My Television Pt. 02 – The Next Day

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After Karson left I went back to bed and slept so good. I finished up the pizza as I was cleaning up and deciding what I was going to do. I decided I wanted to check out a new gym in town. I loaded up my bag with my gym supplies or what I thought I’d need. I sat down at my home computer and registered just to get that out of the way.

I arrived and an associate, Hahn asked if I wanted a tour. I shook my head in agreement, he led off telling me all about the amenities available, showing me how to access them. We finished up in the locker room and he showed me where I could stow my gear while I was there. As he walked off he said if I had any questions he or any of the other associates were available.

I did my usual workout at my gym. I decided to use the sauna, I went to my locker and changed from my clothes, and wrapped my towel around my waist. There weren’t but a few guys in the sauna when I entered. I sat for a few minutes and just sweated out the impurities in my body. I decided I was going to use the pool. I went back to my locker and put on my bikini-type suit.

As I entered the pool area I found myself a lounge chair and set my stuff down. I jumped in the water and started swimming laps. I swam 10 lengths of the pool and swam to the ladder exiting the pool. Shortly after a dried off and sat down someone walked up asking if the lounge next to me was taken. I told him no, I was alone and he asked if he could sit there. I nodded yes and he introduced himself as John.

I kept my glasses on as we chatted. I was checking him out as he talked. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my crotch as he looked me up and down. I sat up turning away from John and covered my lap with my towel. I reached in and adjusted my cock, laying it across my leg. As I returned to my reclining position John noticed my cock, he was speechless. He leaned forward whispering and telling me the contrast between my dark black skin and the yellow bikini was so sexy.

I told John if everybody is as nice as you are I might just join the club here. I told John I had to get going. I headed for my locker stripping off my suit and walking to the shower with my cock swinging with the towel around my neck. I showered and went back to my locker. I opened it and saw something stuck thru the air vent. It was a note from John, “It was nice meeting you. Let’s do something, text me, 987-654-3210.”

I showered and dried, tossing the towel in the dirty bin and grabbing a clean dry one as I walked past. I folded the towel and sat down reaching in my locker to get my clothes. I heard my phone vibrating, it was a missed call from Karson, the message said, “Hey big sexy, I was just wondering if you wanted to get together later, I’ll cook. Dad has a last minue business trip and I’ll have the whole house to myself. Hows 6 pm sound to you? I got everything, just bring your big ole sexy self. Hows steak sound to you?”

I texted John, “It was nice meeting you too John. I think we could be really good friends.”

I replied to Karson, “Steak sounds great to me. I’ll see you then. What’s the address?”

Karson texted me his address. I needed to get my head shaved so I called my barber. I took care of that and decided I needed a few things, shorts, and shirts, that type of stuff. By the time I got home, it was midafternoon so I lay down to rest. I decided I’d wear a thong under my shorts, a polo, and sandals. I arrived promptly at 6, I rang the bell and Karson opened it right away, pulling me in and kissing me deeply as he slammed the door and locked it.

He led me into the kitchen telling me to have a seat at the bar as he handed me a beer. He explained he had only back about 15 minutes, he took his dad to the airport and the traffic was terrible coming back. He two beautiful steaks asking how I wanted mine. I told him rare and he said I like mine the same way. He placed them on the grill and leaned over to kiss me.

As we talked I saw a pic of him and a man. I asked him if it was his dad. I commented how young he looked and Karson said he was conceived when his dad was 16 and his mom was 17. Karson was scurrying around the kitchen as the steaks cooked getting the potatoes and salads ready. As we sat down the front door opened, it was Karson’s dad Kyle.

Karson introduced us and told his dad there was another steak if he wanted it. Kyle replied, “The trip got canceled. No, I’m good, the team is getting together at our boss’s house and it might be an allnighter.”

I stood and took Kyle’s hand in mine, “It was very nice meeting you Kyle, I see where Karson gets his good looks from.”

Kyle went to his office to get a few things. As he walked by toward the door he apologized for interrupting. Karson and I ate and got to know each other. Karson took the plates and set them on the counter. He took my hand leading me to the sofa. He turned me and pushed me backward onto it, crawling into my lap and sitting down. Karson looked at me saying, “I have had the best time with you!”

