My Feather Girl Ch. 05b

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My Feather Girl Ch. 05b – For the world to see.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast and thor_pf for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style… and a strong reliance on spell check.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Acup

A word of warning, I write good stories, I hope, with some decent sex in them. If you’re looking for a stroker look somewhere else.

The disclaimers have been moved to the end of the story for my ADD readers.

This is the story of a young woman who has been keeping company with a rather pathetic guy who has succeeded in warping her sense of what a ‘normal’ relationship and sex should be. It’s about her finding an average young man and her learning that what she thought she knew really isn’t so, then slowly working through to what should be a normal relationship and coming to terms with it. Finally coming to be a lovely woman who doesn’t hide her body and eventually begins to enjoy and even revel in being looked at.


I REALLY HATE ALARM CLOCKS! It seemed like I had just fallen asleep, but the clock said ten thirty pm. This was going to be a long night.

And Betty wasn’t going to be much help. A loose sleeveless top with large arm holes and low neckline over a long skirt that had TWO Velcro strips on each side. The only part of the skirt that actually physically connected front to back was the elastic strip at the waist and she had it pulled up as high as she could, almost to her belly button. She snickered as she demonstrated the large tuck in the back between her cheeks.

Going to have to christen Hank’s new shop tonight!

At least I was going to get a bit of a break from the floor, and Samuel said he was going to make my ‘hiring’ official Friday. There were ten other candidates for the position, but when he added training and board repair to the specifications I was locked in. And because I had a few things moved or misplaced doing repairs I was getting official approval to move my repair bench into the storage closet around the corner.

Now moving the repair set up from the shop to the storage room sounds simple, but we all know moving is anything but.

First off I had to move our special stack of bases out of the way so I could move a section of shelving up near the outlets for power, that necessitated emptying them to be able to move them. So I had stuff spread all over out in the hall.

“So are you actually making any progress down here?”

I looked over to see Betty leaning against the wall facing me. Her top pulled aside to bare her pierced nipple right above her crossed arms blocking the view from the security cameras and her leg kicked out in the long slit in her skirt, not quite putting her pussy in view.

“You’re ornery woman.”

Betty smiled and pulled the skirt open to show her pussy and a bit of a sheen on her wet thigh, “No, this is ornery.” She did at least run her finger through her pussy and wiped it on my lips before she left.

I had it mostly finished by late break. I did have to move a few things on the other side of my shelf / work bench though. Seems I had to have the back side accessible so Betty could get under the bench while I was sitting there working.

Fuck that’s not nice! Feeling my zipper go down and anticipating her lips around my cock while I sit on the stool. And I couldn’t see it, but it sounded like she had her fingers going in her pussy while she was sucking me down. I had a death grip on the edge of the bench as I unloaded down her throat. Barely staying upright as she pulled back and milked the last of my cum from my cock.

Betty came around the end of the shelving with a big grin. “Yeah, that will do,” as she wiped a big dollop of my cum from her cleavage and licked it from her finger.

I sat there trying to catch my breath, forgetting for a bit I was hanging out of my slacks under the bench. Betty’s uniform pants modification sure was handy though!

We were headed home, Betty leaned against me, my hand on her bare tit, her halter top pulled outside her tits letting me play with either one as I desired. Made me wish I had one hand for driving and two to play with her chest.

Betty was lightly tracing her finger on my hand playing with her tit. “Do we have anything planned for Saturday?”

“Just putzing around, lots of little things, but nothing special. Why?”

“Shauntane and Zack were thinking about stopping out.”

Shauntane! That would be sooo terrible to get a better look at those monsters. “Zack is her husband right? Don’t know if I’ve ever met him.”

“He works soft count. Big guy, we kid them they should switch departments.”

“Well at least we have the next day off if things drag out.” Sunday and bostancı escort Monday were our days off.

“Mmmmmmm,” as I rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger. “They probably won’t make it out until around lunch. Hard count works about a half a shift off from everybody else. Figured it would work out okay for Saturday.”

Betty walked to the house, her clothes coming off, what there was of them at least. Halter untied as she got out of the truck and deposited on the railing. Skirt pushed past her hip as she turned in front of the door letting it puddle around her ankles.

