Mari’s Storeroom Fantasy Fullfilled

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Mari had thought this would be the most boring place to work, but after her anal encounter with the boss, she eagerly looked forward to each new week. Her boss, Mr. Rollin, had taught her a lot of new tricks and though her husband didn’t know where she was learning them, he was still extremely happy with how their sexual relationship had taken a new twist.

Mari had started out so quiet and shy at her new place of employment but was now becoming very comfortable in “getting to know” her co-workers. She had noticed some temporary workers that had been hired to re-arrange a floor of office furniture and cubicles. There were three of them, all in their twenties and really hot. She decided that this week “they” would be her project.

On Monday, Mari wore a conservative blue suit and jacket. Under the jacket she wore a sheer navy blouse with satin roses covering her nipples. Under her skirt, she decided that blue satin thongs were in order. A blue and white satin garter belt with navy stockings finished the outfit. She spread her legs and sprayed a little perfume on her thighs before leaving for work. The temps were scheduled to be in her area around 10:00 that morning. At 5 minutes till, she began her plan. She slipped off her jacket and left it on her chair. She walked quickly to the storeroom closet, her breasts bouncing as she walked by the Vice President’s office. She heard him gasp as she walked by and couldn’t help but smile to herself, “he’s next,” Ankara escort she thought.

Mari went in to the store room but kept the door slightly ajar so she could see when the temps showed up. Right on the money, they were there at 10:00. Mari had rehearsed her little plot to get all three of these guys in the storeroom with her. She headed back to her desk with a little extra bounce to catch their eye. They all stood smiling at her when she walked up to her desk. Mari’s nipples were hard and make the satin roses covering them stand at attention. The sheer blouse showed every rise and curve of her breasts. “Hi,” I’m Mari, “I was wondering if I could get one of you big, strong boys to help me out?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” they all answered at the same time. “Well, I guess I will have to take all of you……follow me,” Mari said in a sassy tone and walked toward the store room. All three of the men followed her, eyeing her ass the whole way.

As Mari stepped in the storeroom, she held the door open for the men and then closed it after them. She looked up at them, smiled, and then locked the door.

“Okay boys, do you really want to help me out?” Mari said while she unbuttoned her blouse slowly. The men just stood their dumbfounded.

The blouse was quickly removed and tossed toward the men. “I have a fantasy I want fulfilled, are you interested?” she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the ground around her ankles. “I’ve been watching Ankara escort bayan you all last week and wondering what it would feel like to have all three of you at the same time. Now, if you think this would be too naughty, you are free to go,” Mari offered.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Said the blonde surfer dude. “Me either,” said the curly brown-haired quiet guy. “I’m ready to do whatever you want,” said the tall black stud.

“Well, then…….let me tell you how I want it,” Mari commanded.

“First, I want you to tie me up with this rope,” she said as she tossed the rope towards the men. “Second I want you to pull my panties off with your teeth,” she said to the blonde.

“After my panties are off, I want all three of you to lick my pussy at the same time. I want each of you to take turns slipping your tongue deep into my vagina. I want it rough, so don’t be gentle with me.” Mari began her list and continued.”

“Next….” Mari was interrupted by the curly-haired dude. “I think we’ve heard enough to get us started, ma’am. In a flash she was bound and her panties were off. The men had tied her spread eagle which made the licking of her pussy all the much easier.

Mari could hardly control herself. She wanted to scream from the pleasure of three tongues dancing on her clitoris at the same time. Her juices were flowing and she was moaning with each deep penetration of tongue.

Mari had not taken into consideration that the Escort Ankara storeroom was right next to the records clerk office. A mild-mannered man who said little to anyone. Well, while all this four-way play was taking place, Harold, the clerk, was hearing every wet, juicy bit. He finally couldn’t take anymore of just listening and he let himself in to the storeroom with his key. He just stood their quietly, enjoying the show. He unzipped his pants and pulled a fully-erect, 10-inch dick out of his pants. He walked over to the group who was preoccupied with pussy-licking and grabbed Mari by the hair and slipped her mouth over the head of his cock. He began rocking his hips back and forth, back and forth as Mari’s lips closed around his shaft. “MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Mari mumbled with a mouth full. Her lips sucked loudly as her tongue ran up and down his dick. She sucked as hard as she could, tickling his balls all the while. The sucking got louder and louder, until Harold yelled, “wait…..” he pulled his dick out and shot his load all over Mari’s tits.

The three temps decided that their dicks needed a little attention as well. The tall black stud grabbed a hold of Mari’s ass and slipped his dick into her tight little ass. “Oh, my god,” said Mari, “I can’t believe you are all doing this for me.”

“Ma’am, this is for us just as much as it is for you,” said the blonde stud as he slipped his dick between her sticky breasts and rubbed her tits together as he humped her.

In a matter of moments, everyone was covered with hot, sticky cum. Luckily, Mari had brought towels and wipes for her little party.

“I wonder what tomorrow will bring?” Mari thought as she slipped her blouse back on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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