My First Visit to a Massage Parlour

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What made me go to a massage parlour for the first time when I had survived the first thirty or so years of my life without feeling the need? Quite simply I had not had sex for nearly three months and was feeling very horny. Of course, this had happened before, but this time I was in a relationship and had been enjoying an active sex life until my live in lover had been sent to Tokyo for three months by her employer to work for their Japanese division. No problem, pleased for her. I would miss her but three months is nothing, and some aspects of being single for a while appealed. I never even considered that doing without sex for a while would be a problem — after all it’s what your right hands for!

What changed things was that a week before she had ‘phoned and dropped the bombshell that she had been offered a years contract with the Japanese division and planned to accept the offer. It would mean resigning her post at home, with no guarantee of being reemployed at the end of the year. All at once our future seemed to be in doubt. I had my own business to run, so there was no chance of me relocating. If the year went well, there was the likelihood that she would be offered another. If not and she returned she might end up in another part of the country.

I voiced my misgivings but she was dismissive, saying that if I had such an opportunity she would follow me. Of course, the difference was that I would be able to support her in a non wage earning role, whereas she couldn’t do the same for me. And my business just wasn’t portable, which she had always known. The ‘phone call ended, not particularly happily, and my resentment at her behaviour grew over the week. I could easily imagine what she would have had to say if I decided to dump my business and piss of to the other side of the world for a year without her, with no discussion.

The following weekend I visited a friend, Rich, a couple of hours away from where I lived. He wanted me to meet his new girlfriend. The weekend went well, with plenty of good talk, food and drink. However, they were all over one another and both mornings I woke to sounds of grunts and groans and creaking bed springs in the next room, all of which added to my frustration.

Diane was a nice, good looking girl; she was friendly and not particularly shy. On the second morning she knocked on my door, and brought me in a hangover busting cup of coffee. She was wearing a short silk dressing gown and I just knew there was nothing under it. As Diane bent over to put the coffee on my bedside table I got an eyeful of cleavage and while she chatted away her magnificent thighs were no more than eighteen inches from my face. My hand was nursing my usual morning hardon under the blanket and a weeks worth of saved up spunk nearly erupted spontaneously as I thought of her no doubt still sloppy pussy, all matted pubes and puffy lips, so close to me. I was seized with a mad urge to throw the blanket back and beg her for a handjob, but resisted. It probably would have spoiled the weekend.

I determined there and then to get some sex on my way home. I had to pass a big city and surely I could find someone. I had no conscience about my decision to cheat on my girlfriend, she had just announced she was leaving for a year with almost no discussion, so did she expect me to turn into a monk? What would she get up to? Normally cevizli escort it would not have occurred to me to stray; I thought we were happy together, but in the last week had started to question that assumption.

As I drove back I considered checking out pubs, looking for singles bars etc, but all seemed a long shot in the time available. Also, I knew I was going to look desperate which wouldn’t help. I called into a service area for a break, and seeing a tourist information booth had a brainwave. I asked to see the local yellow pages, looked up “massage”, and there, to my surprise, it was. I made the call, which was answered by a sexy, husky voice. I asked if I needed an appointment, but was told,

“No, just come when you’re ready.”

The innuendo seemed to confirm that it was the right kind of place. I noted the address, bought a city map, and resumed my journey with new hope and a bulge in my trousers which was there on and off until I hit the city traffic.

When I turned into the street where the address given was located I was surprised to find that it was a residential area. There were few people around, just a couple walking their dog, and a guy washing his car. The parlour itself looked like it may have been a shop at one time. The windows were blacked out and carried a logo saying something about relaxation. There was no doubt I was in the right place.

Feeling suddenly as nervous as I had been horny a few minutes before I parked and waited until the dog walkers had passed, not really wanting to be seen going in to a massage parlour even though there was no one within fifty miles who knew me. Nothing I could do about the car washer, so I got out, locked the car and walked briskly the hundred yards or so to the door. I rang the bell, feeling very conspicuous while I waited but the door opened within a few seconds and a young woman let me in and greeted me politely.

“Hi, how are you today my love?”

“Er, good thanks.”

I recognised her voice from my earlier ‘phone call.

“Have you visited us before?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Well, a half hour massage is £5. Your masseuse will be down in a moment, and if you are happy with her you pay at the desk here before she takes you upstairs. If you need anything else she will discuss it with you in the treatment room.”

I was slightly dubious, but what the hell — if it turned out to be a rip off I’d just chalk it up to experience. It wasn’t like I made a habit of it. Just as I’d decided to go for it Charlie came in through the door. To be honest, my first reaction was slight disappointment. She was a good bit older than I had thought, and if I’m honest a fraction heavier. She was somewhere in her late thirties I thought and wore a short sexy dressing gown, loosely tied at the front to reveal stockinged legs and lacy white panties and bra. Her skin was rich, dark chocolate and I guessed she was Caribbean in origin, which was confirmed by her accent when she greeted me.

“Hi, I’m Charlie; would you like to come upstairs with me?”

It took about two seconds to reprogram my brain from the twenty something blonde stick insect it had, for some reason, presumed I would be meeting into mature exotic beauty mode and I heard myself say, “Yes please!”

I paid my £5 with a shaking erenköy escort hand and followed Charlie up the stairs. The view alone was worth £5!

Once in the treatment room she asked, “Have you had a massage in a place like this before?”

“No.” I replied truthfully.

“Ok. You’ve paid for a half hour massage, but most clients like something extra so I’ll tell you what I can do and what it costs.”

