Memoirs from a Bordello Day 02

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Thank you for the flattering comments, they have encouraged me to continue publishing my story. I know where this ends but I don’t know how long it will take me to get there. Thanks for your patience.



I spent the night in a restless semi slumber, dreaming but almost conscious, waking intermittently. Nevertheless I felt pretty refreshed in the morning, excited for what the new day would bring. I went down to the gym early to do some time on the treadmill. I was the only one around but I did bump into Jaime as I stopped in the kitchen on the way back to refill my water bottle. She was sitting at the kitchen table slouched with her feet up on a chair. I must have looked like hell, I was sweating from the workout but I still greeted her and she mumbled a response without looking up from her phone.

I shrugged her indifference off and headed for the shower. I had half a mind to wake Kelly up and take one with her, see if she liked to watch but not touch. She found me sexy I knew and I wondered if I could pull a tease off for her, soaping my body for her, without cracking up.

Afterwards, I grabbed some cereal and went to pester Kelly to see how the hell I should pass my time here. “Um pool, salon or brunch, I’m sure someone can give you a ride if you need to get out, I’m a pool girl myself.”

I agreed to join her and changed into a bikini, I needed to work on my tan compared to everyone else. We spent most of late morning and early afternoon there with girls coming and going. Mika, the Asian, spent a while with us speaking about the woes of the adult film industry. Essentially, you can get away with small boobs if you look young but once you get past a certain age or look, you need to start investing. We all chatted about the sheer time and money it took to maintain your looks. Kelly and I were lucky; we were in our early twenties so our figures needed little exercise to keep in shape. Mika too had Asian genes so was always inclined to be on the petite side, after 30 it was a full time job for exotic dancers and models.

I found it interesting talking to Mika, she made us laugh with talk of enemas and bitchy co-stars in the porn industry. It took a thick-skinned type of person to be successful, not many lasted beyond 2 or 3 years apparently.

Other girls passed through the pool area, Jaime blew past us, cold as ice. I had to admit she looked pretty hot though, fantastic long red hair and a tall statuesque body that made me jealous of the ice queen. Two Russians, all legs and cheek bones, were cordial as they did some laps. I was going to discreetly bring up the beautiful blonde I spied in the hallway the previous night when Kelly cut through my thoughts.

“Hmm, here comes Nina,” I swiveled and it was the same beautiful blonde still looking stunning, like a swimsuit model. It was hard to keep my eyes off her and I was glad to be wearing sunglasses so I could take her entire body in without feeling nervous.

“Hey sleepy head!” Kelly greeted her. She stopped in front of us, yawned and stretched, pushing her bosom out more in exhibition.

“I could have slept forever,” even her voice suggested sex to me.

“Yeah you really look like shit,” Kelly and her seemed to have a good-natured repartee, “Did you have a nice night?” She smirked and flung her towel and sunglasses onto the sun lounger next to Kelly. She leaned over Kelly, a hand on each arm rest, her breasts hanging over her to create a perfect cleavage.

“You should know, you had a front row seat,” she grinned slyly. Kelly didn’t respond, her face was frozen with a half smile, she simply seemed to be entranced with the proximity of her beauty. Finally the spell broke.

“Nina, have you met Kristy yet?” Kelly motioned in my direction not really looking away from Nina. Nina straightened and looked at me, actually she practically checked me out head to toe before extending a hand.

“No, but Zara did mention there was someone new,” she said shaking my hand smiling.

“Hi,” was all I got out. I was under the same spell.

“Time for a swim ladies,” she moved to the pool and effortlessly dove in, gliding deep along the bottom like an Olympic swimmer. She was ridiculous, like a cartoon pin-up.

“Fuck, that girl makes me so gay,” Kelly said shaking her head.

“What was that about a front row seat?” I knew what she was referring to. Kelly’s room had a clear view of the entire pool and Jacuzzi, and it sounded like I wasn’t the only one who had been interested in what Nina had been up to last night.

“No idea,” she put her sunglasses on and kept quiet about it.


I was enjoying myself. I was surrounded by attractive women, which made me feel attractive just by nature of association. They traded jokes about clients, rolled their eyes about previous jobs and made lewd quips about each other. They were very openly sexual, not shy about their preferences, lesbian or bisexual. It made me feel normal about my desires and more confident izmir escort about exploring them.