I pulled almanbahis his mouth to mine, pulling his shirt up and breaking the kiss long enough to remove his shirt. we sat there and talked about our lives as we petted. Karson got up telling me it was time to adjourn to his bedroom. He took my hand leading the way. As we got to the side of his bed he turned to face me. he reached out the shirt pulling it over my head and kissing the newly exposed skin.

Karson knelt in front of me removing my sandals, then my shorts, and finally my thong. As he pulled my thong down my cock slapped him in the face he gasped and moaned. I stepped to him and pulled him up to me. I undressed Karson slowly, kissing each newly exposed area. I pushed Karson into the bed and rolled him over on his stomach. I started at the top of his ass crack, licking, sucking, and biting, moving up his spine and playing with his ass hole.

Karson was moaning telling how good it felt. I worked my way up between his shoulders and let my cock rub his sweet puckered ass. I rocked my hips so my big cockhead was hitting his sweet hole. I was sucking the back of his neck, nibbling and biting. The louder Karson moaned the harder I nibbled and bit. I continued, leaving a huge red mark on the back of his neck. I rolled off Karson and let him roll to face me.

I pulled him to me telling him I wanted to fuck his sweet ass and fill it with my cum. He reached for the lube and lubed my cock and his ass as I rolled him over on top of me. He reached down holding my cock guiding it to his tight hole as he lowered his ass down. He gasped as I pulled his mouth to mine. I reached between us taking his nipples between my fingers. I pushed him upright looking him in the eye saying, “Tell me how much you like my big black cock in your ass Karson, make the world know it, take it all the way.”

Karson yelled out profanities as he took my cock in his ass and I worked his nipples. Karson bent over to kiss me and I saw movement in the hallway. I finally saw Kyle in the mirror watching as his son Karson fucked himself with my big black cock. I said, “Tell me how much you love my cock and make sure anybody knows it.”

Karson said, “I love you fucking me, every time you hit new places. I love your cum filling me, ass, and mouth. please give me your black cum, please!”

Karson started to ride my cock, up and down, in and out. He took my cock and worked his ass muscles on it, squeezing and working his ass as he fucked hard. I slapped his ass cheeks telling how good his tight hot ass felt on my cock. I grabbed his ass holding it tight telling him I was fixing to cum as I emptied my load in his ass. Karson just groaned letting me fill his ass full.

Karson lay down on my just coming down from his passion and we rested. We lay there with my cock softening. Karson raised his head kissing me. I pulled my head back looking at him and saying, “I love how insatiable you are and how much you love my big black cock.”

Karson just laid down again and we rested. Karson eventually said he was thirsty and asked if a wanted a beer or water. I told him a beer would be good. He grabbed them from the kitchen, handing me mine as he set his down and crawled up between my legs. He started at my feet, licking from the bottoms up to my balls and back down to the other foot.

Karson had his back to the door as worked. He got to my ball kicking and rolling each in his mouth. he suckled on each one enjoying the taste and texture. He finally took both in his mouth rolling them against each other and he moaned, showing his pleasure, as he pleasured me. Karson moved up to my cockhead and started licking it, kissing my piss hile and sucking it.

As Karson was pleasuring my cock I caught movement outside the half-open bedroom door. I continued and eventually saw Kyle’s reflection in the mirror watching his son working on my dick. Kyle seemed to be frozen in place. I encouraged Karson, “Suck my big black cock, let me know you love it. I know you’ve had a black cock but I’ll just bet that changes now. Come on Karson, deepthroat my cock, do it like you did when I videoed you yesterday. Make that hole wink Karson.”

Kyle was still standing watching Karson and me, still watching. I stroked Karson’s ginger hair and said, “Take it now Karson, show me your willingly sucking my big black cock and having the time of your life.”

As I encouraged Karson I stared right at Kyle and he eventually met my gaze knowing I saw him. Kyle’s gaze went from his son with his mouth of my big black cock and my gaze. I said to Karson, “I love seeing your mouth stretched open tightly against my cock. I need to video you facing away from me so I can video me stretching that ass open.”

Karson was moaning on my cock as he pulled off and said, “I am in love with your cock, I love how it stretches my throat as it goes in. It is the fattest and longest I’ve ever had.”

Karson went back down as I said, “Take my cock Karson, take it all the way and stay down almanbahis giriş until I give you permission to pull up!”

