Mattie at 68 Ch. 01

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Before you under forty crowd dismiss my story, I want to tell you something that actually happened. Years ago my wife and I went to a stage show in Tahoe where a sixty eight year old Tempest Storm preformed. Her body had every man drooling and every woman envious. One arrogant bitch screamed out, “You are too old to strip.” Tempest locked her eyes on the woman and said, “Look at your man’s lustful eyes bitch and eat your heart out.”


I was late getting to dinner at the retirement community restaurant. Most people at the table were finishing up. The conversation had been about retirement versus assisted living facilities. No one even wanted to consider throwing in the homes that handle convalescence through hospice. Seems I was used as an example by Bill, just as I settled in.

“If Roger weren’t with Carol when they came to live here, she would have had to go on to an assisted living facility and sign away her benefits to the facility’s management. But he did everything for her from pushing the wheelchair to keeping track of meds and taking her to appointments, so they were able to maintain control of their finances.”

“I’m not sure what I walked in on, but Carol did a lot of things for me that I am just now realizing.”

Mattie was a couple of years older than me but nature had been kind to her. She looked really good and took care of herself. The freckled red-head had long legs and a rounded ass. When she swam at the pool, I often could not take my eyes off her. She took the conversation down a different path by challenging me, “Roger, I’m curious, with all her problems from tremors, pain, speech issues, limited mobility and poor memory what did Carol do for you?”

I smiled and admitted to aging. “As I’ve gotten older, patches of hair grow where they didn’t use to grow; I don’t contort as easily to check out my backside; I don’t see pastel colors to match my socks and I don’t have as much purpose in my life. Carol, could shave the hair, check my back, match my socks and I always knew I had the important job of caring for her. Sure I got tired of care giving but I was never lonely. During the last year, I’ve faced all those new challenges.”

My table of single mature people all grew quiet. It soon dispersed, except Mattie stayed behind, restacking the used plates on her tray.

“Roger, please don’t think of me as being too forward but we are equally active and I have noticed you looking at me in the pool.”

“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I should not have been so obvious. You are a healthy, attractive woman and I was just enjoying looking at your curves. I’ll behave more in the future.”

“That wasn’t where I was going with my comments. I can’t drive anymore and truly understand your comments about how another person can help sometimes. I want you to know that I’m volunteering to help you remove those hair patches and match your socks anytime you want.”

“That sounds wonderful. I was embarrassed when I took my granddaughters to the beach a couple of weeks ago and they kidded me about turning into an ape. Maybe I can drive you places and help you some to repay your kindness.”

I was quite surprised by the playfulness that followed, “I might need some help shaving too.”

“I’m an expert at shaving, inspecting and nursing spots that need special attention. When I kiss a “boo-boo” to make it feel better, it always heals quickly, feels a lot better and does not hurt anymore.”

Mattie blushed. Maybe I had gone too far. “Mattie, I’m sorry if I kidded inappropriately. I am very pleased with your offer and if I can help you in return, I accept with pleasure. Just tell me when I am too verbally playful. That has been part of my relationship for forty years.”

“My husband was pretty straight laced and not adventurous or playful. I’m not used to it but I find it exciting. I need more playfulness in my all too serious life.”

“Why so serious?”

“It just evolved that way. Year after year, Harold worked, I took care of the home and children. Then one day, we were old and had not put much fun in our lives. We planned to, but he died. I guess I would have to admit to not knowing how to have fun but I truly want to learn.”

“Well shaving my back won’t fall into the category of fun, but I have a million places I want to go on day trips and a million things I like to do. I would love to have a friend to enjoy those days with.”

“Let’s try a few outings. Teach me how to have fun and I’ll keep your socks matched.”

“When can I take advantage of our new agreement and get trimmed up a little?”

“If you have the razor you want me to use, come on by this afternoon.”

“Will you be wearing that two piece bathing suit? I promise to bring a handkerchief and not drool on your floor.”

“You are a big tease. No one drools over a 68 year old woman.”

“No one except a 66 year old man, who likes what he sees.”

I had embarrassed Mattie again. I let her off the hook. “Alright, I’ll come to your room about two. If that is okay with you?”

