Liz and Sue Ch. 02 – Floppy Feet

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A new sex toy called floppy feet.

It wasn’t all that unusual for Dallas to have heavy rain in October. The thunderstorms boomed. Rain beat on the roof and churned the water in both Liz’s and Sue’s pool. It was even cool. By noon, it was usually in the upper seventies and today, because of the rain, it wouldn’t get to fifty-five. And then, when the rain stopped, the sun would come but so would be the humidity. It would be as the temperature rose, horror of horrors, just like Houston.

Last night, dinner was pizza delivered because the rain had started and Sue hated going out in the rain because it was very difficult to move a wheelchair and stay dry. Even with Sue holding a large golf umbrella over their heads, water tossed by the wheels splattered everywhere.

When they first met, Liz spent most of the time in her wheelchair although, that first night, she modeled her braces and showed Sue how she could get around with a pair of crutches. The speed Liz covered ground was, at least in the beginning, slower than she moved in a wheelchair, but she enjoyed being upright rather than sitting in a wheelchair. With Sue’s encouragement and help, she was now wearing them almost all the time when they went out. It was helping her stay fit because the effort was higher than pushing the wheels on her lightweight chair.

Liz liked using the gym equipment Sue had in her private dojo and had begun enjoying workouts with her lover. While Sue did katas and used the elliptical, Liz used the Bowflex.

This workout helped keep them fit and this morning, Liz was laughing as she crutched through the rain to Sue’s house. Inside, Sue helped take off the braces and dried the pads. Free of the steel braces, Sue picked up her lover and carried her into the shower for their second ritual of the day which was taking a shower together.

Sue lovingly soaped Liz down spending lots of time on her groin before she shaved her. It started with Sue applying shaving cream to Liz’s groin and while it softened the hair, Sue ran her hands all over Liz’s body applying body wash. She loved shaved pussy’s and Liz didn’t mind. Before she met Sue, Liz had never shaved it and didn’t object when Sue offered to keep it clean. Liz couldn’t feel the razor bump over her skin, but when Sue was finished, she ran her fingers over the soft, smooth skin and liked the feel. And, Sue liked doing it.

Now dried off and finished with breakfast, they were relaxing in Sue’s living room waiting for the rain to stop. Liz sat at one end of the love seat with her back against the end, surfing the Internet and her calves were, where Sue liked them – draped across her as thighs. Sue’s legs were stretched out and her feet on an ottoman.

Sue loved the feeling of Liz’s flaccid legs. Liz was paralyzed from roughly the waist down and had been so for the better part of twenty years. Her legs at atrophied and the Sue could easily put her thumb and forefingers together in a circle around Liz’s calves and have an inch or so left over. Her thighs, were not much thicker in diameter than her calves.

Even şişli escort though she was reading a magazine, Sue would run a hand up and down Liz’s legs as far as she could knowing that unless Liz watched her do it, she couldn’t feel a thing. Sue often told Liz her useless legs were sexy and her limp, floppy feet were a huge turn on. Because there were no working nerves or muscles to hold Liz’s feet in any one direction they flopped around whenever she moved unless they were confined in a shoe or framed in her braces.

Sue finished the article she was reading and began massaging one of Liz’s feet. She started with the arch and the foot bent to the will of her hands. At first, her caresses were just that, she was enjoying touching her lover’s feet.

Something made Sue lift Liz’s foot to her mouth and kissed it. Liz looked up from her book. The only way she knew Sue moved her leg was either she saw it out of the corner of her eye, or in this case, she felt the upper portion of the extra large t-shirt she was wearing move. “Are you trying to start something?

“I don’t know.” Sue licked the top of Liz’a foot and then stuck her tongue between the big and second toe. It had a nice, freshly washed taste.

“Sue, I wish I could feel what you are doing. It certainly looks sensual.”

“They taste good and it is turning me on.”

Not wanting just one foot to get all the attention, Sue lifted both of them and started kissing one and then the other. She could feel herself getting wetter by the minute.

Liz smiled as Sue ran the tips of her fingers up and down her numb, flaccid legs. Sue put one on the top of the backrest and the other on her shoulder so the heel would, hopefully keep it in place. She gently took Liz’s iPad from her hands and pulled her close so she could kiss her. As Liz often said, one of the benefits of being paralyzed at the waist was that she was much more flexible.

The gentle first kiss was followed by more passionate kisses and caresses. The image in her brain of Liz’s foot flopping around just above her head turned her on some more.

Sue ran her hands all over Liz’s body, paying close attention to her breasts and the line where Liz could feel and where it was numb. Liz responded to the caresses with soft moans that got more intense when Sue’s lips arrived on one of her nipples.

For Liz, her nipples and breasts replaced her groin and vagina as the most sensitive places on her body. The other was the back of her neck and Sue’s fingers were already touching the skin under her hair. Liz tilted her head back and moaned in pleasure. For her part, she ran her hands up and down Sue’s back and tried to find her vagina. Their position prevented it so Liz laid back and enjoyed the ride. It would take longer than if she could sense and feel things in her cunt, but Sue knew were all the sensitive spots on her body were and was pushing every button.

Liz stuck two fingers in her cunt and then licked them off. Tasting her own juice tuned Liz on. She couldn’t feel it come out, but she suspected she was already mecdiyeköy escort gushing. Liz didn’t feel Sue stick two fingers into her vagina and work them around to scoop up her juice and when they appeared in front of her mouth and she hungrily licked off the fluid, savoring the taste. The only thing she liked more was the cum coming out of her partner.

