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I moved into a new apartment days after my slut of a wife demanded a divorce. According to her, I was a disgusting, sex-starved pervert because she found a couple of pornographic spams in my email. Little did she know I knew the truth about her. I had been having suspicions about her for awhile, and had installed some spy cameras around the house while she was visiting family a few months earlier. I hid one in our bedroom, and others throughout the house, and was quickly rewarded for my efforts. Days after she came back from her visit, I saw her in our bedroom, getting herself off while on the phone. A check of the phone records showed a call to a number in her hometown, which I was able to trace to a man she had gone to high school with.

After that, there was several more of these phone sessions, each happening during days when she knew I’d be at work late. Finally, a week before she demanded the divorce and kicked me out, I watched my ‘innocent’ wife take a strange man’s cock in her ass, twice. This coming from a woman that wouldn’t even have sex with me with the lights on, because she ‘thought sex was a dirty thing’. She never initiated sex, and always tolerated my advances reluctantly.

The only reason I moved so quietly, and held my tongue, was because my attorney advised me that presenting my evidence of her unfaithfulness would be counter-productive so early in the game. There was an alimony hearing scheduled for the near future, and we were going to reveal our evidence then. She was asking for what would be 60% of my base income as alimony, as well as the house, cars, and everything else of value we had accumulated over a decade of marriage. The judge hearing the case was known to take a very dim view of cheating spouses, and we were very confident we would walk out with pretty much everything once our proof was revealed. All I had to do was keep my nose clean until the hearing.

My new home was a small apartment over the garage of an associate of mine from work. He was officially renting it to me for a large amount of money, but in reality, rent was only a couple of hundred dollars a month. He simply cashed my large checks, deposited the majority of the money into a separate account, and kept the real amount. My attorney didn’t know about the arrangement, since I set it up as a dodge on the alimony, just in case. It came fully furnished in what I called bachelor chic. A beat up fold out sofa bed couch, shelving units made up of cinder blocks and boards, and a beat up queen sized bed. Of course, the most expensive thing in the place was the entertainment system. He used the place mainly to watch sports with the guys, so the furnishings were perfect for the needs.

My bedroom window overlooked the backyard of the house next to us, and the owner of that house had a Jacuzzi built into a deck against the wall. I had seen the tenants of the house a few times, and the woman living there was a very pretty lady. Tall, plump in the right places, dark skinned and jet black hair that cascaded down her back. A few days after moving in, I saw her as I was pulling up to the curb. She was struggling with a couple of heavy bags, and I trotted over, offering my help.

“Thank you so much, but I don’t want you to get into trouble on my account.” I must have looked like a complete fool, because I had no idea what she was talking about. She never moved, but her right hand gestured towards a van parked down the block.

“That van down the street? The black one? It’s owned by a private investigator I hired for my own divorce a couple of years ago. According to Garrett, you’re in the middle of a nasty divorce yourself, and I know this guy handles cheating spouse cases on a regular basis.”

“You’re sure of this?”

“Absolutely. He’s the reason I have this house and everything in it. Saved me from my asshole ex. Now go away, before he gets more pictures.”

I nodded, and went back to my car, stunned, but not really surprised. I knew Andi was a cold-hearted cheating bitch, but the fact that she was spending my money on a private investigator to catch me doing something she was doing herself…I almost lost it right there. The irony of the situation was just too sweet. She was in for a big surprise. Now that I knew about it, I would be even more careful about who I spoke to, and what I did.

That night, sitting in my rat hole, drinking a beer and watching TV, I was surprised by a knock on the door. I was about to get up and answer it when Garrett walked in.

“The knocking was just a courtesy. I do own the place, after all.”

He went right to the fridge, grabbed one of my beers, and plopped into the ratty, but still comfortable chair across from me.

“So Melody told me what she told you. I was as shocked as you must have been. I had no idea Andi was so vindictive…or so stupid. Well, I knew she was stupid, she did marry you, after all.”

I flipped him the bird, and he laughed.

“I’ve recruited some of my son’s friends to do a quiet drive-by and paint his van for you. They think he’s spying on us, so no worries. Besides, they’ve hit my house for the last three years with toilet paper, and gebze escort I’ve never been able to catch them. I doubt this clown could, either.”

