New Neighbor at the Ocean

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Working in a very hectic office, it is nice to just get away and relax. I found a place to do just that on the Oregon coast. It’s nothing special, just a little house but it sets on a hill and has a fantastic view of the ocean. There are only two houses on the road and the one I have sets higher than to one next to me. An elderly couple who was very quiet owned the other house. They pretty much stayed to themselves but we became friends in time. I knew they were thinking of selling their place as it was getting to be just too much for them to take care of.

After a particularly hectic week I headed down to the ocean for a needed break. I hadn’t been down there for over a month so my mind was on the amount of cleaning that I would have to do. Driving up I noticed a different car setting at the house next door but didn’t think much about it at the time. It was late when I arrived so I just put the groceries up, made my bed and went to sleep.

I slept in late not getting up until ten thirty. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. It was going to be a beautiful weekend. The house has a daylight basement with the living area above and the basement used mainly for storage. There is a deck the full width of the house across the back and my bedroom has a sliding glass door onto it. The yard is fenced down each side to the bluff but from the deck I can see into the back yard of the house next door. I always have a robe on when I step out first thing in the morning because one or both of the neighbors are usually out working in their garden or something.

I started a pot of coffee then grabbed a wash cloth and went out on the deck. I took the covers off the patio furniture and cleaned it. After pouring a cup I went back out on the deck to relax in the warm sunshine. I walked over to the edge to see if Fred and Linda were outside so I could say hi to them. Well someone was out in the yard all right but it certainly wasn’t Fred or Linda. What I saw instead was a very beautiful woman that looked to be in her early thirties. She was lying on a lounge chair bathing in the sun completely nude. I knew I shouldn’t stand there and stare at her but she was so beautiful and had such a great body I couldn’t help myself.

Finally I came to my senses, went back to the table and took a seat. Being bi-sexual the site of this beautiful woman nude had my mind working. I to sunbathe in the nude but no one can see into my back yard. She had to know someone was here today didn’t she? Where was her husband? Does she have one? The questions flew through my mind as I sipped my coffee. Fighting the urge to go have another peek at my new neighbor, I went back in and fixed myself a blow of cereal. After a shower, where I put the shower massager to good use, I got dressed. I chose a string tie bikini top and a pair of old cut-offs hoping my five foot ten inch, 36c-25-35 frame would be of some interest to my new neighbor.

I went around opening windows to air out the house wondering if she was still sunbathing. I walked out on the deck and thought I heard her walking on hers. I went to the edge of the deck and sure enough there she was just setting down with a glass of tea. She was setting looking out at the ocean but must have caught me out of the corner of her eye. She was dressed now wearing a low cut tank top and a pair of shorts. I had my sunglasses on and was busy giving her a good look. She was wearing sunglasses to and I hoped she was giving me a good look to.

” Good morning. ” She said turning and waving at me.

” Good morning. ” I returned her pleasantry.

” You must be Pamela. Fred and Linda told me who owned the house next door. I’m Angela. ” She said.

” Yes. I’m Pamela. Nice to meet you and welcome. I knew they were thinking of selling but I haven’t been down here in awhile. How long have you been here? ” I said.

” I just moved in this week. Still trying to unpack. I’m not working very hard at it either I’m afraid. Enjoying the piece and quiet too much. ” Angela said.

” I know what you mean. That’s the reason I come down here. ” I said wondering why she was speaking in the singular. Was she alone?

” Have you had time to get out and do any exploring yet? ” I asked.

” Not really. I had to find a grocery store but that’s about it. Seems like a nice little town though. Where’s my manners? Would you like to join me? I have a fresh pitcher of iced tea. ” She said.

” If you don’t mind. I love iced tea and haven’t had a chance to make some yet. ” I said trying not to sound to excited.

” Well I have plenty so come on over. I’ll unlock the front door. ” She said standing.

” Be right there. “

I quickly looked myself over in the mirror. Hair is good. Maybe move the slide triangles of my bikini top just a little closer together. There, that’s much better. I turned to the side and checked out my tight butt. Nothing to do here. My shorts were so short they barely covered my cheeks. Satisfied I was looking hot I headed over to Angela’s. I heard a, ” Come on in. escort bayan ” as I knocked on the door.