It was mid-afternoon when Zara texted me that she would meet me at a downstairs bedroom in thirty minutes. My stomach tightened with nervous excitement. I have to admit I had been looking forward to it. Zara had been my guide so far and I was hoping she would have more in store for me.

I had to rush; I needed a shower to get the chlorine and oily sun cream off me. After I dried, I picked out some clothing, a halter top that tied in the front just below my chest and a pair of jeans. I applied a bit of eye shadow and lip gloss. I looked pretty slutty in the halter top, it pushed my breasts up a bit but I didn’t care, they were my best assets so I should flaunt them for Zara. I dashed downstairs to find the room, knocking before entering.

She looked great again, another business skirt but she had shed the jacket, wearing another silk strapped top, carrying a small handbag. She kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my hands, smiling kindly.

“How has everything been going? Settling in ok?”

“Yeah it’s been fun, last night was…a little restless, maybe just nerves.” Her hand reached up to touch my cheek, this encounter instantly felt sexual. I wanted her to kiss me.

“Do you trust me Kristy?” I nodded, “Good, this afternoon is going to be about trust, I need you to turn around.” I did as she said and she took a step into me, I could feel breasts pushing into my back. “Remember you can stop at any time, you just need to ask me,” I heard her reach into her handbag and then, in front of my face her hands had produced a black silk scarf. My heart skipped a beat.

She tied it around my eyes and the world went black, just her sultry voice behind me and her hands.

“Comfortable?” she whispered, her mouth closer to my ear. Her hands were on my shoulders, stroking and rubbing.

“Yes,” I said under my breath; I was getting a little giddy with nervous excitement and I wasn’t sure where this was going. Her hands moved to my front, pulling me in as she reached to untie my top below my breasts. The top fell open and she pushed it off my shoulders; I let it fall to the ground. Her hands glided over the tops of my breasts and my bra, over my stomach to unbutton my jeans and push them down over my legs. I felt her bending down to let me step out of them, keeping a hand on my calf to guide me.

“In this job you will need to learn how to give up control, to submit to what a client may want,” She stood up and unclipped my bra, pushing it down over my shoulders and arms. My boobs fell free and my nipples hardened from the naked air on them and my rising arousal. My initial shock had subsided and now my body had betrayed my inhibitions, in my panties a hunger started to build.

I sensed her move in front of me, taking a hand in hers and then I felt silk wrap around my wrist and my stomach jumped into my throat. She took my other hand and busied herself with securing my wrists. Once satisfied, she took my bound hands, leading me, and directed me to sit on the bed. Then making me lie in the middle, she placed a pillow squarely below my head, checking I was comfortable. I could sense what was coming; she took my wrists, guided them above my head and I heard her tie something to the headboard. My pussy which had been moist, started to run and I squirmed. Zara must have noticed my reaction to this new turn of events as I heard her laugh.

I tugged on the binding and it held. I was happy about that. I felt helpless to prevent Zara from doing what she wanted to me and it was driving me wild.

“Now just relax,” her voice came from beside me. Her hand stroked my face, tracing down over my chest and breast. Her touch was electric and I gasped as I felt her palm drag over my nipple. My panties were still on and I wanted her to remove them but a knock at the door made me freeze. Blood ran to my head and I was suddenly aware of my vulnerability. Alone with Zara was one thing but the possibility of humiliation in front of someone else made heart quicken.

I felt Zara leave my side and open the door. There was no talking but the presence of someone else in the room was clear; the door closed. I had the urge to cover my breasts but I couldn’t. I heard a low chuckle and then something light hit the floor, clothing maybe. My ears strained to put a picture in my head as to what was happening. I began to hear kissing, not friendly pecks either, making out, the sound of saliva being swapped and a low playful growl. I was hit by jealous lust, I had expected Zara to kiss me and now there was someone else. Beyond that jealousy was a dark excitement though, the idea of two women kissing while I was a bound ignored object made my skin yearn for sex.

I sensed a break and then movement again closer to me. From nowhere I felt the light touch of fingers start from my wrists, down my arm to my armpits. I convulsed; it was a touch that could easily have been alsancak escort agonizingly ticklish in any other circumstance. In this instance, all my sensitive areas felt like they were wired together and the feeling radiated to my nipples and below. The touch continued down my side, avoiding where I needed it, down to my hip thigh and calf. It started on the other side, from my foot slowly all the way back to my wrist and then someone sat beside me. I could smell them and it wasn’t Zara.

