Mom’s Neighborhood Studs Ch. 1

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Every neighborhood has that one mom who’s always looking out for the kids. The one who’d help with the lemonade stand or bake cookies for everybody. That mom was me: The Neighborhood Mom. I looked out after my son and his friends throughout their youth. The other kids always knew they could play at our house and I’d look after them.

Even now that they’re older, the guys can always count on me, although a bit differently. Instead of helping the boys build a lemonade stand on the sidewalk, now I can be found in my bedroom, naked, frantically sucking their young cocks or riding them to orgasm. I even take their big peckers up my ass. Years later, the boys in the neighborhood can always count on “Mom” to allow them into my house to have fun. I taught the guys everything; how to please a woman with their fingers, tongues, cocks. I gave them their first pussy, and their first anal blast. I became their first piece of ass, and damn it, I’m proud of it!

Sometimes I take on two or three at a time, indulging in the wicked pleasures of double and even triple penetration, as those big, young cocks fuck all my hot holes. I later initiated younger siblings and cousins into the joys of sex. I truly enjoy stripping a handsome young man, and lying him down on my bed; taking his large erection in my hand and then placing it in my mouth; sucking his cock and putting him in ecstasy until his cream flows down my throat.

It all began two years ago when two of my son’s friends, Mark and Steve, dropped by to see him while he was out playing golf with his dad. I was home alone, just relaxing. It was a warm day and I was wearing a pair of skimpy cut-offs along with a tight tee shirt, accentuating my large breasts. I’m considered attractive, with my long brown hair and blue eyes. Everyone says I’m a Jane Seymour look-alike. Although alone, I let the guys in and got them something cold to drink. They were a little surprised to see me in that attire, and I caught them looking at each other, their eyes saying “damn!” I liked their attention. We sat and talked for awhile, and with miles of my shapely legs exposed, not to mention my ample breasts in that tight shirt, those young men were eyeing me with lust! They were only wearing shorts themselves and were showing their approval by trying to conceal their fast-growing erections.

It was then that I realized that these two were no longer kids building a lemonade stand but young men now emphasizing their manhood. I could have escorted them out the door, but as a sexually unsatisfied Bahçeşehir Escort wife, whose husband some would call a pencil dick, I had just found my salvation. I decided to go for it.

“Do you boys think I’m hot?” I asked. They were shocked by the question, and they began laughing nervously.

“Well?” I asked.

“Yeah, kind of.” Mark replied.

“What do you mean ‘Kind of’? What’s that supposed to mean?” Realizing I was going to have to take charge, I then removed my top and their eyes bulged along with a couple other things. Looking in their eyes, licking my lips, I then began playing with my large breasts, kneading them, pinching my now very erect nipples. Both boys were nervous, breathing heavily, but unable to take their eyes off of me.

“Do you guys like my breasts?” I asked. They managed to say yes in-between nervous giggles. “There’s a lot more to me you know.”

Before their disbelieving eyes, I then stood up, unzipped my shorts, and let them fall to my feet, giving those two handsome guys their first look at a naked woman. Their mouths fell wide open and did I detect heavy breathing?

I stood in front of them and started playing with my now very wet pussy lips.

“Mmmm, yeah,” I moaned as I masturbated for them. With them staring at my cunt, I looked at their crotches and saw two huge wet spots. Only a sexually-starved, thirty-eight year-old woman like me could truly appreciate what kind of compliment it was to have those two young men, and their cocks, leaking pre-cum in their shorts!

I then turned around to show them my ass and wiggled my asscheeks in their now excited faces.

“Do you guys like my ass?” I asked. Swallowing hard they said “Yeah!”

Lowering my now husky voice I added “Then you’ll really like this,” and slowly pried my asscheeks apart to give them a peak at my puckered brown hole. They were drooling!

Sitting back down on my chair I asked them to return the favor.

“Come on,” I said playfully, parting my legs to give their wide-open eyes another look at my wet pussy as I once again began playing with my clit. “Show me yours, too.”

Nervously they stood up. They looked at each other as if to say “Man, I can’t believe we’re gonna do this!” Then they placed their fingers by their waistbands to remove their shorts. Darker skinned Mark went first, pulling down his shorts over his strong, young legs. “Wow!” I said as his ample-sized, thick cock stuck out proudly. Then the shorter, fair-skinned Steve lowered his own shorts and Beylikdüzü Escort out sprang his own young manhood; not as thick as Mark’s but good enough for me!