Betty put one hand behind my neck to hold me tight for a deep kiss while the other dropped my zipper and reached in for my hard cock. “You know I only got a taste of this last night,” as she led us into the house.

“And you think you need more than a taste do you?” as I cupped her ass and slid a finger between wet lips to her clit.

Betty moaned as I got a good grip on her ass. “Definitely,” Leading me by my cock sticking out of my pants to the couch. She just sat back and spread her legs drawing me right up to her wet pussy.

I just kept on going sinking balls deep in her.

“Fuuuuccckkkk…” she groaned.

“Okay,” grinning as I took ahold of her ankles and pinned them up to the back of the couch. A squeak and a grin was all the permission I needed. I just plain fucked my woman. Getting just the right rhythm to bounce her back into the cushions and back onto my cock, letting the cushions do most of the work to slap her deep onto my cock.

Saturday morning when we got home Betty was scurrying around, a quick meal and picking up around the house, getting everything ready to put on the grill later. About ten thirty a white escalade came down the driveway. Now Shauntane was not a small girl, but Zack. He had to be at least six four and all of two hundred pounds if not two fifty.

Of course I never even noticed her HUGE chest moving under that t-shirt. It wouldn’t have even occurred to me to look. Noooo never!

I almost laughed when Betty and Shauntane hugged, short skinny flat chested white woman and large huge chested black woman. It was in a word, HOT!

The girls disappeared into the house while I got the grill going and chatted with Zack.

Zack stopped mid-sentence, and I did the same when I turned. There was Betty and Shauntane, in bikinis!

Now part of it was I hadn’t seen Betty in a bikini that big since our first visit. It actually had decent sized string to it, and the back was more than an elastic string between her cheeks.

But Shauntanes was… MAN! A dark chocolate black woman, probably an E or F cup chest with a small C cup bikini. FUUUUCCCCKKKK! That day glow orange set off all the more by her dark chocolate skin. And the way her equally large nipples were popping out there was definitely no lining in that top.

Now Betty’s bikini was no slouch either. She didn’t get out that micro bikini she wore the last day we were here the first time, but it wasn’t much more. A tiny triangle that only covered about half of her mound with a lovely little bit of camel toe. The top had been retied as strapless, letting a nice bit of upper and lower tit show. Mmmmm, and the nicest hint of nipple ring.

I held my arm out to draw her to me, squeezing a nicely almost bare cheek and giving her a nice kiss. “You look good enough to eat.”

Betty ground her hip against my growing hard on, “I’ll hold you to that later.”

I slipped my fingers inside her bottom and stroked her rosebud, still a trace of lube from putting her plug in last night. I pushed just the tip of my finger into her ass, “Promises, promises,” as she let out a soft groan.

She pulled away with a grin, “And just for that I’m not going to let you oil me up, you’ll just have to watch Shauntane do me.” That being said as she walked with hips swaying to the lounger, her bikini bottom still pushed to the crack of her ass on one side from my playing and her not taking any notice of it or the looks from Zack.

I looked at Shauntane peeling away from Zack, her nipples even more pronounced, turning to follow Betty with her bottom also trying to find its way between her cheeks.

“They can be pure evil sometimes…”

Zack snickered and grinned, “Yeah, I don’t know how we put up with it.”

We both just stood there a bit watching them oil up, glistening in the mid-day sun. And BOTH of them teasing by oiling up their tits under their bikini tops like they were stroking their nipples.

Betty had just finished oiling her mound and moaning. “You going to put the food on the grill or are we going to eat it raw?”

I know what I was in the mood to eat raw.

I was just getting the burgers going and letting my cock settle down when Betty just stoked the fire.

“Hey Zack,” she called out. “You wouldn’t mind it if we got rid of a few tan lines would you?”

I looked over and Betty had undone büyükçekmece escort the string between her tits just holding it with one hand. Shauntane had her neck string undone and was ready to pull the cups down to bare her tits.

Zack started to turn to me.

“Don’t look at him, I already know his answer,” as she let the top separate a bit more, it was barely hanging on her nipples now with the top of her pink areola clearly showing. Shauntane hadn’t gotten quite that brave, but her nipples were standing up nice and proud.

Zack gulped, then looked at Shauntane grinning. “Well I guess that would be okay.”

