Mr. Big Ch. 06

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6. The Sex Object

“Hey, gay boy! Got yourself a boyfriend yet? I have.”

My relationship with Brianna hadn’t been good. In fact, it hadn’t been anything. Every time I had the opportunity to hook up with her, take her out or even talk — except for a few minutes over coffee when I was between classes — I’d had to bail, mostly because of work at the diner and once or twice because I was about to miss an assignment deadline thanks to spending time at the diner or satisfying Justine. I managed one date with Brianna, taking her to a gig. We’d kissed and fooled around a little, standing in the audience — her tits were nice, but felt a little too firm to be real — but weren’t able to go too far. As I drove her back to her dorm, she insisted I pull over and we fooled around some more, kissing and fondling. I got my hand inside her tiny panties and had her bra off, sucking her nipples. But when she started trying to get her hand inside my pants, my old fears returned.

“Hey, Brianna, why don’t — why don’t I just go down on you?”

“Sure, but only if you show me your cock first.” She had this ‘naughty schoolgirl’ expression on her face, which was making me horny and frustrated at the same time.

“Not — not right now, baby. C’mon, I love eating pussy. I’m real good at it. Then — then maybe…”

Her pussy was sweet, some nice inner lips, really juicy, and she came exactly on cue with my finger rubbing her g-spot really hard while my lips and tongue worked her clit and its rather-fleshy hood.

As she lay across the back seat, panting, her skirt up around her waist, she said “That was beautiful, Tommy. Now, if you have a condom, you can fuck me if you’d like. You would like to, wouldn’t you?”

I remembered my encounter with Rosa in the same vehicle. As soon as I’d gotten my cock out, she’d scurried away to the other side of the car in terror. I liked Brianna, and I was being offered the opportunity to fuck her, but could I go through with this?

“Brianna, please believe me that there’s nothing I’d like more, but…”

“But what, Tommy?” She was starting to sound worried.

I extemporized. “It’s just that — that I have an issue with — with my cock. I…”

“Don’t tell me; it’s really small.”

“No. No, it isn’t. In fact…”

“Then get it out and let me see it,” she replied, her tone getting more exasperated.

“You see, it’s — I’ve like got this, this problem…”

“Shit! Do you have an STI or something?”

I saw a way out. “Well, not really. Only — it has a kind of — thing — that makes it kinda — kinda tender. So — so I don’t like anyone touching it right now.”

“Oh shit. Is it — like — contagious?”

“No, baby, nothing like that.”

“Well, can I just, like, look at it?”

“Really, baby, I’d rather not. It’s kinda — kinda embarrassing. But it’s, like, getting better. Maybe next time it’ll be OK. But if you’d like me to make you come again, I’d be very happy to do that.”

There wasn’t a next time. At the football practice on Saturday, Brianna showed up with Kyle, one of the quarterbacks. I didn’t like the guy, but I could hardly blame Brianna for choosing him. After all, he was good looking — and he knew it. I thought he was brash, and that he wouldn’t treat Brianna well, but I could hardly complain. After all, she’d shown me how much she wanted me by spreading her legs wide for me and I didn’t take up her offer. What the fuck was she to think?

So she taunted me with the ‘gay boy’ accusation. I ignored it, but in the locker room, Kyle tried to do the same. Fortunately, most of the other guys on the team didn’t join in, but one of two of Kyle’s inner circle did. I kept a towel around myself and my back to the rest of the guys so they couldn’t see my secret. I don’t know why I didn’t respond to their taunts, but I just dressed and left as quickly as I could. Sooner or later, my real secret had to come out, and I wondered what effect it would have.


However, my relationship with Bernice and her friends had gotten more complicated. I suppose it began to ramp up from ‘fun but weird’ to ‘fucking surreal’ a little after I’d pulled my dick out of Bernice, that Wednesday evening.

After I’d come — and she’d had her third orgasm — and both of us had calmed down, kissed and hugged, and whispered ‘thank yous’ to each other, I finally slipped out of her.

“I don’t think my pussy will ever feel the same again. Tommy, that was awesome!”

“What’s the biggest cock — or maybe dildo — you’ve ever had inside you, Bernice?”

“Before you? Maybe — I dunno — seven inches. That felt plenty big enough. You were just — just amazing!” She kissed me again as I helped her down from the dressing table. There was a sheen of what I guessed were pussy juices from just above her pussy slit to halfway down her thighs. It looked incredibly sexy.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed me, taking the opportunity to grab hold istanbul escort of my softening cock, helpfully sliding the condom off. She lifted it up and seemed to admire its contents, before tying it in a knot and dropping it into a little trash basket under the dressing table.

