My Freshman Year Ch. 02A

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My Freshman Year, Chapter 2A, The Initiation, Becoming a Woman

To understand what is going on in Chapter 2A, go to Chapter 1, The Beginning.

Chapter 2 is longer than I thought it would be so I had to split Chapter 2 into 2 parts because Chapter 2A is already twice as long as Chapter 1, The Beginning, which I thought was long. The reason Chapter 2A is so long is I get too detailed and intimate when I write. What happens is when I sit down to write, I open my diary and start reading eabout what happened back then and a flood of memories come back to me and I try to write it all down. It all seems like it just happened yesterday and I am reliving it all over again.

Chapter 2A

The next morning Amy and I woke up still naked, wet and sexually excited from the night before. I guess that is from the erotic dreams I kept having from hearing all the stories the other sorority sisters talked about last night. The only thing I could think about all day was giving my virginity to Bill tonight and how it was going to happen. When Amy and I met the other pledges for lunch and dinner this was all we talked about, even though we had to make sure no one overheard us.

Amy and I started getting ready for tonight around 4:00. We washed our hair and even shaved our under arms and legs so we could look our best for Bill. I could not help but bring myself off in the shower to relieve some of my pent up sexual excitement. Amy and I even wore our best matching bra and panties. Then we put on short skirts, small tops and makeup and we were ready to go and hoped we would look good enough for Bill tonight. Bill is the quarterback of our football team.

We could not do any studying in study hall that night because we were all talking about tonight. My big sister Lisa came up to me to talk about tonight and asked me what I was going to do. She knew I was a virgin. I told her I was going to let Bill take my virginity tonight. She smiled, gave me a hug and said I was going to love it and she would introduce me to Bill when the guys arrived. I noticed that all of the other big sisters were talking to their little sisters. Even Amy’s big sister was saying the same thing to her.

A little after 9:00, Bill, Jim and 2 other players on the team came through the back door of the chapter room carrying the cooler with the Margarita Cocktail in it. They started passing out drinks to us and we were all ready for them. I needed to calm my nerves. It was very strong and sweet and I could taste the Tequila in it. It didn’t take long to start feeling good and relaxed.

When everyone had been served a drink Bill stood in front of the room and complimented us on how beautiful we all looked and proposed a toast to us girls and our Sorority and we all took a big swallow. There were several other toasts proposed as we continued our drinking, which made me feel high and excited. We were all talking and messing around with the guys and getting to know them.

Amy and I were standing next to each other when our big sisters walked up to us and had Bill with them. Our big sisters introduced us to Bill and told him we were his virgins. He smiled and told us how beautiful we were and asked if we were ready to become women tonight and we quickly said yes. He then gave each of us a big kiss and hug and said he couldn’t wait to be the first guy to take our virginity, which ran a little rush through me. I couldn’t believe it when he told me that he remembered me from last night when I asked him to sign a poster of him to my father. I didn’t think he even noticed me much less remember me.

Soon another player came into the chapter room and said the bus was here. Bill told every one it was time to go and asked how many girls were going to attend the mixer and I think the whole room raised their hands. He said he thought there were more of us than the bus had seats so we would have to sit on each other’s lap. Amy and I were near the back door and so we were some of the first to get on the bus. When we walked out, they had parked the bus by the back door so we only had to walk a few feet to get on. The bus was one of the buses the school used for the campus shuttle bus. It had 28 seats, 4 across and 7 rows. We found out later that one of the alumni had a company that ran the campus shuttle bus service for the school so at night they would rent them out for parties and such. I ride the bus from class to the dorm, so I am sure I had ridden this bus before. Amy sat on my lap on the next to last row with my big sister sitting next to us.

