Mistletoe Charm

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Buzzed and happy; not a bad way to spend some near Christmas holidays with friends who felt like family. I had enjoyed myself without causing any awkward or embarrassing moments. Something I’d call a win. Playing pool and cards was a great way to pass the time and I wasn’t ready to call it a night. With everyone else on their way to bed, I decided to tidy up. Who knew how any of us would feel in the morning?

Smiling to myself, I continued to clean up the random items lying around the basement, our party central headquarters. Darla had been nearly asleep on her feet. Her friends and family had counted nearly 25 heads here. Most everyone else had left around 230am leaving me with my much older yet good friend Darla, her husband Morgan, her eldest son Eddie, and a friend of his, Terry. We continued the party, played more cards, bantered and enjoyed ourselves. It had to be nearly 4am. When was the last time I was up this late?

Smiling to myself I wandered towards the bathroom. The bag I’d been filling was nearly full and nature was calling. After my business had been dealt with, I found another bag under the counter and came back into the games room to find Eddie picking up cans. “Hey you, I thought I was the last one awake.”

Looking over his shoulder at me, Eddie was a fine sight to see. 6’2″, blonde, blue eyes and athletic, he had grown into an exceptional young man. Though come to think of it, he only a few years younger than I. He was a far cry from the little boy I used to babysit for Darla. He smirked as he turned back to his task. “Figured I should check on you Midget, make sure you didn’t pass out down here.”

“Ha ha. That was one time and forever ago Gigantor.” Some casual banter later, the games room was fairly clean. “I think that’s it.” I smiled at him. “Thanks for the help, but you know I’m taking all the credit right?”

Standing across the pool table from me, I had to squint through the pool lights to see the striking jawline. Mentally shaking my head, I couldn’t believe this guy didn’t have a steady girl. “May as well, I wasn’t going to clean up til you had started.” Taking the game score sheet, he balled it up and made a big show of shooting it towards the garbage can in the corner; and missing spectacularly.

“Well I guess you’re warming the bench now.” We both chuckled as I walked over to pick it up. I heard him come up behind me. “I got it.” Standing I tossed the paper ball in the basket and turned to face him. “What’s with the smirk Eddie?”

This huge grin had appeared on his face as he looked down at my 5’4″ height. “Worked like a charm Robyn. Do you really think I’d miss a shot that easy?” Pointing up, my gaze followed to the sprig of mistletoe I had completely forgotten about.

My mouth went dry as I looked back at this very attractive younger man. His grin faded to a small smile, as his hand came up and cupped the side of my face. The heat from his hand felt cool to the blush spreading across my face. At the simple touch, I found it difficult to breathe. My lungs didn’t want to cooperate and my heart was pounding in my chest with anticipation. Eddie was moving so slowly, my breath hitched as I managed one more intake before his lips touched mine.

My body became conscious of everywhere his skin touched mine. From his hand on my neck to the exquisite taste of his mouth on mine. Our tongues mingled and he bit my bottom lip. This delicate space between our bodies felt electric and at the small bite, my body formed to his. My hands dug into his shirt at his hips. I heard a small moan and realized it had come from me. His other hand now rested on my rib cage and I felt his arousal growing against my belly. Feeling my own dampness between my legs, I tuzla escort pushed deeper into the kiss, my body’s desires urging me to feed upon this man. Until I had to come up for air anyways.

Pulling away to draw a breath, our bodies were still pressed into each other. Looking up at him, my only thought was that he was breathing heavily too. Without conscious thought, I drew him down into another kiss. I stood on my tiptoes to taste his tongue and nibble his lower lip. I heard him groan just before he pushed me back into the wall. Pinned, I felt his hands begin to roam my upper body. Cupping the sides of my breasts through my shirt, he drew shivers from my body. My hands pulled at his shirt, lifting it free of his pants to touch his skin. My fingers ran over the contours of muscle as I gripped his waistband to pull him closer.

Feasting on each other, my thoughts swirled between ‘Is this actually happening?’ to ‘What the hell am I doing?!’ and spliced often with ‘Oh my god!’ My fingers dug into his side, wanting him closer as I devoured his mouth. Happily giving into my body’s desires, I stood on my left leg still pinned against the wall. I raised my right leg to wrap around his lower body, drawing him into my centre of heat. His hands were under my shirt, running up and down my back, sparking electricity through my body. My bra came undone as I was attacking his shirts buttons, wanting his skin on mine.

