Jesse’s Story: A Woman’s View Ch. 02

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This is Jesse’s story; these will be her words, her thoughts, her emotions. My sole purpose is to present her story to the reader in a readable manner, in an accurate manner, with no editing by me. She made me promise to do this, as she asked, and I promised. I always keep my promises to Jess.

Those days and weeks after my fling with Ray and Harry, I was feeling a sexuality that I had never experienced before. The sex, between Ray and I was always great, but in those days and weeks after our threesome, the sex was unbelievably fantastic. I truly believe that, as I approached thirty-six years of age, my sex life was only getting better and better.

When I was alone; at work, driving, or at home, I found my mind reliving that evening over and over again, the intensity of my mind-movies, bringing me close to climax a couple of times. Okay, if I’m going to be truthful; one time when I was driving home from work, I helped my mind-movie a little bit and played with myself, and orgasmed at a red light. Looking around me afterwards, the lady in the car to my right, was looking at me curiously, I’m sure wondering why my eyes were closed and my mouth was opened just a few seconds ago. Had my windows been down, she would have heard me stifle a cry of joy when I came.

Ray and I had talked about that evening quite a few times, his main concern that I wasn’t having any regrets, that I wasn’t upset that it happened, or that I was harboring resentment towards he and Harry because it did happen. Oh no, there were definitely no regrets on my part. I willingly went along with the flow of that evening, and thoroughly enjoyed my first time in multi-partner sex. Oh no, no regrets at all, I told him each and every time the question arose.

And when the opportunity arose for me to have a second threesome, I didn’t flinch.


One Friday evening, after a terribly long and grueling week at work for the both of us, we showered and headed for ‘our pub’, Sherrie’s place. As in the series, ‘Cheers’, it’s good to go somewhere where everyone knows your name. Such was life at Sherrie’s. Fellow patrons, regulars, were friends, some casual and in passing, some on more solid ground. Such was the case with us and Greg.

Greg was thirty-ish, divorced, and a quiet, nice guy, always a gentleman with me and the other female regulars. I knew of nobody who disliked Greg. He would usually join us when we were ‘in house’ and the three of us would laugh, shoot pool, play darts, and drink, of course, we would drink. Ray never had more than two drinks if he was driving, changing over to club soda and lime after two cocktails. That left me free to let my hair down a bit more than he could, but never out of control. I’ve never been out of control with liquor. My mother’s drunkenness cured me of that.

I didn’t start out that evening with the thought of having another threesome, it wasn’t like that. A combination of several things collided and, poof, there it was. I’ve always thought that assignations that just, happened, as if they had their own life, were the best.

But, that evening started out as a night of TGIF, nothing more, nothing else planned. Greg joined us in our booth after we had been there a half-hour or so, and as always, his company was welcomed, and pleasurable, always pleasurable. We ordered a round of drinks, and just talked; we talked about work, we talked about life, we just talked. I had noticed a couple of times, during our gab-fest, that Greg grimaced when he moved around in the booth, and so, finally, I asked if there was anything wrong.

He told us of a really tough day at work-he, being an electrician-pulling heavy cable through large conduit, not household wiring, but really heavy cable for transformers and such. We commiserated with him, genuinely so, and then, Greg and Ray’s names were called; they had listed their names, as a team, for one of the pool tables and their turn was up.

I watched from the booth, exchanged pleasantries with other regulars, and did a Tequila shot with Sherrie, our friend and the pub’s owner. For whatever reason, only she knows, as she left to go and make the rounds with her customers, she told our waitress to bring me another shot, and off Sherrie went, to tend to her business.

My ‘team’, Greg and Ray, were still shooting, defeating all challengers. I was used to it; Ray’s a good shot, as is Greg, and me? I hold my own, in the women’s bracket, pretty damned well. As I continued to watch the latest game unfold, I noticed that Greg was still moving ‘gingerly’.

That second Tequila shooter began working its magic on me, and I remember my ‘mind-movie’ would start and stop in my head, with little or no control by me, and it caused me some discomfort between my legs. A discomfort that I really wanted to get taken care of, but I couldn’t do anything about it, to myself, for myself, sitting out in the pub among fifty or so people. I squeezed my legs together, trying to will it to leave me Beylikdüzü escort alone, but it didn’t.

