Kate Returns Home Ch. 14

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[This story includes bodily functions and significant discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will be much more comprehensible if you read the previous chapters first. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic setting and her characters.]

PFC LeeAnn was no longer so pleased with SFC Nicole’s graciousness in providing her with a panty pad after ordering her on a twice-a-day limit on her toilet use. She had been put on this punishing regimen six hours ago and she was yearning for relief of her distended bladder. She had never felt the need to go quite so intensely.

She reported to the latrine desk, where SFC Linda was on duty. “Let me check,” Linda said, and then saw the diabolical order on the screen. “SFC Nicole has put you on two toilet visits a day. Wow! You must have really pissed her off–sorry for the pun.”

LeeAnn smiled and said, “If I go now, then I have to wait for how long–twelve hours?”

“When did you last go?” Linda asked.

“I think it was at about seven this morning,” LeeAnn recalled, now having refreshed her recollection out of desperation. “Sergeant, I’m in real pain.”

“It’s now 6 P.M., so you’ve somehow managed to hold it for 11 hours,” Linda said. “I’ll let you go now because then you’ll have 13 hours till next time, but that’s 7 A.M. tomorrow so you might just sleep through your need–or wet the pad that Nicole was so considerate to allow you.”

LeeAnn was desperate enough that she appreciated Linda’s kindness. Linda entered the visit on the screen and accompanied LeeAnn to the latrine. She unlocked the panties she wore as a retrainee and LeeAnn immediately sat on the seat–the latrine had six toilets lined up next to each other, no stall separations–pulled the unlocked panties down, and let her pee fly.

“She was being very cruel, at least in my estimation,” SFC Linda observed as LeeAnn peed and peed.

Linda took out a panty pad and handed it to LeeAnn for use after she finished her urinating.

“Do you need to do Number Two?” Linda asked helpfully. “No time like this visit to relieve that back passage, sweetie.”

“I’m afraid I don’t,” LeeAnn blushed and admitted. “I don’t tend to defecate every day.”

“Well, that may serve you well now,” Linda advised her. “Don’t eat anything that might stir up your system or serve as any kind of laxative. And try not to drink much of anything. You’ll be hurting but there won’t be as much pressure, maybe.”

“You’re very kind,” LeeAnn replied. “I think you really want me to make it through.”

“What got you here?” Linda asked. “I should tell you that I was a naughty girl and had to go through the retraining class you are tackling now.

“You did?” LeeAnn was amazed. “I was working in a reeducation center about 50 miles from here. The Commandant for some reason didn’t like women who came from where I did. She made sure that every time I was a minute late or that my tie was crooked, I got marked down. So eventually, I was called in by her adjutant–she wouldn’t even see me herself–and was told I was being sent here for retraining. I only hope that I can eventually see one of the chiefs here–CPT Elaine, maybe, and possible even MAJ Kate–and see if they’ll sponsor me to go to some other place, I don’t care where.”

SFC Linda took a liking to this innocent-looking, sandy blonde-haired woman. She was probably no older than 21.

“PFC,” Linda told her, “I’m going to look out for you during this retraining class. Stay out of SFC Nicole’s way. She is a real bitch on wheels, and don’t you dare tell anyone I said that. I’ll even talk to 1SG Wendy and get you in to see the Major. I think she may be open to helping you out.”

“You’ve been really kind and helpful, Sergeant,” LeeAnn said, almost in tears. “I’m going to do my best to go through here without any more screw-ups. Sometimes I’m too outspoken for my own good. And maybe I can sleep through this until 7 tomorrow morning.”

She went back to the retrainee dorm, and her friend Marian was pleased that she had been able to pee and might even make it through to tomorrow morning.

However, SFC Nicole decided that she’d better check things out with LeeAnn. She looked in on the info system and saw that Linda had signed off on her using the latrine at 6 P.M. That was ok, but she didn’t want anyone letting her use it during the night. So, Nicole set her own alarm for 5 A.M. and positioned herself near the dorm.

Sure enough, LeeAnn was walking out toward the latrine. Nicole saw her and said she would walk her there. LeeAnn almost panicked but kept her mouth shut. When they got there, SFC Cynthia, Nicole’s old pal, was on duty.

“Cyn,” Nicole said, “this retrainee was put on toilet limitation yesterday–twice a day–and she isn’t due for another hour. She probably wants to get special treatment and be allowed to go before the correct time for that. Check the file on the istanbul travesti info system.”