“You know, after that, I could use a drink. How about you?”

“Bernice, I’m only eighteen. It seems I can fuck you as much as I like — or as much as you like — but I’m not legally allowed alcohol.”

“Tommy, who gives a shit what’s legal and illegal here? I mean, your cock has been so deep inside me and done such crazy things to me it’s probably illegal in over thirty states. It’s like you’ve given me an injection of something scary but addictive. Shit, I guess it makes me a heroine — you know, like a female hero — to have let you stick such an amazing monster so deep inside me. I think I’m gonna refer to having your cock shoved inside me as my ‘heroine injection’. But right now, I need a good, stiff, drink — just like I needed a good, stiff cock earlier. Wanna join me?”

She kissed me again, stroked my cock — that felt good, despite me having cum just a few minutes earlier — pulled on a little wrap-over robe and sashayed out the door, still in her heels. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up — I had pussy juices on me in a similar pattern to Bernice’s — then pulled on my Jockeys. The door opened, and Annika was standing there with a glass in her hand. ‘Shit’, I thought, ‘I don’t think I could fuck another woman tonight — not even Annika’. But she looked so horny that I could feel my boner swelling again, even though my body told me I needed sleep.

“Here, Tommy. I’ve mixed you a Margarita. Please don’t tell anyone I encourage underage drinking, or who knows what that’ll do to my reputation.” She grinned.

“She has a reputation alright. It’s just not a good one.” Janet stood behind her. She looked just as horny. I felt trapped. If all of these women were gonna pounce on me now, I could get fucked to death. I guessed there were worse ways to die.

But then Janet said “Come on out and join us. We were impressed by the noises we heard. We’ve insisted that Bernice has to tell us all about it, and we’d like to hear your side of the story too.”

So I took the drink — and Annika took the opportunity to kiss me on the lips and stroke the outline of my cock through my boxers. “A –maz –ing!” she whispered. Then I went back into the lounge. Somebody whistled, there were some shrieks and a lot of laughter, and then they all applauded.

“We counted three. Is that what you made it, Bernice?”

Bernice was blushing bright red, but smiling so broadly I thought her face would crack in half. “Oh, at least. That second one went on for so long that it may have been fifty little orgasms rolled into one. Ladies, can I just say thank you so much for tonight. And Tommy, baby, thank you for the best sex I have ever, ever, had.”

They all applauded again. I took a bow, trying hard not to spill my drink.

“So Bernice, tell us everything. We have to have the details. What did he do to make you come so much?” The lady who’d been introduced as Faith smiled at her friend, then at me. She had a kinda wholesome, soccer-mom look about her; nice smile, longish, wavy dark hair, very slim, long legs, nice breasts — not too big, not too small — in a dress that was cut very low, maybe lower than she would normally wear. Not a lot of makeup, which somehow made her look prettier. The expression ‘MILF next door’ came into my head. Then I glanced down at her hands. Uh-oh; wedding ring. I’d fucked one married woman, and I wasn’t sure I wanted the risk of fucking another one.

“Ladies, I have to tell you; Tommy is like no-one I’ve ever had sex with before. I mean, girls, just look at that body! Even if he didn’t have a huge dick, wouldn’t you like to get your hands — and your mouth and your pussy — on that?”

I was grinning, and my gaze went from MILF to MILF, and I thought ‘and wouldn’t I just love to get my body onto — and into — every one of these?’ OK, so some — like Annika and Janet, were exceptional, but like I said, there wasn’t one I wouldn’t fuck for free if the offer was there. Except not right now. Right now I was so tired I desperately needed to sleep, despite the adrenaline that must’ve been flooding my veins just a few minutes earlier.

“Details, details,” Faith said, and the others took up the chant. I looked around, wearily sat down in the nearest chair and took a sip of my drink. Only my third experience of Margaritas, but I was developing a taste for them.