“As much as I wish I could see it, you should call them off. I don’t want even the slightest hint of trouble with anyone.”

“They’re going to also hit several other cars in the neighborhood. The only thing is, they own all the cars they’re going to hit, except that one. Trust me, it will look like a totally random incident.”

“In that case, see if they can get pictures.”

We laughed, and shot the bullshit for a while. As Garrett finally got up to leave, after drinking most of my beer, he dropped a minor bombshell on me.

“Melody wants to have you for dinner…I mean, over for dinner once things settle down for you. She was highly impressed with you, for some odd reason. It also helps that I told her the truth about what was going on with Andi, as well.”

I just shook my head, and Garrett laughed.

“Come on, man, you know you need to get back into the saddle quickly. Melody is hot for you, and I know she hasn’t gone out with anyone since her own divorce.”

“How do you know that?”

“She’s one of Kelly’s best friends, that’s how. They talk about sex all the time. Fortunately for me, Kelly has nothing to complain about…”

“So she likes her dicks tiny?”

He flipped me the bird and left, laughing. I got up and locked the door behind him, and shut down the apartment, planning on going to bed. I had yet to turn on the light in the bedroom when I noticed a light coming from Melody’s back yard. For some reason, I quietly walked over to the window, and peeked out the blinds, wondering what she was doing outside so late in the evening. What I saw was enough to send the blood racing right into my neglected cock in a hurry.

Melody was standing next to the hot tub, stripping her clothing off. By clothing, I mean everything. Apparently, she was used to using her hot tub in the nude, and had forgotten that there was someone living in the apartment overlooking her backyard. She had already removed her blouse when I first looked out the window, and wasted little time reaching behind her to unhook her bra. Her plump tits had some sag, but were large enough that it just didn’t matter. Her belly was rounded and large, without being grossly so. She turned her back to me to remove her pants, and her heart-shaped ass was a beautiful sight. As she straddled the side of the spa to get in, I was able to see that she was totally shaven, and that she had the kind of clit that poked out sweetly.

My own cock was rock hard, and the source of some serious discomfort. I quietly undid my jeans and let them slide down, freeing my erection to the night air, and it fit into my hand naturally. I gave it a few soft strokes, feeling more than a little aroused, yet vaguely uncomfortable at the same time. I was attracted to this woman, and to stand here and watch her enjoy herself in the nude seemed inappropriate, somehow. I saw her glance in my direction, and I immediately froze, even though I knew there was no way she could see me. What she did next erased all discomfort from my mind. She smiled as she looked towards the window, and she gently caressed her left breast in her hands. I watched in shock and amazement as she lifted each of her tits to her mouth in turn, sucking on each of her nipples. As she let go, I realized that each one was pierced with small barbells.

Melody spent a lot of time on her breasts, gently suckling and kneading them, and as her hand moved underwater, my own hand went back to my cock, now throbbing for attention. I stroked myself slowly, absolutely mesmerized by this incredible sight. She lifted herself out of the hot tub, and sat on the edge, facing right at me. Her fingers did a delicate dance over her clit, and I could see just how aroused she was. My own hand was beginning to move much quicker, and as Melody fingered her sweet snatch into orgasm, I could feel my own eruption building quickly. I forced myself to stop touching myself, not wanting to come too quickly for Melody, even though she had no idea I was here. I watched as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her, and I could see her body quiver and shake as her orgasm moved though her.

She reached behind her, and I figured the show was over. To my surprise, she came up with a large dildo, which quickly found itself buried inside of her. She moved that fake cock in and out her with abandon, and I found myself stroking my cock again, without even realizing I was doing it. I could see her tempo increasing, almost in time with my own, and I quickly realized I would not be able to hold back again. I jerked my cock hard and fast, wanting to come to this incredible sight, and as Melody cried out softly with her own pleasure, I grunted heavily, and shot my load. It had been so long since my last release that my seed shot out with such force that it hit my chin as I hunched over, pounding my cock. I milked my cock dry, panting heavily with the pleasure that was running through me.