Betty just smiled and quickly disposed of her top throwing it at me. I just smiled and tucked it on my pocket leaving the strings hanging out. She lay back cupping and squeezing a bit before lying back with an even bigger grin.

DAMN SHAUNTANE! What kind of monster dick is Zack hiding in there?

Shauntane wasn’t quite as enthusiastic, she kept her top beside her, but did tease Zack a bit making sure they were still properly oiled. And even in the mid-day heat, her nipples still stood proud in the middle of some huge areola.

Somehow with all that loveliness in front of us we managed not to burn the burgers and brats. Call it luck. I called lunch, and Betty jumped up and grabbed some plates getting everybody started. Shauntane was going to reach for her top, but Betty grabbed her hand and led her to the table.

I do love my fiancé, but those swinging monsters of Shauntane’s were not to be ignored, and Zack seemed to be taking a nice interest in Betty’s small chest and nipple ring, of which she seemed to be showing off a bit.

We had just started to eat, Betty sitting up proud while Shauntane was hunched a bit, her nipples barely above the edge of the table, when we heard a vehicle coming down the drive way.

We all turned to see the mail truck coming down the driveway.

Shauntane quickly raised her arm across her tits, her forearm barely covering her large areola. But she gasped when Betty got up and walked across the deck to meet Gregory still topless, and her bottom had pulled together to a thong in the back and the front had done its best to get between her lips.

“Afternoon Gregory.”

“Afternoon Betty,” handing her a small stack of letters and advertisements. “Having a bit of a get together?”

“Kinda,” going through the mail pulling out the important stuff. “Some friends from work. Getting rid of our tan lines.”

Gregory chuckled, “Now I know you’re pulling my leg.” He paused a moment glancing toward the table and waving. “You folks have a nice afternoon.”

Betty turned and stood for just a second with her back to him, then walked with a very exaggerated hip swing back to the table. After a few steps Gregory turned to get in his truck and headed back down the road.

Betty had sat down with Shauntane staring wide mouthed at her. “I can’t believe you did that. Standing there with your boobs out for him to drool over! He’s probably down at the end of the drive jacking off to it!”

Betty smiled, “Na, Gregory wasn’t staring at my boobs, he’s an ass man. Now if we’d stood in front of him and mooned him, then yeah, he might be jacking off to the sight of that.”

Mmmmm, now Hank looking at my boobs, that’s a different story…

Zack snorted his pop out his nose then started coughing and hacking. Shauntane looked lovely standing up to pat his back to help. Those tits can really get to swing when she lets them.

The conversation was a bit subdued for a bit, but picked back up as the girls were talking about the little things going on at work. Zack and I interjected only as necessary as we watched two animated girls using hands at they talked, said hand movement causing some nice swaying of tits, even a few nice jiggles from Betty and she wasn’t usually that animated.

We cleaned up after lunch, letting the girls get back to the seriousness of tanning. The early afternoon sun necessitating them turning the loungers toward us giving us an almost straight up between the legs view.

When we came out of the house we both stopped. Shauntane was leaning over Betty’s back applying oil, her tits having a gentle motion and the wiggle of her ass letting her bottom settle nicely between her cheeks. That was followed by Shauntane lying down, her big tits flattening out and bulging way beyond her sides as Betty leaned over her to do her back.

Mmmmm, Betty leaned over, her little bottom having somehow gotten even further up between her cheeks like a micro thong. Her oiling Shauntane giving her little tits some nice movement and her pierced nipple and ring even a little more.

We sat and ogled our women, only making the barest necessity of conversation lest it detract from the vision in front of us.

“I can’t believe you did that.”

“Did what?”

“Walked up to the mailman with your boobs hanging out.”

“He çekmeköy escort wasn’t really looking at my boobs.” Shauntane snorted. “Okay yeah, he looked at my boobs just to be nice. But all he really wants to do is look at my butt. Was probably disappointed I had my bottoms on.”

“WHAT! You mean you’ve done that before?”

“Mmmm, we only see him on Saturdays. The rest of the week we’re in bed when he gets here in the afternoon. But the other ladies keep him occupied.”

“Other ladies?” she asked rolling to her side a bit to look at me.