A finger touched my forehead and traced my profile, running down my nose and stopping at my lips. I opened them and reached out to take it in my mouth, licking it. I had forgotten any embarrassment, I was hungry for a woman’s touch and I wanted to show it. I moaned with the finger in my mouth.

The finger was removed, and continued to run down, leaving a trace of my spit on my neck and then down a nipple, soaking the tip of it. They were almost sore with stiffness and the moisture was relief. I felt hair fall on my chest and a voice close to my ear whispered, “You’re so fucking turned on, aren’t you?”

It wasn’t Zara; in fact it didn’t recognize it. I nodded.

“I bet your pussy is really wet.”

“Uh-huh, my panties are so fucking wet,” I wanted to talk dirty this time so strong the carnal need was in me. There was a wicked laugh as she moved to my waist and slowly pulled down my underwear. I was soaking down there and my juices were beginning to run down to my ass. I suddenly recognized the smell of vagina close to my face and then the touch of silk on my mouth. She was offering my own panties to my mouth to be licked. I complied and reached my tongue out to taste my own cum. I wanted more and reached my mouth out to suck the rest of my juices off but she kept it out of reach, only allowing my outstretched tongue to sample it.

“You look like such a dirty slut, licking your own panties,” I whimpered in agreement. I didn’t care what she was saying to me, in fact it got me hotter. I wanted to be slutty.

“Close your mouth.” I did. The panties came down and smeared my lips and chin. Then she moved closer and she kissed me. It wasn’t a kiss really. She licked my mouth sloppily, wherever she had smeared my sex on my face she tried to taste it. I reached out my mouth to try to catch her tongue but she wouldn’t let me.

“Hmmmmmmm, god Kristy, you taste fucking amazing,” her voice was like treacle on my body, “No wonder why you wanted your panties in your mouth,” I was gone, no longer myself.

“Please, I want to taste you now.” I begged. Another chuckle. Her face was very close to mine. I could feel her breath as she spoke to me through quiet murmurs. Almost imperceptibly I could hear the quiet lapping noise that was unmistakably the sound of a woman fingering herself. She groaned.

“You’ve made me so fucking hot tied up like this,” Her fingers touched my lips; it was like she had dipped them in honey. I took two of them into my mouth immediately and sucked on them…hard.

“You like that don’t you?” she asked as she pulled her fingers away from my hungry mouth.

“Yes, don’t stop….” She moved, and by the way the mattress depressed and the touch on my ribs I could tell she had straddled me, just below my chest. The sound again of masturbation, fingers on sticky wetness. I felt her lean forward and then the sensation of wet soft flesh made contact with my cheek and moved to my mouth, leaving a wet path. I opened my mouth to explore the object and it was a breast; a nipple tasting of female cum. I licked it, gently and then reached to put my lips on it. The nipple was erect, but still soft, slipping between my lips. I put more of the flesh in my mouth and softly bit the nipple, flicking it with my tongue.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, suck on them Kristy. I bet you love the taste of my pussy on my tits.” I could only respond by sucking harder and groaning. She let me lick her other tit, still wet from her smothered juices. I wanted to take more of it but I had no hands to pull her closer.

She pulled back, leaving me to lust for more. Then I felt her lean back and then a hand on my vagina; I let out a cry. Her hand wasn’t teasing my clitoris; it was dipping fingers deep into my wet hole and then out. Then I felt liquid on my nipple; she was returning the favor and spreading my cum on my breasts for some much needed attention. She repeated the process for my other breast, painting it with my fluids.

“Please suck on my tits, I need it,” I arched them up, waiting for her mouth and then it came: licking lightly at first, and then hungrily; her hand moving to hold my breast in her mouth as she sucked and nibbled on my nipples. The sensation was incredible.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I almost thought I could come with her just pleasuring my boobs, her soft mouth sucking on me, her hands squeezing my tits and pinching the nipple that wasn’t in her mouth. I had been yearning for a woman’s mouth on them for too long and I was groaning with buca escort every breath.