I finally managed enough self control göztepe escort to look out the window again, and saw that Melody was out of the spa, and had shut it off. She had gathered up her things, and was heading for the door. As she opened her back door, she turned and looked towards my window. To my amazement, she blew a kiss my way, and disappeared inside. I sat back on the bed, shocked. Somehow, she must have guessed I was there, and put on the show just for me. I cleaned myself up, laughing at the sight of my semen dripping off my chin. I crawled into bed, still smiling. As I fell asleep, I found myself wishing that my divorce were over already, so I could go next door, and sample what Melody had to offer for real…

Melody repeated her show a couple of times over the next few weeks, and each time, turned and blew a soft kiss at the window. I ran into her once or twice on the street, and to her credit, she never even blinked twice at seeing me. I just smiled and nodded my head, as if simply acknowledging a neighbor. I couldn’t wait for my day in court to finally come.

After three separate delays, all brought about by Andi and her attorney, the day finally came to go to court. My lawyer had warned me to keep my mouth shut, no matter what, and to let them dig a gigantic hole for themselves. I knew he knew what he talking about, especially with the ammunition we had on her. We walked into the judge’s chambers, and the pure venomous hate radiating from the woman I had married surprised me. I don’t know how I managed to alienate her so completely, but for whatever reason, the Andi I married had disappeared completely, to be replaced by this hateful replica. Her attorney wasn’t much better, using every polite name he could think of to call me a cheating piece of shit, not deserving of anything we had acquired together, and directly responsible for so much mental distress, that I would have to spend the rest of my life taking financial care of her to even begin to compensate.

I simply sat there, not saying a word, until they finished with their character assassination. When my lawyer looked at me, I nodded, and spoke for the first time.

“Your honor, if I might say a few words in my own defense? The supposed internet obsession with pornography my wife is speaking of is simply the unfortunate by-product of having an active email account. They were nothing more than spam emails, and nothing I had ever solicited. I know that there have never been any charges of any kind to credit cards to finance such an extensive collection that my wife claims I have, and I submit all of my credit card records for the last five years as proof.”

I nodded again to my attorney, and he reached into his briefcase and pulled out the portable DVD player containing the videos I had acquired from the house of Andi and her lover, as well as the phone records documenting long conversations to the same man.

“My attorney is about to show you a very graphic video, your Honor. I myself had suspicions regarding the fidelity of my spouse. Unlike Andi, however, I made sure I had incontrovertible proof of my suspicions.”

My attorney pressed play, and the next few minutes were spent watching my wife and her lover in our bed, doing things that she and her attorney had just claimed were ‘morally and personally repugnant to her’. Next, we produced the phone records of the extensive calls to her lover back home, and verified proof that the man in the video was the same as the man back home. As the judge perused these documents, her attorney was quietly tearing Andi a new one, and she was almost in tears, knowing all of her plans had been shattered into a million pieces.

“Ma’am, I have never seen such a display of intentional misleading behavior as this, in all the years I have mediated divorce proceedings. To accuse your husband of such foul things, only to have been doing exactly what you are claiming of him, is something I had never expected of you. I guess the saying is true, never judge a book by it’s cover.”

He sat back a moment, lost in thought. Suddenly, he sat up, and glared at her attorney.

“You had to have known about this, counselor. As such, you are a party to your client’s perjury, and will be brought up for sanctions as soon as I can file the formal complaint. So far as your client’s requests for alimony and property dispensation, they are not only denied, but with extreme prejudice. I hereby grant Eric Lee a full divorce, complete ownership of all items named in the property request, as well as $2500.00 per month alimony. I believe that was exactly what your client was seeking from him, after all. The punishment should fit the crime. In addition, I am remanding your client into custody for perjury and making false claims.”

He motioned to the bailiff in the corner of the room to take her into custody, and as she was led away, she let out a stream of profanity that should have melted the paint right off the wall.

“Mr. Lee, on behalf of this court, I extend a sincere apology for what might have happened. No man should be used the way you halkalı escort seem to have been. Good luck to you in your newly single life, and may your next relationship be more reasonable.”

“Thank you, your Honor, I certainly hope it will be.”

As my attorney and I walked out of the building, Andi’s lawyer came up to us.

“Mr. Lee, I had no idea this was happening. I was as blindsided by her actions as the rest of you. Please, you must believe me.”

