Insatiable at Work Ch. 17: Birthday

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It was warm, but a little overcast; Bryan had to run a few errands and planned to meet us back at the house after our run. We hit the trail and put in a good five miles. We played a little grab-ass, but tried to limit that and our conversation; we were both trying to shave time because we had a race coming up.

That was the plan, for at least the first half, before she swatted my ass, “Hey! By the way, happy birthday, sweetie!”

“Thanks, babe!”

Can I be the first girl who fucks you this year? What do you think…it’s the perfect gift?”

“You got that…can’t think of a better way to celebrate!”

She comes back with, “There’s nothing that says happy birthday like a tight pussy!”

“You know, I would say something like that…we’re both sort of geeks.”

“I know honey.”

Her skin glistened with a sheen of sweat and she was wearing a skimpy tank-top and sports bra…her breasts were smokin’ hot. A flood of thoughts ran through my head…thinking I’d have no problem doing her right then and there. I mean, we could easily do it back in the woods.

She grinned, “I know what you’re thinking.”

“Oh you do, do you?”

“Yup…I’m thinking the same thing, but we’ll have to wait till we get home. It’ll be better than the quickie in the woods.”

“You are thinking the same thing!”

Bryan wasn’t home yet, but we took a break and hydrated a little. She wanted to know all the details of an upcoming vacation, Tina and I were taking. Then I asked, “What else is going on?”

“Well…today, I was going to clean up a bed in the side yard…edging and mulch…we’ll finish it later.”

“Why don’t we finish it now?”

“You’re not working on your birthday.”

“I enjoy working alongside my Tara! Look, it’ll only take a half hour or so…you start over there and I’ll start at this end.”

“We do work together pretty damned well…but I think you like the view, too;” with a cute smile, she pats her ass.

I grin, “Well…yeah…that, too!”

Bryan got back and helped finish, before we all collapsed on the patio with a few beers. I know these two and knew something was up when they both grinned. It was all clear when she asks, “What about some of that birthday present?”

“You know I’m always ready,” and I raised my butt off the chair, to slide off my shorts. They kneeled at my feet and shared. Moving it back and forth between them…there were a few times when both tongues lapped over my dick. They both seemed anxious…both hungry! I just sat back and enjoyed, “Fuck! Fucking make my dick feel goooood…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it!”

Tara looked up, “Mmmmm…happy birthday, honey! You taste like your smell…salty and sexy…runner sweat.” My reply was a big grin, grabbing her ponytail and nudging her back to work. She eagerly gave it all the attention, I wanted. I pumped into her face, over and over, pushing at her throat. She loves rough and I’m always willing to gag her a little.

Bryan had managed to strip off his clothes, too, leaving them in a pile. I loosened my grip and grinned, “Buddy it’s your turn, now…get over here, dude…I need your help with this guy!” I leaned back and sank down onto the chaise. I felt very comfortable as the Alpha…they both started kissing on me, working down the shaft and sharing my balls. Bryan took it deep and pushed against his throat. While Tara sat back, rubbed her pussy and encouraged him, “Sweetie…you love that dick…mmmmmm…take it deep…choke on it…take it!”

Fucking into his face, “That’s it buddy…suck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…suck that dick!” After a nice round of fucking, he wrapped his hand around me and stroked, “Here honey…your turn?”

“Sorry, we both want it, dude…and I know you don’t mind, if we share.”

Taking the head into her mouth, she swirled her tongue in a slow, sexy spiral. “That’s my sweetie…that’s it…yeah! You guys give a fucking amazing birthday blowjob…yeahhhhhhhhh! But I want you to come up her and fuck me, sweetie!”

She climbed onto my lap, slowly settling onto my dick. This was “the” position that really did it for all of us. Bryan and I, both, loved cowgirl-action…and our little cowgirl was always enthusiastic and willing.

She moaned, “Fucckkk…that feels so amazing!”

She usually takes it slow (or pauses) to enjoy the big-cock feeling…but not this time. She was too horny…too excited…she was anxious and ready to fuck! I do love it when a pussy swallows it gradually, in small amounts; I love to watch it sink slowly inside. I enjoy the pleasure that washes across Tara’s face, as her juices lube the way and she eases her way down. She immediately started rolling her hips and grinding hard, forcing me up into her belly. I watched her fingers frantically circle over her clit…her moans echoed through the garden.

“Look at our horny, little cowgirl! Look at’er ride!”

“Honey, you feel so fucking tight!”

“Dude…she’s always tight…my sweetie’s always tight.” Bryan, jacking off to my right, groans, “Fuck’er dude…fuck…her…fuck her!”