Eddie lifted the edge of my shirt, drawing more noises of pleasure from my lips as he grazed my hips and lower back. Lifting my shirt to pull it over my head interrupted my hands momentarily. Dropping his shirt to the floor, he pulled my bra down to feast at my nipples. A small cry forced itself past my lips as I pulled his head closer, reveling in the pleasure his touch brought. As he made love to my breasts, I felt the familiar surge of warmth and a pulsating pressure between my legs. “Oh my god…” The orgasm washed over me, surged through my system to leave me helpless and trembling in his arms.

Eddie was relentless. He began to nuzzle at my neck and nibble, driving me crazy. He bit my neck, strong pressure behind his teeth without breaking skin, and my legs gave up supporting me. Unstoppable, he lifted me and walked to the couch. While kissing me, he lowered me to the sofa cushions. Hands roaming as soon as they were free found his hand under my skirt and playing with my wet panties. Pressing against the fabric, he brought cries of pleasure from my lips. “You like that?” I grabbed the back of his head to keep his lips on mine to muffle my moans of encouragement. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered into my mouth.

His fingers slipped my panties off to slide inside my warmth. Each stroke made me quiver, forcing me to acknowledge my body was his for the taking. “Cum for me Robyn,” he commanded. My eyes held his as he rocked me into orgasm oblivion. I could feel my juices sliding down my backside. “Good girl.” He murmured. I felt blind from the waves of pleasure rampantly running through me.

I heard a throaty chuckle as he continued to feast upon my body, drinking me in like a desert wanderer. Concentrating on my breath, on slowing it down, I watched the young man devour me. I wanted him ten ways to Sunday. How had this happened? Felt like that was a question for later.

Raising his head to look at me, I moved in to kiss him again. On his knees he was much more accessible to my desires. My hands roamed over his body to fumble at his pants. I wanted that cock in my mouth. I wanted to make this man shake with pleasure tremors like I was. He helped me release his pants and we both pushed his pants and underwear down. His ucuz escort cock leapt free, unrestrained and wonderfully hard.

As I took his cock in my hands, I felt a quiver tumble through his body. Smiling against his mouth I ordered, “Your turn on the couch.” We quickly traded places and as I knelt before him, I licked the tip, tasting precum already. At a small moan I looked up to see him watching me avidly, mouth open with longing. I flicked my tongue out to glide against one side and down the other. His head fell back into the couch cushions. As I took his head into my mouth, he made the noises of desire I’d wanted to instill. Pulling back, I gained more saliva to moisten more of his cock as I went back down. He was a solid eight inches of cock that I wanted to conquer. Feeling my tongue wrap around him, I felt my own arousal swelling. Taking him deeper with every motion, I was enjoying how his hands were grasping the couch edge, his eyes slack and unfocused in desire. His legs were beginning to tremble in response to my attentions.

My tongue played with his shaft, flicking from side to side and brushing up the underside while my hands fondled his balls. I drew lines on the deep base of his shaft with my fingers, circling his manhood. His musk was surprisingly pleasant as I savored his delectable cock. Bouncing the head against the back of my throat, I felt myself become anxious to ride him to fulfillment. I craved to taste his cum first though.

I made sure to watch his reactions as I tested my teeth gently against his shaft. With gentle nibbles I elicited excited groans and refrains of “Yes, that feels amazing.” And “Oh my god, don’t stop.” I began to apply some more pressure on his shaft with my teeth, enjoying his meat in my mouth. I heard the change in his breath as I started to slide my mouth faster up and down his shaft, using my hands to clasp harder at his base to pull up. Picking up the rhythm, he began to thrust up into my mouth, the head of his cock nearly entering my throat. Then with an urgent whisper warning me of what was going to happen, I felt him empty himself into my mouth. I continued to suck on his member as he came, milking more semen out of him and extending his moment. Lapping lightly, I cleaned each drop off his shaft as I swallowed the load, eager for more.

I felt him shudder; it was drifting throughout his body as I ran my fingers around his groin. “Not done already I hope.” I smiled mischievously, biting my bottom lip. I lowered my head to flick the tip lightly with my tongue.

Lunging up, he grabbed both my hands and forced me up and away from the cock I still wanted buried inside me. “You have to give me a moment to recharge. Seeing you in that skirt, and flirting with Terry, I’ve wanted you all night. You’re not getting off the hook that easy.”