“Actually, I do believe you. Andi has always been good at keeping secrets, even from the people that she should have trusted. I hope things work out for you with the judge. He was rather pissed, wasn’t he?”

He nodded, and my attorney offered to write a letter on my behalf to the judge, recommending leniency towards Andi’s lawyer. I agreed, and we all went our separate ways. I walked towards my little beater of a car, knowing I could go back to my home in a few days, and begin my single life again. There was just one thing I needed to do, first.

I went back to Garrett’s house, and as I pulled up, I saw Melody unloading groceries again. I jumped out of the car, and grabbed a few bags.

“Are you nuts? He’s still down there watching!”

I waved cheerfully at him, and the van quickly moved away. She looked at me in surprise, and I laughed.

“I just left court. My now ex-wife is in jail for perjuring herself in front of the judge, I have gotten everything she wanted from me back, and she’ll have to be out of my house as soon as she is released from jail. The sheriff’s department will escort her into and out of the house, making sure she takes nothing but her clothing and a few personal items, and then I go home!”

She laughed, happy for me, and then a look of sadness crossed her face briefly.

“So, you’ll be moving away in a few days. I’ll miss…”

Suddenly, she went beet red, remembering we were pretending that her nighttime shows never happened. I smiled.

“You do realize what this means, don’t you? I no longer have to hide anything I do. I can be seen with whomever I want, wherever and whenever I want, and what I want right now is to take you out to dinner so I can get to know you better.”

She smiled, a look of relief on her face. I smiled, and as I carried her groceries into the house, she laughed. As soon as I crossed the threshold of the house, she turned and looked at me with a grin.

“Let’s get those groceries put away, then we can celebrate the right way.”

I carried the bags into the kitchen, wondering what she meant, hoping she meant what I was thinking. My cock was already beginning to stiffen in response to the possibilities floating through my head, and as soon as the cold things were put away, Melody took the remaining bags away.

“Those can wait. It’s time to celebrate your freedom.”

She took my hand and led back into the living room, where she planted me on the couch, and kissed me gently on the lips.

“I have wanted to do that since the first time I met you, Eric. That, and a whole lot more.”

She turned away from me, and flipped on the stereo. Soft music filled the room, and she began to dance for me. For a bigger girl, she moved with a sureness and comfort that made her even sexier. She swung her hips softly, and her hands began to roam her plush body. Her left hand moved up underneath her large breasts, then up and over. Her right hand was sliding down her waist towards her crotch, and when she cupped her sex, I smiled. She slowly lifted her top over her head, and I saw for the first time that she had pierced her belly button with a dangling moon. Her bra was of the see-through variety, and I then saw that her nipples were also pierced. Each was shot through with a small hoop, and a matching moon dangled from the left nipple.

She danced slowly for me, moving her body to the music as her clothing came off, and my cock was throbbing in my pants, waiting to escape its cloth prison. Melody continued to dance for me, and was in the process of unfastening her slacks. She slipped them down her hips, revealing a tiny thong panty that covered only what it absolutely had to. Melody moved slowly, swaying and dancing to the music in just her bra and panties. She slipped the straps of the bra off her shoulders, and slowly moved closer to me, until she was straddling my legs, I let my hands ride slowly up the sides of her legs, and she moaned softly. She bent down, and her big breasts wasted no time spilling out of her bra, and right into my face. I immediately reached for one with my tongue, and when I made contact with her erect nipple, she moaned again.

I felt her hands fumbling with my belt, and I reached down to help her. She got it open, and moved down my body to drop to her knees between my legs. She reached inside my jeans, freeing my now hard cock, and without hesitation, took the entire 7″ length of my shaft into her mouth. Melody knew all the little tricks to making a blow job memorable, and used them all on me. I was already pumped up and excited, and it didn’t take long for me to go right over the edge. With a grunt, and a thrust of the hips, I filled her mouth with my seed, and she swallowed it all down like a trooper, smiling at the salty taste. She milked my cock dry, an licked every inch of it clean. I pulled her up to me and kissed her gently, tasting my come on her tongue. My hands roamed her plush body, squeezing and rubbing her tits, then moving down and grabbing handfuls of her plump ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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