My Old Friend Ch. 01

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This story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact between Males. As such it is homoerotic, designed for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, or if the subject matter would create any kind of personal moral dilemmas, please exit now.

Cast: Mike, my old friend—June, my wife—Don, an oral trainer

My old friend

My old friend Mike called to say he wanted to visit. Boy I hadn’t seen him in forever. I didn’t even think he knew I was married before I talked to him on the phone. Of course I told him we would love to have him but honestly I was of two minds. I was always the little twerp in school and Mike had kind of protected me. As long as he was my friend no one would harass me. Mike was a big, tall, popular jock while I excelled in the French club.

Though we seemed an unlikely pair we were good friends until he went into the army as I went on to college. Now 15 years later Mike was coming to visit and I wondered about how we would get around the fact that for the last few years of high school I was Mike’s blow buddy. I didn’t know how we could move on from that. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t thought about it; in fact I thought about it during sex with my wife, June.

I picked him up at the airport and looked forward to a re-acquainting conversation on the hour-long drive to my mountain home. I knew he would be impressed with my wealth and position as a novelist. As we headed to the car Mike had somehow maneuvered me into carrying all the heavy bags. We talked of old times as we headed due west; Mike was the same old Mike.

“Remember when old Don was pounding on you and I came along; I pulled him off you and slapped him around a little and he ran away. We went to the pond and as I remember it; that was the first time you sucked my cock. Oh, you didn’t want to at first but then I just kept talking to you and when I rubbed my cock over your lips and then you were eager. I have to tell you Bobby; I’ve had lots of blowjobs but you’re still the best. Maybe it’s because you were just so dammed eager for my cum, who knows why we do things eh.”

By now I was a little numb; I didn’t want to talk about this. I glanced over at Mike and was shocked; he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. God it was huge, that thick purple head on the end of that long, thick prick with that gapping piss slit that looked like the mouth of a cannon. Oh yes I remembered.

“Ok Bobby, this roads really deserted, pull over up there.” In a trance I did as he asked, just like old times, I always did as he asked. Off the road I put it in park and felt that big hand on my neck just rubbing my neck. It was old times as he pressured my head down towards his cock. “That’s right little Bobby, go for it, for old times sake.” He opened the door and stretched his legs out with that big club between his legs just hanging out. It seemed natural for me to get out and scamper over to his side of the car.

“It’s big isn’t it Bobby? Do you remember how I taught you to suck and worship it, I bet you do. Kneel now and enjoy.”

“I understand, Mike, I said.” My gaze was already fixed on the enormous cockhead that was dripping on the car seat. He wasn’t fully hard and the weight of his dick had it laid out on the car seat cushion instead of pointing up towards his face. I shivered a little has I remembered how it had been. At the thought of tasting the wetness that I saw and realized that I wanted to do it. I still couldn’t admit it…but I definitely wanted it. Bobby chuckled to himself as he saw me staring at it, as if he knew exactly what was going on in my mind, knowing the private war that I was fighting between my brain and my dick, and knowing, in the end, which one would win.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get started already” he ordered. I slowly inched forward on my knees. I lowered my head and had almost arrived at his juiced-up cock when his hand grabbed my head and slowed my descent. “Just lick it a while first. You may need some instructions to help you to remember”

I stuck out my tongue and lowered my head until it made contact with his cockhead. I immediately tasted the salty thickness of his precum as I used my tongue to probe deeper into his piss slit. I could sense that his cock was on the rise pendik escort and heard a soft moan. Hearing him make that sound again set me on fire. I immediately tried to take the entire head of his cock into my mouth but was quickly pulled off again.

“Are you deaf, Bobby? Look, I know you want this cock bad, but you WILL follow my instructions just like always. I only told you to lick it. I want you to lick it until it is completely hard, then I’ll let you try and discover what other talents that mouth of yours might still have.” Releasing my head, he once again relaxed while I continued to lick at his growing cock using only my tongue. “Its time now Bobby.”

Mike Held my head firmly pumping it up and down on his drippy meat, farther and farther down the shaft until the thick head began to hit the back of my throat. I felt the urge to gag each time it touched the back of my mouth but Mike didn’t care anymore. Tears began to well up in my eyes, an automatic reflex when a person feels they are choking, how I remembered that feeling. Through those tears, it was easy to see that at least half of his cock was still outside my mouth. I knew he wouldn’t be happy until it completely disappeared, just like old times.

Moments later he pulled my face clear of his cock and held it firmly less than an inch away from the angry flared head. He didn’t let me look at him, but I heard him say, “Take a long, really deep breath through your mouth” As soon as he saw me begin to take the breath, he slammed my head viciously onto his cock, his thick cock only pausing slightly as it bumped the back of my throat before sliding down the relaxed opening. Of course, as soon as I realized what had happened my throat was no longer relaxed. I was gagging constantly as he held my head down, my throat convulsing over and over around the thick invader.