When the bus started rolling the guys would walk up the isle of the bus talking and having fun with us. It just so happened that since we were sitting and the guys were standing, their crotch was right in our face. We could tell through their gym shorts that their bulging dicks were hard, so girls were rubbing their dicks through their shorts. Since it was apparent that the guys were not wearing any underwear and their shorts just had an elastic top, it was easy for the bostancı escort girls to pull down the front of their shorts and start feeling and sucking their dicks. Next thing I knew all the other girls were sucking guy’s dicks. One of the girls right in front of me was sitting on the others lap as they shared a guy’s dick, passing it between them. They looked at us and said this is the way it is done. Wow, I was really getting excited looking at what was going on right in front of me and everyone else. I had never had a bus ride like this before.

We finally pulled into the athletic dorm’s parking lot reserved for the players and pulled up next to a side door to the dorm. We walked into a stairwell and went up to the second floor. As we walked into the 2nd floor hallway I realized we were in the middle of the men’s athletic dorm. It really turned me on feeling and smelling all the male testosterone around me. There were dorm rooms all around us and one door at the end of the hall way that we were all entering. A line formed trying to get into the room, that is when I noticed that all the dorm room doors were open and we could see right into the guy’s rooms. There were some older girls behind us and they started pointing out which players lived in each room like they had been there before. As the line moved forward they pointed out Bill’s room. When I looked in I could see the bed and desk light that Jen and the other girls talked about last night. Then it dawned on me that this is where Jen and the other girls lost their virginity. I couldn’t help but think that is where Amy and I will lose our virginity tonight. I whispered to Amy that’s where we are going to get it tonight and she got excited and said she couldn’t wait.

When we finally walked into the room at the end of the hall it was big and beautiful and took up the whole end of the dorm wing. It had plush carpet on the floor, wood paneled walls and a big fancy bar on the other wall with a nice wooden bottle rack behind the bar that was lit up. It even had a frozen margarita machine that was making the special margarita cocktails. On one side of the bar were long leather couches around a state of the art media center with 4 TVs all playing last weeks game with a different camera angle on each TV.

About that time one of the guys handed me a drink and I took a big gulp. It was very sour and strong. I heard one of the other girls ask what was in this cocktail. He said it was mainly Tequila, and only the best tequila which keeps you from having a bad hangover the next day. Cheap liquor always gives a bad hangover. Next is triple sec, lime juice, lots of sugar to give us extra energy which we will need tonight. Then a lot of caffeine, which was about 4 cups of coffee in each drink to keep us awake. He said there is nothing better than having a whole room full of wide awake drunk and horny girls ready to party. Last but not least is a secret ingredient that we will tell you about when you pass initiation tonight and become members of the team. We later found out the secret ingredient was Quaalude. Apparently they had a source for powdered Quaalude and caffeine and other drugs that I will tell you about later. Then she said there is no ice in the cup, and he answered that it is a virgin cocktail, which is chilled below freezing in the Margarita machine, but it won’t freeze because it has so much Tequila in it which keeps the cocktail undiluted and strong.

When we all had our cocktail Bill walked up to the front of the room and welcomed all of us to their mixer and told us how beautiful we were tonight and proposed a toast to all of us beautiful girls. We all took another big gulp of our drinks which was going straight to our heads and making me feel really sexually stimulated. Bill said this room is the heart of the team and where we come to learn and practice our Zen and formulate our strategy on how to win the next game. We all sit around in here and look at game films from last week on these 4 TVs. He said each screen has a different camera angle of each play so we can see what we did wrong and correct it and see what we did right and do it again. The TVs are connected to this commercial tape player like used by networks during professional football games, so we can look at the game in slow motion forwards and backwards. Bill demonstrated it to us. He said this set up cost around $20,000, which was a lot in those days. Then we look at last week’s game film from their next opponent to learn their weak spots and take advantage of them. This is where Zen really helps us to channel our energy so we can concentrate and learn. Zen is about channeling your energies which we will teach all of you to do.