It was beşiktaş escort exactly two when I rang Mattie’s doorbell. She and I both had on the short white terry cloth robes that the home provided to guests to wear to and from the pool. I had a navy blue boxer style swim suit on under my robe. I had to guess what she had on under hers. I just barged on.

“Do you drink champagne?”

“On very special occasions.”

“To me this is a very special occasion. Let me pour you a glass.”

We talked, laughed and got to know one another for about an hour, finishing the first bottle.

“It’s about time for me to take care of that back hair for you before the daylight dims. I don’t see well at night or have good distance vision.”

“Promise you will not laugh at my beat up old body?”

I had not waited for a reply. I opened my robe and threw it on a chair. I was overstating the case. Truthfully, I had a good, trim, healthy body for my age. “Where do you want me?”

“How about on the floor by the sliding glass door? On the beach towel to catch the hair?”

“You might need a king-sized sheet.”

“No, you look pretty good. I don’t see that much hair.”

“Any type of compliment is warmly accepted.”

We got the spot ready and I plugged in the trimmers. Right before I got down on the floor, I looked at her and said, “I have to do something first.”

She was expecting that I needed to go to the bathroom, when I untied her sash and reached up to her neck. Gently, I caressed her neck and shoulders, stepped very close to her, pushed the robe sensually off her body, reaching behind her and slipping it down her arms. Just before I brought it back around, I looked at her, said, “Thank you for wearing the swim suit and doing this for me.” I kissed her gently on the lips. Before she could think, judge or object, I rose up, tossed her robe on top of mine, stood back, admired her and then lay down in the spot she had prepared for me.

Mattie was very quiet and slow to kneel down on the floor. She recovered, turned on the trimmers and began to salvage my back. The position was awkward for her, leaning across, supporting her weight on one arm and working with the other hand.

“Straddle me if you want. Get in a comfortable position. I’m sure this will take you a while. It has been a year since I was sheared.”

She resisted my suggestion until the ache in her lower back won out. Finally, she put a knee on either side of my hips. She worked for a while and I felt her relax to sit on my butt. That touch was very intimate and shocked her. She immediately rose up again. We continued to talk and I did not push or tease her. She became more comfortable and let her weight settle on me again. Having her wiggle in her sincere efforts and her weight driving my cock into the floor was an unexpected delight. I could have enjoyed her touch and being catered to for days but she said all too quickly, “I’m all finished.”

I felt her weight lift and I turned over with her still straddling me. It was at first and innocent move. I wanted to look at her and talk. “Thank you very much. Now what is going to be our first outing to begin having fun?”

“You said you are a member of the zoo and the art museum. I’ve never been to either. Let’s start with one of those.”

“Great idea. Have you been on the steam train to Mount Hood? Especially the evening dinner ride?”

“No, I haven’t done anything like that but it sounds like a lot of fun……………”

Her last words trailed off. She had lowered her weight again and her bathing suit covered pussy was pressing down on my two thirds hard cock. She started to get up. I grabbed her by the hips.

“Stay and talk to me. I’m house broken. I want hurt you in any way and we both are enjoying the touch.”

She blushed but settled back down. We talked more. Every few sentences, I would pull her hips and then push them back. I was hardening under her and she was enjoying the friction. Mattie stopped mid-sentence, let her eyes close and she began to rock her hips on her own. Within a minute she leaned forward putting a hand on either side of my head, spread her legs wider and thrust down. She worked for long enjoyable minutes until frustration began to sit in. This was not working well enough for her.

I pushed her hips higher and scooted down, untying one side of her suit’s bottoms and pulling it aside just as my face was under her. Her body was tense and I pulled at it to sit down again. She resisted so I opened the lips of her pussy and lifted my head to lick at her, suck her lips and tease her clit. She was wetter than I expected. Soon she quit fighting and lowered her clit to follow my head back down to the floor. As she rocked, she began to breathe more irregularly. She moaned when I reached one arm between her legs and held a rigid finger between her lips and let her impale herself on it with her back and forth movements. It did not take long. Her legs tightened against my head. Her muscles trembled and she came with a great beşyol escort sigh of “Yes.” I lapped up her wonderful wetness.

It must have been a while for her. She got sensitive to my touch and lifted off my mouth. I rolled her down to the floor and pulled her into my arms just to hold her and share her little pleasure.