I was taken out of my futile attempt at mind-control over my body by the guys returning to the table. They gave up the table, willingly, after their last victory, both tired of shooting. The drinks they had ordered as they left the game floor arrived just as they did. Raising my glass of beer to them, I congratulated them both, and they kindly acknowledged me in return. Greg excused himself to go and wash his hands, and drain his bladder, when Ray had returned from his very same mission.

“Feel like heading to the house and hitting the hot tub?” I remember asking Ray when Greg walked off.

Ray bought Ree’s half of the house when they divorced. To her credit, she didn’t try to rake Ray across the coals during the divorce. To his credit, Ray filed under “irreconcilable differences’, and didn’t besmirch her reputation, as he could have; but that’s not Ray, they remain distantly friendly to this day and I commend both for keeping it civil between them.

But, back to my point; we lived in that same house, completely redecorated in the interior by Ray, before I met him. The deck, hot tub, and outside pretty much remained the same, judging by pictures I had seen. Not answering me at first, I thought he didn’t hear me, so I repeated my question.

Kissing me, he said, “I heard you the first time, Jess, I was just trying to make up my mind about something.”

I looked at him with a bit of puzzled expression when he added, “When you mentioned the hot tub, I started debating with myself about whether of not we should ask Greg to join us, but I was afraid you might think I was trying to lead you down the same road of a couple of weeks ago, with Harry. But, honestly, I was thinking of Greg’s muscle aches, that the hot tub would do him a world of good.”

His mention of our night with Harry started my mind-movie again, the warm, tingling in my crotch, returning. Not an unpleasant feeling, mind you.

“You’re right,” I managed to say after a bit; “it would be a good thing for him. And, as far as the other?” I added, “If it happened, I wouldn’t be too terribly upset by that,” kissing him on the cheek. I will remember to my dying day, Ray’s reaction to my reply.

“Remember this,” he said as he looked straight into my eyes, his fingers under my chin, “You are all that I need, and more than I deserve.” He kissed me sweetly, electric shocks traveling straight to my already damp crotch, thanks to my mind-movie that still hadn’t shut itself off. Greg returned to the booth as we kissed, my hand traveling towards Ray’s crotch. He laughed as he sat down and said, “Get a fucking room, you two!”

We laughed with him, our kiss ending, and without missing a beat, I said, “Hey, we’re heading back to the house for some hot tubbing. Would you like to join us, to give your aching muscles some therapy?”

Greg didn’t hesitate in accepting my, our, invitation. He said he would go pay his tab, drop by his apartment to pick up a swim suit, and he’d meet us there. Greg had done some work for us, so he knew where we lived.

Ray was to tell me later, the next day, I believe, that he knew it was ‘on’ when I replied to Greg’s statement.

“You can bring a suit if you want to, but you’ll be the only one wearing one,” I told him. Greg’s dropped-jaw expression was fucking precious.


Driving home, Greg following behind us, Ray asked me if I was sure about this. I thought, only a moment, before I said, back to him, “Yeah, I’m sure about this, unless you’d prefer not to.”

“I’m looking forward to it if I’m going to be truthful,” he said.

So am I, I thought to myself, so am I.

We ushered Greg into our house, the first stop being the wet bar in the den, where Ray fixed us all drinks. Excusing himself to grab his stash to roll a couple of doobies for him and Greg, he headed to his office. I told Greg to grab his drink and to follow me. I led him up the stairs and down the hall to our master suite. I gave him a chair to put his clothes on and I went out onto the deck, turned the hot tub on and took the cover off.

Greg had removed his shoes, socks and shirt, and was about to undo his jeans when I stepped back into the room, unbuttoning my blouse as I did so. We made nervous chit-chat, as if the first time seeing each other naked was no big deal. Greg’s of a smaller stature than Ray; he’s my height, with a trim, working-man’s body. Not entirely unpleasant, I thought to myself as I removed my own jeans, standing there in my bikini panties afterwards. Greg was out of his jeans and, slipping out of my panties while still making conversation, I saw him sneaking furtive glances at my nakedness, his manhood, pulsing just a bit. Inwardly, I was ego-stroked by his crotch’s reaction to my body.

