Mrs. Potter Confesses Her Sins

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Mrs Potter has wild sexual fantasies in Church and then confesses her sins

Mrs Potter had a problem with alcohol. Ever since she was about 20 whenever she touched alcohol she would get overwhelming sexual urges that made her very very promiscuous and would do absolutely anything that would result in her having an orgasm.

When she and John got married they often used alcohol to improve their sex life and whenever they were in the mood for sex she would always have a glass or two of white wine. Even now at the age of almost 50 she continued to spice up her sex life with a glass of wine. Husband John loved it when she was in that sort of mood.

She was delighted when she became a grandmother for the first time and when her daughter asked her to arrange a lunchtime gathering for friends and family before the baby’s Christening she was really excited. As most guests had travelled long distances the plan was they would all have a buffet lunch, go to the christening and then head off home.

The day started really well with a glorious sunny day and as guests arrived they went straight into the garden to enjoy the food and drink that Mrs Potter had prepared.

There was plenty of champagne but Mrs Potter made sure she stuck to the non-alcoholic one she had bought. John made sure he poured her a glass of the non-alcoholic bubbly. What she didn’t notice was that one of the guests had put her glass of the real stuff down next to hers and then picked up the wrong one by mistake.

When it was time to head off to the church Mrs Potter picked up what she thought was her non-alcoholic glass of champagne and gulped it down in one go.

They soon arrived at the church and everyone took their places. Mrs Potter sat in a row with John and her son-in-laws parents, Roger and Fiona, and within a few minutes she got those wonderful sexual stirrings that she so enjoyed and immediately realised that she must have drunk the wrong champagne.

She crossed her legs knowing that Roger was watching her intently. She started swinging her leg causing her high heel shoe to swing from her toes. Although the service had started she paid no intention to it, her sexual feelings had taken over all her interests. She glanced sidewards and could see that Roger couldn’t take his eyes off her legs. She wriggled in the seat causing her skirt to go higher and showing her stocking tops.

The higher her skirt rose the wetter she got between her legs. She crossed her arms and without anyone realising what she was doing she started playing with her nipples beneath her blouse. She looked up and saw that the priest conducting the christening was in his early thirties and started fantasising about him.

They are alone in the church and she is kneeling in front of him praying, but then she parts his full length gown, he is naked underneath. She reaches out for his cock and as she strokes it he starts getting an erection. He knows it is wrong, she knows it is wrong, but neither of them can stop themselves.

The priest puts his hands behind Mrs potter’s head and pulls her towards him. She knows what he wants and is more than willing to do it for him. She opens her mouth and her lipstick coated lips clasp his hard cock between them. Mrs Potter reaches up and squeezes his balls and starts sucking his cock. The young priest can’t stop himself and thrusts forward to meet her sucking lips. This is something he has never experienced before, although he was no stranger to masturbation, since he became a fully ordained priest he had trained himself to resist anything to do with sex.

But now he was out of control and Mrs Potter was not going to stop until he had emptied the contents of his balls deep inside her mouth.

Mrs Potter was suddenly brought out of her fantasy as the congregation started singing a hymn, but her thoughts and her eyes were on the young priest and now she was imagining his erect cock plunging deep inside her wet pussy as she leaned against the altar. The more she fantasised the wetter her pussy got. She just knew that she had to cum and cum very soon.

Somehow she managed to control herself until the service was over and everyone left and went their own ways. Mrs Potter and her husband returned home and she told her husband how she must have drunk the genuine champagne and needed to cum. They went indoors and she drank another glass of bubbly. She quickly managed to get her husband’s clothes off him and leaned over the back of the sofa. She wanted her husband to fuck her from behind. As he eased his cock into her wet and welcoming pussy she imagined she was leaning against the altar and that it was the young priest’s cock that was bringing her to a thundering orgasm.

Not content to cum once she managed to coax a second load of cum out of her husband which bought her to yet another thumping orgasm.

Later that night in bed Mrs Potter began to feel guilty about her sexual and disgusting fantasies she had in church.

Her husband got up and left for work and Mrs bahçeşehir escort Potter, still feeling very guilty, decided she needed to go to confession.

She dressed and went off to church. She just had to seek forgiveness for her terrible actions.

She entered the confessional and the priest soon made himself known and asked her, ‘How can I help you today?’

Mrs Potter replied, ‘I have behaved inappropriately father.’

