More than a One Night Stand

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Rachel was out celebrating her new promotion with friends, when she saw him walk in the bar. She nudged her best friend and said. “Oh my God! Look at what just walked in.”

Lori looked at Rachel saying, “He’s got the body of a God.”

Rachel laughed and said, “I haven’t gotten to that part yet, I’m still stuck on his eyes and smile. Do you think he’s a dentist? Look at those teeth…they are so white and perfect.”

“Oh for Jesus’ sakes, only you would go for the eyes and smile, before you undressed him with your eyes. Hurry up and get to that part. If you think his smile’s is perfect; his cock is much better,” Lori said.

Standing in the entrance of the door paying his cover charge, in faded blue jeans that hugged all the right areas, and an orange polo that showed off his biceps was the subject of their discussion. Rachel enjoyed the opportunity to look him up and down.

The waitress came around, bringing another round of drinks. Rachel turned to Lori and said, “You know I’m already past my 4 limit.”

“I didn’t order these,” Lori said.

They both turned, looking at the waitress and asked who bought this round. “The gentleman sitting at the bar.” She replied.

Everyone at the table looked at Rachel and said, “Go up there and thank him for us. You’re the only one not married in this bunch.”

“I am too married,” Rachel replied.

Lori laughed and explained how being married to work is not the same thing.

Rachel was nervous about going up and thanking him for the drinks. She was never the type of girl to pick up men at bars. She looked at her table of friends and decided it was best not to argue with them, knowing they would win anyway.

Picking up her drink, Rachel made her way to the bar, sliding up to the bar stool occupied by generous stranger.

“Are you the nice guy that’s looking to get a group of women drunk?” She asked, looking at his face. She found herself staring at the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. Laughing he said, “If one round of drinks is going to get you drunk, then you’re my kind of woman.”

She laughed as she extended her hand saying, “Hi my name is Rachel.” Taking her soft hand in his large one, he said ‘Hi Rachel, I’m Kevin.” He offered her a seat next to him at the bar. Accepting, she sat down and they immediately started talking like old friends.

A few hours and a few more rounds had passed when the bartender came over and set a round of drinks in front of them. “These are from the ladies at the table over there,” he said as he started to walk away.

“Hold these in the cooler, we’re just going out to the dance floor,” requested Kevin. The DJ was just starting a set of slow songs when he grabbed her hand and pulled her off her bar stool. “Come on! Let’s give your friends something to talk about,” Kevin said with a laugh.

Once in the middle of the dance floor, he pulled her close. .Looking down at her, he whispered, “They have not taken their eyes off us since you sat down next to me.” Rachel laughed and asked, “Is that why I feel like I have 10 sets of eyes on the burning a hole in my head?”

He tucked her hair back behind her ear and whispered, “I think that’s exactly why. You’ve definitely kept the attention of many people in here this evening.” Rubbing his crotch against her, he said “I think I’ve hit the lottery tonight. I noticed you the minute I walked in the door, and want nothing but you.”

Squeezing his ass as she looked into his eyes, Rachel said, “Tonight baby I’m yours. When can we leave?”

As tesettürlü escort the song was coming to an end, he pushed his cock up tight against her and said, “I’m ready as soon as this song is over.”

She smiled at him and moaned softly, whispering, “You feel so nice I have to keep my hands in your back pockets, or I might just slide them in your front pockets.”

He sighed and said “Woman do you have any idea on how fast you can turn a man on?” “No, that I’m not aware of, but one thing I am very aware of is how you’ve made me very horny. Let me grab my purse and tell the girls I’m leaving.”

As the music stopped, Kevin held her tight, leaned down and kissed her. Breaking away she said, “It’s time we get the fuck out of here.” She grabbed his hand, pulling him off the dance floor and over to the table where she had been sitting with her friends a few hours before.

“I think we’re going to leave. Kevin said he’d drive me home tonight. You girls be careful going home.” Picking up her purse, looking at Kevin, she asked, “Are you ready?” Smiling he replied, “Yes, I’m ready if you are.” Returning his smile, Rachel said, “Let’s go.”

When they were outside, he pulled her to the side, pushed her up against the wall, leaned his body up against her and kissed her. Kevin moaned, “I’m so fucking horny woman. I’m not sure if I’ll make it home before I need to have you undressed.”