Kyle was watching intently, unable to break away from watching Karson worshipping my cock with his mouth. I told Karson I was fixing to cum and not lose a drop. He stayed in place as I started to cum, groaning as I shot my load straight down his throat until he had taken it all. As my cock softened he started sucking and licking, cleaning my cock up. Kyle started backing away from the door to make his exit.

As we relaxed Karson crawled up and lay down beside me, his head resting on my bicep, knee bent across my abs, as I was caressing his face telling him what a good boi he was. I asked him what his dad’s story was. He told me, “Mom left Dad and I decided to stay with Dad. He knows about my sexuality and is pretty accepting of it.”

I said, “Does your dad have someone in his life?”

Karson replied, “He has had women in his life but nothing serious. I’m surprised, he is pretty damn hot if I do say so myself.”

I added, “Your right about that. You two look just like brothers, not father and son. He came in and was watching you suck my cock from the hallway and then left as quietly as he appeared. I think he might love my big black cock as much as you do.”

Karson straddled me and said, “I just bet he would. I’ll give you his number.”

Karson stood up, extended his hand, and said we needed a shower. I picked him up in my arms and took him to the shower. Karson said they had added a nice walk in and it was. We entered and Karson got the water going. He got the rag and bathed me and then me him. As I was drying off Karson put his dad’s number in my phone.

After dressing I stepped up to Karson I pulled his chin up, leaned over, and kissed him deeply. Karson just moaned as I kissed him harder. Looking at Karson I said, “I’ll talk to you after you get off work. You need to get in bed, you got an early morning.”

I thought about Kyle as I drove and Karson. I slept very good after my workout. I woke and got me another shower. I decided to drive by Kyle and Karson’s to see if Karson was gone. He was so I pulled in the drive and knocked. Kyle opened the door and I introduced myself again and asked, “I seem to lost my watch and I was just backtracking. Do you mind if I look around?”

He opened the door further and said, “No problem, see if you can find it. I’m fixing breakfast, would you like some.”

I smiled and said, “Thanks, that really sounds good!”

He returned to the kitchen as I headed for the front room and Karson’s room pretending to look. I had intentionally worn a t-shirt and linen shorts without underwear. I went back to the kitchen and hopped up on the counter near where Kyle was cooking. My cock was laying on my leg and running down my leg almost the hem of the shorts.

I saw Kyle notice and then he was looking from the stove to my cock, back and forth. He started to reach in the cabinet right to his side and I told him I’d do that as I stepped in tight behind him, reaching around to get the plates. He gasped quietly as I rubbed my front against his back. I leaned forward telling him how good he smelled and pulled quickly back. Kyle fixed our plates, got the condiments and we sat down to eat.

As we ate and I looked him straight in the eye and said, “We both know I saw you peeping around the door last night.”

Kyle started to deny anything, saying he had never been with a man and never entertained the idea and I placed a finger against his lips saying, “You are not the first supposedly straight white guy to get a glimpse of a big black cock and fall in love. Did you like what you saw?”

I removed my finger from his lips and he said, “I have never had a gay desire but seeing my son loving on your cock was amazing. Hearing him shout how much he loved it was awesome.”

I said, “As hard as it is to believe this was only the second night we were together, and he’s a quick learner, really quick.”

I added, “I think you could be just as good as Karson, what you think.”

He didn’t respond immediately so I leaned over to him, kissing him, as soon he kissed me back. I stood, facing him, taking his hands in mine, kissing him again. Kyle led me to his bedroom. As we stood beside his bed I reached down and pulled his shirt up and over his head. I started pushing his shorts down as his cock slapped his belly when free.

I said, “I see you are ready and willing!”

Kyle blushed as he reached for my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. Kyle leaned forward and kissed one nipple then the other. I pushed down on his shoulders as he lowered to his knees. He then started pushing my shorts down. He freed my cock and looked up at me saying, “I hope I can take it all, it is even bigger looking from here.”

I took his chin in my hand raising his head to look at me, I said, “I will not do anything to hurt you but it’s going to hurt a little when I fuck your sweet ass but I will work almanbahis yeni giriş your hole to open it up.”

Kyle replied, “I understand, thank you.”