These sessions are very intense because we critique each others performance good and bad so it is important that we take some time off to relax and clear our heads. Just like many of you do to let off steam and relax after a big test by going to a bar to party. We tried to do that büyükçekmece escort ourselves, but we cannot go to bars, as many of you know because we get mobbed by people we don’t know so we have to party in here. This way we get to be with the people we like and want to be with because you all are smart, pretty and fun to be with. Your sorority has the best looking girls, and you are all beautiful. I think we need to have another toast to your beauty as we all took another drink. We can’t think of more beautiful girls to be around. Plus you are all smart because you are required to make good grades for the sorority and are from nice high class families. It is important that you are smart because you will have to study and learn about Zen. You will even have home work and tests.

We also like hanging around high class smart girls to help stimulate our minds. This is why we have picked your sorority to be with and inspire us to victory. All you girls have the qualities that we like and you give us inspiration, devotion, excitement, energy, spirit and motivation to make us win, so this makes all of you perfect so you can help make us perfect. All you girls are very important to the team because you are part of our mental and physical conditioning and training. The physical conditioning you give us, gives us strength and stamina which is important in winning the game. You see spending 4 hours sexually satisfying all of you is like playing a football game so this increases our stamina and we gain strength from each of you because you give us your strength every time you cum. Also being with all of you girls causes us to produce more male hormones which make us more virile so we can satisfy all of you which make us stronger. You also give us mental conditioning by teaching us control over our bodies which enables us to keep our dicks hard the whole time so we can satisfy all you girls. We can also control when we cum, unlike regular guys that can’t control themselves, but we also can make all you cum anytime we want as you will see later. As you can see all of you are very important to our conditioning. So when you see us on the field winning for all of you, you can be proud of your selves for the sacrifices you give us tonight. So remember we are as perfect at sex as we are at football, and will make all of you perfect at sex.

So are all of you ready to be part of our team and commit your self to the team and we all let out a loud yes and we all had another drink of our cocktail. I was really getting hot and horny and liked the feeling I was getting between my legs. Then Bill said they wanted to remember this party and get some pictures of all of us together, would all of you like that and we all let out another yes. Then Bill had 10 of us sit on the couch so close we were touching each other, then he had 10 girls sit on the floor in front of the couch, then they got 10 of these little metal exam stools like used at the doctors office and lined them up behind the couch and had 10 of us sit on those and then had the rest of the girls stand up behind the couch since there were 41 girls, this was the only way to get us all in. Then the guys moved in close around us and had one of the players take several pictures of all of us. Then the guys said they wanted several pictures of just us girls. Next thing I knew all the guys had cameras and were taking our pictures. It was blinding having all these flashes going off in front of us. Then Bill had all of us girls put our arms around each other’s shoulders and took several more pictures. Then Bill told us to turn to the girl next to us and kiss her until he said stop. I was so horny that I just turned to Amy and gave her a big kiss. I liked it, I had never kissed a girl like that before and her lips were so soft. I saw the flashes go off as we all kissed until Bill said we could stop, I didn’t want to.

Bill said, now he has our attention he wanted to tell us about what will happen tonight. Last year everyone told us how lucky we were because we could have any and all the girls we wanted, so we decided to see if they were right, and they were. We had all the girls we could handle, which was over 1,000 girls, in fact I recognize most of you from last year. If you attended one of our parties last year raise your hand. It looked like all the actives including my big sister and Amy’s big sister raised their hands and let out a little cheer.

Bill said they appreciate all you did for us last year because you gave us the secret inspiration and motivation we needed to win the rest of our games and we could not have done it with out you and your support, then he proposed another toast. So this year we decided instead of going with quantity we would go with quality. Last year we were able to sample so many girls and had a chance to compare all of them, we found out that the girls in your sorority were the best so we decided to be with you all. Since we are the perfect team we want to be around perfect çekmeköy escort girls so we want to make all of you perfect. So we have to work with a smaller group of girls, and we wanted to start out with the best girls, and we decided that the sex you gave us last year was so perfect that we picked all of you to be with this year. This way we can all be perfect together. Through the teaching of Zen we will be able to make all of you perfect like us, but you will have to want to be perfect and work on it. Do all of you want to be perfect like us, and all let out a yes and we all had another drink. My head was spinning and my pussy was flooding and I was even more sexually excited. Well just think, all of you will be part of one of the most perfect and greatest teams in college football history. I felt proud to be part of the team.

