Meeting In Vegas

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‘Mmmm, I can’t believe we are finally meeting’, I thought to myself as I looked out the window of the airplane. My heart was pounding with excitement, and I could swear it could be heard by all who surrounded me. I looked next to me and across the aisle from me to see my 3 sisters and 2 girlfriends in their seats either sleeping, talking or reading.

I reclined my seat, lay back and closed my eyes. Instantly, I seen the picture of my on-line lover and began fantasizing about meeting him for the first time. I could feel his lips on mine, and his hands roaming over my body. I thought back to our erotic conversations taking place over the last 6 months.

It all started innocently enough. With hubby asleep and the kids out for the night, I had been bored so I decided to sign on to the internet under my ‘secret’ screen name to check out the chat rooms. I had created the screen name a few weeks earlier, and used it to check out the chat rooms and talk with strangers. My buddy list now contained a list of guys that I have met and cybered with several times. None of my family or friends knew about this screen name, so it was both fun and exciting to be totally anonymous.

Hmmm, which room shall I start with? I asked myself as I scrolled over the chat room listings. Finally deciding on one, I entered the chat room and tried to follow the conversations scrolling rapidly by. Almost immediately, I received several IM’s instantaneously. One by one, I checked the profiles and closed each one. I’ve decided a long time ago, that if someone doesn’t have some sort of profile, then I don’t want to talk with them. After several more IM’s and not finding any profiles, I decided to switch rooms. Again, I was bombarded with IM’s as soon as I was in the room.

Finally, a profile! He’s from New York, married, looking for a little fun. My kind of guy! I respond to his “I love your profile” with a “thanks.”

We proceed with the typical initial conversation – where you from; age; marital status; kids; etc. All the while, more IM’s popping up at me. Trying to decide on ignoring the IM’s and focusing on the current one is always a tough decision. So, I decide to ignore all others for the moment to see where this one leads.

More small talk – I like that. I like it when I feel that someone wants to get to know me, not always just a quick get down and dirty. Even if its all just part of his game, even if it’s all lies. It makes me feel good.

He tells me that his name is Paul, he’s been married since he was very young, has grown children, bored, looking for a little excitement. Wow, seems like we have a lot in common, I think to myself.

Then he asks me if I have a pic. I hesitate a moment. I do have one, but for some reason I want to hold off for a while so I tell him no. I ask him if he has one and he tells me he does and then emails it to me. Nice. Full body shot, standing, wearing shorts and a tank top, dark hair, handsome.

He then asks me to describe myself to him as I wonder if the pic is really him and if so – how recent it is.

I hesitate again. Having always felt that being honest, at least on my part is important, I proceed to describe myself to him. Tall – 5’10; long, light brown hair – down to my nipples; brown eyes; fairly good shape. I wait for his response.

“Nice” he replies. “I wish I could see.”

Of course you do, I think to myself.

After some more small talk, he asks me if I have long legs.

Being so tall, I do. “34 inch inseam” I tell him.

“Wow, I love long legs” is his response. “I love having them wrapped around me,” he tells me.

Ok, here we go, I think to myself. “And I love wrapping them,” I answer.

He then asked me about my breast size. Again, I hesitate. “Small,” I finally answer, “But more than a mouthful.”

“The best kind” is his response, “More than that is a waste.”

I love that answer! Now I’m really getting hot. He then proceeds to tell me how much he’d like to suck on my nipples, and roll his tongue around them, nibbling gently. Oh, I can feel myself getting flushed.

“Mmmmm, Id’ like that” I respond to him as I imagine the feeling of someone sucking on my nipples.

He asks me what I’m wearing.

Again being honest I tell him, “Pink t-shirt – no bra; baggy gray sweat shorts – no panties.”

Waiting for his response, I feel my nipples hardening under the thin material of my shirt. Unconsciously, my hand reaches up to pinch a nipple.

Pulling on my nipple, I read his response “I’d like to slide the leg opening of your shorts over to see your pussy.”

I can feel myself getting wet just thinking about it and tell him that. As I read his words describing what he’d like to do to me, I find my left hand reaching in the leg of my shorts and finding the hard little bud. Typing with one hand, I respond to him with words of equal power. I close my eyes for a moment as I imagine him twirling my clit between his fingers. I’m getting so wet now, my fingers pressing on my clit in circular cevizli escort motions, as I open my eyes and read how he’s sucking on my clit.