“Mmmmm…you bursa escort fill me up…full…can’t believe I ever wasted time with small dicks…so happy I found my two boys…love…my boys…mmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…love that cock! Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…that’s it, fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me!”

After a good ten minutes, “Honey, I don’t wanna stop but I know you want some.” “Here take it”, and she pulled off, letting it spring back to slap my belly.

“Fuck yeah!” Eager as hell, he grabbed and licked the pussy from me. She held the back of his head and bobbed him over me like a fleshlight. We used his mouth for satisfaction…and he purred with moans. She circled a finger over herself and watched, “Mmmmm…you like all the pussy I left behind don’t you? There’s a lot of me there…super wet…and horny!”

“Take that thing…uhhhh, uhhhh…uhhhh…buddy take it…feels nicccceee…real nice! Oh yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck yeah…yeah…mmmm…yeah!”

Once he finished, he looked up, “Your turn…honey?”

“Yeah! Tara, it’s your turn…suck me some more!” I groaned and humped forward as she opened her lips wide, eagerly welcoming all of what I had to offer. Wet and shiny with her husband’s spit, I released my grip of the shaft and grunted, as she plunged forward. With both urgency…and desire, she bobbed, up and down. She pulled off to swirl her tongue over the tip and down over the shaft…my precum was the taste of man she loved. She took it back into her mouth, repeatedly driving it hard to feel it at the back of her throat. Bryan stood over us, holding his big dick in his fist and moaning…I was torn, between watching his smoking hot stroke-session or his wife, satisfying me with a face-fuck.

She worked it hard, I was groaning and covered with her glistening spit. A little out of breath, she finally pulled off to declare her pussy was hungry for more. I stroked a hand over my shaft, milking a bead from the tip. With a big grin, I said, “I think I got what ya need, here…food for that pussy!”

“I know you do!” She immediately jumped back on and sank down, pushing it deep into her belly. Even though she was sloppy wet and horny, the pleasure (the need) of being spread wide open and filled, seemed to take her breath away. I watched her gasp like her breath was forced out, as it pushed inside, “Ahhhhhh…that’s nice.” With intense moans, she shuddered a little and grinned, “Mmmmmmm…mmmmmm…you ready to pound me? Need a hard pounding!”

“Fuck yeah! I’m gonna fuck you…hard!”

Bryan smiled and jerked himself, “Fuck’r hard…give her the hard pounding…fuck’r dude!”

I reached up to grab her breasts, while she spread wider, to get a better footing. She pressed down tight against me, squirming a little to get it as deep as possible. She began riding, again, up and down; I was lost in the pleasure, with that pussy stretched tight and bouncing up and down over me. I tweaked at her nipples and thrust upward, with a frenzy. Juice ran down the shaft, coating my balls. “Fuck…Honey…uhhhh…uhhhh…that feel so good! Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh!”

She whispered, panting in my ear. “Oh fuck yeah! Keep fucking me! Yes…fuck me…fuck…meeeeeee!”

Slamming her body down over me, again and again, I yearned for release. “Mmmmm…Tara…fuck tha’s nice…fuck me…fuck me!”

Going at it for a while, our breathing became choppy and I was bucking my hips up to meet hers. Groaning with the effort of each stroke, she wildly pumped her hips. Both in need of relief…it felt so good to fuck like this; our sex only grew louder and more urgent. We needed to ride things out…she needed cock deep inside, biting at her cervix…I needed tight pussy…I needed to feel those tight lips ripple over each swollen inch. We were fucking harder…she was completely wild with need, squeezing me tight…we both felt the pulsing…her pussy…my dick…pushing and pulsing against each other.

Finally, her tight, little body quivered, as she felt what was coming. With the warm seed, at the back of her pussy, flooding her cervix, she squirmed to push me as deep as she possibly could. Cum kept spilling out…I think I got off with multiple shots, but the first one set her off…she screamed and clenched tight. It pushed her over the edge; I felt orgasm move all through her body, her pleasure seemed to tense every muscle. She screamed, “Ohhhhh fuuuuuuucccck…please fuck meeee…please fucccckkkk meeeee…ples…ples…ples…uhhhh…uhhhh…cumming…cumming!”

When she could finally stand, her pussy hung just off my chest and it came dripping out…I watched her flex and push it out over me. Then, as a husband and wife working together, they kneeled off to each side and eagerly scooped from my chest…greedy for every salty drop, they could get.

