Mrs. Smith Ch. 11

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The next week I didn’t have the heart to go back to Mrs. Smith’s and cancelled our Sunday lunch.

Sabine and I were getting along, having fun, going out. Everything seemed fine. Whenever we were around other people we were tender, kissing, showing off. But when we were alone things were not as you would have excepted them to be. Our kisses were distant, nothing really passionate about them.

As a result our relationship was started to get strained. There was obviously something wrong with the physical side of it. I didn’t have the heart to play around with her. How could I when I felt the only thing that would arouse me was Mrs. Smith’s breast. It was as if I/Tristan had drunk the love potion with Mrs. Smith instead of with Sabine/Isolde. Whenever I was looking at Sabine’s small chest, Mrs Smith’s humongous balloons would come to my mind; same thing with Sabine’s small rear end compared to Mr’s Smith’s gigantic sphere.

I skipped another lunch with Mrs. Smith; I was afraid that seeing her would make things even worse. I had a real hard time not bringing her into my fantasies. Actually the only way I knew of, was by not thinking of sex all together; but you must know how easy that is! Finally went back to her. She sounded happy when I told her on the phone that I would come, and she welcomed me at the door with a full embrace. It was hard not to melt when looking at her nice loving face. I pressed myself against her soft body; at first with only loving platonic thoughts in mind, but after feeling her voluptuous mass in my arms, sex reminded itself with a vengeance and I had to move away, even though the only thing I wanted was to remain glued to her enormous body.

We had a good time. She asked me how things were doing. I didn’t get into the sex details, just letting her know that Sabine and I were having fun together . I’m sure she guessed from what I was not saying that things were not all that wonderful but she didn’t point this out. Instead she was getting into my stories, listening, asking for more details. She was not letting on anything of what she had said two weeks before.

During our time together I was trying not to look at her flesh. It was difficult as my mind was riveted to her. It was especially hard as the warmth of spring had arrived and she was wearing a light dress with short sleeves, showing abundant cleavage, and a good part of her fat legs and arms. Even though I was not “looking” I think I could see her nipples pushing through the dress. While we were talking, my eyes were trying to remain on her own eyes; but her cleavage, and her white boobs starting way before the cut of her dress, were constantly calling for my attention

The following week, Sabine probed me into figuring out what was wrong, and I managed to avoid the discussion for a while. Finally I made up my mind and decided to break up. But how was I going to do that? Who could give me some advice but Mrs. Smith? I called her, told her about my decision, and asked whether she could help me. She said she would be happy to oblige.

After that, my mind was made up, and I could think of Mrs. Smith again. I masturbated our last erotic encounter, thinking how we could continue the breast holding episode… I would stand up and remove her shirt, then her bra; admiring the two beautiful heavy breasts hanging free. She would then lie back down, letting her breasts rest, falling some on the side but still plain and full on her chest like two round hills with a tower on top. I would grab those hills in my hand and massage them, suck them, lick them…

The next Sunday while Sabine was away, I was at Mrs. Smith’s, telling her that she had been right, even though she was evil! We both smiled.

– So what do you think of the best way to break up with her.

– Let’s go in my quarters as we have to be pretty open.

– I don’t think you want to tell her that you love fat girls, and she is too skinny for you. Even though bahçeşehir escort this has nothing to do with her, there is a good chance that she will take it personally. And even though she appears to be a nice person, break-ups are never easy and she may turn mean; telling you things that you don’t want to hear, even telling you things about me. Knowing you, I don’t think you will like it and you may react the wrong way and then tell too much, if you see what I mean…

Yes I saw what she meant. Getting angry could very well get me to spill the beans while singing the praises of Mrs. Smith. And yes I could get angry! Just hearing the possibility that she might say something disparaging about my beloved Mrs. Smith was already getting me irrational.

– What I advise you to do is to tell her that you realized that you are not ready for a serious relationship, that you really like her, that you wish you were ready to let yourself love her but that going any further would not be fair to her, and actually even taking advantage of her.

– I love it, I think it will go very well.

Then the gratitude I felt for her good advice and my particularly strong attraction to her made me want to be in her very badly. The tip of my penis was crying out for her literally. She was sitting on the bed and I sat close to her, feeling with my hip her big buttocks moving out from under, and putting my arm around her wide shoulders to kiss her.

She pushed me away.