Now I will honestly say that I experienced no hesitation whatsoever, that I never questioned whether of not I wanted Beylikdüzü escort to do this, because I did. I really, really wanted to experience having two men for playmates, again. I didn’t have the slightest doubt that I wanted to do this, to have another threesome. For whatever reason, just the knowledge that I could do these things, along with Ray, was a feeling of freedom unknown to me. And it was an empowering feeling that I relished.

Greg and I walked out onto the deck with our drinks. I adjusted the bubbling level on the jets, and climbed in to join Greg, who was already in the tub, water up to his neck, a look of contentment on his face, his drink held above the water by his hand. He remarked that he could feel the knots in his arms and shoulders snapping loose from their tenseness, that this was just what the doctor would have ordered, had he gone to a doctor. We both laughed at that.

I was sitting near Greg, but not quite right next to him, turned towards him as we continued to chat. We heard Ray in the bedroom and heard the slider open as he came out to join us. He settled into the tub, placing his drink and stash box on the tub-decking, sitting across from Greg and me, facing us. Careful not to get his hands wet, he opened his small stash box and took out a freshly rolled joint, lighting it with a lighter from the box. We keep towels on the edge of the tub deck, solely for the purpose of drying one’s hands, and both Greg and I were doing that as Ray passed the joint to me. As I’ve said, weed is not really my thing, but if done in moderation by me, I do like the mellowness. If I overdo it, though, I’ll just get sleepy, and that night, I didn’t want that to happen.

I took a very small hit and passed it along to Greg, who took a larger toke. I bogarted the joint before I passed it back to Ray, telling the guys that I was done, the rest was for them to enjoy.

The guys passed it back and forth between themselves and I leaned back, my head against the padded tub-decking, my body sort of half-floating just below the surface of the bubbling water. My breasts were bobbing near the surface, my now-erect nipples, popping up like miniature periscopes. My bush was equally close to the surface, popping above the bubbles every once in while, and my head against the tub-deck, acted as a mooring point, allowing my body to ‘free-float’.

Greg broke the stoned silence when he said, “This is feeling so fucking good, you guys have no idea how much this has helped me. The only thing that could make this night any better would be for your nymphomaniac twin sister to show up, Jess”

His words just hung there, each of us, I suppose, processing it in our own way. After a bit, I looked over towards Ray, our eyes locked, and he smiled that gorgeous smile of his, and I smiled back. Glancing towards Greg, his erection was poking above the bubbles, as he sat upright on the seat bench, sipping his drink. I took the matter in hand, no pun intended, and replied to Greg.

“The bad news, Greg, is that I have no nymphomaniac twin sister.”

“The good news, Greg,” as I reached towards his hard-on with one of my hands, “is that I do have an evil twin.”

I wrapped my hand around his erection and used it to pull myself closer to him, on our shared seat bench, his eyes looking at me in disbelief. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips as I started moving my hand up and down his nice-sized dick. I saw him quickly looking over to Ray when I grabbed his rod; and since he didn’t see Ray pointing a shotgun at him or anything like that, he returned my kiss, opening his mouth when he felt my tongue probe his lips, his own tongue beginning to dance with mine.

The intensity of the kiss quickly escalated in its passion; his hand, finding my breast, my hand continuing to run up and down his rigid shaft. He moved his hand from my breast, trailed a path down my belly and rested between my legs, which I parted for him, when I felt him going there. He certainly was a good kisser, I remember thinking, and he certainly knows how to use that hand of his, one of his fingers sliding in and out of me as we held our kiss.

Breaking out of our kiss, to catch our breath, we continued our manual manipulation of each other’s privates, both of us sighing contentedly. I knew then what I wanted to happen next.

I told Greg to sit up on the edge of the tub-deck and he moved to do that, as my hand continued to stroke him. I bent over so that I could take him into my mouth but before I wrapped my lips around his shaft, I said to Ray, over my shoulder, “Ray, fuck me from behind, please fuck me from behind.” That said, I began sucking on Greg’s cock-head, really enjoying its texture as my tongue did exploratory laps around it.

If I can deep-throat Ray, which I can, then I knew I’d have no problem with Greg. Don’t get me wrong, Greg’s not small, not at all, probably, no, definitely, averaged sized. Pleasantly sized, more accurately. Working my mouth Escort Beylikdüzü down his shaft, I soon had him entirely into my mouth and throat. I would, in the future, meet a cock that I wasn’t able to deep-throat, but that’s another story, for another time.

