It Started On My Day Off

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I took a mental health day off from work. I was laying on the couch watching television when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so was slow to get up. It was my neighbor, Cedric. He was in workout clothes, with a gym bag, and said he didn’t have his keys. He was going to go get his wife’s keys, but wanted to shower before going to her office. I didn’t exactly get along with Cedric. He didn’t respect my parking places, and he often played his music too loud after 11PM. We had a few cross wrods, but nothing ever got physical. I could just have easily turned him away, but he was in need. I told him to hold on while I went upstairs and secured my room. We were neighbors, but you can’t be too careful. I cleaned the bathroom a little, and put a towel on the toilet seat.

He went upstairs to shower, and I cooked something to eat. I had finished eating and was laying back on the couch when I heard him come downstairs. I asked was he straight, and from behind me he said “not yet.”

I turned to the side and saw he was just in the towel I gave him. “Is something wrong?”

“Can I ask you something?”

I kept my eyes off his crotch, “Yeah.”

“You like dick, don’t you?”

I sat up, “What?”

“I’ve seen a lot of females coming and going, but I’ve also seen a few dudes.”

I started standing up, “They’re just friends, so what business is it of yours?”

Cedric put his hand on my shoulder, and guided me back down. “Tell me you don’t like dick.”

“I don’t care if you’re locked out or what, you need to get out of my house,” I moved from his hand and started standing up again.

He pushed me back down again, and loosened the towel so that it fell off.

“Damn,” I said without thinking. He had meat – fat balls, and a healthy dick. Cedric was 6’3″, and about 240 pounds; I was 6′, and about 190. I wasn’t a twink, but I wasn’t Cedric’s size either. I kept myself from licking my lips, but not from staring.

“Give it a kiss.”

“Cedric, man-“

“If I’m wrong about you liking dick, I’ll leave. But I don’t think I’m wrong.”

He wasn’t. I leaned forward and kissed his tip.

“Yeah,” he smiled.

I licked it, then leaned back to watch it swell; it rapidly got long and hard. There was a curve it that went up and to the left. I put my hand around it, and rubbed my hand back and forth.

“Do that shit,” he hissed.

I stroked him until clear precum formed at his slit – something I love to see. I stroked some more, until enough built up to drip off. I leaned over and caught it on my tongue, then went up the stream until I was at his tip.

“Oh, it’s like that?”

I looked up at him for the first time since he dropped the towel, “Cedric, I know how to treat a big dick.”

“We’ll see about that.”

I put my mouth on his dick, and got it wet. I never thought about saying anything like that to him, but this was a situation I wasn’t going to pass up. I took only about three-quarters of his length in my mouth, and my lips were stretched to do so. I used my hand to pump what I couldn’t get to.

He moaned, “You’re better than I thought you’d be.”

He smelled clean, and he skin tasted good. He took his dick from my hand, and raised it up for me to get to his nuts. I licked and sucked them until beyoğlu escort he let go, then swallowed his dick again. I forgot all about the issues I had with him, and just sucked. Feeling him flinch and hearing him groan turned me on. When he told me to get my clothes off, I put up no resistance. While I pulled off my shirt, shorts, and underwear, he walked over to the steps and came back with my jar of Vaseline. I stared at his classic Blackman’s ass as he went away, and licked my lips at how his dick swayed as he came back.

“How do you want it?” he tossed the jar in his had.

“From the back.”

“Stand up,” he took my arm and helped me up. He turned me sideways, and grabbed a handful of my ass. “Nice.” He bent me over so that my hands went to the sofa cushions. I asked him to wait a minute, and went to bend over the back of the loveseat. He grinned, and stroked his dick with a fist full of jelly as he walked behind me.

He would easily be the biggest man to fuck me. As a matter of fact, a man hadn’t fucked me in a while. More often than not, I was the one doing the fucking. But from the moment his towel dropped, there was no question about who was going to do the giving and who was going to receive. I bit my lip and braced myself for it.

