Jenna the Vicar’s Wife Ch. 02

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“Holy Spirit, come into my heart and show me my sins. Give me a proper spirit of repentance and the grace to make a good confession. Give me your peace that I might not be anxious but rather trust in your abundant mercies.”

Father Aiden said a prayer to himself. He was anxiously sitting in his confessional, awaiting the arrival of any lost sheep who were in need of his guidance. Here of all places, he needed to be focused on his job as a priest, yet his mind was on other things. Last night, he’d attended a gathering at St. Michael’s vicarage. He hadn’t really wanted to go, as social events made him uncomfortable, but had gone along to show willing. It had been his first social since he’d left Liverpool.

It had all been going well until he’d met the vicar’s wife, Jenna. The woman had shocked him to the core. She reminded him so much of Róisín, a twentysomething woman whom he’d developed feelings for back in Liverpool. He’d come perilously close to breaking his celibacy vows with her – they’d kissed passionately a couple of times in the confessional booth, until Father Aiden’s nerves and guilt finally got the better of him and he’d pushed her away. Feeling it best to move on before things developed into something more serious, he quit his post and requested to be moved elsewhere. He’d narrowly avoided a scandal.

Father Aiden was thirty-five, and had been a priest for eight years now. He recalled his early years, growing up in a small village near Dublin. As rigidly as he’d stuck to his celibacy vows since joining the priesthood, Father Aiden was no virgin. As an eighteen year old, he’d been an altar boy at his local church, and lost his virginity to Sara, a much older married woman who was a member of the congregation. They’d enjoyed passionate romps in the confessional booths, in the vestry – just about everywhere. Sara had a very high sex drive and didn’t get any from her dull husband. Then a nightmare situation. Sara had fallen pregnant. Aiden’s world had been rocked.

In their strict Catholic community, even the thought of getting an abortion was out of the question. Aiden had resigned himself to becoming a young dad, but then just as he was starting to like the idea, fate intervened and Sara suffered a miscarriage. He didn’t think it would have affected him so badly, but it did, and he blamed himself. It had been a punishment from God. From that day on, Father Aiden made up his mind to become a priest, much to the delight of his parents.

However, almanbahis much as he tried to bury any sinful urges, Father Aiden struggled. After Róisín, he hoped he wouldn’t be attracted to another woman, but now he’d seen Jenna Morris, and been immediately smitten.

“Dear God, help me not to be so weak in body and mind. I must cast out these sinful thoughts.”

He was interrupted by the sound of someone entering the confessional.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.” A middle-aged man said. “It’s been a week since my last confession.”

Father Aiden composed himself and did his duty as a priest.

Jenna grinned as an Amazon delivery van pulled up outside the vicarage.

“Oh good. It’s arrived. That was quick.”

Reverend Morris was coming down the stairs as she was eagerly opening a parcel.

“What do you think?” Jenna said, holding up a nun costume.

“Ooh sexy. That’ll turn heads at the church hall’s fancy dress party next month! How very naughty and sinful. Better hope that Father Aiden doesn’t turn up to that, eh? Might prove a bit too much for him! Talking of which, would you mind calling at St. Gregory’s and dropping off that book he wanted to borrow?”

“No problem,” Jenna replied. She picked up the paperback. “The Seeker by S.G Maclean. Oh, he’s into historical fiction is he? Well good to know he has other interests.”

Reverend Morris started laughing. “Heh, I don’t know how I coped when the curate made that joke to him at the social. I know Josh had had way too much to drink but, dear God, I could’ve died when he started going on about Catholic priests lusting after choirboys.”

“What? I must’ve missed that! It must’ve been when I was f…er, talking to Gordon.”

“Yes. Father Aiden didn’t see the funny side at all. I don’t think Josh will even remember what he said to him. Anyways, I had to apologise!”

Jenna couldn’t help but snigger. “By the way, who are you going to dress up as for the party?”

“Haven’t decided yet. You once said I looked like Prince Edward…perhaps I should dress as up in Royal robes and get a crown? Anyways, I must get going. I’ve got a meeting with Bishop George. What a busy week. Christopher’s coming round tomorrow.”

“It’s be lovely to see him. If the weather’s nice, we can have a day out somewhere. I know how much he loves dinosaurs, why don’t we take him to the museum?”