Probably fifteen minutes passed. I could see her eyes open and her confusion about what had happened and might happen next. I sat up onto my knees and pulled her up onto hers so we were close facing each other. I cupped her face, leaned in and kissed her again. This time, against her will, her mouth opened and I licked at her lips. “Give me your tongue.”

It barely cleared her lips but I licked at it and sucked more of it into my mouth. She did not object to tasting her own juices. When she pulled her tongue back, I stood and pulled her up and gave her a big hug.

“We have to get ready for dinner, even though you have already given me the best desert imaginable. We are old enough. We can decide to eat desert before the meal. Thank you again, Mattie, for cleaning me up. Let’s talk some more over dinner about where we are going for our first outing.”

Her mind was in turmoil. I hoped I had not pushed her too far, too fast. I only wanted to please her and say “Thank You” one of the ways I knew how. I’m sure she finally exhaled when she closed the door behind me.

I arrived early enough at the restaurant to leave the choice of sitting together to her. She did come to me. We were the only two at the table. Her eyes sparkled but her face was filled with concern and guilt.

“What you must think of me.”

“I think you are a lovely and passionate woman, who I want to get to know better. I wanted to please you, but now I fear that I have offended you.”

“No, no. That was wild, wonderful and satisfying. I’ve never done anything like that before. Somehow I feel it was wrong.”

“No, Beautiful, it was not wrong. You get to decide what you want to do with your body and who you want to share it with. I am so pleased to have spent some time with you and want to tell you that your body moves in ways that excite me. Tell me your guidelines. I’ll honor your wishes, if today was wrong. I admit that I wanted to make love with you but I did not feel you were ready for that. Now tell me where we are going. I think you are going to say the zoo, so I brought the most recent brochure for us to look over.”

We decided to go to the zoo on Tuesday. Then we were joined by other diners and talked like normal people for the rest of the evening. Saturday, Sunday and Monday I did not see Mattie except in passing to wave. Saturday my eldest daughter visited; I was financing her new house for her, so we had documents to sign and for her to drop off at the Title Company. We went to the farmers’ market and came back loaded with stuff, laughing and playing. Sunday I spent all day in the wood shop. Monday, I prepared lessons and filled in at the local junior college in the afternoon and evening.

Monday night I called Mattie. “I’ll pick you up at eight in the morning. We’ll go out for a wonderful breakfast and be at the zoo when it opens at ten. Maybe we’ll be tired and want to picnic or go to a movie during the hot part of the day.”

“That sounds good. I’ll be ready. I saw you with that young blond woman on Saturday. She is very lovely.”

“Thank you; that is Laurie, my daughter. She has two lovely girls and a husband who is just starting to be successful. They are going to do fine.”

Mattie had little to say. She knew she had been off base, thinking Laurie was my Saturday fling.

The day at the zoo was a perfect “Getting to know you” day. We fed the giant tortoises, ate hot dogs, dodged running children, fed the baby animals in the children’s zoo, I watched her cringe at the giant insects and we laughed at the male monkeys jacking off. I called one of the staff and she got a tour of the true nursery, veterinary operations and feeding prep areas. I was the hero of the day when Mattie got to hold a baby gorilla and pet a just born gazelle. I took pictures as I had done all day. Tomorrow she would have copies to show around and email to her family. We had an unhealthy stop at Baskin-Robins for my favorite butter pecan. Mattie ordered some strange new flavor and then wanted to trade with me. Being a well trained male, she got my butter pecan scoop in a sugar cone and I got complaining rights for the week.

We got home just before eleven. I got a quick kiss at her door and she said, “Better not come in, the eleven o’clock rule you know.”

I did know that rule. It was stupid when I heard it. “No visitation within the facility by mixed sexes after eleven.” I did not sign that portion of my agreement and I had too much money for the facility to argue. Besides every person who had a brain knew that it was unenforceable and stupid. The thought of thirty year olds making such rules for seventy year olds boggles my mind. I figured this was Mattie’s way of establishing beykent escort limits to our friendship and keeping me in my place. It wasn’t my first rejection. I handled it well. I did not hit anyone, rent a hooker or get drunk.

