man takes hold of the thick shaft and directs its head between her legs. He rubs it against her entrance. It is amazingly hot and smooth! Then she feels the parting; the stretching; the filling as the great rod slowly but inexorably makes its way into her tight young channel. God! She thinks, I will never take it all! The man lowers himself to rest on his elbows above her. The stretching and filling continues. It is strangely wonderful. He is not her imagined lover, but the man is here, inside her right now!

With a surge of joy, the girl gives her body to the man completely.

Their sexual dance continues for some time. She never dreamed that sex could be so wonderful. The man teaches her how to wrap her legs around his waist and rub her pleasure spot against the pumping base of his shaft. He varies his speed; his depth; his angle of entry, inducing unimaginable spears of pleasure to course through her. And when the man can hold back no longer, the girl lies back quietly studying the concentration in his eyes while he spurts his hot flood into her womb.

She has not climaxed. The girl does not know that it is not at all easy for a man to make a woman to cum during intercourse, no matter the pleasures his fucking gives her. She feels deprived, but the man does not abandon her. He pushes her nightdress up over her chest and suckles on her lust-distended nipples. He licks down her belly and through her pubic curls. He grasps her buttocks in his hands and spreads her legs wide. And he feasts on her salt and honey juices until the cataclysm bursts in her belly and she screams her ecstasy for the entire world to hear.

The man and the girl sit side by side on the couch, both of them still half naked. The movie has finished unnoticed by either of them in the heat of their coupling. They will never learn who the killer was, nor do they care.

“Incy wincy spider climbing up the water spout,”

The girl’s fingers step across the seat towards the man and up over his hard bare thigh…

“Down came the rain and washed poor incy out,”

The girl pulls her fingers back…

“Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,”

The girl’s fingers resume their journey across the man’s flesh…

“And incy wincy spider climbs up the spout again.”

Her fingers slide down over the man’s inner thigh to cup his fragile balls. The wrinkled tube stirs and thickens, making the girl smile with pride at the power she exerts over the man. She bends down and nuzzles her face into his groin once more. Her own sex odour on his hairs fills her nostrils. With teasing lips and tongue she makes him hard again. And when he cums she gulps his creamy gift down willingly.

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