Still typing with one hand, I tell him that I am so close to cumming. I stick my index finger inside of my wet pussy as he describes inserting his finger in me. With both of my hands now working my wet pussy, he asks me if I’m still there.

“I am, go on” I reply to him.

He describes in detail how his mouth is sucking my pussy as his tongue is probing inside of me. I can feel myself cumming over the fingers that are inside of me and I tell him so.

“Cum for me,” he tells me.

As I lick my fingers, I resume typing to him. I ask him what he’s wearing.

“Jean shorts and a yellow shirt,” he replied.

I proceed to describe to him, “I’m unzipping your shorts and pulling your shaft free of its restraints. I’m holding it and sliding my hand down the length of it, my hand wet from my pussy juices. Slowly, I glide my hand up and down, from the tip to the base. With my other hand, I gently caress your balls. My mouth is getting closer and closer to the tip of your cock.”

His responses are slower now, with misspelled words. I smile and imagine that he’s stroking himself for me. With that pictured in my mind, I can feel my pussy getting wetter. I love the power of turning him on.

I continue to describe what I’m doing to him. “My lips wrap around the head of your cock to gently suckle it. I wet my lips and slowly trail kisses down to the base. My hand continues to glide up and down as I wrap my mouth around the head once again. Taking you slowly in my mouth, deeper and deeper. Slowly bringing my mouth back to the tip as I suck. With one hand still massaging your balls, the other hand sliding up and down in rhythm with my mouth. Getting faster and harder now, my mouth takes you deeper as your cock slides in and out.”

His responses are getting slower and slower now.

“Are you still with me?” I ask.

“Ooohhh, yessssss. Go on,” I see on the screen.

As I continue to describe to him what I’m doing to his cock, my clit is tingling. “Your cock is going faster and faster in my mouth, I can feel it throbbing. I can feel the tip hitting the back of my throat with each thrust. I can feel your balls tightening as I gently squeeze them.”

“Oooohhhhh aaggggggg,” he responds.

After a few moments, he says “Oh my God. I was not expecting that.”

Smiling I reply, “Did you like that?”

After another moment he responded, “I need some paper towels. I swear you made me cum.”

Hoping that it’s true, I smile. In my minds eye, I can picture him sitting at his computer with his cum covered cock in his hand. What a turn on for me. After some more small talk, I tell him it’s time for me to go.

“You were so wonderful,” he tells me.

I think about that for a moment and respond, “Well then add me to your buddy list and maybe we can do this again sometime.”

After a few more minutes of erotic talk, we say our goodbyes and I signed off, but not before adding him to my buddy list.

He made me so horny so I took off my shorts and climbed into bed. After playing with my clit for a while, I reached over and slid my hand inside of hubbys shorts. As I felt his cock come to life in my hand, he rolled towards me, pinning me to the bed.

Then he slid down the length of my body to nestle his mouth between my legs. Ooohhh, that’s what I’ve been craving. I cum instantly as he sucked on my clit and probed his tongue inside of me.

I started thrashing as he grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and buried his face into my pussy grinding and sucking.

After making me cum again, he raised himself to his knees, slid his shorts down and plunged deep within me. Thrusting in and out, deeper and faster. Feeling that he wasn’t getting deep enough, I positioned my calves on his shoulders and drove my hips to meet his thrusts.

Faster and harder until I finally felt my muscles tighten and my thighs quiver. Oh God, yesssssss. At the same time, I felt his throbbing shaft explode inside of me.

I awoke tingling with excitement. Glancing over to the other side of the bed, I realized that Ray already left for work. As I rolled out of bed, I pulled my robe on and headed to make coffee. I realized that I had been dreaming of my on line lover, smiling as I recalled every detail. Coffee in hand, I powered up my computer.

After signing on with my secret screen name, I glance at my buddy list. Not seeing any interesting names, I checked my e-mail and begin deleting all of the junk mail. With the erotic dream still on my mind, I decided to write it down and send it to my new lover. Using vivid detail, I described how I tied him up and brought us both to extreme pleasures with my body.