‘You need to tell me more,’ he replied.

Mrs Potter began to relate exactly what had happened in church the previous day. The priest listened intently, not only as a priest but also as a man and he found that the more she told him the more he found himself getting aroused.

Surprisingly, Mrs Potter found that the more detail she went into the more aroused she got. The more aroused she got the more details she went into. The priest asked her what form her arousal the previous day had taken.

She replied, ‘Well my nipples got harder and as I crossed my arms I was able to squeeze my nipples without anyone noticing what I was doing.’

The priest then said, ‘How good does it feel when your nipples get harder?’

‘Oh, I love it,’ she replied. ‘It makes me damp down below, you know, my vagina starts getting wet.’

‘Mmm, I see,’ he said. ‘When you’re aroused do you always refer to that part of your body by that name?’

Mrs Potter was now getting quite embarrassed and pleased that the priest could not see her blushing. She was also getting more and more sexually aroused as she confided in the priest.

‘Well actually, sometimes I call it my pussy and if I’m really aroused and feeling very naughty I call it my cunt.’

‘And how aroused were you yesterday,’ he asked.

‘Oh I definitely thought of it as my cunt.’ she confessed.

‘And what about now?’ he asked.

She very quietly answered, ‘My cunt, I’m sorry.’

‘There’s no need to apologise, the priest replied. ‘So you’re feeling sexually aroused then?’

‘Yes,’ she replied.

‘If you were at home by yourself what would you do about your sexual arousal?’ he asked.

Mrs Potter was getting more and more embarrassed but also more aroused and replied, ‘I’d masturbate’.

‘I see,’ he replied, ‘How would you do that’.

Mrs Potter said, ‘I’d almost certainly use one of my sex toys that I have got but maybe I would use my fingers.’

‘Why don’t you masturbate now as you are so sexually aroused and I could forgive you for yesterdays behaviour and todays,’ the priest suggested.

He was so aroused now that he had his trousers undone and was stroking his erect cock. He knew what he was doing was wrong and although he was a priest he was also a red blooded man and the thought of an attractive mature woman masturbating only a few feet away from him was more than he could take.

Mrs Potter knew that she had no choice as the feelings of sexual arousal in her were so strong. She let her skirt and damp panties drop to the floor and she sat back down with her legs wide apart.

The priest said, ‘I need you to explain in detail what you are doing.’

Mrs Potter was very embarrassed, she didn’t even do this sort of thing with her husband but as she started stroking her wet pussy she said, ‘I’m slowly stroking my pussy lips slowly up and down and now I’m sliding a finger deep inside me. Oh, it feels so good, in and out in and out, Oh god, this is wonderful. I am so wet, my finger is so wet. I’m going to suck and lick my finger and taste my cum juices. Oh wow it tastes so good. If you weren’t my priest I’d want you to taste and smell my fingers.’

The priest was so excited he wanted to say, ‘Yes, let me smell and suck your fingers, let me lick your cunt juices off them.’ But somehow he managed to control himself although he was by now wanking furiously.

Mrs Potter’s orgasm was approaching and she called out, ‘I’m stroking my clit now, oh it’s so good, I’m going to cum, oh yes, it’s wonderful. I’m finger fucking myself and pinching my clit, Oh yes that’s it, I’m cumming, oh yeeeessss.’

Mrs Potter slumped back in her seat, her knickers still around her ankles as she soaked up the wonderful warm sensation that follows an thundering orgasm.

Immediately next door the priest was trying to clean himself up after he ejaculated all over his trousers.

Mrs Potter made herself respectable and thanked the priest for his forgiveness and made her way out of the church happy that at last she had repented her previous bad behaviour.

The priest however had different thoughts in his mind. As much as he enjoyed hearing Mrs Potter masturbate he wanted more, he wanted to fuck her and he started making plans.

Chapter 2. A week or so after Mrs Potter’s confession she picked up the post off her doormat. The letter that puzzled her was one with a handwritten address. She tore it open and read it, getting more and more worried and disappointed as she read it. It was from her local avcılar escort church and written by the priest, it read:

Dear Mrs Potter

I am sorry to have to write to you like this but I am afraid I have made a bad mistake. Last week I thought that I was able to allow forgiveness for your behaviour on the Sunday at the Christening and the following day in Confession.