“Your name is Angela, all right?”


He smacked my ass, hard.


“When I call your name, you’d better answer to it.”

“I will,” I said with my head swimming.

He spread my cheeks, “You ready?”

I hoped he would put some on my asshole, but I guess that was too much to ask. “Yes.”

“Well, too bad if you ain’t,” he pushed forward.

I felt his big head at my hole. Once I felt myself starting to open up, I knew to push out. His head squeezed itself inside. “Oh shit.”

“Nice and tight, I like that,” he pushed again. My ass wasn’t letting him as quickly as he was trying to go, and his force made me rise to my toes. “Poke that ass out more, Angie.”

I moved forward, and bent all the way over the back of the couch. My face was inches from the cushions, and my ass arched higher.

“Good bitch!” he smacked my ass again. “My wife doesn’t even follow directions that fast!”

I would have done anything to get him in me as fast as possible. Getting him in was becoming painful. He was stretching my rim beyond legal limits. Instead of pushing in a little then pulling back out, he just pushed forward. I could feel my insides making way for him; it just wasn’t fast enough for my comfort, which wasn’t Cedric’s concern anyway. I was trying to take it like a man, but I couldn’t hold back my whines and groans anymore.

He laughed, “Loosen up, bitch! I’m getting in this ass, whether you help me or not.”

That sentiment turned me on; I just couldn’t take his method. I tried to rock back to ease him in little by little, but his force had me pressed against the couch. Plus, with only my toes being on the floor, I couldn’t get leverage anyway. After a few more seconds of his bull-thrust, I raised my right leg onto the couch – almost like I was trying to climb over. The shift allowed him to slip two inches in. That sudden movement was a relief from the pain.

He rubbed my back, “We’re almost there, Angie.”

I pushed up from the cushions, “How much more?”

“Just sarıyer escort six or seven inches.”

I groaned and fell back down.

Cedric laughed, “You don’t want it?”

I shook my head, “I didn’t say that. You already feel like you’re in my stomach.”

“Because this is a man-size dick; not like them boys you have in and out of here.”

I felt hair on my ass, and blew out a big sigh – he was in!

“Want me to pull out and penetrate you again?”


He started sliding out, “Are you sure? My wife loves when I do it to her.”

“Please no!” I felt his tip getting close to popping out, and clinched my hole as much as I could.

“You got pussy muscles, Angie?”

“And I’m not afraid to use ’em,” I moaned.

He smacked my ass, and pushed back in, “I like a feisty bitch.” He started fucking me, and I started to enjoy having him in me. After about 5 long strokes, he grabbed me by my hips and gave me short hard thrusts. His grunts got deeper and heavier, while mine got higher. Between breaths, he said, “Take that,” over and over.

I don’t know what kinds of noises were coming out of my mouth; it was open, and I was almost drooling. I felt him swell up, then he pulled out after a few more thrusts and shot hot cum over my back and ass.

He smacked my ass again, then walked around and flopped on the couch. His dick bounced off his stomach. Cedric had opened me up so wide, my ass felt like a wind tunnel. I reached back to take note of the damage. My finger went in my greasy, slimy hole with no problem.

“You got a good pussy,” he smiled after he caught his breath.

“Your dick stretched it to the limit.”

“I’m used to hearing that.”

I pulled myself off the back of the couch, “Looks like you still want some more.”

“I do,” he laughed. “But I better have a load for my wife tonight.” He got off the couch and grabbed his towel, “I’ll be back though.” He went upstairs and washed off. I laid on the floor and just tried to recuperate. Ten minutes later, Cedric came downstairs. “You may want to pick up some Astroglide or something better than Vaseline for next time. Its up to you; I’m getting in that ass either way,” he laughed, took his keys out of his pocket, and left.