After sending the mail, I realized how wet and horny I was. It also made me remember about the short erotic stories I had written in the past. It’s erenköy escort been a long time since I’ve written anything, and my mind was spinning with ideas. I opened my word processor and began typing a new story.

Completely lost in thought, my mind racing and my fingers swiftly gliding over the keyboard I was startled when an IM appeared on my screen.

“I loved your dream” was merely stated.

I had forgotten that I was still on-line and it took me a moment to comprehend. Oh my! I thought to myself. My new lover. I quickly responded with a simple “Thanks”.

“Your writing is very erotic, and you have made me extremely horny,” he told me.

I smiled as I responded, “Thanks. That was the idea (lol)”

“Are you dreaming about winning the jackpot?” I suddenly heard my sister LeeAnne’s voice in my ear interrupting my thoughts.

My eyes flew open and realizing I was on the airplane I sat up, looked over at her and responded, “Yea, I guess so.”

She nudged me as she said, “Well, you had the biggest smile on your face. I was hesitant to wake you, but the pilot just announced that we are beginning our descent to Las Vegas.” She giggled and excitedly said, “We’re almost there!”

With my heart pounding, I smiled back to her and responded, “I can’t wait.”

As LeeAnne started talking to our friend Karen on her other side, I turned to face the window and began recalling my thoughts of the short nap I just had. I began thinking back to the numerous conversations Paul and I had on the internet. The erotic stories that we shared with each other. And of course, the perfectly timed phone calls that he made to me after he finally persuaded me to give him my phone number.

The sound of his voice was ringing in my ears as I could feel the excitement build in anticipation of our first meeting. I was both thrilled and tentative. Memories of our erotic conversations flooded my brain and I could feel the moistness between my legs increase.

We had talked on-line almost every day for the past 6 months, aside from the 2 weeks he spent in Hawaii with his wife. Oh, I can recall how lonely for him I was during those two weeks. I was almost positive that I would not hear from him again. But, he surprised me and sent me an e-mail on the day of his return telling me how much he missed me. I had teased him about rekindling the romance with his wife, and he said that he thought of me the whole time. Not quite believing him, I still enjoyed hearing him say it.

Over the next few months some of our conversations lasted several hours, sometimes several times a day. We talked about our jobs, our families, our past experiences and we teased each other with plans of a meeting. At first, it was just fantasy for me. After all, we were both basically happily married and I had never been unfaithful to my husband. Also, with him in New York and me in Chicago the prospect of us actually meeting seemed unlikely so I continued with the relationship, the erotic conversations.

But now, here I was on an airplane planning to meet him for the first time in Las Vegas! I was about to learn the truth. We had exchanged many pictures over the last 6 months and I was always hesitant to believe that the ones he sent me were really him. I had sent him many pictures of me in different poses and different stages of undress. I knew mine were real, I just wasn’t sure if his were. The first picture he sent me was of him fully clothed. The second one was of him lying on a raft in a pool with his swimming trunks on. But then later on, he sent me pictures of his huge erection. Some were before cumming, and one with his cum dripping all down his huge cock and down his fingers. After comparing all of the pictures, I was hesitant to believe they were of the same person. I was soon to find out.

I glanced over at my sisters LeeAnne, Beth and Sue; and our friends Karen and Amy. I smiled as I recalled how this trip had been my idea. A few months ago, my husband Ray took a ‘guy’ trip to Vegas with his brothers and friends. When he had told me about his plans, I was furious that I couldn’t go with. We’ve been to Las Vegas several times, and I absolutely loved it. After a heated argument and seeing that he wasn’t backing down I announced, “Fine! Then I will plan an all girl trip.”

Initially the suggestion had just been said at the heat of the moment, but after thinking about it I decided that I should plan an all girl trip. After all, fair is fair. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. When I told my sisters, they were all equally excited so after deciding on a date we began all of the arrangements.

Upon arriving at the airport in Las Vegas, we headed to the baggage claim area. All of us giggling with excitement like school girls, we talked about all of the fun we had planned. No one knew of my own private plans as I went along with their talk.

After splitting up and riding in two separate cabs, I sat back esenyurt escort as we headed to our hotel. I looked out the window as I thought about the conversation Paul and I had a few weeks earlier.