Bernice, still blushing, stammering a little, began to spill the beans. “I mean it’s not just that cock. Tommy’s great with his mouth. The way he ate my pussy just made my pussy want to eat him even more. Sometimes, if a guy makes me come with his mouth or his fingers — and that is genuinely only sometimes, kadıköy escort I’m afraid — I then can’t come again, no matter what he does with his cock. But ladies, I can reassure you that wasn’t the case with this amazing boy. Oh. My. God. No! I mean, I was really worried that it wouldn’t go it, but he was so gentle at first. And it did go in — and in, and in, and in — and in!” She laughed, and there were loud whoops from the ladies. “Girls, I thought it was never gonna end! It didn’t seem to matter how full I felt — every time I looked down, there was always more of it still waiting to go inside! He reached parts of my pussy I never knew existed. Then he started pounding me, like I’d normally never let a guy do. But how do you stop a big, strong guy like Tommy?”

“And why would you want to?” Faith added. I was really beginning to like her. Shame about the wedding ring.

“I know,” Cindy said. “My boyfriends have a lot of meat to feed me, and when they go real deep and real hard, I come like no other way.”

“So how would you rate Tommy, out of ten, Bernice?” Annika was smiling at me. Shit, I liked that smile. It spoke of lots of dirty things she’d like me to do to her — dirty things that I’d love to do to her.

“Oh, I dunno. Twenty, maybe twenty-five. Honestly ladies, I really can’t thank you enough for tonight. It was so special. As you know, I’m not in a great place right now, and what you did for me was so…” Tears were running down her face. The ladies clustered around to give their friend a hug. I’d have been very happy to join in a team-hug with these girls.

Then Annika stood up and kinda slid toward me. The way that woman moved would have given me a boner — if I hadn’t, reluctantly, already got one from sitting here in my jockeys with a group of very handsome women, all talking about sex and how I’d just successfully fucked their friend.

“Time for your reward, Tommy boy,” she purred.

I guess my expression must’ve had a bit of a pleading look to it. “Thanks, Annika, but if it has anything to do with more sex tonight, I really can’t take it. I’m utterly bushed.”

She smiled back. “Sex? Who said anything about sex?” She laughed.

“You did,” Janet said, turning back from the group hug. “Most of the evening.”

“OK, but right now, our superhero needs his beauty sleep. So Tommy, as you know, we collected twenty bucks each for Bernice’s present, but we thought that if you were really good and showed Bernice a really good time, you’d deserve something extra. So we agreed that the hundred twenty would cover up to her first orgasm, and we’d all chip in another five bucks for every other time you made her come. So that’s another sixty, bringing the total to a hundred and eighty. Is that right, girls?”

They laughed and whooped. “Fifteen bucks an inch. Seems a bargain to me,” Cindy added.

“So all you have to do is collect the money and then you can crash out. I’ve hidden it about my person in sixty-dollar stashes. Just frisk me, officer, and you’ll find it.”

Oh shit! I remembered that she’d slipped the money inside the neckline of her tight, halter dress when we’d been at the diner, so I stood up and started running my hands over her shoulders, down her arms and across her bare back.

“Hey, you’re not getting any warmer, officer.”

“Oh ma’am, I certainly am,” I replied, sliding my hands back around her slim waist, and then up, to cup her titties. I could feel the outline of the bills under her tits — and also something a little hard around the nipples. So I slid my hands back up behind her neck — she leaned in and kissed me as I did so — and pulled the elastic halter strap up and over her head. She didn’t stop me.

As I lowered the strap slowly down in front of her, her tits appeared. They were nicely rounded, fully tanned — and had pierced nipples, which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Underneath the curve of each of those sweet, honey-brown mounds was a small wad of bills. I glanced up from those really tasty tits, and our eyes met.

“They’re not real — well, the twenties aren’t fake, but my titties have had some work. I wasn’t blessed with big natural ones like Bernice.”

“They’re beautiful, Annika. They look so nice and so sexy. Does it feel good when someone pulls on the nipple piercings?”

“Try it and I’ll tell you.” The smile had a real challenge in it.

“Slut!” Janet added from behind her. Annika just smiled.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she added in a very matter-of-fact way. “But it’s a lot of fun. And, of course, it takes one — or, in fact, six — to know one.”

There were hoots of laughter from the group. Meanwhile, I took each of the little bar-bells that decorated her perky nipples and gave them a tug. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened, and a soft “ooh!” came out.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I said. “So can I collect my fee?”

“From me, any time,” kağıthane escort Annika replied, again returning my gaze, as I released her nipples and carefully scooped up the two wads of bills. Having nowhere else to put the money, I slipped it into the waistband of my jockeys.

“You haven’t finished yet. There’s another sixty just waiting for you to find.”