I said to Kyle, “Take my cock in your hand and examine it. I know you have a nice cock but mine is bigger, blacker, and longer. Stroke it, suck it, kiss it, do to me what you like done to you.”

Kyle shyly started working on cock and balls. he lifted my cock up placing his mouth on my balls, licking, sucking, and inhaling my scent. Next, he moved to my cock, licking up over the head and down the other side to the root again and again. After he got a little more acquainted with my cock and balls I told him, “Okay Kyle, it’s time for you to suck my cock, and taste my precum.”

I told him where Karson’s lube was and he got it. I climbed up in the bed pulling him with me. I lay back on the pillows and told him to straddle me, sixty-nine position, with his ass over my chest. Kyle followed my instructions as I rubbed the cheeks of his ass. Kyle took my cockhead in his mouth running his tongue around it and sucking up my precum and groaning. I patted his head telling him to watch the teeth.

Kyle was an avid student, moving up and down as I started on his ass, giving hints to him as he worked my cock. I lubed up the fingers on one hand and started working my thumb over his sweet hole. I landed it at his puckered hole and pushed it against his ring as his ring pushed back. I finally got thru his hole and he gasped. I told him, “Just relax Kyle, concentrate on sucking my cock. You have the sweetest tightest ass.”

As played right inside his ass just letting him get used to my thumb. Kyle continued bobbing up and down. As Kyle worked on my cock I pushed my thumb further and further in his ass rotating it. I pulled my thumb out and added 2 fingers. I pushed in as Kyle moaned. I pushed and pulled, in and out, going deeper each time. When I felt his ass relax with those two I started to work them in and out, spreading and pulling my fingers back together.

Kyle was liking what he was feeling, he had started to moan loud. He was taking my cock to the start of his throat without any gagging, I wonder if a gag reflex or lack of is something inherited. I patted Kyle’s head and asked, “I could sure use something to drink, how bout you.”

Kyle said, “We keep water and beer, what do you want?”

I told him, “Water would be fine with me.”

He hopped up saying, “Ask and you shall receive but I want a beer.”

He headed off the kitchen returning with a bottled beer, a bottle of water, and his phone. Kyle opened mine and handed it to me and then did the same with his. He took a big swallow, I took his hand pulling him to me, he straddled me and I pulled his mouth to mine. I run my long tongue in his mouth as he sucked it. I looked him in the eye and said, “You are fixing to fuck your sweet virgin ass with my big black cock. Lube up my big black cock and your hole, I know you can take it, act like your taking a dump, it will be easier. Lube my cock and your hole.”

He did as told getting us lubed up really good. I told Kyle, “Reach between us and take my cock in your hand. Lower your sweet hole and guide them to each other. Good Kyle, act like your taking a dump and push down letting my cockhead in.”

He said, “Im trying but I don’t know if a can.”

I answered, “You can it, the first time is the hardest, do it push down harder Kyle.”

Kyle finally pushed down hard enough for my cock to open up his puckered hole and gain entry. He hollered and I pulled him to me and kissed him. I told him how good he was doing and how hot his ass felt. I took his hands and placed them on my chest.

I told him, “Now, continue pushing down on my cock, when it feels like it’s too much stop until it passes then continue.”

He pushed down saying, “I don’t know whether I can take it or not, I don’t know.”

I added, “You can take my cock, the fact that your ass is virgin and your first fucking is by a black man with a big cock isn’t helping you but you can take it. Take more in your ass Kyle. You got about half in your ass.”

I continued, “Bounce on my cock, up and down, take more in your ass on the downstroke.”

I reached a hand up to his nipple., taking it between my fingers and working it as he groaned loader and loader. When he went down on my cock with his ass I would tweak his nipple. I took the other nipple in the other hand and started on it too. I looked at him saying, “Pull up one more time and take my whole cock. I know you can do it! You only have 2 more inches to go, you can do it!”

I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him deeply. when we broke the kiss we were nose to nose and 1 said, “I want you to take my cock completely this time, I know you can do it. You are doing great!”

He raised back up and I took his nipples in my fingers and as he started to bounce I worked his nipples when he went down on my cock, the last time he raised up I started working his nips hard, as he plunged down onto my cock he yelled when my cock went all the way in, opening his ass wide and filling his eager ass. I grabbed his head telling him to stay down, the feeling would get better and the hurt would subside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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