Unfortunately it appears that what you did on both days was so bad that as an ordinary priest I was unsuitable to allow that confession. The matter has now been forwarded to the church’s confessional committee and you are summoned to appear in front of them. An appointment has been made for you to attend a meeting with the committee next Tuesday at 2.00pm. The committee members will be myself, the Bishop and St Mary’s Mother Superior Sister Ellen. A trainee nun, Sister Claire will be in attendance to take minutes.

Yours sincerely Father Roger Mrs Jean Potter read the young priest’s letter in a state of great anxiety. She knew that she would need a drink to give herself courage to go to such a meeting and she also knew that once she had a drink she would want to be used.

She thought about the people she would be meeting. Obviously the young priest Father Roger nor the Bishop would fuck her. She knew that the trainee Nun Sister Amy was very shy. She had always been a little uncertain about the Mother Superior Sister Ellen.

A few times she had been to church fetes and things like that and Sister Ellen had squeezed her bum. She thought it may have been accidental but Sister Ellen always gave her some special smiles.

On the day of the meeting Jean found she couldn’t help herself. She had a glass of wine. It was only one glass so she was still in control as she entered the Bishop’s house and pretty young Sister Amy led her into the large comfortable room.

Before they started they all knelt on the carpet as the Bishop said a prayer commending all present to the grace of God and asking for help to reach a holy and good outcome.

They all sat in a circle and the Bishop opened by saying, ‘I understand Mrs Potter that you have a weakness for alcohol and it makes you want to show your underclothes and do lewd things especially with members of the clergy.’

Jean nodded her agreement explaining that just one glass had a bad effect but it got worse the more she had.

Sister Ellen spoke kindly, ‘When you have this desire about your underclothes is it only to the male clergy or do you also want to show them to Nuns and female clergy?’

Jean spoke quietly but with great dignity,’I want to show to both males and females.’

Sister Ellen probed further, ‘And does age come into it. Do you want to show your knickers to old as well as young people? Like the Bishop or myself for instance.’

Mrs Potter still had her head bowed and said, ‘All ages Sister. Although it is sometimes even more powerful with older Nuns.’

Sister Ellen looked pleased with her and said to the Bishop,’Mrs Potter is doing her best to be honest Your Grace. Perhaps you could allow her a glass of communion wine to help her relax. This must be a terrible ordeal for her.’

The Bishop agreed and sent Sister Amy to get some wine for Mrs Potter.

Jean felt quite relieved that these holy men and women understood her problem. When Sister Amy brought the wine she almost swallowed it in one gulp.

It obviously helped her. She relaxed and crossed her legs which showed the top of her stockings.

Sister Ellen smiled and told Sister Amy, ‘Give her another glass.’ The Bishop added, ‘Make it a big glass.’

Father Roger could see Mrs Potter becoming affected from the way she was sitting on the settee and said nervously, ‘Perhaps we should be careful with the wine Your Grace in case Mrs Potter exposes herself.’

The Bishop brushed the young mans concerns aside, ‘Nonsense Father John. The lady could not have better company. Could you Mrs Potter?’

Jean shook her head a bit dumbly. She did manage, ‘I am a little nervous sometimes in case I open my legs, Your Grace,’

The Bishop looked annoyed but unable to proceed. Sister Ellen smiled lovingly at Mrs Potter, ‘Your worries are a genuine concern my dear. But as long as you are wearing underwear it doesn’t really matter if you open your legs. Do you have underwear on?’

Jean looked a little befuddled and more and more of her thighs were showing as she asked, ‘Underwear Sister?’

Sister Ellen smiled, ‘Yes underwear my child. panties or knickers. Did you remember to put your knickers on this morning?’

‘Yes Sister, I think I am wearing knickers,’ Jean mumbled. Now getting a little confused by the effects of the alcohol.

‘What about your brassiere my child?’ asked Sister Ellen

‘Yes, I think so Sister,’ Jean replied.

Sister Ellen smiled reassuringly, ‘That’s lovely Mrs Potter. I am sure that His Grace and Father Roger are pleased that you are wearing knickers and bra. I think esenyurt escort it will be acceptable for Sister Amy to give you some more wine.’

Sister Amy had been wriggling a little on her chair and beginning to feel sexually aroused at the thought of Mrs Potter’s underwear, despite the fact that she was old enough to be her own mother, and panted, ‘Perhaps we should make sure about her underwear Sister. Perhaps it would be better if Mrs Potter pulls her skirt up and opens her blouse, and we can check it.’

