Marte’s New Set of Challenges 06 Pt. 01

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Marte opened her eyes to the bright sunlight shining in her eyes. She stretched and yawned as she tried to gain her bearings. She rolled over to find Ryan next to her. She pulled the covers up over her shoulders and cuddled up against Ryan’s warm, naked body. She kissed him on the cheek and lay her right hand over his chest. She lay in silence listening to him breath. The sounds were like a trance, relaxing her mind.

Ryan slowly awoken from his dreams and opened his eyes to the beautiful sight of Marte’s face. He smiled and said, “Good morning love”.

Marte smiled back, “Good morning”.

The two cuddled for awhile before getting dressed and heading to the kitchen. Terra was still asleep on the living room couch while Cindy was at her usual spot outside on the deck, drinking coffee. Marte grabbed a cup of coffee herself. Ryan grabbed a muffin from the kitchen table and the two joined Cindy and the chorus of birds.

“Cindy I am concerned about these challenges. I feel they are getting too intense.”

Cindy had expected Marte to be the first to bow out of the challenges. It was her conservative nature to push back against things that made her uncomfortable.

“What do you mean Marte?”

It is just that I am not comfortable with where these challenges are going. I mean where else can we go with these before they get to be too much?”

“It is your turn to make the challenge Marte. You know that right?” Cindy softly spoke.

“I am forfeiting my turn. Ryan has a challenge left and then I am bowing out of these challenges. You three can continue after that if you wish.”

Cindy thought a few seconds. She took a sip of her coffee, then sat it down on the wooden table. “If you are done then I am done. It is not the same if all of us girls are not involved.”

Everyone went silent. Ryan was contemplating whether or not to follow through with the challenge he had planned or to revise it and come up with something less extreme. He knew his challenge would push the edge of their limits and the edge of their friendships. He only had a few days left before he had to return home for a few weeks to pack his belongings.

The morning matured as the three of them chatted and enjoyed the scenery until Terra finally woke from the dead around 11am. Terra walked out looking like a zombie, her streak black hair scattered in several directions. Terra took a seat next to Ryan and slowly sipped her hot cup of black coffee. Cindy informed her of Marte’s decision and her own decision.

Terra responded, “It is too early to talk about anything important.”

Marte, Cindy and Ryan laughed. “It is almost noon you nocturnal creature.”, Cindy responded. A few minutes passed before Ryan broke the silence. “I have a challenge for you all.”

“I said nothing important until I wake!” Terra scowled.

Ryan ignored her and continued, “My challenge is for you all to streak across the state college campus this afternoon.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding yourself” Terra retorted.

“No way! I am not going to embarrass myself publicly.” Marte added. “I have a professional image to uphold around here.”

“We all do. We are business women around here. I think we unanimously reject this challenge, Ryan.” Cindy said.

“I thought you girls might feel that way. That is why I made other plans. I did give you girls a chance though. Remember that. You cannot back out of this one.”

“I think we have been set up.” Terra quipped.

Ryan smiled. “I have made tentative arrangements for the three of you tomorrow night at the Upland University down the hill. I will call and confirm the plans for tomorrow.”

“So what is the challenge we will be participating in?” inquired Cindy.

“The challenge is for you girls to give yourself freely. That is all I am going to tell you now. You will have a limo pick you girls up at 8pm tomorrow at the town square.”

“A limo huh?” Marte said.

“At Upland University?” added Terra.

Cindy added, “I am very curious to know what you are up to Ryan.”

“All I will add is this is something that will test the resolve of you, fulfill your wildest dreams or drive you insane.” Ryan responded as he stood and headed inside smiling.

The girls sat and guessed what it could possibly be that he had planned. The girls prodded him for more details, as the day passed. Cindy and Terra headed home after dinner to prepare for their day of work and the challenge afterwards.

The next day Ryan finalized plans as the girls worked in town. At quarter ’til eight, Ryan headed in town to meet up with the girls. He knew this was the challenge to end all challenges. He was sure Terra would have a blast, while Cindy and Marte would be less tolerant.