I just smiled at the time he came up the drive at Linda’s when we were having a get together with the group. “Mmmm hmmm, there are a few of us on his route that tease him a bit. He calls himself a ‘menopause widower’, said he saw it in one of the ladies magazines.”

I sighed feeling a little sorry for him. “The story I got was she hit menopause and quit putting out more than a few times a year. But he’s a faithful married man, so between him looking at some of the magazines’ he delivers and a few of us letting him ogle, he stays sane.”

Shauntane giggled, “I don’t know if I could stay sane only getting it a few times a week much less a few times a year.” She paused a bit, “And Hank doesn’t mind?”

“Doesn’t seem to, but then the first time he saw me was when Chester and Linda were here so it was a decent intro.”

“Was she…”

I grinned at the memory of that day. “Yeah, we don’t usually wear anything around here. And Gregory is coming down the driveway a bit slow. I was a bit nervous at someone I didn’t know seeing me like that, but Linda just stood there and introduced us. Then she had me go get a glass of water for Gregory.”

“What’s that got to do with it?”

“I didn’t know Gregory was an ass man, and I still had my crystal plug in.”

“YOUR WHAT! You mean you take him… you let him…”

Well I hadn’t intended to get into that, but in for a penny in for a pound. “Mmm hmmm.” I grinned at the memory of Hank filling my ass last night before we went in to work.

“Oh that’s just plain nasty.”

“No, I mean with the pencil dick I was with before Hank it was the only way I could feel anything. He was about the size of a roll of quarters when he was hard, and that’s insulting to a roll of quarters, more like a roll of nickels.”

Shauntane snorted, “Oh you’re baaaad.”

“Oh no, he was baaad. Hell the first time I had Hank in my puss I thought he would split me open.”

“And you still let him put it in your… backside?”

I sighed, “Mmmm, that first time was a bit intense. Fuck that, it just plain hurt at first. But after a few seconds it was the most intense feeling. Feeling his big dick go where no man had gone before.”

“Sounds like a bad SciFi show,” she snickered.

I giggled, “Nooo, a good one, but the way he filled me, DAMN. And feeling him cum in my ass, ain’t nothin’ like it. Walking around with his load in me and my metal plug… Almost makes me cum again thinking about it, his load and the plug each just out of sync with my steps.” I just clenched my ass and groaned. I was a hair trigger away from cumming.

“Damn girl, ain’t no way I’m gonna let Zack near my ass and you got me wet thinking about it.”

My turn to snicker, “Means you need to do some more thinking about it. Hell if you guys weren’t here right now I’d be spreading my cheeks and getting Hank to drive that delicious dick in my ass until he fills me to overflowing.”

“Damn girl…”

“And since all this talk of Hank’s dick had me tingling, I think it’s time to roll over and really tease the boys.”

“Can’t tease them any more than we are, ain’t nothing left to take off.”

“Sure there is,” tugging on the side string of my bottoms.

“I can’t do that!”

“Well we can always pull them down a bit.” And I proceeded to do just that as I turned over, giving the string between my cheeks a good pull. Having the double effect of pulling it nice and sung against my ass as the front pulled deeper between my lips as it bared the top of my mound. If I gave it even the slightest more of a tug the top of my slit would be visible.

“Slut,” Shauntane said as I lay back, lifting and spreading my knees just a little.

“Anytime anywhere for Hank,” I said before raising my voice. “Hey honey?” I called out to Hank, then glaring at Shauntane and then her crotch to follow my example.

She sighed and pulled her bottoms down a bit, but not quite as far.

“Yes dear.”

“I think I’m a little over due for a shave, what do you think?” I asked as I ran my finger back and forth across my mound just above my bottoms.

Zack and I had actually been talking enough to have missed the turn of the oiled ladies, but the sight in front of us stopped us both cold.

Oiled and reclined, knees slightly up and bikinis’ barely covering pussies. Betty lightly stroking her mound while Shauntane just resting her hand on her thigh. The most beautiful pair of camel toes with what I hoped were wet crotches and not just oiled ones.

And even with those monster tits and huge nipples beside her, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Betty on display for me. “You’re evil woman, next thing you’re going to tell me is you want me to do it again.”

“Well it just works soooo much better with you doing it instead of just watching me do it.”

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