Meeting A Dear Friend Ch. 04

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Sarah is the first to awaken, and her movements in the bed wake me. She explains that she really has to get moving since she needs to be at work in an hour. You wake as she is getting dressed. She comes back to the bed and kisses you good-bye, thanking you for the great time last night, her hand slipping between your thighs for one last feel. I get up and pull on some boxers to walk her to the door.

“I’m so glad you came over to talk to me at the bar last night,” she says as I pull her close and caress her ass. “I was feeling pretty low due to a recent breakup, you and Izzy were just what I needed at the time. Thanks for making me feel desirable again.”

“You are so much more than just desirable, I’m just glad Izz talked me into it. Here’s the number here at the flat, and Izzy’s cell, why don’t you give us a call later when you get off work? Maybe we can all get together again before I have to head back to the States.”

“You sure she won’t mind? I’d think she would want you to herself considering you came all this way to meet her.”

“Trust me, if the day goes like I think, she’ll be more than ready for some additional company by the end of the day,” I say with a chuckle. After making you promise to call, I kiss you tenderly, squeeze your luscious ass and see you out the door.

After stopping by the kitchen to brew some coffee and grab some fresh fruit and whipped cream, I make my way back to the bedroom. You still haven’t moved since I left, so I strip off my boxers and climb back under the covers with you. Feeling the bed shift with my weight, you stir and curl up next to me. I kiss your shoulders and hand you a mug of coffee. As we sip our coffee and share some fruit, I ask about your plans for me during the day.

“Well, I just figured we’d play it as we go. To be honest, I wasn’t sure the physical attraction would be as strong as the one we established on-line, so I didn’t want to plan on anything specific. Now I’m glad I didn’t plan a day of sight seeing and tours, think we might just have to stay right here all day.”

“I think that sounds like a great way to pass the time. But isn’t Kevin due home soon?”

“Shit, maybe I can still catch him at work. I’ll ask if he can’t give us the rest of the day until dinnertime, his mum lives near where he works and he sometimes just crashes there anyways after working doubles. I’ll be right back.” You climb out of bed, grab your robe and head out to call. About ten minutes later you return with an additional bowl of fruit, mostly strawberries, and some chocolate sauce. “I caught him bostancı escort just before he walked out. He’s gonna visit his mum, and will call us around 6ish to see if we’re ready for some dinner. So, that gives us about ten hours to fill as we see fit.”

“I don’t think we’ll have any problem keeping ourselves busy,” I say as I pull you back to bed. You take a strawberry, dip it in the chocolate and pop it in your mouth. Partially chewing it, you lean over and kiss me deeply, sharing the sweet flesh of the berry with me. I ease you back on the bed, reach across you and grab another berry. First some chocolate, then a little of the whipped cream I brought in earlier, and I am ready to feed you.

Teasingly, I taunt you bringing the berry almost to your lips then pulling it back. Instead, I move it down and use it to draw a circle of sweet creamy goodness around your right nipple, leaning down to lick it off and then eat the berry. As I bite into it, the juice pours over your breast. Again my mouth finds your hard nubbin, sucking and licking up the sweet flavor of the berry and then remaining to savor the taste of you.

You grab another berry and squeeze and mash it over your other breast, guiding my lips there to repeat the process. Forgoing the fruit, I simply dip my fingers in the bowl of chocolate and begin to draw pictures on you belly, taking the time to slowly ‘erase’ them with my tongue. My next masterpiece is drawn across your thighs, but before I can continue, you pull me up and roll me over explaining that it’s your turn to ‘draw’.

You push me onto my back and use your fingers to draw a series of concentric circles around each of my nipples and my navel with chocolate. You then fill in the gaps with the whipped cream, creating a trio of bulls-eyes on my torso. The sight of my erect prick pointing directly at the lowest of the three gives you an idea and you jump from bed to go grab your cameras.

Adjusting the lighting, you snap off several pictures of my decorated body, both color and black and white. Setting the cameras aside, you climb back in bed and begin to slowly lick up all the creamy goodness from my nipples, biting them when you reach the center of each circle. The whole time you are also stroking my cock, explaining that you are going to try to ‘hit the target’ on my belly.

The combination of your tongue and teeth on my chest, and hands on my cock and balls, produces the desired effect and I erupt through your fingers, the first shot landing perfectly büyükçekmece escort in the center of your target. As the last drops of semen settle on my lower belly, you once again grab your cameras and take a few ‘after’ shots. You then finish cleaning me up, savoring the salty sweetness of the combination of chocolate/whipped cream and my cum.

