My Co-Worker Sara Pt. 02

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This is the first of three fantasies that I have about my former co-worker and as far as I’m concerned my former friend Sara.

In this first fantasy Sara agrees to allow me to take her out to dinner so I treat her to a nice meal at a local seafood restaurant. After eating Sara and I drive around for a little while before ending up at an over look overlooking Lake Erie. We park and chat as we watch the cargo ships unloading and the early evening twilight quickly fades to dark. Sara lights a cigarette and rolls the passenger window down to vent to smoke.

“You know I’ve been wanting to apologize for being such a bitch to you recently.” Sara tells me.

“I’m over it now you let me take you out to dinner.” I tell her. “I think you’ve made up for it.” I continue.

“Yeah but you treated me better than any other man when I was working with you at the store and I end up treating you like an asshole.” Sara comments.

“Eh, don’t worry about it.” I tell her.

Sara holds her cigarette in her right beşiktaş escort hand and flicks the ashes out the window and her left hand creeps over to my pants and she begins rubbing my crotch.

I look at her and she mouths the words; “I’m sorry.” and she smiles at me.

She flicks her cigarette out the window and uses both hands to undo my pants. She reaches into my underwear pulling out my flaccid but rapidly growing cock.

Leaning over in the seat Sara takes my cock into her mouth and slowly pulls up on it with her thick lips pulled tight. I stiffen up at the intense pleasure of Sara’s mouth slowly sliding up the shaft and ending at the head. I feel her tongue slipping over the head of my cock slowly and I feel her tongue trembling.

The eerie green lights from the instrument cluster on my antique car’s dashboard glare off of Sara’s face and hand giving them a ghostly green hue. I place my hand gently on the back of Sara’s head beşyol escort and guide her mouth up and down as I look around the over look for any ‘innocent bystanders.’

Sara’s left hand grips my now throbbing hard cock while her right hand slides into my pants and she gently squeezes my balls.

I feel her take my cock down deep into her throat and she licks my balls all in one try and I grunt loudly at the feeling. Sara laughs and begins rapidly sucking and stroking my cock drawing me within a minute or two of cumming.

My knees begin to shake as Sara strokes my load closer and closer to the top. She licks around the head again removing about a half gallon of precum from it and then she takes it back into her mouth.

“Sara I’m gonna cum!” I tell her but she keeps sucking.

I feel her lips tighten up around my throbbing hard cock and a few seconds later I unload six huge streams of cum into her mouth. She gags only a little but allows beykent escort every stream to make their way down into her throat. I feel her pull hard with her lips and she sits up.

Sara swallows my cum with a loud gulp and looks at me and smiles. Her teeth show a slight sheen caused by my hot cum while it was in her mouth. After wiping a bit of my cum off of her chin with her wrist Sara then reaches into her purse for another cigarette and lights it. While holding her cigarette in one hand Sara helps me redo my pants putting everything away for me.

I start the car and pull out of the parking spot to begin the drive to Sara’s house to drop her off.

“Can we stop somewhere to get a soda?” Sara asks. “I can feel your little sperms swimming around in my throat.” She comments sarcastically.

“Yeah I could use one too ’cause I feel drained.” I tell her.

It takes a moment for her to get my joke but then she erupts with laughter.

“Shut up!” She says with a smile.

I stop at a near by store and go in to buy Sara and I a couple of drinks before heading to her house. When we get to her house a few minutes later I walk Sara to her door and she hugs me.

“Goodnight.” I say to her.

“I’ll see ya later.” She responds.

I watch her walk into her house and I return to my own house to get ready for work in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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