As his cock slid in and out of my mouth, Greg was softly, vocally, encouraging me, telling how great it felt, which only served to make me try to do it better, much to his delight. I felt Ray behind me, his cock bumping against my butt as his fingers rubbed my pussy and clit. I felt his dick-head part my lips and enter me, his thickness filling me, stretching me. After he was completely inside of me, he started pumping, slowly at first, building in speed. He reached around with one of his hands and found my clit, his fingers rubbing in small circles around its swollen bud.

I felt my climax quickly building and that caused me to give Greg the blowjob of his life, he was to say later. He held off as long as he could but surrendering to the inevitable, he climaxed, and sent a boatload of his jism down my throat, almost choking me. I gulped that first ejaculation down, and went back for more, wanting to taste him as I got off, which I did, almost immediately afterwards. As I rode my orgasm back down to ground level, Ray climaxed, his thrusts giving me another, smaller climax, Greg’s flaccid cock still gripped by my hand, my tongue licking his cum from my lips.

All of us more or less collapsed our spent bodies onto the tub seats; letting the waters revive us, clean us. I remember making a mental note that Ray would have to clean the hot tub tomorrow, I remember thinking that as I let the bubbles work Ray’s cum from my pussy.

“Damn, boys,” I said to Greg and Ray, “but that was absolutely in-fucking-credible!”

They both agreed with me on that score, and both perked up a bit when I next said, “You two catch your breaths and smoke another joint. I’m going to dry off and wait for ya’ll inside because I’m not through with you two just yet.”

That said, I stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and dried myself, their eyes on me the whole time. Winking at the both of them, I opened the slider to our bedroom, laid on the bed and waited for them to join me.


Join me, they did, about ten minutes later. I spent that time mind-tripping over tonight’s adventure, as well as ‘the Harry fling’. I teased myself with my fingers, stopping before I could climax, enjoying my ability to drop out of high gear when I wanted to. Hearing the slider open, I opened my eyes and just watched Ray and Greg walking to the bed, my fingers still playing with Ms. Priss. Stopping myself, I held both of my arms open as they joined me on the bed, one of either side of me, pulling both to me as they lay down, next to me.

The deliciousness of the moment was unlike anything I had ever known. I can’t really describe how thrilling it was to have two, virile, men pleasuring me; hands running over my body, lips and tongues creating havoc with my sensory wiring. When I could hold back no longer, I whispered that I needed to be fucked right now; I needed to feel a man inside of me. I felt Ray back away slightly, his lips kissing my face, my ears, his hand softly caressing my breasts, while Greg moved between my legs, his hardness brushing across my stomach as he lowered his body to penetrate me, to fuck me.

And fuck me, he did, for a wickedly long time, allowing me a few orgasms before he had his. His orgasm seemed to last forever but eventually, he slowed, and pulled out of me, kissing me tenderly on my lips as he fell to the bed alongside of me.

I looked over to Ray and saw the sweetest smile on his face, his head leaning on his crooked hand and elbow. I saw him in the same pose when Greg and I were in the throes on passion, saw him watching, and remember feeling a little bit of thrill that he was watching me have sex with someone. I remember that it felt ‘right’, for whatever convoluted reason.

I raised my eyebrows to him, my eyes asking him if he was going to climb between my legs. As if reading my mind, her leaned down, and kissed me sweetly, and whispered, “Not now, Jess, but later, when it’s just the two of us,” and he kissed me again, sending electric shocks through my body.

I made the move to back to normalcy when I climbed out of bed, heading for the master bath. Cleaned now-yes, we have a bidet-I threw a wrap around me and rejoined the guys. Greg was half-dressed now, putting on his socks and shoes, and when he finished, he looked at us both, grinning from ear to ear. I embraced him and kissed him, a tender, sweet kiss.

“I don’t know what to say,” He began, “but this was a wonderful gift from you two, the sharing of your love with me. I can’t ever express just how much this evening has meant to me.”

“There could be more evenings like this for the three of us,” I found myself saying, “assuming, of course, that you remain discreet.” Ray nodded his head in silent agreement when Greg looked to him for confirmation of what he just heard me say to him.

“What goes on between us, stays between us, I swear on the heads of my unborn children,” he said to us both, one hand on his heart, the other raised to the heavens.

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