Merna’s Story Pt. 08

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This is a continuation of the story about Merna. Really need to read story in sequence to understand it.

Rose and Merna start their life together in Merna’s house.

The next day, Sunday, I told Merna about the interaction between Jerome and Jeff. She seemed relieved, saying, “You know I was worried about him becoming violent but with Jerome and Tiny involved I now think that is unlikely.”

“I think so to.”

Rose disappeared and I decided maybe I should clean house. In few hours she reappeared with a plan to finish out the basement. It had a bathroom, an office area out looking over the back and lake, and a computer room in the dark area of the basement.

“Rose this will cost a fortune!” I exclaimed.

“Merna, unless you object we will be here a while,” she explained. “By doing this I give you a finished basement and we have a place to work without having to spend more money moving. With this we can grow the business without incurring the expense of renting space. I would rather you benefit from this money than someone else.”

“Rose, I am happy to have you here,” I explained, “so don’t worry about me. I am excited I can help. I do see the logic of your plan so go ahead. It looks like I am going to be traveling anyway, so you have the pain of construction instead of me.”

“And I am going to pay you rent.”

I decided that there was no reason to argue. Rose was a new Rose. The confidence was great to see.

Over the next few weeks the following happened, Rose settled with Jeff with a simple agreement that left Jeff with the house and a cash payment of $100k from Rose. He gave up all rights to Rose’s business and an agreement to never come close to her or named associates. She finished out my basement and had the facilities updated including separate utilities. Rose and Sherman worked all the time.

Rose and Sherman were really working well together. Rose helped him with final touches on his dissertation. According to Rose he was making big contributions to Rose’s business. Rose wanted him to come in and be part of her business. Sherman was getting firm offers contingent on receiving his PhD degree within 6 months.

Rose’s was picking up additional business from both her existing clients. She was traveling 2 or 3 days a week now while Sherman stayed behind to work on software for the client and manage the facility upgrade. They talked all the time.

During this three months, I was working at least 3 days a week and had lost all interest in Adobe. I also had gone to Dallas for a week modeling and representing Keene. It was a hectic week but went really well. I was making very good money now and making a name for myself. I was so busy I had only seen Tommie a couple of times and could see that was cooling off. We were becoming friends not lovers. Additionally, I had only seen Rose on weekends when she was not traveling.

Rose starts the next phase of her business

One a Friday night as I was fixing myself dinner, Rose and Sherman came up asking if they could join me. I said sure if you take pot luck.

“Merna, do you remember Carl from Talladega?” Rose asked.

“Well sure I do.”

“He is the founder and chairman of Peterson Investments. His name is Carl Peterson. The trading platform I started has improved dramatically with the work we, mostly Sherman, have done the last few months. We are making a lot of money with it. We are thinking that we are now in strong enough position to approach Carl with a partnership deal. Our technology married to his investment firm marketing might make a great business opportunity. Anyway, remember the last thing he said to you was come see me and bring Rose? Would do call Carl and see if he would meet with us three?”

“Want to hear something strange?” I asked. “I have a show in Atlanta next week and was thinking of calling Carl to see if he wanted to come to the show. So sure I will.”

“Also, Sherman and I have been discussing his position with Howard Technology,” Rose said. “He should have the defense of his dissertation later this month and have his doctorate soon after. I want him to come work with me for a percentage of the company. I would hate to lose him.”

Sherman was smiling at this. “Truthfully, Merna, I never thought about leaving. Doctor Howard wants me to have a percent of the business. I just like the fringe benefits.”

Rose laughed and punched Sherman on the shoulder. “It is only right that you own a part of the business. Your contribution has been invaluable.”

We go to see Carl

I called Carl on Monday morning, leaving him a message. He called back later in the day. I explained that I was doing a show in Atlanta for Keene and wanted to follow up on his invitation while at Talladega to get caught up and bring Rose. Carl was very happy I called and invited us to lunch Thursday. We agreed to lunch at the Hyatt Downtown where the show started in the afternoon. He said he would clear his calendar for Rose and me.

Toward the end of the call, he agreed to talk to mecidiyeköy eskort Rose if she would call him back on his mobile phone. I told Rose about the conversation and asked her to called Carl back immediately.