She sighed, “Yes, I feel the same way.” She grabbed his cock through his jeans, squeezing it. “I need this soon,” she moaned.

He groaned, “Come on baby, let’s hurry!”

Reaching the car, Kevin unlocked her side and opened the door. Rachel slid in, reached over and opened his side. After sliding in the driver’s seat, he looked at her and said, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Rachel looked him in the eye and said, “Are you changing your mind already?”

Looking her directly in the eyes, he said, “You’ve felt how hard my cock is, do you really think I’m changing my mind?”

Rachel looked at him as she grabbed his hand sliding it under her mini skirt and whispered, “Does that feel like I’m changing my mind?”

Kevin’s eyes went wide and he said, “Fuck! Are you sure we want to go to my place? I’m about 15 miles away.

“My place is about 30,” Rachel said.

Kevin moaned, “I’ll drive fast.”

Starting the car and backing out of the parking stall, Kevin said, “Just 15 minutes honey, and we’ll be at my place.”

Rachel slid her hand up his thigh and rested it on the huge bulge under his waistband. Kevin placed his hand on top of hers and pushed down.

“Oh God! I’m so fucking horny the thought of sliding my cock in your wet pussy makes it drip,” He moaned.

Rachel moaned and asked was his cock really dripping.

“MMM,” he replied as they drove out of town.

Once in the bright city lights were behind them, Rachel reached to his waistband, unbuttoned his jeans, found the pull of his zipper and slid it down. Grabbing the waistband of his underwear, she pulled them down exposing the head of his cock. Swirling her finger around the head she moaned, “Oh baby! Your cock really is dripping.” She lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them. Grasping his cock with her left hand, she stroked it. Looking at him she moaned, asking, “How much longer honey?”

“Almost there.” He moaned.

Stroking on his cock as she leaned over, she flicked the head with her tongue. Licking the head of his engorged türbanlı escort cock she cleaned away all the dampness of his precum.

“Oh my God Rach! Are you trying to get me to cum before we get home?” he moaned.

She moaned against his cock, “Oh no baby! I want you to hold off, we have all night.”

She took his cock between her lips and sucked down his shaft. As she was coming up, she used her tongue to tease and caress. He lifted his ass as she was sucking down and had his free hand running through her hair.

“Oh fuck! That feels so good.” Kevin moaned as he tried to concentrate on the road ahead of him.

Sucking up his cock as she swirled her tongue around the head again, Rachel whispered “It tastes so sweet too.” She traced his veins with her tongue, feeling them start to bulge. Sucking down she took in the entire length of his cock. As his hips pushed up and his hand pushed down on her head, She gagged at he slid down her throat.

“Oh fuck! Your throat tightening around my cock feels so fucking good.” Kevin moaned as he pushed her head down hard against his cock.

She pulled back, sucked, and licked on the head of his cock again.

“Here we are,” He said as he drove down a long narrow lane. Putting the car in park, Kevin shut off the engine. He pulled her head off him, looked into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her.

“Are you ready to go inside?” He whispered against her lips.” She kissed his lips and nodded.

Once inside the door, Rachel turned and locked it. She forcefully pulled him up against her. She tugged his polo over his head, and ran her hands down his tan chest down his stomach, reaching his jeans. She looked up into his eyes hungrily as she pulled his pants past his hips. Squatting down, still looking up at him, she kissed his hipbones as soon as his falling jeans had uncovered them. Sliding his jeans and underwear completely down to the floor, she continued looking up at him as his hard cock bounced on her chin. Sticking out her tongue, she swirled away the precum that had gathered there. Reaching her hands behind him, she gripped his ass as she pulled him into her throat.

With his hand caressing her hair, Kevin knew if he let her continue to suck his cock, it wouldn’t be long before he came in her mouth. Not wanting the encounter to end this way, he pulled her up and started to unbutton her blouse. As he opened her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders, Kevin leaned in and kissed her throat. As he was kissing her body, his hands were busy finishing her undressing. Soon, Rachel’s clothes were in a pile next to his. Kevin picked her up, carrying her to his room.