“I am getting so excited about the trip,” I had written to him as we chatted on line.

“I have a surprise for you,” he responded. “I was going to wait and really surprise you, but I can’t wait any more.”

“What is the surprise?” I asked eagerly.

After a few moments of hesitation he answered, “I’m going to meet you in Las Vegas!”

Stunned, I didn’t respond immediately so he asked, “Are you still there?”

“Oh my! What a surprise!” I finally answered. I sat there dumbfounded as I thought about finally meeting him. Previously, I had told him the date I was leaving and what hotel we were staying at. I had no idea that he would actually make arrangements to meet.

“Are you happy about it?” he asked.

Still in shock I replied, “To be honest, I have mixed feelings about it. I never thought that we would ever really meet, but I am excited about it.”

Over the next few weeks before the trip, we talked about it constantly. We shared our thoughts and fantasies about our first meeting. The closer the date came, the more my feelings were mixed. I was so excited about finally meeting him and exploring each others bodies. But I was also feeling the guilt. I have never physically cheated on my husband. If I went through with this, it would be the first time I was with another man in many, many years. After first meeting Paul on-line and having so many erotic conversations, my sex life had improved dramatically. Paul had made me so hot and horny, but my husband reaped all of the benefits. Even though our sex life has improved, there was still something missing that I found only with Paul.

As we checked into the hotel, the man at the counter announced, “I have an envelope for you,” as he handed it to me.

Surprised, I mumbled “Oh, thank you.” As I shoved it into my purse, I said to the girls “It’s probably just a note from Ray telling me to behave. I’ll read it later.” Everybody laughed as we headed to our rooms.

After checking out the view of the Strip from our window and unpacking, I went into the bathroom with my purse. I noticed my fingers trembling as I ripped open the envelope and a key card fell to the floor. The note simply said, ‘Here is the key to my hearts desire. Room 1752.’

“Oh my God. Can I actually go through with this?” I asked myself as I looked into the mirror. Upon inspecting my reflection, I noticed the pink flush to my face and my erect nipples poking through my thin satin blouse. I could also feel the moistness between my legs as I realized the answer to my question.

I jumped when I heard the sudden pounding on the door accompanied by “Come on Darcy, Lets go!”

After quickly stuffing the note and key card back into my purse, I took a deep breath and smiled as I opened the door. I was already trying to formulate a plan to ditch the girls for at least a few hours.

As I sat at the slot machine, I glanced at my watch. Noticing the time, I realized that we had been down in the casino for hours. I had completely lost track of time and I smiled as I decided to blame it on the many drinks I had just consumed.

Feeling quite tipsy, I made my way over to LeeAnne and said, “I’ve had enough. I’m going to head up to the room.”

Noticing the empty glasses next to her slot machine, I realized that she also was feeling pretty good as she slurred, “Do you want me to come with you?”

I shook my head and quickly said, “No. Enjoy yourself. I’ll see you in the morning.” I hurriedly walked away to the bank of elevators before she could follow.

I made a quick stop in my room to shower and change clothes. Ready to walk out the door, I took one last glance in the full-length mirror. I smiled, happy with the decision of purchasing this dress. It had spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline exposing the slight swell of my breasts. The thin black fabric revealed my erect nipples and clung to my hips before flowing into layers around my thighs. I lifted the skirt slightly to readjust the top of my stocking, then headed for the door.

The shower had sobered me a little, but I was still feeling quite tipsy as I entered the elevator and punched the 17th floor button. After the bell rang to announce the floor, the doors opened and I slowly walked off the elevator and down the hallway. Reaching my destination, I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. I hesitated outside the door a moment before sliding the key card in the slot.

I heard soft music playing as I opened the door. As I stood in the doorway, I glanced at the lit candles placed all over the room. I smiled as I looked over at the rose petals covering the king sized bed, and the bucket with a bottle of champagne next to it.

Suddenly from behind me, I felt arms encase my waist and push me into the room. I gasped as I heard the door close and that familiar New York accent in my ear, “It’s about time.”

I tried to turn to face him, but he held me tighter pressing against me and kissing the back of my neck as he said, “You’ve been driving me crazy all night.”

I reached my hand up to rest behind his neck and I pressed my ass against his obvious erection as I whispered, “You’ve been watching me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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