Eight o’clock struck on the town bells as Ryan and the girls joined at the town square. The girls continued to prod Ryan for more details. Ryan refused to disclose more details. Marte slapped Ryan playfully on the shoulders as a limo arrived. The girls climbed inside and were whisked away. Ryan made his Ankara bayan escort own trip down the hill behind them.

The girls sipped on a glass of red wine as they traveled down the hill. They started getting nervous as the limo headed towards the University. They knew Ryan had a devious mind. Terra secretly wondered if Ryan was being vindictive after the way she took advantage of him the previous day. She hoped not.

The sun was beginning to fall behind the mountain as the limo came to a stop. Cindy looked out the window and noticed they were not at the University. The limo door opened and the girls were swept away into a white windowless van. Three men blindfolded them and bound them to the floor of the van.

The van began moving and hummed along, making a few turns left and right. “Where in the fuck are you taking us?” Terra demanded.

There was no reply. Marte was scared to death. She knew she should trust Ryan, but she didn’t like the fact she was blindfolded and had no idea where they were headed, who the men were or what was in store for them. Her only comfort was that her two best female friends were with her. Cindy tried to follow each turn the limo made in an attempt to track their whereabouts.

The short ride ended and the girls hands were untied. Their eyes remained covered as they were guided out of the van, inside a building. After walking down a hallway and escorted down a set of stairs. The girls looked around at the surroundings as the men removed the blindfolds. They noticed they were in some sort of recreational room. One of the men spoke,telling them to have a seat and the President would be with them shortly.

The door shut and the three girls were left alone.

“The president? Of the University? Of the United States?” Marte inquired.

“It looks like we are in some sort of recreational room for a sorority or something” Cindy stated.

The door opened and a tall, athletic built man who looked to be a college student entered the room.

“Good evening ladies. I am so glad you have chosen to assist my Fraternity house tonight. I do not know how much you know. so I will fill you in with some of the details now and more in a little bit. I want to start by saying you are one of the few lucky girls. You have been selected to help our pledges celebrate the passing of their initiation into Delta Gamma Delta.”

The girls all looked at each other. Their minds began to wander in the brief silence.

The man opened the door and three men entered the room. He shut the door again and locked it. “I am going to need you girls to remove your clothes so we can bathe you.”

“Are you kidding?” Marte asked.

“I am afraid not. This will go quickly if you girls cooperate.”

The three men split up, each approaching a girl. The men blindfolded the girls once again and then assisted them in undressing. The girls heard something rolling across the floor and then felt the warmth of the men’s hands spreading their legs. Warm water and wash cloths cleaned their vaginal area. The touch was soft and careful. Marte was mortified by the fact she was naked in front of strange men, blindfolded and unable to see what was going on. She despised being touched by someone she did not know. After the girls were thoroughly cleaned, their hands were bound with silk cloths behind their backs.

Cindy and Terra had become aroused by the touching of the warm water and wash cloths. Terra was sure this was payback. She decided she would take tonight with an open mind. Cindy tried to remain calm. She trusted Ryan. She listened intently as she heard shuffling all around her. She felt flesh on her hand as the men slowly guided her hands behind her back. She felt soft material wrap around her wrists and bind them.

The girls heard the man speak again. “You women are going to give our five newest members the night of their dreams as part of our annual celebration. Tonight you girls will freely give them what they want. I trust you will not disappoint them or me. All of the graduates have been tested and bathed as well. We will escort you to your stations now.”

The girls were guided out of the room, down a hallway and into another room. They could hear the giggling of boys in the near distance. The girls were stopped and the blindfolds were removed. They were in a large auditorium. The were facing a large drape, similar to one used in theater performances to hide the stage. They girls were then guided through the drapes to a room surrounded by the drapes.

A large wooden wall stood to their right. It appeared to split the draped area in half. There were three small holes carved into the wooden wall. The holes were just a couple of feet from the ground. Below each one of the holes were benches. Terra immediately realized these were stations set up for each one of them. Marte could feel her body trembling as she began to realize what the setup was. Cindy calmly analyzed her surroundings. She noticed the station to the far right had what looked like a helmet attached to the wall, just to Escort bayan Ankara the right of the hole. The seat was “L” shaped at this station while the other two bench style seats were horizontal. The two benches looked similar to a weight lifting bench. The station to the left and in the center also had metal devices attached to the wall, one on each side of the marginally larger holes. Each station was labeled “A,B,C”, starting from left to right.