“Mmmmmm…Robbie cream…it’s always good!” Pleased with their good fortune, the smiled as they finished it off. I lingered on the chaise, watching them clean me. Because I had plenty of beer…too much beer, “Fuck! I gotta pee…gotta peeeeee! Let me run in & take a piss.”

“No…no, bursa escort bayan do it here…for us…please!”


“Well not here, on the cushions…move over here. Give it to me…spray me, again…please! I really like it…like the last time…please!”

Bryan moved over to huddle next to her, “And me, too…I want some, too!”

Still hard as a rock…I stroked a little and strained to let it go…I leaned back, let out a soft moan and shot a perfect golden arc. It was a narrow stream that came out with great force and splashed over their lips. Groaning with relief, “Ahhhh, that feels good…I needed to piss so bad…you like all that…all that piss?” She squealed when the stream intensified, and I swayed back and forth to cover both tongues. It ran down over her body; animated with her crazed rubbing, her clit was on fire and she was frantically pushing herself to orgasm.

It was a big long piss, but because I was hard, it seemed to last forever. It trickled down over their bodies…my two lovers…sharing…a golden shower. He finally answered, “Mmmmmm…we want it all…fuckin’ love it…give it all to us!”

“Mmmm…love all that warm…Robbie pee!”

I shook the last drops onto their outstretched tongues. When I finished, they kissed, sucking and licking on each other. I watched them exchange the taste…and thought, fuck this will never get old!

While they were locked in a probing kiss, he continued to stroke…he really needed to finish things, too. He pulled from her lips and started moaning, his hand was a blur on that big, hard dick. He was pounding hard…his body stiffened and he grasped himself…and with a couple hard, final strokes, he grunted a load out over the patio. “Fuck…fuck…cummming…cumming…I’m cumming…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna shooooooot!”

“Dude! Nice fuckin load!”

“Thanks man…next time, though, I need to put it where it counts.”

I watched him catch his breath, “I can think of a few places…let me get you another beer…and honey, what about you?”

“You just sit and let us wait on you…it’s your birthday. We are just getting started…we planned a lot more birthday for you, mister!”

“Meet us in the shower in fifteen minutes…we got a little birthday surprise!”

I smiled and took healthy drink from my beer…it was still cool and felt good when I rubbed the sweating bottle over my warm, moist skin. I was antsy…I don’t know how long I actually waited, before I gave in. I had a pretty good idea that more sexual play was in store for the three of us. They had music going, with the lights dimmed…and candles were scattered through the bedroom and into the bathroom. It appeared that they had already showered; they had wet hair and a little haze of steam flowed from the shower. “Get in here, birthday boy; we’re gonna take care of you…give you an amazing birthday!”

“Dude, we’ve been just waiting for you…we’re ready to satisfy you…all night!”

I was given the spa-treatment…they lathered me up and washed me. Bryan did my back and worked a luffa over my skin. They spun me around to get me thoroughly rinsed in the steamy, hot shower. While she reached up to kiss, she leaned into me, our tongues probing deep into each other. I was rock-hard and he had dropped between my legs to take it in his lips. I gripped her ass, cupping those firm cheeks; I squeezed and swatted her just to feel the sexy jiggle…it had just the right amount of bounce. There are few things I love as much as playing with that hot, little tush.

“Honey, I know you’ll like this, but I do want both my boys…so…can we spit-roast?”

Before I knew it, she was bent at the waist and hanging onto Bryan, while I took her from behind. It didn’t take long before he was pumping into her mouth and matching each of my thrusts. As I pumped, in and out, the sound of wet bodies slapping against one another filled the room. We both fucked into her, pressing deeper and deeper, as if to meet up somewhere in the middle. Once again, here we were watching each other enjoy his wife…we high-fived…and I rubbed my hand over his rippled belly and up over his chest.

“You like?”

“I like…you’re so fucking sexy!”

I think my exploration turned him on and he had to pull out to slow things down…I think he was ready to blow, already. I know he really liked the attention because he wanted to show off…standing in front of us, just out of reach, he stroked over his big hardon. He was all wet and amazing to watch…hot body…beautiful cock!

Combined, our groans blended with the slapping skin, barely muffling Tara’s moans of pleasure! The moaning, unchecked by her husband’s dick, intensified when I found her clit…I teased it a little with a couple quick swipes. “Rub it harder…pleeease! Fuck that thing into me…stretch me…fucking stretch meeeee! Oh fuck…rub it…rub it…faster…faster! Fuuuckkk…cummmming…baby, that’s it…cummmming…cummmmming!”