The room was lit by the moonlight as Kevin laid her down on his king-sized bed. He crawled between her legs licking a trail up her inner legs, as he kissed and sucked on her inner thighs. Looking up at her face, his tongue took one soft swipe between her wet lips. Gently sucking and biting on her lips his tongue swirling little circles around her clit. Rachel gripped the sheets and lifted her hips up to meet his licks. Licking down, he shoved his tongue in her tight pussy and wiggled it.

Kevin moved onto his knees, pushing her legs wider apart as he slide up the length of her body. He grabbed his hard cock, and slid it between her saturated lips.

“Oh my God! Fuck me hard. Please don’t tease me Kevin. Fuck me now.” Rachel moaned Positioning himself directly above her, Kevin penetrated her wet pussy. Slowly, first teasing tüyap escort her with just the head, he entered slowly, sinking his hard cock deep in her wet twat. Gripping his shoulders with her hands, she wrapped her legs around his back. Moaning from the feeling as the head of his cock reentered her Kevin looked into her eyes and whispered, “This feels like home.”

Looking up into his eyes, Rachel moaned, “Yes baby fuck me.” She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts, pulling her hips back down with her entwined legs; she felt his cock bend deep in her tight twat.

“Oh my God! You feel so fucking good,” He moaned louder as he thrust against her harder and faster.

Her legs left his back as she planted her feet on the mattress and lifted up against him. “Harder baby! Slam that cock harder,” She said as her nails clawed into his forearms. Kevin pounded her pussy hard and fast, but feeling his orgasm building, he slowed and ground back. Grabbing her hips he said, “Flip over.”

Rolling on her stomach, Rachel lifted her ass high in the air.

Looking back at him as she wiggled her ass against his hard cock, as she saw his shaft, as it glistened from her juices. She moaned, “Wait.”

Rachel got on her knees as she turned to face him. Beginning at his lips, she kissed and licked a trail down his chest and stomach. Laying on her stomach, she slipped his cock, wet with her juices, in her mouth licking and sucking it clean.

“Oh Jesus Rach! You’re gonna send me over the edge.”

She looked up at him and winked as she sucked in his balls. Licking and sucking down his inner thigh, she looked at him and licked her lips. Rachel turned around, showing him her luscious ass and said, “Oh fuck we taste good. Please fuck me hard!”

Kevin stroked his cock as she positioned herself on her hands and knees in front of him.

Pushing back she felt his cock slide between her ass cheeks, wiggling until she felt his cockhead pushing tight against her asshole. She pushed back slightly, just letting the head enter as she let out a soft sigh. Wiggling back a little further she felt him slide in. “Oh my God baby take it slow!”

Kevin held firm by her hips and moaned, “Take what you want.”

Looking at him over her shoulder, she pushed back further, sliding his hard shaft in deep. “That’s what I want” She wiggled her ass slowly, as he started to thrust forward. “Oh yes! Fuck it harder,” she said.

After pulling her back, tight against him, he let go of her hips with one hand, gathered her damp tresses and pulled back on her hair. “You like that honey?: He said as his cock slammed in her tight ass.

“Yesssss!” She screamed, “Fuck my ass just like that!”

As his cock pounded hard in her ass, his balls were slapping against her pussy. She arched her back down, raising her ass up,, feeling his cock bend and push against the walls of her rectum. “Harder” she screamed as she gripped the sheets pulling them off the bed. His thrusts pushing her harder and faster she braced herself pushing back against him on every thrust he pushed deeper in her ass. One hand slide down to her clit as Rachel flicked it fast matching the rhythm of his pounding. “Oh I’m Cumming!” She screamed. She pushed back tight against him, enjoying the feeling of his pubic hair poking her ass as she rocked and bucked on his cock.

He was tightly bucking his deeply buried shaft in her tight brown box, as he squeezed her hips, moving her off and on, so he could pound her ass hard and fast again. “Oh fuck Rachel here I cum!” He slipped his cock out of her ass, and stroked his load all over her backside.

Feeling the warm jism on her ass, as he rubbed the head of his cock between her cheeks, Rachel eased down onto her stomach and whispered. “That was the best.”

Kevin slid down beside her, kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear. “There will be many more times to come.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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