The president of the chapter approached them holding a plastic bowl. He appeared to be stirring something inside the bowl. The man told them to each pick a letter and approach their station. Marte drew the letter “A”, Cindy drew the letter “C” and Terra drew “B”. Each girl was guided to their station by groups of two men.

Marte was lain down on her back with her ass pressed firmly against the wall and her legs lifted flat against the wall, toes pointed to the ceiling. One man had untied her hands from behind her back then retied her hands to the seat, above her head. The other man strapped her legs into the metal devices that held her legs firmly against the wall. She realized the metal device restricted her legs and hips from moving as they shut around her thighs and were locked. She panicked when she realized her vagina lined up with the hole in the wall.

Terra was more than willing to lie down on her stomach and press her hips against the wall as instructed. Her hands had been untied from behind her back and were retied to the base of the bench, just in front of her face. She was certain she was about to be manipulated and she was becoming more and more turned on. Her legs were also secured a firm foam pillow was placed under her stomach, propping her butt up as she lie doggie-style against the wall.

Cindy took a deep breath as she sat down on the “L” shaped seat and felt it slowly push forward against her back until her head was placed, facing forward, against the wall. Her hands were retied behind her back and behind the seat. The metal helmet-like device was placed around her head tightly. Cindy tried to move her head side to side and was only able to move an inch each way. Her mouth lined up with the hole in the wall.

Ryan approached the room from behind and chose to watch from a distance so he would not be seen by the girls. The president approached him, shaking hands and thanking him for providing the three beautiful women.

The girls could hear male voices coming closer and closer. It was time to begin. Men reapplied the blindfold to Marte and Terra. The tension was building as things were preparing to begin.

Each boy had preselected a number, corresponding to the station. They were to take turns with a two minute time limit at each station. The guys were guided through the curtain on the other side of the wooden wall.

The five new pledge graduates gazed in amazement and looked at each other with smiles. The teenage men were able to see three holes in the wall facing them. As they approached the wall they were able to get a better view of a face and two pussies exposed to them. The pledges were lined up and explained how things would work.

The Fraternity President explained the rules,”This is your reward. We have three women who have willingly volunteered to give you access to their bodies. You are free to use them as you see fit, however condoms are required for any penetration of vagina when using your dicks. No exceptions! You will have five minutes per station, then you will rotate to the next station on your right. If you are not ready, one of the guys waiting are free to step in. The girls will rotate positions every 15 minutes, so plan accordingly. You all drew a number in the other room. One, two and three will start at stations with corresponding numbers, the other two will fall in line starting at station one upon rotation. There will be a two minute break between rounds.”

Each of the men dropped their clothes and took their positions in front of the holes, while number four and five took a seat to wait their turn. The men were grinning ear to ear at their fortunes.

Cindy opened her mouth and took a deep breath as she heard commotion. She could not see anything, but still closed her eyes as she felt warm meat enter her mouth. She wrapped her lips around a penis that felt about the size of a hot dog. She felt the semi-hard penis begin to slowly slide in and out of her mouth. She heard the guy gasp as she began sucking the piece of hot meat. His penis was not thick, but definitely long as he pushed his penis deep against the back of her throat. She was thankful the first guy wasn’t huge and forcing her jaws to separate.

Terra gasp as she felt pressure against her walls. She could feel a hand slowly circling her already wet pussy. The hand seemed to be exploring her outer walls and inner walls before moving to her already throbbing clitoris. The anticipation of what was to come made her wet and horny. She moaned as his finger quickly thrashed back and forth against her clit. When she tried to rock her hips, she was Bayan escort Ankara reminded her body was restrained against the wall. She yearned to feel him inside her begging pussy.