She ran through an extensive menu.

“I can give you just hand relief, hand relief with face sitting, breast relief, oral with a condom or you can masturbate and cum on my body but not my face.”

There was more, but I can’t remember it all. Each item had a different price. She didn’t offer full sex which surprised me a little but didn’t worry me as I had already decided to opt for the breast relief.

“I’ll go for the breast relief please.”

“Ok, my love, if you’d like to pay me now I’ll leave the room for a moment and you can get undressed. There’s a towel for you on the bed.”

I gave her the money, my hands still shaking for some reason and she left the room, closing the door behind her.

I undressed, wrapped the small towel around my waist and lay on the bed feeling a bit vulnerable and wondering what on earth I was doing. Charlie soon returned, shut and locked the door, and undressed. As she stepped out of her panties she stretched her hands over her head and asked, “Do you like me?”

“Oh, yes.”

Her breasts were firm and a good size with very dark nipples, her legs long and there was an untrimmed bush where they met. She asked me to turn over saying that she would start with my back, and asking if I would like oil or powder. I went for oil of course, my mind fast forwarding to the finale with my oily cock between those magnificent tits. At this point I was worried. I hadn’t been with a woman for nearly three months or masturbated for a week. I was naked in a room with a very sexy lady, also naked, who was shortly going to give me an oily tit wank. I should have got instant wood, but I didn’t. Must be nerves, I thought.

Charlie started on my neck and shoulders, rubbing and kneading the scented oil into my skin. It felt good and I started to relax as she moved down my back, pressing her thumbs into my spine. She soon reached my buttocks, squeezing them and moving her hands over them in a circular motion. Her thumb slipped into my crack and brushed against my balls, but she moved on to my thighs without lingering. I was feeling much better now, and a pleasant warm sensation spread into my cock. Not a hardon, but it was on the way! Charlie squeezed and rubbed at my thighs for a minute or two, and just as I was about to suggest it, she moved back up to my buttocks, squeezing them and pushing both thumbs into my crack again. She worked closely around my asshole and for a moment I thought she was going to push a thumb in, but instead she slipped her oily hand between my legs and started gently fondling my balls. I spread my legs wider, and she slid her hand under me, squeezing my half hard cock and saying,

“Time to turn over I think!” She suggested.

I turned, and she wanked softly at my penis, rubbing at one of my nipples with her other hand.

“You can touch if you want,” She said, still masturbating me slowly. esenyurt escort

I hefted a weighty breast and gently rolled the nipple between my thumb and finger, then put my hand between her legs, feeling moisture and curly hair. I was fully erect now, and she stroked the upper surface of my cock with her thumb, curling her fingers around my balls.

“Are you ready for my boobs now?” She asked.

“Yes, I’m ready now.”

“Ok, we’ll do that bit on the floor, up you get honey.” She tugged at my cock.

I swung my legs off the couch and stood, my cock sticking straight out in front of me. She picked a pillow off the couch and dropped it on the floor.

“Lie down there with your head on the pillow and I’ll show you how we do this.”

I did as I was told and she knelt between my legs, her buttocks resting on her heels.

“Right, put your legs around me and wriggle up until your bum’s on my lap.”

When I was in position, she tipped some oil between her breasts and spread it around. She rubbed some more oil onto my swollen cock, pulling my foreskin back and rubbing it over my knob with her thumb. When all was slick, she took one of her breasts in each hand and enveloped my cock with them. She squeezed them together and started to move them up and down. The pink head of my cock popped in and out of her chocolate cleavage with each stroke and the sensation was exquisite, warm, soft and slippery, much like a pussy. Charlie was in no hurry, and moved her breasts up and down at a steady pace, saying things like,

“Wow, you’re very hard now honey, are you enjoying fucking my tits? You can cum on them any time you’re ready, just cream when you want to,” to encourage me.

Charlie carried on like this for a few minutes, and I started to worry that I wasn’t going to cum like that and might have to finish by hand, but she carried on patiently and soon the feeling was upon me. As it built up I croaked, “I’m going to cum, here it comes now.”

“Come on then baby, give me your cream, cum for me now.”

A dribble of sperm escaped from my knob, and she extended her neck, looking up to the ceiling as I shot. Three of four thick pearly ropes erupted from my cock, splattering up the length of her chest and throat, as far as her chin, followed by some weaker spurts which flopped onto her tits. When I had finished, she let go of her breasts and, squeezing my cock firmly, carefully wanked the last drops out of me while she massaged my balls with her other hand. She leaned back a little, still holding onto my cock.

“Wow, you needed that bad! Feeling better now?”

“Oh, yes!”

There were creamy gobs of semen all over her chest and throat, between her tits and, sexiest of all, a dribble hanging from her chin. I loved the contrast between my creamy white sperm and her dark brown skin. Charlie was completely unfazed by the mess, and kept masturbating me slowly until I began to soften. When I was nearly flaccid she cleaned me up with a wet wipe, and then took care of herself. We got dressed, and I thanked and tipped her. She kissed me goodbye, a peck on the cheek, told me to come again soon, and opened the door for me. I went down the stairs, the receptionist offered me a coffee, which I declined, and left.

I walked quickly to my car and drove home feeling good, all the tension having gone out of me. When I got home there was a message on my answering machine. My girlfriend had changed her mind and would be home in eight days, at the end of her three months. She loved and missed me, she said, and didn’t want to be away from me for any longer. She had just been flattered by the job offer and got carried away with the whole thing.

Oh well!

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