My Arab Secret

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Female Ejaculation

This story has a bit of truth to it, but it did not quite happen the way I tell it below, but I can always wish, right? None of the names are true and this is totally fiction. Thanks Sunny for your suggestions!


Retirement wasn’t all it was cracked up to be! I really began to miss the day-to-day events of going to the office and inter-acting with my colleagues. A friend needed some help at the school where she taught English. The money wasn’t great, but it was better than sitting on my ass at home. I began teaching a group of students that were preparing to enter universities in the states. They need to pass an English exam and needed to improve their language skills before enrolling. Additionally, wives of some of the foreign executives would enroll so it was an interesting mix of students.

After the first couple of weeks of teaching a class of teens more interested in learning about American teen-age culture, I was surprised when the director brought a lady to sit in on my class. Asrar was a beautiful Arab MILF, the wife of a diplomat. After sitting in for a day she signed up for my class.

Asrar, I learned later that her name meant secret in Arabic, always dressed very stylish. Always, in western style clothes, always the top of the rack from the best ladies stores in town. She only wore the hajib scarf over her hair and wrapped it stylishly around her neck. Only her beautiful face was exposed to the outside world. When she joined my class it was winter and she normally wore a loose sweater and wool slacks, expensive suede slip-on flats with expensive jewelry around her neck and wrists.

As a student she was the best; always on time, homework ready, and attentive in class. I learned her husband was assigned to the consul and traveled a lot for his position. She had five children the oldest, a son was a freshman in college… already the typical American.

As time went on, other opportunities popped up and I decided to take another position. I announced that I was leaving to the class, giving the students a little time to get use to the idea of a new teacher and for me to finish the term. On my last day, as the other students left the room, I noticed Asrar, was lagging ataşehir escort back, putting her books away and fumbling with her bag. I walked out of the room and came back thinking the room would be empty. Shutting the door behind me so I could make a phone call, I realized I was not alone.

Asrar was still sitting at her desk, but she had removed the hajib, a most unusual move for an Arab lady of her age. Her hair was flowing free over her shoulders.

“How did she keep all that hair wrapped up,” I thought not knowing what to say. Her hair was thick and black with a slight curl as it cascaded over her shoulder. I sat the phone down and walked to the back of the room. Asrar stood, she appeared taller than normal, but then I noticed she was wearing western pumps and a flowing skirt. As she stepped from the desk her skirt swished as she moved towards me with her hands outstretched, I took them as we embraced. The Arab mix of spices and perfume spread as I held her closer and tighter, not knowing what was going to happen next.

“I am going to miss you as my professor! It was the highlight of my day.”

My god, I never saw this coming! I could feel her breast pressing against my chest while she looked up at me with her wide almond eyes. She looked down and in a low voice, said “I know this is wrong, I have exposed myself to you. But I had to let you know that I considered you to be in my family and I could wear clothes like I would around my family.

“Asrar, I don’t know what to say…”

She pushed her face towards mine and with her lips open she pressed her lips to mine. It was only a few kisses when I felt her tongue probing, pushing deep into my mouth, and finally we were kissing like two teen-agers behind the football stadium. I didn’t know what was next but at this point I really didn’t care! Her arms wrapped around me and mine around her. I felt her hands on me like I would have never imagined and I let my right hand drop to her perfectly shaped bottom and felt her firm ass thru the silk of her skirt.

I think westerners often fantasize what is under the full burka that is worn by some Muslim women but, avcılar escort today I was wondering what was under her stylish skirt, because my hands instinctively noticed the line of a garter belt and French cut panties under the light material.

She stepped back and looked at me then down at the toe of her shoes, “I would hope you could join me for lunch, would you follow me over to the Hilton?” Of course but, Asrar, you don’t have to do this.” Turning her head to the side, “But if I want to?” I smiled back at her. She put her hair back into a bun, rewrapped the hajib and we left the room for the last time. No one knew we had just kissed and felt each other like teenagers.

The school was in a somewhat exclusive high end business district, so I followed closely behind her black Mercedes and slid into a parking place across the row from her car. Walking into the hotel as friends, no one would have thought we had just been making out in my classroom.

Inside the lobby, I started towards the dining room when she whispered, “I can’t be seen eating in public with you, and I have a suite where we will eat.”

Stepping onto the elevator I felt her hand take mine and her body inch closer to me, looking down into her eyes I thought I saw heaven.

Once the door closed behind us, the hajib came off again, her hair was free and she became the sex kitten that kissed me in the classroom.

“Professor, please be mine today…” With that I noticed there wasn’t any food on the table and she began tugging me towards the bed room door.

Walking into the bedroom our arms wrapped around each other, Asrar fell back onto the bed and I fell with her. My hands went to the hem of her skirt and I pulled it up as he worked the side zipper exposing the olive skin of her bare thighs, between the high cut panties and the top of her tan stockings. Asrar, took the blouse off while I removed my trousers and shirt and in mere minutes we were laying on the bed, nude except for her erotic lingerie.

Kissing her cheeks I went down the softness of her face and neck and used my tongue between the cleavages of her breast again being overcome avrupa yakası escort by the erotic scent of her perfume. Releasing her breast with the front clasp of her matching bra, Asrar’s breast with their aroused nipples were free for my lips. Sucking one and then the other before I felt her push me back on to the bed.

Not struggling, my new lover went down my body until she was holding my cock in her hands, running her tongue up and down its length… stopping to kiss its girth every few inches until the precum started forming on the end of my cock and then she licked it away.

Asrar, took my cock into her hands and massaged it while her lips smeared her red lipstick over the head of my cock. With each passing minute, Asrar took more and more of my cock into her mouth until she had swallowed it all and was massaging my balls in her soft hands.

It didn’t take long before the cum began building in my cock and Asrar swung her legs over me and took my cock deep into her pussy. Settling down with all of my cock in her she began to sway back and forth until our hips began moving in together and her breast swung in the air in front of my face.

My god what are you doing to me, she screamed!

My hands had been on her ass and with her scream I reared back and swatted her tender ass with my open palm, getting her to scream again but loader!

“Kiss me baby!” I yelled, wanting her to bend forward so I could suck her luscious breasts. Biting at her nipples as they swayed in front of me. I wanted to cum in her pussy and it was beginning to build in my balls and move thru my cock. Asrar, started talking to me telling me she wanted me to cum in her now, how she wanted my seed in her pussy, and I couldn’t hold back! My cum shot into her pussy at the top of a stroke, she dropped back down, engulfing my cock as she dropped to catch her breath and rested squatting over my cock.

Asrar stretched out next to me after she slowly moved off my cock and for a minute she took my cock in her mouth and cleaned both of our cum from my throbbing rod.

Looking at her, kissing her face, I moved to do the same to her and licked the lips of her pussy as I cleaned the last drop of cum from her love canal.

She snuggled up again and kissed my face making me want to fuck her again … but a knock on the door interrupted us making love again. Asrar had preordered food and champagne it had arrived. It looked like she had come to play for more than an afternoon quickie. I would have to wait and find out.

What do you think happened after lunch?

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