So I ran my hands down to her hips and slipped them around her butt. It was firm, smooth and very squeezable. But there was no sign of money — or underwear. So I slid my hands slowly around to the front. And started to lift her skirt.

The ladies were watching, making occasional noises, as I peeled the tight-fitting dress up to Annika’s waist.

“God, I’d kill for a butt like that,” I heard Wanda say.

Under the dress, Annika was wearing tiny thong panties. The ‘waistband’ was just a skinny little thread and the front panel a minute triangle that only just covered her pussy. It was also see-through.

“Like my panties? I find they’re perfect if the guy wants to rip them off me. The straps are so easy to break.”

There were six, ten-dollar bills, neatly arranged in a line from hipbone to hipbone. The middle two were tucked into that tiny front panel. I started to slide them out.

“I’m afraid those two may be a little moist.”

I retrieved all six bills and tucked them with the others into the waistband of my boxers.

“Aren’t you gonna check that there aren’t any others?” she asked, with a very wicked grin.

“Hmm — I’ve checked most places. Just one spot I haven’t frisked,” I replied, knowing her game and playing along. My hand went into the front of those tiny panties, my finger slid effortlessly into a very wet slit — and she moaned.

“Oh — fuuuuck!”

“Annika, baby, I’d love to. But really, not right now.” I slid my finger back and forward until her eyelids flickered closed — then pulled it out. As her eyes opened wide in disappointment, I put my finger between my lips and sucked it.

“Hey, mister, you can’t leave me like this!” She pouted. I couldn’t tell whether she was being serious or just playing.

“Lady, we had a deal. I fucked your friend and I got paid. Now I totally have to hit the sack.” I glanced at the clock on the wall. “Fuck, it’s nearly two, and I have a class at nine. Should I head for home or do you have somewhere I can crash here?”

“Tommy, you’re an awful tease. But you’re right. I shall just have to make other arrangements for tonight.” She turned and looked at Janet, who smiled back. “As for sleeping accommodation, why don’t you go back to bed with Bernice? She’d like that. You don’t have to fuck her or do anything else sexual if you don’t want to, but I think she’d appreciate curling up next to you for tonight. Can you do that?”

I looked at Bernice. Sure, I wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with her. I just hoped that our joint libidos wouldn’t be so fired up that one of us wouldn’t end up fucking the other before I’d had a good night’s sleep.

“Sure, I’d love to,” I replied, smiling at Bernice. Her expression was one of delight. I decided that I liked that lady a lot.

“Excellent,” Annika replied. “Oh, and before you go…” She reached out, stuck her thumbs down the sides of my boxers and tugged them halfway down my thighs. The money fell out on the floor — and my cock kinda sprang out, pointing at the assembled company. The ladies all whooped.

Annika stepped back — her dress was still around her waist, and she still looked ball-achingly horny. “Ladies, take a last look — for tonight. Our sister Bernice has had the honor of being the first to ride this beast. I’m sure she won’t be the last of our sorority to do so.”

“Hey, Annika, you can’t let the poor boy try to sleep with a boner like that. Have mercy on him.” Cindy was looking and grinning.

“Ladies, please, I’m bushed. I really can’t fuck anyone right now.”

“No need, baby. It’ll be our pleasure to get you off. Shall we make this a team effort?” It was Faith who suggested it.

“Wait a moment,” Annika said, hurried out of the room and returned almost immediately with a sleep mask and a pair of handcuffs.

So a little over five minutes later, unable to see and with my hands cuffed behind my back, I squirted about a quart of jizz. I’d been sucked, licked and stroked by a large number of mouths and hands. At least one of them had licked my asshole, several had sucked and licked my balls, and it seemed my cock-head had been almost permanently in one lady’s mouth or other while she and her friends were licking and stroking my shaft. Oh, and at least one or two kissed me and sucked my nipples. When Annika took the mask off, there were tell-tale signs of jizz — everywhere. It seems like several of them had lined up to be the target. Most of them seemed to be bare-breasted, having pulled down their dresses or taken them off, and the spatter was widespread on faces and tits. All of them were smiling. And I decided then and there that, sometime very soon, I wanted to fuck every one of them; younger, older, married or not.

But now it was time for bed. After a little teasing, Annika unfastened the handcuffs, wiped my dick with a tissue and allowed me to pull my boxers back up. She collected up the money from the floor and handed it back to me with a kiss.

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