“Hello Rose, I am so happy y’all are coming to see me. I must admit I never expected to hear from you or Merna but I am happy none the less.”

“I want to be honest with you,” Rose started. “I have an agenda. Merna is doing a show in Atlanta Thursday afternoon and wanted to see you but I have a business reason for seeing you. I am the founder/owner of Howard Technology LLC. My name is Doctor Rose Howard and I think we can help you in your business. It is-“

“Stop Rose. I know your company, I just did not know that you were the founder. In fact, we have been investigating the work your company has done with one of your client. I had one of the geeks in my office explaining to me how your work might work for us. We will need non-disclosure agreements to make this useful and ours is bilateral. So if you can sign it then come prepared to open kimono.”

We both laughed until Carl said, “Well in your case you need to wear a kimono to open it.”

“Carl, thank you so much,” Rose said. “Carl, let’s separate personal from business. I will also bring my partner. He is getting his PhD in a few weeks with a specialty in artificial intelligence. His name is Sherman Monsey.”

“Look for to seeing you and Merna Thursday.”

Rose hung up, looked at me, and started jumping and squealing. I joined in as Sherman rushed upstairs to my office and said, “Is everything alright?”

We told him about the conversation and he jumped up and squealed, mocking us. Rose hit him on the shoulder calling him a ‘stinker’. They really did have a good relationship.

“We need to work on a presentation on how we can help his company,” Rose said to Sherman.

Rose and Sherman spent the next 3 days working on their presentation to Peterson Investment. They already had summary descriptions of the technology that had already been developed as well as a brief description of patents applied for and in the work. I only half understood what Rose was saying but I knew it was important. They were wired all week. Sherman stayed over Wednesday night so he could ride with us to Atlanta Thursday morning.

They were ready to go and talking a mile a minute all the way to the downtown Hyatt. Rose was dressed in her business clothes and Sherman wore a suit, which was the first time I had seen him dressed up. Really not bad looking guy. They both looked very professional and made a handsome couple. Rose and Sherman were on a different floor from me. Keene had booked the models and support personnel on one floor.

We met Carl in the lobby. He had booked a private room for the afternoon and had his CIO with him. Rose and I hugged Carl saying he was an old friend. Sherman shook hand with everyone. Carl had taken care of lunch. Most of the lunch was Carl finding out about Sherman and Rose whom I had to say was very impressive. He also told them quite a bit about Peterson Investment. I had a feeling that they already knew what he was telling them.

At the end of the lunch I said, “I need to go get ready for the show and besides I don’t have a clue what they talk about.” I asked Carl, “Are you coming to the show tonight?”

“Yes but I am afraid it is likely Sherman, Rose and our CIO will work into the night then start back tomorrow morning.”

“Cocktails and snacks are at 6pm,” I instructed. “I will not be able to meet you before the show but during the show we mix with the crowd while wearing the show clothes. Most of the people there are rich and influential people so you should know some. Here are 2 tickets if you want to bring someone.”

So I left them to their work.

My night modeling at the Hyatt

When I got to the gathering area, I found Greta.

“Hi,” I said to Greta. “I was not expecting to see you here.”

“I wanted to come but had a conflict with another project,” Greta explained. “At the last moment, the project was delayed so I caught a ride over with Bertha. She is headed to New York and flew out of Atlanta. I am hoping to stay with you tonight, if you do not have other company, and will let me ride back with you.”

“That is all good,” I said. “Really good to see you. I have a friend and guest coming named Carl Peterson. Would you find him and make sure he is treated well?”

“Sure, be glad to,” Greta agreed.

The organizer started giving instructions to the models and the support staff. We spent the afternoon rehearsing and trying on outfits. The show started at 6pm and was to finish at 9pm. There was a small platform that we used to showcase a new outfit but then we were to walk around and mingle with the potential customers. I liked this format as it gave the model a chance to meet cool people, as everyone would be a high roller.

I had 6 outfits to wear, so every 30 minutes I would change clothes. Keene had several people their and they were very zeytinburnu escort organized. It took then less than 5 minutes to have us changed and on the runway. There were 10 models, so every 3 minutes a new outfit was shown. The models varied in sizes and ages. I was the largest girl there but not the oldest that I found encouraging. There was one girl about the size of Rose. I thought Keene was smart to show this much variety.