Liz pushed gently on Sue’s shoulders who resisted. “No, this is my treat. I can wait.”

Sue’s wet fingers again appeared in front of Liz’s mouth and she gently sucked on them and could feel the sensations start to build. It was coming and wouldn’t be long now. The pulses of pleasure building up to an orgasm were starting. Soon they would consume her.

Liz ran her hands through Sue’s hair as she mouthed each breast. Her tongue teased the nipples and ran around the tip as it alternated with her lips gently tugging on each one.

Sue gently massaged the each of Liz’s soft mounds with one and sometimes, both hands. Her head lolled around, her brain filled with pleasurable sensations. And then, it started, almost like rolling thunder. The intensity of her orgasm caused her eyes to open wide and her jaw to drop. “Ohhhhhhhh… Sue, I’m cumming. I’m CUMMING.”

Sue’s fingers pushed deep into her vagina and swirled around collecting as much of Liz’s cum as possible. The “Don’t stop…” Was cut off when Sue’s fingers were put in Liz’s mouth who hungrily and noisily sucked on her lover’s fingers… “Ohhhhh, I want more. I’m cumming again…”

It took a few seconds for Sue to get another batch and Liz’s mouth was wide open, waiting for the treat. “Oh my god, I love what you do to me. Don’t stop, I’m CUMMMMMMMING!!”

The words barely came out when Liz stopped abruptly. Sue liked to watch the expression on Liz’s face when she came. It was a combination of surprise, vacant stare and intense internal focus on the pleasure coursing through her body.

Liz stopped moaning and Sue stuck her fingers in Liz’s mouth with another batch of cum. The liquid was quickly licked off.

“I want more.”

Sue complied. Liz wrapped her arms around Sue’s neck and pulled her face toward hers. Before their lips met, she whispered softly, “I love what you do to me.”

They kissed softly and gently and Liz opened her mouth so Sue could taste what little cum was left inside. Sue pulled back a bit, “I’m going to clean you up with my mouth and then we can share more of your cum.”

Liz shuddered. “I’d like that very much.”

Sue got on the floor in front of Liz and arranged her paralyzed legs so they draped over her shoulders before she began to suck and lick the inner and outer lips of Liz’s sex. There was plenty of cum to be had. Sue forced herself to keep as much in her mouth as possible.

Gently, she let Liz’s legs go to the floor and enjoyed the sight of her feet flopping around. Then, she kissed Liz and opened her mouth. Liz was like a baby bird taking food from her mother as her tongue went around inside Sue’s mouth, savoring her juices. When she was finished, Sue whispered, “that’s just the first batch, there’s more to come.”

“Ummmm, I want more.” And, then she shook from a mini-orgasm generated by the thought of more cum coming her way.

They did this three times when Liz pushed Sue back. “Its my turn.”

“Yes it is, but this time you are going to watch me cum first.”

“How are we going to manage that?”

“I want to try something that I have been thinking about all morning.”

Sue helped Liz sit up at the end of the couch. She scooted forward just enough so that the heel of Liz’s right foot was just past the back of her shoulder. Before she did anything else, she rubbed her cheek against the ankle.

She gently bent Liz’s left knee so that the leg was flexed and brought the foot to her mouth. Again, she kissed and caressed her foot.

Liz gave her a questioning look as if to say what’s next. You did this already.

Sue used the bottom of Liz’s foot to caress one breast and then the other. She was taking advantage of the fact that no muscle or nerve would prevent it from moving in the direction of she wanted. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feel of her lover’s foot on her breasts.

Slowly, Sue moved Liz’s foot down her body until it got to her crotch. She gasped when, as she moved it up and down her the outer lips of her vagina, the big toe touched her clitoris.

Then, she moved it up and down, just out side the entrance to her vagina and came immediately. It was far more intense than she ever imagined. Sue could barely hold onto Liz’s foot as she use the big toe massage her clitoris. It caused another intense orgasm and she dropped Liz’s foot. A breathless, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my God!!” came out of Sue’s mouth.

Liz bent forward, grabbed her calf and put her foot back between Sue’s legs. Some other time, she would figure out how to do this to Sue.

Sue opened her eyes and she was in orgasm la-la land. One swept over her after another. Each time she tried to push Liz’s foot into her vagina, she exploded in pleasure. Liz scooted forward and tried to help, but couldn’t. Finally, Sue was relaxed enough and had enough control so that she got Liz’s big and first toes inside her and then convulsed in another orgasm.

Liz was afraid she passed out when Sue’s arms went limp and her head dropped off to one side. Sue let out deep “OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!!” Her eyes opened for a few seconds and then they closed. Liz knew she was alive because she could see Sues chest going in and out as she breathed.

Liz took her foot out of Sue’s cunt and brought it to her mouth. It was dripping with Sue’s cum. She then ran it up and down the lips of Sue vagina and held it up in front of Sue’s mouth who smelled her own juices and licked them off. The taste as well as knowing what she was licking, sent her off again.

This went on for, Liz thought, at least ten minutes when Sue pushed Liz’s foot away. “That was so intense. I want more, but I can’t take it.”

Liz worked her way around so her lifeless legs were more or less underneath her and so she could hold her lover. “I’m so glad I turn you on this much.”

Sue hugged back. “Just hold me and promise, you will never leave me.”

“My love, I’m not going anywhere.”

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