We will be your Zen Masters and teachers and you will be our students, so you will have to obey us and do every thing we tell you, will you do that, and we all said yes again. Tonight will also be your initiation and your first lesson in Zen. Zen teaches you how to get in touch with your primitive basic instincts. The 3 basic instincts of man are food, shelter and love. Some people say food, shelter and clothing, but clothing is subjective of man.

For instance native Hawaiian women did not wear a top, just a bottom because it was so warm there, they did not need cloths to protect them from the winters like the Indians in North America. But when the missionaries came they said it was a sin, of course only to the missionaries, it was not dirty to the natives, so clothing is optional in some places, including in here. Also women have come a long way. Just think your mothers could not wear the short dresses all of you are wearing tonight, and definitely could not wear a bikini in public. So clothing is optional, and girls like to show off your bodies. Zen will teach you how to explore your sexual side of your body and womanhood. Zen also helps with your self esteem.

For our first lesson we will teach all of you about your body. All girls are different just like guys are. We want to show how different you girls are when you have sex. Some are quite and reserved when you cum and others are loud and vocal. That way you will be able to get to know your body and what it is capable of doing and how good it can make you feel plus celebrating your initiation into the team and the teaching of Zen. You will also see how other girls cum. So let’s get this party started.

First we will have the ceremonial sacrificial ritual dance to get us all in the mood and celebrate becoming part of the team. Then they played this primitive native dance music that had this strong beat that made us all get up and dance like primitive natives. We just started moving to the beat. Since there were 10 guys and 41 girls it ended up 4 girls to every guy so we all started dancing toward the guy closes to us. Jeff who was a linebacker was closest to me. As 3 other girls and I danced, we moved closer until we were like dancing up close to him. We started running our hands all over his strong and masculine body which was really turning all of us on. Jeff put his arms around us as he kissed each of us. Then one of the girls in another group said take your shirt off so we can feel your muscular chest. Then the other girls started asking the same thing. That’s when Bill said they would take their shirts off if we would take our tops off. The sorority president agreed only if the guys took there’s off first. Bill said fine and they would even let us take their shirts off for them, which we all agreed. The guys raised their arms but they were so big and tall it took all 4 of us to take our guy’s shirt off.

Jeff then bent his arms up and flexed his chest and arm muscles and he said “look at my perfect body, just for you girls.” Oh god was he beautiful, big, strong, manly and really turned me on with no hair on his chest. I was on Jeff’s left side, the 2 older girls were in front and the other pledge, Sara was on his right side, The girls in front of him started sucking on his nipples and running their hands over his big strong chest. Jeff told me and Sara to hold onto his arms and he would pick us up, which he did with ease. Then Sara and I started running our hands all over his strong back and shoulders. Here I was feeling up the running back on the team and I felt myself getting real wet between my legs.

I noticed that the girls in front of him were running their hands over the front of his shorts feeling his hard dick which looked massive in his shorts. That is when I heard Bill say, Ok girls it is time for your tops to come off and we will help you take them off. Jeff looked at the girl next to me, Carla who was wearing a dress and said come give me a kiss. While they kissed, Jeff unzipped her dress and then stepped back and let the dress fall to the floor. She was wearing a matching blue bra and panty set. Jeff said he liked how all the girls wore their best bra and panties for him. Then he kissed her again and undid her bra. He stepped back again and let the bra fall to the floor. She was then standing there in just panties. I was glad that I had worn a skirt and top. Jeff then squeezed and ran his hands over her breasts as I noticed her nipples getting hard as he told her how beautiful her breasts were.

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