Of course, this brings my little fellow back to attention, and I am eager to return the favor and bring you to orgasm. You push me away, explaining that we have all day, and should get cleaned up a little better than our tongues have done so far. So, we take a quick shower, dry off and climb back into bed, refreshed and ready to continue.

I take a few moments to clear away the dishes from breakfast, grab a cup of ice cubes and rejoin you in bed. Spying the ice, you inquire what my plans are. I merely smile and, taking a silk scarf from your dresser, climb behind you and blindfold you. Knowing you can trust me explicitly, you allow me to tie first your right then left wrists to the corresponding bedposts. I kiss you tenderly, whispering that you should just relax and enjoy.

I grab an ice cube. Hearing the clink against the glass, you shiver in anticipation. I start at you lips, gently rubbing the cold cube across them. You tongue flicks out to lap the resultant drops away and I lean in and kiss you. I continue, moving the ice to the hollow of your throat, allowing a small puddle to form, which I promptly lick up.

Moving from your side, to a position between your legs, I raise one ankle to my shoulder and run the next ice cube up the length of your calf, pausing behind your knee, then running it on up, switching to the outside of your leg and ending up at the crease of your thigh. Leaving the remains of that cube there, I repeat the process on your other leg, again leaving the remains where they lay.

I place both your feet flat on the mattress, your knees elevated and thighs spread wide. My next target with a fresh cube is your belly button. I slowly pass the ice around it allowing another puddle to form. Kissing first to the right, and then left, of your excited pussy, finally removing the icy chips left from teasing your legs. Moving up, I lap the puddle from your navel, then lick straight to your lips, planting a deep kiss.

You can feel my stiffness pressing into you and try raising your hips to slip me inside, but I quickly move away. You are panting in you desire, but I am not quite ready to offer you full release. I çekmeköy escort grab two more cubes from my glass and this time focus my attention on your breasts. You moan and pull on your restraints as I roll the ice around and around your small firm mounds. Your gumdrop nipples harden and collect small drops on the very tips.

The sunlight pouring through the nearby window glints off these drops and I decide that this is my turn to photograph you. Grabbing the camera with black and white film, I snap several quick shots of you there in the sun, tied to the bedposts with the melted ice sparkling. It is now time for my final surprise.

While I lick and suck on your ice-hardened nipples, I take the last cube from the glass and run it along your stomach, lower and lower, until I finally reach the well trimmed patch of hair above your sweet passion pit. I pause there, allowing a little to melt and the drops to run through your pubes and down your lips. Then, as you moan and shiver, I slide the ice over your hard clitoris and slip it within your tight pussy.

A slight orgasm rolls through your body as the ice melts inside you, and before it subsides, I move above you. Once again kissing you, I slide the full length of my cock inside your tight cunt, the heat radiating from it in sharp contrast with the freezing ice cube just applied. You immediately are gripped by a powerful orgasm, locking your legs around my hips, holding me in place buried to the hilt.

As you recover, you ease the grip of your legs, allowing me to rise to my knees between your thighs. Spreading your legs wide, I grab your hips and rock you back and forth on my cock, my thumb reaching out to stroke your clit. You are now almost frantic in your desire to be free of your restraints, begging me to untie you.

You have the rhythm going with the rocking of your hips, so I reach up and slip my fingers into your mouth. You eagerly suck on them, like little cocks, coating them with your saliva. Using this lubrication, I tease your hard nipples and then your clit again.

Sensing another orgasm approaching, I shift so that I am full stretched above you, sliding my cock harder and harder into your tight cleft. Just as I feel you start to cum again, I reach up and untie your wrists. You throw your arms and legs around me, pulling me close, and kiss me. Your tongue dancing in my mouth, I ram my prick into you one last time and orgasm myself. As gob after gob of hot cum fill your snatch, we fall exhausted to the bed.

I reach up and remove the blindfold and take your face in my hands. I kiss your cheeks and the forehead; then again move my lips to yours. I thank you for having the trust in me to allow me to tie you up, and you thank me for helping you to explore your submissive side. The last thing I do before climbing under the covers for a nice long nap is to grab the camera and take one final shot of you. I think we’ll call that one “Satisfaction”!

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