I started the show wearing a very formal full length off white gown with stones all over. The pearl jewelry was stunning. There was a full-length mirror we used just before stepping out and I had to admit it made me look regally luscious. My broad hips showed really well with the cut of the dress. They had obviously matched outfits to models long before today. Before stepping out, we were announced, the dress was described, and then the price announced. Even with the music playing I could hear the applause. We were all to stop and make 2 turns at the end of the walkway.

I saw Carl, Greta, and a younger man sitting at a table some way from the runway, engaged in conversation. Most people were moving around trying to get close to their favorite model and outfit. As I exited, I slowly moved to the trio. They walked as close as they could get and I made my way in their direction.

“My God, you are beautiful!” Carl said. “And that dress is absolutely stunning on you.”

Greta had a really big smile said, “That is our girl.”

“This is my son, Henrik,” Carl stated. “Henrik, this is Merna.”

Carl and Henrik kissed my hand. “Good to meet you,” I said to Henrik. I guessed he was about 6 feet 2 inches, lean, handsome, and very Scandinavian looking like Carl. I would guess he was about 40 years old.

“I would know you anywhere,” Henrik said. “Dad has described you almost but you are more stunning that even Dad described.”

“Well he met me under very different circumstances.”

“She can not take too much time with any particular customer,” Greta stated. “So don’t be insulted if she only spends a few minutes here. She also cannot drink during the event. However she is free after the event at 9.”

“Then Merna and Greta, let us take you beautiful ladies for a night cap,” Carl said.

“That sounds good to me,” I said. “These things make my adrenaline flow and it takes me a couple of hours to calm down. So spending a couple hours with 2 handsome men sounds great.”

So the date was made. I had a lot of people wanting to see this dress. It seemed like I could barely move because of the crush. One of the organizers helped the girls get back to the dressing room on time and it was a good thing they did.

The next three dresses were nothing exceptional but nonetheless popular. But dress 5 was a black cocktail dress, very short, and showed a lot of cleavage. It came with really large black glass necklace and dangling earrings. The necklace sat on my ample cleavage just begging people to look. There was no bra but there were a matching pair of panties in the boy short style. I was sure anyone sitting by the stage would see the panties, which was probably the idea. I could barely get to the bottom of the steps because of all the people wanting to get close. For this round, each of the models had a revealing cocktail dress, hence an escort helped separate the crowd for each. There were people taking order throughout the hall. They were now very busy.

The girl who was Rose’s size had gone in front of me. Her cocktail dress was long sleeve layered white chiffon that started with a high collar at the neck and flared to just below the crotch. The panties were similar to mine but white. There was no back to the dress between the collar and the top of the panties. You could just see the start of the butt crack. I thought it was really sexy. Carl and Henrik were trying to get to me.

When they got to me Carl asked, “How you do like this outfit?”

“I think it is very sexy. What do you think?”

“I think you are very sexy,” said Henrik.

“Do you think Rose would like to have the dress of the girl in front of you?” Carl asked.

“Rose would look terrific in that dress,” I said. “Are you thinking about buying it for Rose?”

“We are thinking of buying the one you are wearing for you and that one for Rose,” Carl answered.

“Please don’t buy me anything,” I started. “They usually give us one at each show. But I think Rose would like that you thought of her. She would look great in it and has nothing like it.”

“Are you sure we can not get you anything?” Carl pleaded.

“No, just a drink.”

My escort struggled to get me to the changing area this round. Each of the models for the last round was wearing lingerie. Mine was a red leather bustier that pushed my amble bosoms to my neck. It did cover the areola but not much more than that. The panties were also red leather that had garter straps front and back. They were modest but did show off the cease between my butt cheeks and legs. The stockings were fishnets. This time sultangazi escort the custom jewelry was red glass. My reddish hair with this outfit was allowed to flow free.

This time I was mobbed. The escort struggled to get me through the crowd. We were again allowed 30 minutes to mingle. When I got back to the dressing area, it was like a mad house. Greta was there and helped me undress and get into my clothes. I had worn a pair of designer jeans and rind stone studded knit top.