” I’m on the deck and have your tea waiting for you. ” I heard her say as I walked in.

I had been in the house many times before and knew my way to the deck. I looked her over from head to toe as I walked toward the table. She was indeed very beautiful and looked to be as tall as me and with measurements matching mine to. Being five feet ten inches tall it’s rare to find a woman to match my height. I was obvious she was not wearing a bra under that tight tank top. Her nipples were hard from the still cool ocean breeze and plainly visible through the material of her top.

” Hello again. ” She said standing and reaching her hand out as I walked up.

” Hello. Very nice to meet you. ” I said shaking her hand and taking a seat.

We exchanged pleasantries and a little history about ourselves. I learned she was from San Francisco and had been a widow for three years. She and her husband had a business they ran together there and she just got to the point she didn’t enjoy it anymore and sold it. She said she had decided to move up here and just get away from everything. Especially those well meaning friends that kept trying to fix her up on blind dates. Believe me. I know all about that. The more we chatted the more it seemed we had in common. We both have good friends but yet are lonely. I have not been in a real relationship with a man or a woman for two years.

We chatted for hours until her pitcher of iced tea was gone and both of us had to pee in the worst way. She made another pitcher and we continued to set on the deck and talk. By four in the afternoon we were both getting hungry so I suggested she come over to my place for dinner making sure she knew I was doing the cooking tonight, telling her it was the least I could do for drinking all her iced tea. A time was set for dinner and Angela reluctantly agreed to let me do all the cooking. When she asked what to wear I just told her to be comfy. After all, we were here to relax.

I had to run to the store for food and hurried home to get dinner started. I decided on a crispy chicken salad to keep it light and a bottle of wine just to set the mood. I wanted her in my bed all right but napping from a heavy meal was not what I had in mind. With dinner ready I went to my bedroom trying to decide what I was going to wear. Comfy I had told her. Yes, comfy, revealing and easy to get off. I finally decided on a floral print button front full-length sundress with a low cut neckline. No bra of course and I thought a nice white satin throng. I left the dress open from the hem half way up my thigh so I could give Angela a good look at my long shapely legs.

” Hi. ” I heard Angela say.

” Come on in the door is open. ” I responded.

She found her way to the kitchen and I almost attacked her as soon as I saw her. She was wearing a long flowing wrap skirt and a sleeveless tie front shirt. She had opted for the no bra look to and was revealing quiet a bit of breast as her the top buttons of her top were open. I finally noticed the little darling had brought a bottle of wine. After thanking her and telling her she shouldn’t have, I put it on ice with the bottle I had bought. It was still warm out so we decided to eat on the deck.

We played that old familiar game all through dinner. I bent over every chance I got letting Angela have a look down the front of my dress. She was doing the same to me from the time she lifted and opened her skirt to set down. Our hands touched arms as we talked. Our eyes met in knowing glances. Both aware of what we were doing and welcoming further advances. I think we both knew where this evening would lead and after the first bottle of wine was gone it was just a matter of who was going to kiss whom first.

” I just love the view here. It’s so relaxing to just set back and watch the ocean. ” Angela said sipping her wine.

” Yes it is. I even come down here in the winter. The storms are beautiful to watch come in especially when you’re setting next to a warm cozy fire. ” I said.

” Oh I can imagine. Very romantic if you’re with the right person. ” Angela said with a sultry tone to her voice

” I suppose it would be. ” I said.

” You mean you don’t know? ” Angela said with surprise in her voice.

” I’ve never brought anyone here. This has always been my place. My secret place of solitude. Fred and Linda have been in the house but they are the only ones, until now. ” I said.

” I’m honored you have invited me to you place of solitude. ” Angela said touching my arm and squeezing it lightly.

” You are welcome here anytime. I enjoy your company. ” I said placing my hand on hers.

” Oh look. There’s a ship is going by. ” Angela said breaking the tension.

She stood and moved to the railing looking out at it as it sailed by in the distance. I stood and move next to her. It was very romantic watching it with her.

” Can I tell you a secret? ” Angela said kocaeli escort bayan turning to face me.

” Sure. ” I said.