‘Yes that is very right Sister. Come along Mrs Potter. Up with your skirt and open your blouse. The pretty young Sister Amy is right.’

Mrs Potter did as she was told and besides opening her blouse and pulling her skirt right up she opened her legs showing her panty crutch. She felt she wanted to.

The Bishop now had his penis out and even Father Roger was touching himself through his trousers. Sister Ellen was very pleased with herself and looked at Sister Amy.

The young Nun was panting now and asked, ‘Sister Ellen, shall I give her some more wine?’

Sister Ellen nodded and slipped her hand up her clothes as Sister Amy helped Mrs Potter to another glass.

Jean Potter seemed to be more excited now and had even eased her panty gusset to the side showing her hairy slit to them all.

Father Roger seemed nervous. Although he kept touching himself, he looked uneasy and could not stop himself looking at young Sister Amy.

The Mother Superior noticed his covert glances and spoke to him, ‘Sister Amy has nice fat thighs hasn’t she Father?’

Before he could stop himself he muttered, ‘They are lovely Sister.’

She asked him, ‘Are you wondering about her panties Father?’

He nodded miserably. He felt so ashamed. Sister Amy sighed, she had fancied the young priest for such a long time but he seemed immune.

She smiled sweetly at him, ‘Do you want to see my knickers Father?’

Before he could answer she had pulled her skirt up and opened her legs showing him her black panties.

Sister Ellen smiled encouragingly at her, ‘He likes them my child.’

Sister Amy felt liberated, she really liked being called ‘my child’ when in this sort of sexual situation with older men and women. She had originally joined the convent beacuse in her early twenties she had become very promiscuous and would have sex with almost any boy or man she met. She realised she was going down the wrong path in life and decided her only chance was to join a convent.

However, she had only been there a few weeks when one night she was feeling very low and one of her room mates, Sister Sarah lay beside her and comforted. Sister Amy felt her breast rubbing against Sister Sarah and it aroused her and stimulated her nipples. Sister Amy loved that feeling and snuggled up tighter to the young Sister Sarah. As Sister Amy started feeling damp between her legs she took the hand of Sister Sarah and placed it there and whispered to her, ‘please play with me, I so need some sexual satisfaction.’

It was a while since Sister Sarah had been intimate with another woman but since joining the convent had often satisfied her sexual needs with other Sisters. So finding herself in this intimate situation with pretty Sister Amy she quickly took advantage of the situation which ended in lots of mutual sexual satisfaction for both of them.

So although Sister Amy had originally joined the convent to quell her desires for men all it had really done was to move her desires from men to women and in the convent there were many opportunities for this.

Sister Amy had been afraid in case her Mother Superior would chastise her. She hadn’t and now the young Nun felt free. She asked him, ‘Do you want to see more Father Roger?’

He looked dazed, ‘How do you mean more, Sister?’

She half giggled as she eased her panties aside, ‘Do you want to see my cunt Father?’

The Mother Superior was enjoying the display and wanted to involve the young priest more and asked him, ‘Do you like young Nuns with hairy cunts Father?

Father Roger was half rubbing his tented penis and gasped, ‘Yes I do, Mother Superior.’

Mother Superior wanted the young man to participate, ‘Sister Amy is being nice to you, take your trousers off and show her your prick.’

He was confused but both Nuns gasped in amazement at the size of the young mas penis”

The Mother Superior was in full flow now as she told Mrs Potter, ‘Come on Mrs Potter. We have given you enough wine. Get your knickers off quickly.’

As Mrs Potter, sat on the settee and slipped her panties down, Mother Superior turned to the Bishop, ‘And you, your Grace. Get your Holy Cock out.’

She smiled as the Bishop slipped his undergarments off and grasped his stiff penis. Mother Superior was well pleased with her control over the 2 Holy men and the young Nun.

It had got to the stage when Mrs Potter and the young Nun had no underclothes and were showing themselves rather lewdly and the two men looking shamefaced rubbing their huge cocks.

Mother Superior took command again, ‘Well your Grace I know You have been to Communion today and Communion Time is nice and Holy.’

The Bishop nodded uncertainly as Mother Superior carried on, ‘We should move onto another Time now Your Grace.’

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