I had been eating breakfast at the home’s restaurant to see Mattie. My idea of breakfast was a bagel stop while on a morning walk to ogle the pretty women on their way to work. I went back to my routine of odd ball hours and staying to myself a lot.

A couple of weeks later I had a note on my door. “Would still love to go to the museum with you or ride the steam train. Meet me for breakfast and tell me why I drove you away after our zoo trip. Mattie”

About midnight, I knocked on her door.

“Roger, you will get us both in trouble, it’s after eleven.”

“Is that the reason you ran away from me when we got back from the zoo, Sweet Cakes? You are afraid of the rules of this place where we pay a fortune to live? You are not thirteen and your mommy will not ground you.” She invited me in discretely and we talked for a while.

“Lots of the people who live here are not active, not sexual and are very compliant with rules. I am an adult and pay my own way. I don’t hurt anyone, disturb anyone or get into anyone’s business. I’m sixty-six and sure the hell, know who I am and what is right for me. No one is going to give me living rules at this stage in my life.”

“My neighbor told me about a couple who kept the floor awake all night having sex.”

“I’d set up bleachers outside their room and cheer them on. I’d gladly give up a few nights sleep to hear wild sex stories over breakfast.”

Mattie laughed at my crude words. “I guess I would too.”

“Everyone living here would or they would have to admit to be being jealous. Don’t let the assholes make a kid, dependent or invalid out of you. You are vibrant, sexy and your pussy tastes wonderful. You are sixty-eight. Were you supposed to fill out a permission slip so I could give you a good oral orgasm?”

Mattie was glowing in pride and also blushing.

“Mattie, would you put up with such foolishness before you retired? Did your kids tell you when you could masturbate, fantasize or have fun?”

“You already know that I need to learn to have fun. But “No” I did not ask permission.”

“You will never learn to have fun, if you let the rest of the world make decisions about what is right for you. Only you know what might be fun for you. Only you know what you want to try. Only you know how wild you want to get. So no one else’s opinion matters.”

“We signed an agreement here.”

“Fuck them and their agreement. Wouldn’t you love to read the headlines of the local newspaper when such a place tried to enforce what happens between consenting senior citizens just because they live at this address? Next door, in the park, in the back seat of a car, in a motel, behind a bush, it would be fine. But here the thirty year-old, up-tight, morals police gets to say if you can masturbate after hours. Hell, if you are ninety and can get off, the world should cheer for you.”

Mattie sat quietly.

“Mattie, if one day we felt amorous and knew it might be the last time in our lives that we would have breathless, satisfying sex, would you make love with me under the willow by the pond in the back of this building? Half the windows look down on that tree. Do all those people mean so much to you that you would forgo such a beautiful satisfying experience and memory? Sure some Bible thumpers would condemn us, but most would see the beauty and would hope for something like that for themselves.”

Still she sat quietly.

“I have said way too much. I guess I am too much a libertine. I enjoyed your body and taste too much to trade off a second caring about other people’s judgment. I will never accept stupid rules from stupid people trying to control the free will of consenting adults.”

I got up and went to her contraband, after-hours door. Mattie followed me. At the door I turned, grabbed a handful of her bottle aided red hair, tilted her head to mine and kissed her passionately. Her eyes were still closed when I opened the door to leave and spoke, “Mattie, I want to make love with you. I want to feel and watch your body and face contort in pleasure and know that you are pleased with me. It might take hours for us to get to that point but I still want to try to share it with you. For the first time, I realize how great a gift you gave me when you let me taste your pussy. Thank you for putting up with my wildness. I have long thought that it was time that I moved from this facility. Now I know that it is time. The ideas of dating, possible sex, intimacy, sleeping against a warm naked body, talking all night with a friend, dancing quietly at three a.m., all those things and more, are so important to me that I don’t belong where people find those things wrong. I need to live not die slowly guided by children’s silly rules.”

I walked out of the facility that night, drove, watched a movie, went to a porn shop, flirted with an IHOP waitress who was no more than 18, left my car in an empty shopping center and walked back about seven a.m. The note on my door was from Mattie, “I want to make love with you too. Laugh. Have fun. Feed another baby gorilla. Tickle your balls and have you kiss me upside down. Please don’t run away. Stay and teach me how to play and not worry about the unimportant world.”

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