” Last night I saw one going by as I got out of the shower. Not thinking, I walked out on my deck completely nude and still drying my hair with a towel and watched until it disappeared from site. Then I panicked and I wondered if someone was on the ship watching me as they passed by. It was so intense. ” Angela said.

” How naughty. I like that in a new neighbor. ” I said laughing lightly.

Just then a second ship came into view and I turned to Angela and said.

” Shall we? ” I said playfully.

She knew exactly what I meant and the smile on her face told me she was in agreement. I opened the buttons of my dress and let it fall to the deck as I had enough open to allow it to slip over my hips. Her hands pulled the tie holding her shirt together and slipped it off her shoulders letting it fall behind her all the while her eye’s raced from my breasts to my white satin throng. I was busy watching her 36c’s bouncing gently as her skirt was opened and left to fall on her top revealing a white lace g-string. I turned facing the ocean and started waving at the ship passing by. Angela did the same then we started laughing at the silly thing we were doing, that is until our eyes met.

We turned to face each other and moved right in to each other’s arms. Our first kiss was soft and gentle but soon grew to a deep wet tongue kiss. My hands caressed her back sliding down over the rise leading to her firm cheeks. Her hands were doing the same and we pulled each other tight pressing our breasts and mounds together. Our kisses were hungry and exploring as we pressed our bodies’ together thighter.

” I’ve wanted you since I saw you sunbathing this morning. ” I said looking deep in her eyes.

” Good because I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you watching me this morning. Can I tell you another secret? ” Angela said.

” Anything Honey. ” I said.

” I went out to sunbathe nude this morning hoping you would see me and like what you saw. ” Angela confessed.

” Oh really? ” I asked.

” Yes. You see. Linda described you to me and you sounded just yummy. She told me you always came down alone so I decided to take a chance. ” Angela said.

” Good. I’m glad you did. ” I said taking her head in my hands and kissing her full on the lips.

I felt her hands squeeze the cheeks of my ass as our tongues again probed and explored each other’s mouth. We kissed and nibbled lips as my hands moved down her back finding her firm cheeks and caressing them. Angela’s breasts felt just wonderful pressed against mine. It had been sometime since I had felt the warmth of another woman’s body against mine. I felt Angela’s hand start to slip between us moving up toward our breasts. I leaned back just a bit allowing her hand better access to whatever it was searching for. My breast was it’s destination and she let her fingers gently brush over it as she reached her goal. I moaned my approval and brought my hand to her breast letting it rest in my fingers and brushing her erect nipple with my thumb.

” Let’s move to my bedroom shall we. I think we will be more comfortable there. ” I said encouraged by the soft moan that slipped from her lips as my thumb touched her nipple.

” Yes. I think we would be much more comfortable there. ” Angela said.

We kissed once more before walking arm in arm to my bedroom. We stopped beside my bed and again locked in a deep wet kiss. My hands slid down her sides and I hooked my thumbs in the waist of her g-string. I pulled it down over her hips as far as I could then began to stoop lower and lower taking her g-string with me. Slowly inch by inch I moved down her body leaving a trail of soft kisses and tongue licks as I reached her breasts. Now holding her g-string up as much as pushing it down, I kissed her breasts sucking her nipples between my lips and flicking my tongue over them.

Her eyes gazed into mine as her gentle long fingers caressed my face. Back and forth, breast to breast I kissed then moved down her firm abdomen. After several quick kisses and licks around her navel I continued my methodical journey down to her mound. For the first time I was able to get a look at her mound and was pleased to see her clean-shaven as I am. I kissed her mound and outer lips as I helped her step out of her g-string. Tossing it aside I went right back to her vulva kissing my way around it. I pushed against her thighs indicating I wanted her to spread her feet apart. She responded by doing so and I continued kissing her outer lips. I heard a deep sigh and felt her body tense as my tongue parted her outer lips.

Her scent was sweet and I wanted a taste of her so I sat between her legs forcing her feet apart even more giving me full access to the object of my desire. I licked the length of her swollen lips tasting her sweet juices. Her hands flew to my head holding on as I licked and sucked her kocaeli escort outer lips. Then kissing her I let my tongue slither in her warm moist hole. Gently working it in and out while sucking her lips. Her inner lips were soft and full and I began to nibble on them. Her gyrations increased as I moved closer and closer to her swollen clit. It was sticking out so far just begging for attention and I just couldn’t resist.