“Sounds great! Okay, I’ll be back around four. Take care my love. almanbahis giriş Do give Father Aiden my best wishes.” The vicar embraced her and they shared a lingering kiss, before he reluctantly tore himself away.

Alone in the house, Jenna turned to the nun costume. Just how would Father Aiden react? “That would be a risk worth taking,” she said out loud.

Father Aiden had retired to his study. Saturdays were always quiet, and he relished this calm period. Reclining in a chair, he closed his eyes…

Slowly, he unbuttoned his cassock. Before long he’d unzipped his trousers too. He was alone in the privacy of his study. His dick was now standing fully at attention. With mental images of Jenna Morris filling his head, Father Aiden took it in his hand and stroked it. He started talking out loud, as though reading out an erotic story where Jenna was pleasuring him.

“She settles to her knees between my thighs, opens my cassock and reaches up to open my trousers.”

He stopped and moaned.

“My willing lamb Jenna starts by licking the tip, tasting my precum. It is like silk. She then takes the head into her mouth and sucks it, darting her tongue into the slit. By now, I am rock hard, but still silent. She then takes my entire shaft into her mouth and keeps it there, running her tongue along the bottom. My cock shivers in her mouth; my only reaction. For what she is about to receive, I know she is truly thankful.”

Father Aiden was furiously pumping his cock up and down. “I gently place my hand on her head, and utter another prayer. My eyes are closed. I am about to come. I can’t explain how glorious a moment this is. My lamb is so skilled, and now her sins shall be absolved.”

He was panting as he felt his orgasm building.

Jenna parked the car in the street opposite St. Gregory’s. The church was a grand old building, double the size of St. Michael’s. The plaque on the railings described the church in eloquent fashion: “…an edifice in the Early English style, consisting of a basidial chancel, nave, transepts, north porch, lady chapel, and an embattled western tower, added in 1894 and containing 8 bells.”

“Never been in this church before. Oh well, first time for everything.” with her usual bold as brass demeanour, she entered the church. “Wow, this is pretty ornate,” she remarked. The place appeared deserted. No churchwardens or other staff anywhere. There was no sign of the priest. Jenna walked around almanbahis yeni giriş the church, nosey-parkering here and there. She waited for a while, wondering if someone might come out of the confessional, but evidently that was empty too. Then she heard a muffled voice coming from a door at the back of the church.

“She knows I am ready and expects me to moan or yell, but all I do is tense slightly, for there are still other members of the congregation in the church. Then she feels my load in her mouth. She swallows everything, letting the last bit rest on her tongue so she can savour it.” Father Aiden continued muttering to himself, in between moans.

Jenna put her ear to the door. It was Father Aiden’s voice alright, and he sounded like he was talking to someone on the phone. Then a load groan made her take a step back..

“What the hell is he doing in there?” She wondered. She was about to knock, but what he said next made her gasp.

“She continues to suck my cock, a soft and gentle motion, caressing me with her lips and tongue – the feeling of this is indescribable. When she removes her mouth, she kisses the tip of my cock, and I moan…oh dear God, yes…yes!”

Jenna squinted and peered through the keyhole. Her eye widened as she witnessed the priest reclined in a chair, masturbating furiously. He had that same miserable expression on his face, but his pale complexion was tinged with a blush, and he was grunting…seconds later he climaxed, shooting his seed into his free hand.

“Oh wow!” Jenna couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “No wonder he was so miserable. Just look how horny the poor man is!” She licked her lips. The priest had an attractive uncut cock and to say it was large was an understatement. Though tempted to walk in and suck it right there, Jenna decided against it. “No. Not yet. I must wait for the right moment. And then I’ll finally put a smile on this face.”

As he recovered from his orgasm, Father Aiden finished with a prayer.

“God, I thank you for your abundant mercies. No sin of mine is beyond your power to forgive, and your forgiveness has restored my soul to friendship with you. Thank you for never ceasing to love me even when my actions show that I do not love you fully. Thank you for seeking me out as the shepherd seeks the lost sheep.”

A dull thud outside the door brought him to his senses. Quickly, he wiped the cum of his hand with a tissue and zipped up his trousers. Cautiously opening the door, he looked around. The church was deserted, but there was a vague scent of a familiar perfume in the air…where had he smelt that before? He glanced down. And saw the book. He bent down to pick it up.

“Holy Mother of God…”

Jenna had been here!

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