My Girlfriend Went Tripping

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The music was blaring some cheesy dance song, the floor stunk like stale beer, and I had just realized that I was really drunk. Gathering my senses, I looked around for my girlfriend Jasmine but when I didn’t see her, I headed upstairs, where all the dancing was being done. After passing a couple lewdly making out in the kitchen, I spotted my buddy Tripp and his girlfriend Nikki grinding and I, again for what seemed like the millionth time, pictured in my imagination, my hip rubbing into Nikki’s firm ass. See, Nikki is an absolutely gorgeous 5’11 145 lbs beauty with incredible stats, 38-26-34, and a real willingness to fuck anytime, anywhere. Gosh, what I would do her knockout…

“John…John, come here.”

Jarred from my adulterous fantasy, I had turned at hearing my name, my drunken vision focusing on my friend Bobby, who was calling me over.

“Hey, what’s going on John? Man, I sure am wasted. This is a really awesome party. I can’t believe it’s still raging on like this, at what hell, 5:30 in the morning!”

I replied, “Yeah, it’s been a pretty good time but I can already tell that I am going to have one mean hangover tomorrow and I am tired as shit. I just want to find Jasmine and head home. By the way, have you seen her?”

Spinning me around, Bobby pointed to my girlfriend who was dancing with one of my other friends. I started to walk towards her, a little peeved that my pal Jeff was groping her ass, when I realized that she didn’t even notice, let alone was she looking at Jeff. Instead her eyes were transfixed on Tripp and Nikki’s dirty dancing and I could tell that she was sucking in all that she was able to see. I stopped ten feet short of interrupting their dance, waiting to see what would happen next. Unfortunately, the music abruptly ceased and Jasmine broke off my dismayed friend, who had a noticeable bulge in his pants. Yet, she didn’t move but kept on staring longingly at the couple across the dance floor. I quickly seized my opportunity.

“Hey sweetie!” I yelled.

Jasmine seemed to come out of a daze and smiled at me and came walking towards me.

“John, where have you been? I’ve barely seen you all night, and I have been stuck dancing with some of your,” she lowered her voice, “slightly lecherous friends.”

I replied that Jeff was harmless, just a little drink and horny, as he hadn’t gotten any ass in months. She agreed and after a little chit-chat, we decided to go home.

That next night, I got a call from Tripp saying that he was going to have kegs at his house that evening, and that he wanted me and Jasmine to come over for a little pre-gaming before the party started, in order that we be nice and drunk before everyone else arrived. When I told Jasmine, I noticed that she was excited, rising out of her hangover nearly instantaneously, as though a magic elixir had reinvigorated her. Slightly put off, I decided to hop in the shower and get ready for the night.

After a quick wash, I came out of the bathroom, into my bedroom, etiler escort surprised to find Jasmine grasping her breast with one of her hands, and furiously rubbing her clit with the other, rapidly bringing herself to the brink of orgasm. She was moaning in a low tone,

“Fuck me, fuck me with your big dick Tripp! Rail the fucking shit out of me!”

What!! Had I heard correctly? Did Jasmine, my girlfriend, say that she wanted to fuck my best friend, Tripp? Speechless and left unable to move, I watched my girlfriend cum all over my bed sheets, all the while thinking of getting fucked by another guy. I quickly ran back into the bathroom so I wouldn’t be detected and, after a few minutes, walked out casually.

“Hi baby,” said Jasmine, who looked calm and composed, not the girl five minutes ago who, thinking about Tripp, was frantically trying to get herself off. “Can I get in the shower now?”

Nodding an assent, I was amazed at my ability not to fly into a murderous rage and instead I got dressed and before I realized it, was at Tripp’s front door, next to Jasmine. After a few knocks, Tripp answered and he gave me a high-five and then he proceeded to kiss Jasmine on the lips. Not even a peck on the cheek, a kiss on the lips!!! Brushing the “lovers” aside I headed in to talk with my other friends. To my surprise, the only other person in the house was Tripp’s girlfriend, Nikki, whom I went up to, and hugged, exchanging hellos.

Everyone sat down, Jasmine next to me on the couch and Tripp and Nikki on the opposite loveseat. We started drinking wine and not before long, after three bottles to be exactly, it was easy to tell the girls were getting a little tipsy. Unfortunately, Tripp and I were far from reaching that stage, so we excused ourselves to the kitchen, and after finding a half bottle of Jaegermister remaining, we ripped the rest of the shots, finishing the bottle in less than 10 minutes. Having gained the requisite buzz, we returned to our ladies who were talking quietly amongst themselves.

Tripp, whose deep and bass-resonating voice said, “Alright ladies, what’s going on?”

Nikki popped up out of her seat, her huge breasts flying with her, seeming if they were going to fly out of her chest. “Well boys, we’ve decided that we are going to play a little game of Truth or Dare. Now before the two of you guys get any wild ideas in your head, this is not going to turn into some sort of drunken orgy.”

At this point, Tripp let out a small chuckle, only to receive a harsh glare from Nikki. After that little episode, we all sat down, Tripp dragging the loveseat so that it was even closer to the couch that Jasmine and I were sitting upon. After an uncomfortable silence, I decided to speak up and said, “Well, I guess I will start this foolish game. Nikki, truth or dare?”


“Ok, I hate to be crude, but I would love to see those big titties of yours!”