Carl and Henrik had waited for Greta and I at their table. “Would you like to go to the penthouse suite for that drink or try the bar?”

I looked at Greta and we both agreed, “Penthouse.”

The penthouse suite was huge. It had a fully stocked bar, a large living room, two bedrooms with baths, and a balcony that looked out over downtown. It was on the 33rd floor. It was a lovely night so we took our drinks to the balcony. There were two small couches. Henrik and I sat in one while Carl and Greta in the other. Greta was not pretty but she still could attach a man, especially one 15 years older than herself. As I described earlier she was tall and lean much like Carl.

We settled in for drinks and conversation. Most of the talk was about the show. Greta indicated it was a big success. Carl and Henrik would not stop complementing me on how beautiful I looked in the first white dress and sexy in the cocktail dress and the bustier.

“Ok you guys you need to give it a rest,” Greta said smiling. “She is going to be impossible to live with if you keep this up.”

I went in to get my second glass of wine and decided to spice things up a little. I stripped to my bra and panties and went back out to sit by Henrik. “Thought I would get comfortable. Hope no one minds.”

“Not at all as long as we can join you,” Carl said looking at Greta.

Greta got up and took off her dress only she was wearing a very small bra and no panties. “Hope you don’t mind me getting very comfortable. I didn’t want panty lines.”

Carl and Henrik stripped to their boxer shorts. The conversation started getting very personal then each asking questions about our lives and the things we liked and did. It came out that both Greta and I were exhibitionists. Greta told them about the Bound Gym and its policy. She did keep our shower tryst to herself.

I was getting so turned on, as I knew they were also. “Anyone want another drink?” I asked. “I am having my last glass of wine.”

They all did, so Greta came in to help me. As we headed back I removed my bra and panties. When Greta saw that she removed her bra. So I served Henrik as Greta served Carl naked. The guys got the hint and they also removed their boxers. They both had long lean bodies from top to bottom. Their dicks were also long, lean and hard by now. Their hair was very light in color even the pubic hair. The talk was at an end; I sipped my wine while playing with Henrik’s hard penis. Greta was doing the same. Henrik was toying with my tits while sipping his vodka tonic. They both drank the same drink.

It then got serious as we all sat aside our drinks. Henrik knelt in front of me and spread my legs. He came down on me with a passion. I was very wet now. The shows where I show a little skin makes me wet anyway but talking to these intelligent successful men really spurred me on. He felt so good down there manipulating my slit and clit. Carl was doing almost a mirror image to Greta. I was beginning to have small tremors. I was ready now.

“Henrik, please stick that beautiful penis in my wet hole,” I said loudly enough for Greta and Carl to hear. Henrik obliged. I wrapped my legs around his middle as he knelt on a cushion from the couch. He was playing with my nipples while pumping me like a piston in an engine. I looked over and Carl was doing the same to Greta. She was clearly enjoying being screwed by this very successful nice looking old gent. I reached up and pinched his nipples as he did mine. I was having some very nice orgasms. Henrik let go a loud guttural sound as he ejaculated in my pussy. We finished and watched Carl finishing Greta. Her head was thrown back and making some strange sounds. Carl let his load go inside Greta. She reached out and hugged Carl to her.

“That was great, Carl,” Greta said.

“I certainly enjoyed it,” Carl said.

“So did we!” Henrik and I said.

“Let me go get a towel,” Carl said as he hopped up and went inside.

“I am getting cold,” I started, “and not ready to call it a night. Mind if we go inside.”

“Yea, let’s go in,” Greta said. The three us went in as Carl was coming out of the bath with a couple of towels. He was wiping himself, and then handed a towel to Greta and I. I spread it on a big chair and sat on it. I did not want to be clean. I folded my legs under me. Greta did the same with her towel except on the couch with Carl. Henrik had to go to the bathroom.

I sipped on my wine trying to decide how to end the evening. We were all talking at once about what a good day it had been. Henrik came out of the bath and sat on the arm of the chair. Greta had started back almost without knowing it rubbing on Carl’s penis. I knew Henrik would be hard in a few minutes but I was not so sure about Carl. I wanted to screw again before I left.

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