– No Mitch, not yet. First you break up and then you come back.

– You want to kill me… What about just a hug and a kiss?

With a knowing smile she said

– OK a hug not too tight and a not too open kiss.

She stood up; I took her huge body in my arms and, ignoring what she had just said and with a big smile, pressed myself against her fat belly and huge boobs; pressing my mouth to hers and pushing my tongue slowly inside her mouth.

This is a good opportunity to describe “the hug” with Mrs. Smith.

Before the hug, as we approach each other Mrs. Smith seems to start filling up all the space available with her mass. I start feeling smaller in front of her even though I’m at least four inches taller. We come close and the time extends; seconds becomes minutes. I open my arm wide to circle her flesh. Her smell becomes stronger. Whether it’s the perfume or her natural scent which wins depending on the time of the day it’s always sexy and wonderful.

She brings her arm up and wide and pushes her chest forward towards me. My arms reach down to her back and her arms get to my neck. Once I reach her back, I get a more pressing feeling of her boobs on my lower chest and her belly on my crotch. We pull each other closer. I move my left arm up on her shoulder, my hand on her neck; my right hand circles around her back, or goes up to to her left shoulder, goes down to her rump, sometimes under her underwear to the top of her ass crack if her attire allows. She brings her fat arms to my cheeks and pulls my head down so our cheeks can touch each other and our mouths gently kiss. At this point there is even more pressure on our fronts, I can feel her big belly pushing my dick and her boobs pressed against me. I can feel her pelvis tilting and pushing towards me underneath the expense of her flesh, trying to bring her crotch upwards and closer to me. I also push my penis towards her as if I’m going to penetrate her through our clothes.

Sometimes I bring my mouth down to her neck to get more of her scent. She gently kisses my ear. I push my belly forward to get more sense of her boobs and belly. We hold the position this way, as long as circumstances allow. It is heavenly. Even when it is only a split second, like when her family is around, it still gives me the same effect and I just want to be there glued against her for ever.

This time, after enlacing each other, we moved around a little while; my belly beylikdüzü escort pushed forward, my hands pressing her rolls of fat in he back, my mouth pressing hers; my dick pushed against her belly. But then she said.

– Now we need to stop or “I” won’t be able to stop. You bad boy go, break up and come back to me.

I left and looked for Sabine on campus.

Can we talk?…

It ended up not being so bad. Turned out she liked me but she was not really looking forward to a serious relationship after all. I managed to flatter her ego by immediately letting her telling me this and keeping the subject on it. At the end it felt like she was the one breaking up and she asked me whether I was OK! And we remained good friends. Very smooth Mitch!

She probably also wondered whether I was gay. After all I had never pushed my luck with her. As was confirmed to me again and again, any supposedly attractive or “hot” girl will think that you’re gay if you don’t want to make out with her.

By the time we were done, it was pretty late though, around 11:00pm. Still I called Mrs. Smith.

– Mrs. Smith I’m single.

– Congratulations Mitch!… How are you doing?

– OK

– You’re not feeling sad?

– A little bit but not too bad. I think seeing you would make me it all OK.

– I see… It’s a little bit late; I already have my nightgown on.

– I understand. I’ll see you tomorrow, don’t worry.

And then we both didn’t say anything for a little while, and then at the same time…

– I could…

We laughed. Sounded like we both didn’t want to wait. She said.

– Go ahead, what could you do?

– I could walk to your place, it’s pretty nice out (it was mid-May, the day had been beautiful).

– And I could come and get you.

– No it’s a pain for you. I’ll walk. You get ready for me.

– And how should I get ready?

– Well I need a lot of TLC to compensate for my loss.

– I think I can give you a lot of TLC. Maybe a big hug?

– A big hug could do it, a big long hug.

– I can do that, give you a big long hug… and more…

My cock was erect during this conversation, fully anticipating the hug with her, thinking of her silky nightgown letting the flesh show in numerous places.

– See you soon. I’m leaving right now.

– See you soon… I love you and I want you.

The night was beautiful and I enjoyed the walk. When I got to Mrs. Smith, she opened the door in her night gown, lovely pinkish satin gown letting me see and touch a lot of flesh indeed. She closed the door and whispered.

– I can’t wait, let’s start the long hug here.

The lights in the hallway were turned off so nobody could see us. We hugged in the dark. I pressed myself against her mass, she pressed her huge body against mine; we let our cheeks touch and rest close. We moved our hips around against each other.