Now I must admit I said this kind of as a joke, not really eve gelen escort expecting Nikki to agree. What I did expect was, and certainly received, was a hard slap from Jasmine and deep chuckling laughter from Tripp; certainly unexpected though, but quite pleasant, was a little smile that came from Nikki’s beautiful lips, who then proceeded to pull her skimpy tank top over head revealing the biggest, roundest, and most perfect breasts I have ever seen. And, to top it all off, instead of quickly covering her tits, Nikki began to slowly massage her breasts, pushing them together, and staring at me the whole time. Needless to say, I was quickly getting aroused, but before I stood at full attention…

“Thanks Nikki for that little show,” said Trip, “I think we all enjoyed it. Now it’s my turn. Jasmine, truth or dare?”

I had a feeling that my girlfriend would choose truth because she would feel embarrassed showing her breasts, not for the reason that they were small. In fact, she had a nice set of boobs, but they were relatively unspectacular compared to Nikki’s.


“Jasmine, have you ever thought about another man while you and John have been together? And, please be honest, it makes it all the better.”

I immediately looked to my left, eagerly awaiting her response. It didn’t come for many seconds, and Tripp was forced to repeat his question. The second time he asked seemed to jar Jasmine out of her muteness and she said quietly:

“Yes, I have.”

Tripp replied, “Oh no, you’re not getting off that easy. Who is this mysterious man?”

After another long period of silence Jasmine finally responded: “You Tripp. I’ve thought about you. Last night sealed it for me, watching you grind with Nikki. I was dancing with Jeff and all I could think about was how badly I wanted you to grab me by the hips, bend me over and fuck my brains out. I got so fucking wet just thinking about your fat cock between my legs!”

Immediately after Jasmine gave Tripp the “truth,” the room exploded with motion. Nikki lunged for my girlfriend screaming curses and calling her a whore and instinctively I interceded stopping Nikki from reaching her intended target, even though I was consciously angry that Jasmine was able to say something like that. Even though I had stopped Nikki from killing my girlfriend, she was still railing against me, screaming, tears welling in her eyes. In order to quell the situation, I grabbed Nikki by the waist, and started towards the door.

“Tripp, I will take her home alright man?” I yelled.

“Thanks, John,” he replied.

I, carrying Nikki on my shoulders, walked down the street, with her still wailing. After a short walk we got to her dorm room and we went into her room. Thirty minutes passed and I finally had calmed her down and had tucked her into bed, assuring her that the four of us would talk about it tomorrow. Heading back to Tripp’s house, my mind was a myriad of emotions: anger, sorrow, jealousy fatih escort and a host of other feelings. My main concern was: How could Jasmine do this to me?

I walked into the house and was surprised not to see anyone there. I know it had been roughly 45 minutes since I had left, but I thought they would still be there. Did Tripp take Jasmine home? He must have done the same for me as I did for his girlfriend. Adhering to this logic, I motioned to exit the house, when I heard a low sound. Pausing, I listened closer and heard what sounded like consistent moaning. I turned back and headed for the stairs, up towards Tripp’s room. Cautiously opening the door I saw Tripp lying on his back on his bed, with Jasmine slurping his massive organ.

Shocked for what seemed like the fiftieth time, I stood mesmerized, unable to move or speak; I could only watch. Jasmine continued her excellent blowjob, lovingly licking Tripp’s head, while she continually massaged his shaft. Tripp moaned like he was going to cum and Jasmine paused for a second before putting her beautiful pussy on Tripp’s eagerly awaiting and equally loving tongue, which was sure to make her pussy feel amazing. I watched as Tripp expertly went about dissecting my girlfriend’s pussy, first licking her clit back and forth, then gently teasing her lips, and finally sticking his tongue in her hole. Jasmine moaned so loudly that I thought I would reveal my hidden position, but I did not. She loved it! After a few more minutes of exquisite cunnilingus, Jasmine shuddered and came in her lover’s mouth. Tripp got up from under Jasmine, threw her roughly on the bed, and pierced her with his massive cock. I must say that I have never heard Jasmine moan quite like she did when Tripp first entered her and it was then that I noticed my rock-hard erection, dripping with pre-cum and I moaned, almost inaudibly, but still too loud.

“Oh my god! John, when the fuck did you get here?” cried Jasmine who seemed more upset that the pounding in her pussy had stopped rather than the fact I was watching my girlfriend fuck another guy.

“Well,” I said, “Did you think I was going to let Tripp have all of the fun?” and with that I proceeded to get undressed and then Tripp recommenced fucking Jasmine. After disrobing, I went to the edge of the bed and shoved my cock in Jasmine’s mouth. Initially, she choked, but then getting in tune with the momentum that resulted from her fucking by Tripp and the sliding of my cock deeper into her mouth, Jasmine accommodated nicely. A minute later, Tripp pulled out and blew his fat load over Jasmine’s navel ring and the rest of her stomach. I immediately pulled out and got what was coming to me: a nice, hard fucking of my girlfriend. I pushed my dick in roughly, propped up my body with my powerful arms and began to relentlessly pound at her pussy. Jasmine started to go wild, moving and shaking her hips, moaning uncontrollably, and Tripp’s sucking on her erect nipples only served to further her ecstasy. Soon thereafter, I plunged further and came in my girlfriend, causing her to have another one of her many orgasms. Tripp took my place and we continued this swapping all throughout the night.

And, I am happy to report that this is a normal occurrence and when Jasmine and I have sex, it is absolutely amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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