It was an hour before I felt like I could move. I made my way upstairs and into the shower. I took the showerhead off its handle and aimed it up between my legs. The water rushing into my closing hole was an incredible sensation – borderline painful. I leaned back against the wall, put my foot on the edge of the tub, and stroked my hard dick. Thinking about the fucking I got was a nice memory to bust my nut to. I rinsed my ass out a few minutes more, before getting out.

Cedric didn’t say when he would be back, so every day I wondered when he might knock on my door. I didn’t enjoy the way he fucked me, but I didn’t really want him to fuck me like that again. The pain came too close to outweighing the pleasure. I didn’t have to be that forceful with the guys I fucked, or the females either. When Cedric did come over, I wanted to enjoy the experience a lot more than I did.

That knock came about 8 days later. “I don’t need your shower this time, but you do have something I need,” he made his way in. “Get your clothes maslak escort off.”

“I need to do something upstairs first.”

“Hurry up!”

I came back down a few minutes later in a robe, “Let’s talk a second.”

Cedric had his pants off and his dick out, “We don’t need to talk; just get that shit off.”

“I like that you want to fuck me. It gives me a chance to live out some fantasies of my own. But I don’t want to be fucked how you fucked me that first time.”

“Oh, you don’t?” he laughed.

“You said you were going to call me Angela, right? So why not get the full experience,” I dropped my robe to show him the white, lace teddy I had on. His eyes got big. I walked over to him, “Let me be Angie for you.” I got on my knees between his legs, “You said your wife isn’t as obedient as me. I’ll do whatever you say, when you say – as long as you don’t fuck me like a horny bull.”

“Wait a minute. I ain’t into all that gay kissing and shit.”

I licked his tip, “I’m not into kissing either, but I will be your girlfriend.” I kissed his dick, “You slutty girlfriend. I’ll give you all the things you miss at home, as long as you don’t rip through my asshole again.”

“You mean your pussy.”

I smiled and stroked his dick, “My tight, little pussy. I’ll tell the one guy I let fuck me that he can’t fuck me anymore, so it will be all yours. Your dick is better than his anyway.”

“You’ll do whatever I say?”

“Whenever you say.”

“Stand up and turn around.”

I did what he said, making a slow turn.

“You do look good in that shit; little freak.”

“We have a deal?”

“Get over here and suck my dick, Angie.”

I smiled, and got his dick in my mouth as quickly as I could. I wasted no time, and let saliva from my mouth coat his shaft so I could stroke it easily. His dick got rock hard in my mouth and hand. I expected him to tell me to stop at any moment, and I had already greased my ass in anticipation. But he didn’t tell me to stop. I kept pumping his shaft while licking or sucking his tip. He shifted, groaned, and ran his hands through my hair, but never told me to stop. His breathing got heavy like when he was fucking my pussy, so I knew what was coming. His dick swole up, and pulled my mouth off just before his eruption. I kept hold of his dick while his body jerked. His cum shot over his thighs and chest. I smiled at what I was able to do to him.

He slowly opened his eyes, and looked at e still holding his dick – waiting his next command. “Clean me off.”

I got up to get a towel.

“Is that how my slutty girlfriend would clean me off?”

I did say that I would do whatever he said. “Probably not,” I got back on my knees, and licked up his multiple spots of cum. It was slimy and salty, but I cleaned his thighs.

“My wife won’t do that,” he pointed to the cum on his stomach and chest.

I sat over his leg, and licked and kissed his stomach clean.

He stroked my leg as I did, “I don’t like hairy-legged women.”

“Okay,” I moved up to clean his chest.

“Good slut,” he moaned. “I had planned to fuck the hell out of you,” he checked the clock,” but that was good for now. I wish I had more time,” he got up.

I was disappointed I wasn’t going to feel his dick in my pussy. “When can we fuck again?”

“Greedy slut,” he laughed.

I shrugged, “I want to be ready for you.”

“Thursday,” he left.

I set me hard dick free, and masturbated to the possibilities Thursday held.

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