“Have you boys ever been with a woman before?” I asked. Embarrassed, they said no. Looking at their hard cocks, jutting out so proudly, (and so much bigger than my own husband’s!) I licked my lips and said “Oh, am I going to enjoy this. And so will you!”

Within seconds I was on my knees in front of them. I took each cock in hand and began sucking them. I alternated back and forth, spending a few moments on one stiff cock before turning my attention to the other. Both guys were groaning as I sucked one cock while fondling the other. I quickened my pace and their breathing became labored, their groans louder. “Almost there,” I thought.

With Mark’s hefty prick halfway down my throat, his knees grew wobbly as he held onto my head. Sensing his soon-to-be orgasm, I frantically sucked and fisted his cock.

“Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Mark cried as he began shooting his sperm down my throat. There was so much I couldn’t swallow him all. With some of his cum on my lips and chin, I turned to Steve to finish him off as well, and was rewarded with an even bigger load. Both guys collapsed on the couch to catch their breath, but I was just gettin’ started!

We then spent the next two hours in my bed where I taught them to eat pussy, and took each cock up my cunt making men out of them. I was so proud of myself! They were both a bit clumsy, but what they lacked in technique they more than made up for in enthusiasm.

After we rested a bit, their erections came roaring back. As we lounged in my big bed, I started stroking both their hard cocks. I then began sucking: first Steve, then Mark, then Steve, then Mark. I love sucking cock!

I slobbered my way all over those tools, leaving a trail of saliva running down to the base of their shafts.

“Mmmm, so big,” I moaned around their cocks. “So thick. So hard.” I even sucked their balls! They were in heaven. Taking Mark’s cock out of my mouth, I asked “You boys want to try something else?”

“What?” they said in unison. Reaching for the night stand, I pulled open the drawer and took out some anal lube. On the bed on all fours, with my ass waving in their faces, I turned back to them and said “I have another hole, you know.”

Nervous no more, both Mark and Steve were grinning from ear to ear, in anticipation of fucking me in the ass. Now these were my kind of men! Since I had let Steve fuck me first I only thought it right to let Mark have first crack at my ass. After slicking up his thick cock, I got on all fours and away he went, pushing himself in slowly at first, tentatively, as I guided him, until his cock was sliding in and out, fucking my grateful asshole. He held my hips and began thrusting harder and faster as I cried out to him to fuck my ass good. Mark then yelled that he was going to cum and started shooting his spunk deep up my bowels. Then it was Steve’s turn. He needed no preparation as Mark lubed me real good. I loved taking their cocks up both my holes and after we finished our first fuck session, I was more satisfied than I’d been in years.

Prior to sending the guys on their way, before my husband and son got home, I offered to be their teacher and to give them all the woman they could handle, if they’d be my willing pupils. Of course they said yes, and at last I had the lovers to satisfy my needs; two, well-hung, virile young men, for one hot-ass slut! What could be better?

About once a week the guys come over when neither my son or husband is at home. Sometimes we have less than an hour, but often, when my son and his dad play golf on Saturdays, I fuck with my friends for hours. Their youthful virility keeps them perpetually hard and I can never get enough. Now, far more experienced like the pros they are, they fuck me black and blue, pounding my pussy into submission, causing me to cry out in wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, only to prop me up on all fours to have a go at my ass. I’m pretty sensitive to anal, so their cocks are always welcome in my backdoor. One time they took turns fucking my ass for so long I thought I’d end up shitting pricks! I was so goddamned sore afterwards, I needed a very long, warm bath, but it was worth it. They always leave me totally sated.

No one in the neighborhood has ever caught on to my antics. The boys have always been around our house and the neighbors have never thought twice about it. Even after a round of golf, my husband’s always too tired to notice why his wife was stepping out of that nice, warm bath; because she, too, was exhausted and sore after being royally fucked in her cunt and ass all day. He’s never suspected that there is actually a good reason why on Saturdays I always change the sheets. Our sex life is infrequent anyway, so I give him what he needs every now and then, and then he rolls over and goes to sleep. I’ve got him believing that I don’t even like sex anymore! Even my son hasn’t a clue. He’d never guess that the guys in the neighborhood would rather play with me than him. If he only knew that sometimes I fuck his friends in his own bed!

To Be Continued…

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