SFC Cynthia knew that Nicole had issued the order to discipline LeeAnn with this very severe punishment. She looked at the frightened woman and asked her if she needed to go very badly.

“Yes, Sergeant,” she said, “I’m feeling a lot of pain holding it in.”

“As well she should,” Nicole cracked.

Cynthia was torn between allowing a little leeway here or contradicting her good friend whom she knew was a hard article.

“I have the authority to allow you to use the latrine now,” Cynthia told LeeAnn. “but SFC Nicole is totally correct that you were ordered to only be allowed to use the toilet twice a day. That’s basically every twelve hours. You went an hour early last evening so now you have an hour to go.

“If you really want to go now, I’ll allow it,” Cynthia declared, “but you will be disciplined for not observing the order. And as the issuing cadre, SFC Nicole will do the disciplining, which will occur directly after your toilet use. So, will you go now and accept the disciplining, or hold off an hour?”

LeeAnn was now really frightened and feared she might even piss her panties right this second.

“I’ll take the disciplining, Sergeant, if I can use the latrine now,” she said.

Cynthia entered the info on the screen, and unlocked LeeAnn’s panties. Then she and Nicole accompanied her to a toilet and watched as she pulled her panties down, sat on the toilet, and peed a powerful stream. When she finished, before she could pull up her panties, Nicole interrupted her.

“You pleaded for an exception, and you got it,” she told LeeAnn, “but now you’ll pay the price.” She bent down and took the panty pad out of LeeAnn’s panty crotch.

“First,” she said, “you’ve stained this. There are some pee stains. Did you leak or lose control?”

“I’m afraid I may have let a little out,” LeeAnn said. “Sergeant, I was getting desperate.”

“Very well,” Nicole snapped, “but now I’m taking away your panty pad. You’ll have to get through the next day without that. If you let pee out, it will go right through your panties. And, moreover, you agreed that you would be punished. Bend over the toilet and stick your bottom out.”

LeeAnn was now totally frightened. Cynthia felt that Nicole was being truly mean but knew she was within her rights, both to issue the awful order and then to enforce it.

LeeAnn bent over the toilet and raised her bottom, with her panties now at her ankles.

Nicole took her small whip from her belt and lay it on LeeAnn’s broad bottom. Then she drew it back and started whipping her bottom with strong strokes that inflicted red marks on LeeAnn’s cheeks. The retrainee groaned and started to scream as Nicole kept whipping her hard. Finally, Nicole told LeeAnn to spread her legs well apart. LeeAnn now was petrified but followed the order. Then Nicole fired the whip right between LeeAnn’s legs and snapped it right up into her crotch. It must have hit her clit and vaginal opening as well as her labia, and LeeAnn screamed.

“All right,” Nicole now ordered. “Pull up those panties.”

When LeeAnn complied, Nicole proceeded to lock the panty lock and told LeeAnn to go back directly to her dorm. LeeAnn shuffled off, feeling the severe pain in her most sensitive places.

Cynthia sat down at her desk and entered the discipline. “PFC LeeAnn permitted to use latrine an hour early. Inspection disclosed urine stains in panty crotch on pad. Punishment imposed by SFC Nicole: (1) deprivation of panty pad; (2) whipping on bottom, with final stroke between legs striking genitals. SFC Cynthia, duty officer, latrine.”

“You’re a wonderful hard ass, Nickie,” she told her friend with a smile, “but why don’t you leave the girl alone from now on. I gather that she had the nerve to ask you a question and you issued this tough order. I admire you, darling, but you’re going to get in trouble again and I don’t want to see it, after all you’ve done to put your career back together. For crying out loud, Nickie, even MAJ Kate likes you now. Don’t fuck this up. For once, listen to me, won’t you?”

Nicole turned to her, somewhat chastened. ‘ “You’re right, Cyn,” she said softly. “I really can be a bitch, can’t I?” Cynthia let the question pass without responding. Then she couldn’t restrain herself and took Nicole in her arms and said, “I love you for your bravery and strength, darling, but use your brain this time. I think the order you issued for LeeAnn has served its purpose. She’ll likely make it through the night although without the pad, she’s likely to be soaked and not from vaginal stimulation.” Cynthia giggled and she was pleased she got a smile and a laugh out of Nicole.