“Oh YESSSSSS!!! damm, that’s it, it’s like your throat is trying to get my cock off all by itself. Damm, Bobby, your throat was made for a man’s cock, my cock, made to let a man sling his thick cum down that throat chute of yours.”

Just as I felt that I was going to pass out, Mike raised my head up long enough for me to gasp for air. I could see thick, sticky strands of saliva, my saliva, mixed with his precum gushing out of my mouth and down that thick shaft. It was the consistency of cum as it slipped nastily over his balls and ran down the car seat. Mike then proceeded to thrust my head back down onto his shaft and even though he had a little more difficulty ramming it past the back of my mouth and into my throat (he didn’t have the element of surprise anymore) he still managed to slip it all the way inside until my nose was once again buried in his crotch.

I gagged again, producing another thick, white glob of mucus to lubricate his cock for each successive thrust. He didn’t hold me down on it as long this time before letting me up for air and thrusting it back again. Soon he settled into a long, slow, deep throat fuck and I was beginning to get a grip on my breathing just like old times. I was timing my breaths to occur at exactly the moment my mouth cleared the head of his cock. He was totally in control, never releasing my head for a second.

Time had slowed to a crawl as I felt his cock swelling larger and the first violent wave of cum traveling up his shaft to empty far down my throat. Mike gripped my hair and forced my head off his cock. With great quickness for a man in the middle of cumming, he pulled my head back and moved to sit right on the edge of the seat with the head of his cock less than an inch from my mouth. It shuddered again and spewed a second massive load all over my face, from my hairline down to my chin. I wanted to cum with him, but I still had pants on had lost focus on everything but his cock; my nuts just wouldn’t release it.

A third blast coated my right cheek and quickly ran down to my chin, mingling with what was already there and gaining enough weight to slide off to the ground. Mike then used his other hand to pull his cockhead up and over the still spouting head of his dick, tightly pinching it off between his thumb and piss slit. “Keep your mouth open now, here it comes, ENJOY!” He held his still throbbing cock over my open mouth as he moved even closer to the edge, just letting it sit there for a moment, temptingly as he still kept the skin of the slit pinched off, staring smugly at me, watching my reaction.

After what seemed like an eternity, he took his hand back and I got my first taste of his load. It was amazing. As his cock shot out the pent up cum rus escort ran out like a fountain directly into my waiting, hungry mouth. The taste was incredible and I knew that I was hooked again, everything he had said about me was true. I wanted to cry, I wanted to cum, I wanted to run away, I wanted to taste more of his cock, all at the same time. I closed my mouth and moved the thick, creamy cum of my old school buddy around with my tongue to coat the entire inside of my mouth, savoring the musky flavor and heat of his cum. My mouth was full and cum was dripping down my chin. I gagged on his warm, salty seed, but he once again pulled me onto his cock and commanded me to drink every drop. I totally submitted again, like old times, in agony but also in a delirium of joy at my total subservience. Sperm and spit now coated my face to my surprise I found that every time this man’s huge prick brushed my lips, I mouthed it compulsively. I couldn’t help it. I hated and loved this feeling.

As we continued our drive I was surprised how easily we had slipped into our old, frank ways. He talked about how he liked to be serviced and how good it was to be back with his cocksucker. I couldn’t help thinking about June.

“Well Bobby I’m really pleased with you. After all this time you’re still hungry for my cock. Remember when I told you that some guys were a little like girls and wanted to suck off real men. We were so young then but that’s really how it worked out; you’re the sucker and I’m the suckee. Nothing has really changed. I still need to cum 3 or 4 times a day and you still like cock. Of course you’re a bit rusty, you’ll need to train those throat muscles.”

“I’ve done some reading on slave training in the past and it boils down to getting your throat used to being filled. If you stick your finger down your throat and move it around and seek out those trigger spots at the entrance of your throat that make you gag you’re training them to accept without gagging. The more you stimulate them and learn about what makes you gag, the easier it is to control your gag reflex. Also practice holding your breath. You can do this; just hold your breath for as long as you can. If you do this several times a day and continue to push yourself, you’ll find you can hold your breath for longer and longer periods of time. Swimmers and divers do these exercises all the time.” Mike said.

“You need to practice holding cock deep down your throat and try to see if you can breathe around the cock; a skilled cocksucker can hold a cock deep down his throat and lick his man’s balls while breathing only through the nose. Learn to like the feelings of choking and not being able to breathe. You’ll do it because it’s what I want of you.”

I didn’t know what to think, Mike knew me better than I could myself. I hadn’t seen him in years but in less than an hour I was his again, yes his cocksucker. I was driving slowly because I wanted to listen to his desires, I wanted to please.