She stopped and all I could hear was our heavy breathing. I could feel her pussy on my stomach now: damp, rubbing lightly, then her fingers returned to tease my nipples. “Mmmmm, you’re such a sexy bitch. You’ve been teasing me with your hot tits since you got here. Am I the first one here to suck on them?” I nodded. I felt her move, shuffling her knees up my sides, and leaning back resting a hand on my thigh. , I felt her ass move over my chest and I began to smell her sex, it was close to my face. I craned my neck upwards but made no contact. “Ask nicely,” I heard my tormentor order.


“Please what?”

“Please let me lick your pussy…I want…I want to feel you come on my mouth,” it came from me but it didn’t sound like me. It was pure depravity.

She inched forward and I reached up again, making contact with her dripping crotch. I explored it with my tongue, navigating the folds in the skin to pinpoint her clitoris and then began to lap hungrily. Yesterday I had wanted to tease Kelly; today I just wanted the taste all over me, my tongue going wherever I could find her cum. She was whimpering immediately with each stroke on her mound, swearing under her breath.

I felt her reposition, leaning forward to straddle my mouth, letting me apply more pressure on her slit. I wanted to see myself: a woman sitting on my face, tied to the bed. She responded to my hunger by moving her hips, rotating them around my face and covering it with her juices. My face was hot and began to sweat behind the blindfold.

“Oh God, you like that so much, you love to eat pussy don’t you? Oh fuck!” She was yelling now and grinding her crotch in tandem with my tongue. I couldn’t respond, all I could do was grunt, getting off on her building climax. I had locked on to her clit, timing my strokes with her hips, my chin pressingdeep inside her. She grabbed my hair roughly and humped.

“Oh my fucking God, I’m cumming, I’m…..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” It was a high pitched squeal, her legs tensing around my head as she hit her peak. Then she spasmed, the orgasm ripping through her in larger waves as she smeared her vagina all over my mouth, before sitting back onto my chest, her moans dying.

My face felt like a mess; I was amazed the blindfold had stayed on throughout. I licked my lips and she shifted to help me, kissing my chin and then my mouth deeply. “I love your slutty little mouth; I bet you would let anyone fuck you right now.” I would have, everything below my waste needed to be filled and sucked on. My dampness had not only trickled down to my ass, it was now clear it had left a wet patch on the bed. I had never felt so desperate, my head hurt from the blood pounding.

“God yes I need to be fucked…tell me that you will.” She kissed me and leaned in to my ear, speaking almost inaudibly.

“I will Kristy…I will lick…and finger every part of your sweet body…but first you will need to come find me.” And then her body peeled away from mine, her body heat leaving, her soft skin and contour gone. I could hear her pad away with the sound of a kiss mixed in. Zara.

I had completely forgotten she was there. What had she been doing? The door closed and then movement to sit by the bed again. Hands reached around my head to untie the blindfold. My face had been hot and sweaty behind it and it was a relief to get it off. Zara was smiling at me, my wrists were still bound by a silk tie of some type.

“You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Mmmm, it was incredible,” we were playing this game again. I had yet to climax while two women had used my mouth to orgasm. I tried my best with the sex kitten act, purring and moving my body as if it was being stroked by imaginary hands. “Who was she?”

“I think I’ll let you figure that out,” grinning.

“Are you going to finish what she started?” asking her slyly. I managed to stroke an arm with my thigh, turning my body towards her. “You could do anything you want to me.” Zara had rarely broken eye contact with me since I had been there, but I saw her glance down this time, taking in my body. It was a rare moment of weakness and I pushed my advantage.

“Did you like watching us? It would have made me so horny to watch it…I would have masturbated…” The smile from Zara’s face was fading.

“Did you touch yourself last night Kristy?”

“No…I’m waiting for you,” I realized as I said this it was true. As much as I needed a release, and wanted one from Kelly or Nina or the nameless woman who had just sat on my face, I wanted Zara with her sexual experience to do me first.

“That’s very disciplined of you,” she leaned over to kiss me softly, “I aim to test that discipline again tonight.” She reached up to untie me from the headboard; her breasts hovered above my face. She loosened the tie and I slipped my hands out of it.

“You can get dressed now…while I tell you what I would like you to do tonight.” I did as she said, putting my jeans on without my panties which were destined for my laundry bag. I felt disappointed it was over, I wanted more but when she detailed what she wanted me to do, my insides began to bunch up and the flutter of excitement returned.

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