“Oh, easy is it?” Eyebrow raised, I kept eye contact as I brushed my bare breasts against his inner thighs. “Were you jealous?” His arousal having never fully left, his cock twitched from my touch and he pulled me onto his lap.

Kissing was a lot easier this way, and the way my skirt was bunched up around my hips, my crotch ground against his cock. My juices lubed his cock and I began to cry into his mouth involuntarily from the desire spreading through me, wanton for more.

His hands explored my back, my thighs, my ribs and my breasts. I broke the kiss for a breath and he took advantage of the opportunity to bend me back and ravage my chest. His mouth on my nipple made me grind against his cock from the awkward angle, wanting him deep. He was hard enough for it now and I was going to have it. I pushed him back to reach between us to position ümraniye escort him properly between my legs. “Wait, a condom, in my pants.”

I paused with his cock resting at my entrance, so close and yet so far. “I’m on birth control but if you want the condom-” He pushed himself deep inside me with a primal grunt of satisfaction. I moaned in his ear, reveling in the feel of him deep inside me. I began to move, grinding from side to side as I rode his cock, drawing him deeper into my centre. He held me close, his hands on my hips pulling me onto his cock every time I raised up. I felt yet another orgasm rising up to hit me like a tidal wave, leaving my inner walls pulsating around his shaft.

“You’re so tight Robyn, you feel so fucking good.” His lips found my neck and my hands gripped his shoulders as he bit down, drawing out yet another prolonged tremor of desire from my body. I felt like I should be liquefied, but all I wanted was more. I couldn’t get enough of the pleasure he was giving me. I felt insatiable, with an endless well of liquid gratification dripping all over his cock with each stroke.

Eddie moved, wrapping an arm around my waist and flipping our positions. Burying me into the couch, he began to pound our bodies together with a newfound determination. I continued a near constant refrain of urgent whispers of ‘yes’, ‘harder’, ‘like that’, ‘oh god yes’. The pleasure was insistent and overwhelming each of my senses. With each plunge that crest of pleasure rose higher and I would cry out louder. Attempting to stay quiet, I muffled myself with my wrist in my mouth. Moaning around my own flesh I fell into an abyss of pleasure, eyes rolling back as he took primal possession of my body. Biting down on my wrist I quietly screamed as I came, soaking the leather couch beneath me, and suctioning onto his cock deep inside me.

“Fuck Robyn, I’m not gonna last.” Sweat was glistening us both. My legs held him close, hips raising in time with his thrusts. My hands delved around his shoulders to pull his face closer to mine.

“Cum for me Eddie.” I whispered into his mouth. We kissed, the mingling of tongues as deep as he was inside me. With a new sense of urgency, he sat up to drive into me from a new angle. Helpless under his onslaught, I watched him pound our bodies into one. Seeing the penetrating motions became an intangible carnal ride in itself. I felt his body tense, his rhythm falter, and with a further few thrusts he gave himself to me. His eyes on mine, I felt his warm seed enter me, and it brought me to the edge and over again. In that way we continued the trembling trade of being so sensitive and still bringing the other to that edge for a few moments more.

As he pulled out, I drew him to me and we held each other close. He tried to get up once with a “I don’t want to crush you.”

“I’m not fragile Eddie. Stay here a moment.” My hand was running over the back of his head, playing with the fine hairs there. Feeling his weight on me was calming. I could go to sleep, if I wasn’t so sticky. I wanted this moment to last, to enjoy to afterglow of such an intense session of lovemaking. My body felt incredible, used and sated.

His arms pushed him up. “Ok, you keep doing that I’m going to fall asleep on you.” He smiled groggily at me, leaned in close and bit my bottom lip. “You’re too amazing to crush.” Raising himself from the couch, he peeled his body slowly off mine.

“I believe I need a shower before I try to sleep in a clean bed.” I winced as the stickiness from our lovemaking pulled at me as I rose. “And this couch needs a definite wipe down.” We both snickered quietly, our hands still entwined. He raised my hand to kiss my fingers platonically.

“Shower then. Shall we conserve water?”

“I know about me, but will you behave?”

Raising his free hand, “Scouts honor.”

We stood and I pushed the remnants of my exceptionally damp skirt to the floor. “After you.” Still holding my hand, he led the way to the shower. My eyes enjoying the remarkable view of his ass the whole way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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