“A lot of guys make fun of cocksuckers but that’s just wrong. A cocksucker only wants to serve his alpha male and that’s what I want. Now, I am going to tell you what I want from you, my sex slave. From now on whenever I want, you’re going to blow me. As I’ve said I often need to cum 2-3 times a day and more so it’s good that I’ll live with you. I will need you to suck me when I wake up and again at bedtime. I don’t care who is around your house you will be there to satisfy me when I need it. Your body is mine to use for my pleasure. You will strive to do everything as good as you can. Follow all my instructions. If I want you to lick my balls, you will do it. I might make you beg to serve me. I will fuck your mouth, or have you massage my balls, or perhaps make you lick my ass clean. You may have to shave your pubic hair, or walk around in the backyard with no clothes on. Anything I want, you will do for me because you just, plain want to please me. Occasionally, I will have friends who need servicing. You will do them too. I will cum on your face or will make you take it down your throat. Whatever I want, you do. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Good, I’m glad you know your place, good, Mike said again.

After a while he started talking again. You need to understand the psychological aspects of cocksucking. How to truly give service and submit to a man when he shares his cock with you so the experience is at its best for both of you. I have learned that although cocksucking is about one man giving sexual pleasure to another, like all sex it’s really about both guys getting mutual satisfaction. Your sancaktepe escort satisfaction is routed in the submission inherent in kneeling with a stiff cock in your mouth. Mine will be in being superior to you; using you as a slut. Of course taking a man’s load is just part of the job so to speak. But it’s an important part. There’s a reason that it’s called “service.” A guy using a cocksucker has every right to expect his load to be taken, and with gratitude. You must then look up at him and thank him with your eyes.”

Mike was talking to me as explicitly as he had in college; his soft demanding voice had excited me then and still did.

“I know you’re wondering how this works with your wife, but you don’t need to worry, she knows it all.” I was stupefied, how could she know, what did she think? I couldn’t speak but Mike just went on in a matter of fact way.

“I’ve been talking on a chat line to her for a month. It started as just a jerk-off chat but somehow I found out that she was your wife. Eventually I told her you had been my cocksucker in school. She came back to me that this was a turn on for her. We talked more and decided that letting you serve both of us would be fun and here I am.”

My head was swimming as I pulled into my driveway, what was happening. I gathered Mike’s luggage and followed him into my house.

“Nice place you’ve got here Bobby, very plush and secluded. Hi June, after all this it’s so nice to meet you. I’ve told him how it’s going to be so don’t worry, our little Bobby is cool with it.”

I noticed that June was in a bikini, strange. Mike told me to get them a drink. When I came back they were on the couch talking. I set the drinks in front of them and went to sit down.

“No, no little Bobby, you don’t sit in our presence, get on the floor”, Mike said. For whatever reason I felt I couldn’t refuse and quickly sat in front of them.

“I think it’s time to continue his training, don’t you June”, Mike said?

“Listen to me carefully now, you have some hard lessons to learn. As our slut and slave you are now totally subservient to and will obey my orders as your Master; in addition from now on those of your wife as well. You need to develop and nurture the trait of absolute obedience if you hope to be happy. Your function as our sex slave is not to question orders, not even to think, but to obey right away without question at all times. I think that it is time that you learned that lesson. The reality is that you’ll be much happier if you don’t think and just obey. It’ll free you to be the slave you’ve always wanted to be, were born to be” Mike said with a smirk.

I was in a trance as Mike continued, “Now my little cocksucker, it’s time for your next lesson. Whenever I snap my fingers and point at the floor, you’re to fall to the floor and kneel there with your legs spread and your mouth open. Let’s have a little practice.”

Mike snapped his finger and pointed at the floor in front of him. I didn’t move. He slapped my face hard with an open hand. I felt a tear rolling down my cheek. He snapped his fingers again and pointed. This time I reluctantly shuffled to the spot on my knees with my legs spread. I glance at June whose face registers surprise at my easy compliance.

“You see June, he wants to serve us, let’s give him some practice eh.” They told me to get up and strip naked as they sipped their wine.

I thought I had no choice but it was obvious that I was excited by this treatment; my little prick was hard and they were laughing. Mike again snapped his finger and this time I fell fast in front of him.

“Take my cock out now and show your wife what a good cocksucker you are.”

I began opening his fly. His cock sprung free and I lowered my mouth to it. Just as my lips touch the cockhead Mike lifts my head, smiles at me and slaps my face twice. He then pushes me onto his cock. “You see June, he’s really subservient and likes this kind of treatment. Understand another rule, whenever I want to fuck your wife, I will snap my fingers and point. You will move into position and unzip my trousers. When you have removed them you will prepare me to fuck your wife by licking around my prick and balls and then by sucking me off until I am nice and hard for your wife. When I tell you to, you will open her cunt lips and guide my stiff prick into your wife.” I must have looked like I protested with my eyes. Mike didn’t hesitate. Again he slapped my face hard, once and then again. The slaps are loud and shake my entire body. I begin to whimper and sob. Mike made sure that I got the point by slapping my tearstained face hard a third time. I felt the defeat that they must have seen in my eyes and I knew that that I would obey.

“Are you ready to obey us at all times now Bobby?” He asked. I answered by sucking lustily on his cock, that beautiful cock, my new Master’s cock. I didn’t notice my wife smiling in the doorway.

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