Her grip on my head tightened as I kissed her clit. I knew she was in need of relief just as I was so I decide not to prolong the agony for her. Angela moaned loudly as I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked my tongue over it. She was now holding my head tight and grinding her pussy into my tongue as it flicked wildly over her clit. Deep sighs and moans filled the room as Angela came giving me a taste of her first orgasm.

” I’m sorry. It has just been so long and I was in such need. ” Angela apologized pulling me up.

” Sorry for what? ” I asked.

” Reaching orgasm so quickly. ” She responded.

” Nothing to apologize for Honey. I am in the same condition. If things had been reversed I would have done the same. ” I said caressing and kissing her cheeks.

I moved to the bed holding her hand and bringing her with me as I crawled on. I moved to my back pulling her down beside me. She cuddled in and began to kiss my neck and nibble on my ears. I was about to explode and was afraid I would be the one apologizing as soon as she touched my pussy with anything. Angela seemed to want to return the favor so I lay back and let her have her way with me. She kissed her way to my breasts then moved on top of me taking one in each hand. Her fingers brushed my nipples before she kissed and sucked them in her mouth. Her tongue felt wonderful as it flicked over my hard nipples. Then down she moved. Not stopping at my navel as I had her but straight to the top of my panty. She traced the outline of my panty leaving soft kisses and tongue licks before rising to her knees. She pulled my panty over my hips and lifting my legs slid them up my thighs, over my knees and off my feet.

Tossing them to the floor she stayed there on her knees gazing at my exposed pussy. She moved one hand down my thigh and slipped a finger between my moist lips. I felt it slip in my pussy as she lay flat between my legs and kissed my dripping wet lips sending shivers through my entire body. She was experienced and very talented. Something she had neglected to tell me during our get to know each other chat this afternoon. I knew she was but nothing wrong with a little surprise now and then. Her tongue worked it’s magic on my outer and inner lips then she sucked my inner lips in her mouth and gently nibbled at them.

I must have been a site. My legs waving in the air and my body moving trying to get her tongue on my clit. I needed to cum and quickly. Angela knew it and went to work on my clit with her talented tongue. Sucking, kissing and flicking her tongue over it until I let out a loud yelp drenching her tongue with my juices. She stayed with me until my orgasm subsided then I pulled her up to my waiting lips kissing her deep tasting my own juices on her lips and tongue.

” See. I told you I was in the same condition as you. ” I said kissing her cheeks.

” I see that. Well now that we have the need taken care of maybe we can relax and enjoy the rest of our evening; ” Angela said smiling into my eyes.

Evening nothing! Honey, I’m taking you home with me. I said to myself kissing her deeply again.

” Well I don’t know how much relaxing we are going to do. It has been a couple of years since I have been with another woman, but I can assure you we are going to enjoy ourselves. ” I said.

” Well I may be just a little eager myself. It has been three years since I’ve been with anyone, male or female. ” Angela confessed.

” Not since your husband died? Did he know about your bi-side? ” I asked rolling us to our sides.

” Yes. He knew and was very supportive and understanding. It was always my thing and he allowed me the time and freedom to have my lovers. He was never included until my last lover. ” Angela said.

” Really? What was different with her? ” I asked caressing her cheeks as she talked.

” I don’t really know. She was more than just a lover was. We became very good friends and still are even though we haven’t been together as lovers since. I guess I had always wanted to include him but never felt secure about it until Cady came along. Have you ever been in a threesome? ” Angela said.

” Once but it wasn’t a good situation. ” I said.

” Not the right people? ” Angela asked.

” Exactly. It was a guy I knew from work and his wife. He was the driving force there and she was trying to please him. He was just a jerk and they are now divorced. ” I said.

” Hope they didn’t drag you into it. ” Angela asked with concern.

” Oh know. It was a couple of years after. ” I said.

” You were never with them again? ” Angela asked.

” Well, not them. Suzi was her name and we were lovers behind his back for about a year until she got scared he would find out. We are still close friends but not lovers. I don’t think she has ever been with another woman. Not before or since. ” I said.

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