– Let’s go now.

She took my hand and led me to her room.

Once in her room with the doors locked she faced me again, hugged me and kissed me with her hands on my cheeks and neck. She helped me get my clothes off while standing up and I was soon naked in front of her. She removed her night gown and held her left breast, pointing it to me.

– Do you remember?

– Oh yes I remember.

She sat down on the bed. I knelt in front of her, cupped this huge breast and lifted it to my mouth. My left arm was on her back and my right hand went down to massage her pussy while my mouth was supporting this heavy breast.

– It’s been so long. I’ve been dreaming of you sucking on my tits.

– Me too!… but only after I decided to break up with Sabine.

– Good boy!… Oh suck me!…

– With great pleasure.

After some long sucking, she said…

– Let me get comfortable.

From her sitting position at the edge of the bed, she lied down on the left avcılar escort to be on her side facing me. And then she moved away from the side of the bed to give me some space. She put a pillow behind her back so she was half lying and half on her side, giving me her chest to enjoy. I backed up a little bit to admire her and see her flesh moving around as she was waddling her big body to get to her final position. She opened her arms and said

– Come to me.

I bent over, kissed her while taking her tits in my hands and pressing them. I sucked on her boobs while setting on all four.

Then I stood up to look at her some more and deciding on what to do next. She was looking at me, alluring me and offering her huge self for my pleasure. She rearranged her right breast lying on the bed sheet; and she lifted her left leg and showed her nice hairy pussy. This told me the next step…

I knelt on the bed and dove in her crevasse, at the same time sliding down and bringing my body half by her and half on top of her, feeling both her belly and her tits against my own belly. Her pussy tasted so good, She kept her leg up giving me all the space needed to be far inside her. My mouth was full of her juice and my own saliva.

– Oh yes.

I didn’t say anything as my mouth was full. I went further up in her crotch, putting my tongue in her vagina; while my cock was getting in between her breasts. I put my right arm underneath her right thigh and put my hand inside her ass crack.

– Oh yes, that feels so good, keep going.

My tongue licked her inside completely. I was salivating to help getting the area wet and she was producing an abundant flow of juices. I took care of her clit for a while; and then went further down to the beginning or her ass crack. I licked and licked, vagina, ass, clit, while moving my chest and chin in her belly. My left hand was going back and forth between her breasts and her thighs. My dick was pointing straight towards her, perpendicular to my body, and she was massaging it in between her tits, giving me a wonderful tit-job. She was started to scream

– Oh yes, keep going, keep going; oh yes. Mitch I loooooovve you, oh yes Mitch I loovvvee what you do to me. Oh yes your tongue right there in my hole, oh yes push it, further…

I was dutifully following the instructions, pushing my tongue as far as it could go inside her crannies, nooks, on her clit, inside her vagina…. licking the crevasse between her mound and her bick belly, between her mound and her fat thighs; my dick still pushing hard in between her tits. She was moving her chest to add to the action.

– I love your big dick, I love your mouth, keep going, keep going.. I”m ready to come, are you ready yourself.

– Yes pretty close.

And we kept pushing against each other my tongue and nose now completely inside her. Her own tongue on my crotch with her tits engulfing my penis.

– Yes…

She screamed; and then I also came at the same time, throwing my juice far inside her tits.

After a little while she lowered down her left leg on my face now buried in between her soft wide thighs, my nose and mouth still at the opening of her vagina, my tongue coming into her at times to lick the juices. My left hand was resting and stroking her big fat arm and fleshy side. My right hand was holding her butt. And my slowly receding penis still engulfed in her huge tits, my chest pushing her belly. She was caressing my cock inside her breasts, kissing and licking my legs, stroking my butt with her left hand and massaging my feet with her right.

I love those times when the relieved passion lets us just enjoy the moment. Then becomes time to just feel, smell, taste. Often the passion even restarts right there; but it was late by then and both of us just dozed after a while. Eventually we moved to be lined up with the bed, and we felt asleep in each other’s arms.

Farewell skinny girl. I was back with the wonderful Mrs. Smith, looking forward to more time spent together in her room, more time inside her, more time exploding into her. But had I really learnt my lesson? It was one thing to be with Mrs. Smith in our secret relationship, it was another thing to be out of the closet and dating the campus fat girls!?

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