Marte was a nervous wreck. She had intercourse just a few times in the past year and all with Ryan. She didn’t like the idea of multiple strangers entering and using her body. She gasp as her walls were immediately spread apart by a hot piece of meat that stretched the limits of her walls and immediately began to pound against her pussy. She was in pain at first as the huge penis ripped her walls open. This was not a good start. She felt tears run down her face as her vagina was being rapidly pounded. Slowly, the pain began to turn into pleasure as she heard the man grunting. She could tell he would not last long as he thrust in and out of her with all his might.

Ryan sat back from a distance and watched as Marte’s body twisted and turned. He watched her tiny tits dance on her chest. He looked to his right to see Cindy’s hands clasped tightly to the legs of the bench her upper body rested upon.

Cindy could feel the radiating heat increase in her mouth as the motions began to pick up speed. The pencil like penis continued to grow. She tried not to choke while attempting to relax her gag reflex. She was becoming turned on from the sounds of the men moaning, hearing her friends’ moan and the combined effect of sucking off this mysterious man. She could taste his precum as he withdrew all but the first few inches of his penis from her mouth. His thrusts were becoming jerky and she prepared herself to receive a stream of hot juices. She sucked hard, causing the man grunt and freeze as cum shot down her throat. The salty taste and gobs of semen almost forced her to vomit. She tried to swallow all the cum as it ran down her throat.

Terra felt the hand withdraw. She groaned in displeasure of his actions. She was getting very turned on by the stimulation. She could feel her juices running down her groin. She took a few deep breaths. A few seconds later, she felt a small penis enter her vagina. She could tell it was fully hardened. It quickly pumped her vagina. She was hoping for more penetration. She wanted to feel a penis deep inside her, filling her. Instead, the small penis quickly pumped away. She could feel him inside her and tried to squeeze the penis with her inner walls, but it was far from filling her insides. The penis was a tease and not much more. She groaned again in displeasure as she tried to push herself against the penis, maximizing the length, only to be reminded she was restricted once again. She heard the man grunt after a few seconds and withdraw from inside her walls. She was disappointed knowing he had finished so quick.

Marte tried to enjoy the rough sex as much as she could, she found little satisfaction however. The huge penis just simply stretched her inner walls too wide for her pleasure. He pounded away over and over. She prayed for the time to be over. The heavy breathing of Terra next to her was the only excitement she was getting so far. After what seemed like forever, she finally felt the man stiffen and freeze, then slowly pump in and out of her. He grunted then withdrew.

A loud horn sounded and the girls listened as the men shuffled. The man from station 1 moved to station 2. The man as station 2 bowed out and was replaced by the man who had drawn number 5. The man at station 3 took a seat as number 4 moved up to station 1. The men positioned themselves as the girls tried to regain their composure. The horn sounded again and the men approached the holes for round two.

Cindy opened her mouth and felt a little thicker, but shorter penis enter her mouth. The penis was already erect. She wrapped her lips softly around it as the penis slowly slid in and out of her mouth at a deliberate pace. She heard the man moan in pleasure as her lips surrounded his meat. She heard him say, “Suck it good baby. Oh yeah. That feels great!” Cindy was encouraged by his words and wanted to make him happy. She tried to grind her hips against the wall to no avail as she sucked him.

Terra squealed as she felt a his hot penis smack against her clit. The pressure shot bolts of electricity through her body. She gasp as it slowly began to slide inside her eagerly waiting walls. The break between men had been torture. She gasp again when his penis began to separate her walls. She was hoping he was thicker than the previous man, but was pleasantly surprised as the swollen meat went deeper and deeper inside her. She thought it would stop when it continued to slide inside her until it was pressing against her womb. He pulled a few inches out of her before slowly sliding it back deep inside her. Terra moaned and tried to entice him to pick up the pace.

Marte was caught off guard by the wet, soft and tender tongue that pressed against her sore vagina. She took a deep breath and felt a loud moan slip out her mouth as the hot breath hit her inner walls. She felt her walls begin to lubricate themselves while the skillful tongue began to flop around like a fish out of water. She heard herself begin to moan “Yes” over and over as the tongue slid inside her walls and then began circling her clit. She could feel her clit begin to harden and throb. This was a welcome change from the last man.

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