“But I think you’ve already made a difference here with your talk,” Cynthia continued. “You’ve shown these retrainees that this is a serious place and that we all have to be trained to deal with challenging people–both men travesti istanbul and women inmates. I’ve found that by the time the retrainees finish wearing the double-dork panties they are starting to accept that they have screwed up and need some correction.”

Nicole grinned and responded, “Cyn, baby, don’t get your panties in a knot. This place, as you correctly noted, responds to being challenged by people like me.”

“True,” Cynthia replied, “but don’t let them use your strength to screw you over. As I said, you’re going great with Wendy, Elaine, and others on your side, even Kate, but if you embarrass them, they’ll cut you loose. No matter how good you are, you’ll be toast.”

“I’m going to ask MAJ Kate to let me visit Goose Cookers because I’ve heard that Janet–you know, the incredibly able woman who runs that firm–has set up her own little corrections operation to keep her employees in line,” Nicole informed her friend.

“Watch out,” Cynthia advised her. “MAJ Kate’s husband is visiting her–yeah, probably screwing her brains out even as we speak–and I have heard he’s been hired to represent them in some big case where someone stole some of their product designs. He’s supposed to be a top-class litigating lawyer.”

“You know that that’s who I got into trouble with at Hergolia, don’t you?” Nicole looked at her with a wide grin.

“No, I don’t,” a perplexed Cynthia responded.

“MAJ Kate got pissed off at him and referred him to the local reeducation center, which sent him to Hergolia for a two-week cruise,” Nicole said. “Of all places, they put him in my barracks, and I told him that his wife and I had had differences but that wouldn’t have any effect on his stay there. He seemed like a nice guy and at that time, I really was pissed at her. Stupid on my part, by the way, and she’s turned out to be a lot more willing to let bygones be bygones than I might’ve expected.”

“Anyway, Cyn, darling,” Nicole went on, “somehow I got it in my head that I felt like fucking him, so being in control as his barracks sergeant, I did, and then all hell came down on me.”

“Not too clever,” Cynthia opined.

“No, it was really dumb,” Nicole admitted, “but when I get the itch, you know…anyway, CPT Helene more or less had to come down on me big time, so she had both of us put in the box for two hours. That was my second time in. I bet you’ve never been in there. It’s awful. I laughed like hell, though, when he told me from his side that some cunt had flipped her used tampon on his face!”

‘Nickie,” Cynthia said smiling, “what am I going to do with you? Next time, you get one of those urges, come see me. I love you and I’ll do anything to keep you out of trouble, as hard a task as that seems to be.”

“Naw, Cyn,” Nicole responded with a broad grin, “I’m going to be sweet to PFC LeeAnn now that I’ve put her through the mill. I’m going to wake her up later and take her to piss, and shit if she needs to, and then release her from the order.”

“Good move, sweetheart,” Cynthia supported her friend’s wise move. “You’ve made your point and now you’ll show that you can act like a human being, too. And here I thought you were a droid.”

“Droids don’t fuck, so far as I know,” Nicole chuckled.

* * *

Having announced to her husband, Harry, that she had gotten her period, Kate realized that if they wanted any dinner, they needed to get down to the dining room in her Bachelor Officers’ Quarters at the Correction Service’s headquarters before the place closed for the evening. She quickly dressed, as did Harry.

Kate was back in uniform and Harry in his lawyer suit, so they looked more than presentable. It was relatively late, since the Service, as a quasi-military organization, tended to rise and dine early. When they sat down and their order was taken, Kate explained to Harry how unfashionable the hours were that the Service’s officers kept.

WO3 Kathryn happened to have come down late for dinner as well and when Kate noticed here a few tables away she walked over and asked if she would like join Harry and her. Kathryn’s face brightened, as she was pleased to be included in dining with the couple; rather few Service people had seen or met Harry yet.

Kate brought her over and she smiled as Harry stood and said how pleased he was to meet her. Kate now thought that she had been a bit cavalier in not filling Harry in on the doings among her and her friends in the BOQ. Kathryn was sharp enough to keep the conversation away from anything that might have surprised or upset Harry, although she also figured Harry was not a bumpkin unaware of some of his wife’s activities with her friends.

Much to Kathryn’s surprise, Kate and Harry invited her back to Kate’s suite for drinks. Kathryn was delighted, having no further plans for the evening, and needing to deal with a major procurement in the morning. They finished dinner and then went back to Kate’s place.

