My First Blow , Go

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This story is completely and utterly true.


I washed my body down in the shower, letting the shower gel bubble up as it cleansed my whole body. I’m white, 6’3, 24 years old. And straight.

I don’t know what possessed me to download the dating app, I think I had been watching some Tgirl videos, and wondered if there were any in my vicinity. I lay back on my bed, my cock semi hard, and created a fake username and password. As soon as I logged on there were hundreds of pictures of men, all within a couple of km. None of them really did anything for me, I consider myself straight, and had never looked at a guy in a sexual way before. I switched ‘Tribes’ to Trans and my cock twitched as my screen now filled with very sexy Tgirls, all pouting at their camera, and most less than 3km away.

I took a shot of my athletic physique, no face, and sent it to a couple of them, with a brief introduction. Within a minute I had a couple of replies, some interested, some not. One had taken a photo of their smooth ass, bent over on a bed, saying she ‘was ready for me’. My cock felt bigger and harder than it had been in a long time. She was 3km away though, and that night I needed something there and then.

It was well past midnight when a message popped up. His name – Dating Guy. Age – 30. He asked if I’d like a blowjob – he was looking to swallow some cum. I genuinely hadn’t entertained the idea of a guy satisfying my needs, my only thought was with the Tgirls. I asked him how long it would take to get to my flat. 5 minutes. I could have someone giving me a deep slow blowjob in 5 minutes, all I had to do was say yes. I sent him a pic of my body, and he did the same. It would have to be totally discreet, I’d buzz him in through the front door, then leave my Esenyurt Escort Bayan flat door on the latch, there would be no lights on. He agreed.

I gave him my flat number.

I lay there rock hard and quite nervous. This was so new to me – but I knew I needed that warm wet relief.

I stood by the buzzer, and as soon as it made a sound I buzzed him in, my heart racing at 100mph. I waited for him to ascend the stairs, and stood by my bedroom door. His shadow appeared at the door, he saw my figure standing so he knew which door was my bedroom. I heard him close the front door as I went to my bed, the flat completely pitch black. He came into the room and said hi quietly. He took off his shoes and put his phone on the side as I took off my boxers and lay back on the bed.

He crawled onto the bed between my legs and kissed my chest, then planted kisses all the way down to my cock, I gasped as I felt his warm mouth envelop my cock, it had been a while since my last blowjob, and this was the first time a male had ever touched my cock – it felt fucking fantastic. He slowly sucked the head, then started stroking it with his hand as he licked the length of it, base to tip, then back. He then took it into his mouth again, slowly sinking inch by inch towards the base. His mouth was exactly what I had needed, I lay back loving every second. He started to move up and down on my cock for the first time, opening his mouth to take in as much as he could before closing his lips around it as he ascended. He did this for a couple of minutes, before holding the head in his lips as he ran his tongue around it quickly. I’d found a pro here. The room was full of the sound of sucking and licking, with my occasional groan.

He then started stroking Avcılar Escort Bayan me again as his tongue snaked down to my balls, he licked them slowly then took them in his mouth sucking each ball as he stroked my cock. I buried my head backwards into the pillow in ecstasy, I’ve always enjoyed my balls being played with. He made loud sucking sounds as he took a ball into his mouth and ran his tongue around it, followed by the other ball. I grabbed the back of his head with pleasure coursing through me.

His tongue trailed from my balls all the way back up my throbbing shaft – desperately needing his warm mouth again. He sank my rock hard cock into his mouth again, riding my cock like a tight pussy. This time though he opened his mouth as wide as possible, taking more into his mouth than he had before, nearly at the base of my cock, something no one had managed to do before. He held himself there for a few seconds, it felt absolutely amazing, there was a warm pressure on the head of my cock whilst the rest of it was enveloped in warmth. He coughed slightly as he came back up for air, gave the head some attention, then plunged back down again. I thought I’d experienced deepthroat before, but this was deeper than anyone had ever taken me. This time he got all the way to the bottom, pressing his face into my trimmed pubes. Again he held it for a few seconds and then came back up for air. This was becoming the best blowjob I’d ever had.

He panted, out of breath, as he licked the sides of my cock, and then kissed down to my groin, once again taking my balls into his mouth.. he then carried on kissing down.. my cock felt like it grew another inch as he licked just below my balls, before pushing my legs slightly higher.. His tongue grazed my ass, the first time I’d ever felt that.. he stroked my cock as he started to lick my hole.. slowly at first, increasing my sensitivity. Then he actually started to push his tongue into my hole. I moaned loudly, it felt absolutely amazing. His wet warm tongue was getting deeper and deeper into my ass, as he would pull it out and push it back in again, tongue fucking me – all the while stroking my length slowly. I felt like I could cum any second, but tried to hold it off. He was now driving my face into my ass, giving me a full rimjob. I pulled my legs up further so he could have better access, which made his tongue go even deeper, causing a loud groan from me.

Before long I felt like I needed to cum, I lowered my legs, and he took the signal, snaking his tongue back up and once again enveloping my now rock hard throbbing shaft in his warm wet mouth, he started bobbing up and down at great speed, wanting to taste what I had to give him. I hadn’t cum for two days, and I was sure this was going to be bigger than my usual load, which is too much for most girls. He carried on bobbing, going deeper and deeper each time. Before long I gave him the signal that I was about to cum, he dove down all the way to the base of my cock as my body was overcome with pleasure. I fired the most incredible load, spurt after spurt, for at least 15 seconds, he swallowed as it came out, and moved to about half way up my cock so it filled his mouth as well as his throat. My body writhing, I fired out the last shot with a massive groan and lay back exhausted. As he came up my cock, he kept his lips tight to make sure he got everything. I could hear the amount of cum in his mouth, it was completely full. He sat between my legs and swallowed, panting from the effort.

He then sighed with similar exhaustion to mine, I keep just about see him smiling though. He put his shoes on without a word, picked up his phone, and stood up to leave. He turned just before the door, said ‘thanks’ in a whisper, and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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