As her climax took hold, I pushed forward and held myself inside, till she came down. The shudders escort bursa had subsided, but I almost lost it with the waves, pulsing through her body and around my dick. We helped her straighten (or stand) and she kissed both of us, “That was fucking amazing guys!”

They both looked at me, and then at each other…they nodded and turned off the water. I knew there was more coming. A squeal echoed through the steam, “There’s the freckle that brought us together!” She leans into to kiss it and slides her tongue through the top of my crack, “It makes me wet, every time I see it!” They both enjoyed giving extra care and attention to the waning boner. I was excited, too, but stood while they finished drying me. Once they finished with the towels, they bent down and planted kisses on me, “Guys that feels good!”

“It’s only getting better from here, dude!” They offered me a glass of wine, wrapped me in a big, cottony robe and led me into the bedroom.

“This’s better than a 5-star hotel!”

She put my glass on the nightstand and pushed me back onto the couch…with that beautiful, sexy smile on her face, I knew she wasn’t done. My legs were spread wide and I was pulsing…and throbbing back to hardness.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as my dick swayed over my belly. Without any words, nudging my legs a little further, she leaned in to begin sucking. Her lips wrapped tight, just past the ridge, and my fingers slid through the moist hair and pushed her to suck deeper. This was fucking perfect…I think, the shower just got her warmed up and now she was driving my dick against her throat.

Bryan, stroking himself and grinning, sauntered over to watch. She reached up, grasping for his dick. Knowing what she wanted (and what he needed), he placed it in her hand. Without missing a beat, she continued bobbing over me and stroking him, until he ached for more. He lifted her hips, until her legs were almost straight and I raised myself up on my knees. She spread her legs a little and lined herself up with both dicks. We both pushed into her; again, we spit-roasted Tara…this time on the couch and her husband got to enjoy that tight, little pussy.

We pounded into the needy…wanting body; his hips pummeled her ass. I could feel her throat being shoved into me, “Dude, we really got to keep meeting each other this way!”

He cackled and nodded downward, “I’m all in…any time. Hey, it’s your fuckin’ birthday…its’s your pick…you want pussy?”

There was no question…I moaned, as my dick sank into her gapped pussy.

She quickly added to the conversation, “Hey guys! I’m in, too…you can always meet this way! Robbie, fuck me, hard…want it hard…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck meeeeee!” Her voice stopped, cut short, when he managed to find a position where he could push himself between her lips.

We took turns fucking her, trading one end for the other. Finally it all came to an end; I was beating up her pussy, he was humping into her mouth and she was wildly rubbing. He threw his head back and screamed, her lips were wrapped tight over the head, but he pushed his hips forward, driving his dick deeper. “Suck it…take it…shit…cumming…m’cumming…take it…that’s it…take it all!”

I felt her trying, but his cock corked the moans coming from her throat. In serious need of relief, her body reacted with another orgasm, shaking, squirming and pushing into me.

Trembling with pleasure, I lost it, pulled out and pumped myself over her back. I was panting hard and screaming, “Fuck…fuck, I’m cumming…cumming…yessssss!” My cock twitched as it pushed the little I had left, down over my fingers. They, both, jumped in to run their tongues through my fingers.

Tara looked up at me, her lips shiny with thick, gooey seed, “Honey…can you stay? We wanna wake up with you!”

“Yeah, dude…maybe share a café Robbie…and some wood?”

“Fuck! With you two in bed, wood’s never a problem…I just hope I can crank out the seed for coffee…I’m fuckin’ drained!”

“Buddy, between the two of us, we can do it.”

They laugh and we go off to have dinner. We shared a couple bottles of wine and I opened a couple presents. It was a really nice birthday; they always make me feel so special.


The next morning, I wake to warm lips, sliding over my skin. Tara worked hers over my dick and Bryan sucked at my nipples. They took turns, but there were a couple times when they were sharing and the shaft was pressed between their lips…it really didn’t take too long before they pushed me over the edge. He clamped his lips tight, while I pumped, teasing and pushing at his throat.

While I fucked into his mouth, I watched Tara, rubbing and moaning her way to orgasm. When he raised up, my dick sprang free. He grabbed for it, stroked his hand over the shaft and nursed the tip. He loved the feel of it…especially when it was hard and pulsing in his hand. He grinned up at me and thumped it over his lips. Over and over, he went down on it, taking all he could. He’d bob his head for a few minutes, then he’d pull off to lick some more. He rubbed his pursed lips over the hard flesh, cupping the balls, fondling their weight…and rolling them through the soft skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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