Kate fixed drinks, and Kathryn istanbul travestileri struck up a conversation with Harry. Kathryn was a clever, highly competent professional in her field, which was procurement. Harry discovered, however, that she knew ballet and opera and theatre thoroughly, and he had a fine time chatting with her about shows to see in the capital. It made him long to be in the capital full-time, both to be with Kate and enjoy the cultural attractions.

Rejoining the conversation, Kate realized that she could learn from her husband when it came to culture. She knew that she needed to broaden her awareness as she sought to move up in the Service and in general. She liked performance art, too, so it was not a burden except in terms of her time.

Harry noted that Kathryn had a lovely figure and that her uniform showed it off. Kate sensed that the three could have some fun, so she grinned and suggested that they move into her bedroom. When they got there, she started to take off her uniform, first her jacket and then her blouse and skirt. She invited Kathryn to join her, and the procurement specialist happily shed her uniform, too.

Kate looked at Harry and said if he didn’t start taking off his clothing, she and Kathryn would do it for him. Kathryn and Harry both laughed and then he rapidly removed his jacket, tie, and shirt, followed by unbuckling his belt and dropping his suit pants, stopping to slip off his shoes and socks. Kate and Kathryn kicked off their shoes and rolled down their hose.

Kate looked at Kathryn with a smile and they proceeded to unhook their bras, slip them off, and then teasingly lower their panties slowly, disclosing Kate’s shaved mound as well as her string, along with Kathryn’s sandy blonde bush. Kate found some dark towels to put under her on the bed. Then they climbed into Kate’s bed, with Harry joining them in middle.

He turned to kiss Kate and then Kathryn, who felt quite comfortable with the couple. Kate urged Harry to pay attention to Kathryn, who helpfully spread her lovely legs, allowing Harry’s fingers access to her pussy and boobs. Soon he had crawled between her legs and was licking her split and caressing her labia. For her part, Kate was teasing Kathryn’s very shapely tits until her nipples firmed up.

Kathryn looked totally ready, so Harry moved up and pointed his cock right at her slightly hairy entrance. He looked at Kate who nodded that he should go right ahead. Kathryn reached down to push him into her slit. Then he picked up the initiative and thrust in slowly. He withdrew and started thrusting. Soon she was bucking in response.

He found her tightness very conducive to arousal. It was all he could do to hold off cumming and disappointing her, as she was along for the ride. Kathryn had not sat around during her many years in the Service, even though she was still in her late 30s. She dated procurement people all over the capital–and some who came in from out of town to deal with her, then dine, and spend the night with her.

She knew how to use her quim to keep a man more than fascinated. But finally, she was approaching a nice one, so she beamed at Harry, and he knew instantly that she was ready without her making a sound, just that look. He made his thrusts deeper and she rose to meet him so that they both surged into orgasm territory.

Harry didn’t want Kate to feel left out, especially since she might be fretting that she had started her period. He gave Kathryn a deep kiss and then bent to kiss her lower lips. She smiled and hugged him. Then he moved over to his wife, made sure the towels were under her bottom, and carefully and cheerfully slowly withdrew the tampon from her pussy. It was already soaked and when he moved to lick her, she was pleased that he would do that.

Harry had found that he enjoyed the special flavor and odor of a woman’s menstruating pussy. Usually, they first were freaked because they figured most men would be put off and want nothing to do with them during their time of the month. It also was rough for the woman because many, like Kate, were especially horny when flowing.

He started licking her bleeding puss and saw how happy she became after she got past her fear that he would be turned off. For his part, Harry was now fully aroused and hard again, so he lined up his cock and slowly pressed into his wife. She was delighted to have her pumped-up desire satisfied. They fucked very joyfully for several minutes, and Kate said she could be close, so he could cum.

“The friction down there while I’m flowing can get me sore if I have it off with you for too long,” she told him. He then did what she asked, slowly penetrating her vaginal canal until she was on the edge and then he was able to explode deep inside and she went off, too.

Harry moved over and licked Kathryn’s puss, from which his and her combined fluids were flowing, then he moved over and ate the strawberry cream pie surging from Kate’s hole. The three of them had their arms around each other and both Kate and Kathryn were showering Harry with kisses.

“He’s a keeper, Katie,” her friend Kathryn smiled as she praised Harry’s talents in bed. She watched as Kate had her husband inserting a fresh tampon for her.

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