Not So Straight

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When I was at college I shared an apartment with Bob and Simon. We each had our own room so I was a little surprised when I saw Bob coming out of Simon’s room early one morning. He didn’t see me and I was dying to know what he was doing in there.

I secretly fancied both of them. They were as different as chalk and cheese but both as sexy as fuck. Bob was slender and delicate looking with bright red hair and alabaster skin. Simon was big and buff and blonde. I guess you could say he was a real jock and he was on a sports scholarship. He was always talking about women and pussy so I just assumed he was what he made himself out to be.

I knew that Bob dated girls so I had hidden my desperate lust for him. He was real shy and I had never seen him naked. Simon often walked around naked and the sight of his big, tight ass always sent me hurrying into the toilet to have a big, fat wank. Often times I would have to pump out two or three loads before I could get over the lust that he stirred up. I’d even seen him with a hardon once. It was a little under five inches long but incredibly fat, like a salami. He had large, smooth balls that hung in a tight pouch under his circumcised cock.

The next day we all went out for a meal and had a bit to drink. We were all a bit tipsy when we got home and I noticed that Simon and Bob were a bit free with their hands, touching bostancı escort each other every now and then.

‘How long have you two been going together?’ I asked.

They both blushed.

‘We’re not going together.’ Simon replied. ‘We just like messing about now and then.’

‘Charming.’ I snapped.

‘I take it you disapprove.’ Bob said.

‘No. I’m just jealous.’ I replied. ‘I’m the one who is gay and you two claim to be straight, and yet I’m not getting any action, while you two are!’

‘Come here.’ Simon said, and gestured for me to come and sit next to him on the sofa.

The moment I sat down his arms went around my shoulder and he started kissing me. I don’t know where he learned to kiss like that but he must have had a mighty good teacher. I could feel a sexual heat creep across my neck and chest as I melted in his arms. His big, strong hand started stroking my belly and chest. My nipples were soon rock hard. And then I felt a second hand slide under my shirt. I just about jumped out of my skin as Bob’s fingers made contact with my flesh. He gently tweaked my nipples and sent waves of pleasure racing around my body.

Simon started tugging at my belt buckle. I raised my hips as he dragged my jeans off. My seven inch cock was poking into my belly when he grabbed hold of it. His warm hand büyükçekmece escort closed around my throbbing tool and I just about lost my load. He slowly jacked my cock as he continued to kiss me. Bob meanwhile, had moved down to sucking my nipples. I had no idea that a body could receive so much pleasure. But the best was yet to come.

A warm mouth closed around my cock head and started to take me in. I would have cried out in delight if it were not for the fact that Simon had his tongue buried down my throat. As Bob ate my cock Simon took over his role of teasing my nipples. He was much more rough than Bob had been, really crushing them between thumb and forefinger. I felt really confused as it was both painful and pleasurable at the same time.

In fact it was too much for me. My body went rigid, and my mind went blank, as my cock started pumping off inside Bob’s mouth. He came off me as I broke off my embrace with Simon. I watched as the horny pair shared my spunk between them before getting down to a really hot fuck.

The sight of Simon’s big, smooth ass clenching and unclenching as he nailed Bob’s ass was just the horniest thing I had ever seen. Despite dropping a load just a few minutes previously I was soon hard again. This time I took it slow as I worked my hand over my raging hardon.

‘Ooh çekmeköy escort yes, fuck me hard!’ Bob growled.

I went and knelt close to the horny pair so I could watch Simon’s slippery cock slide into Bob’s wanting ass. Simon winked at me and pulled his cock all the way out before plunging back in again. Bob gasped and begged for more so Simon repeated the stroke, over and over. Each time he withdrew I caught site of his swollen, blood red cock head. I knew he was close.

I put my finger in Simon’s mouth and he sucked on it greedily. The feel of his warm tongue wrapped around my finger was out of this world. The only sound was my heavy breathing and Bob’s fucked loose asslips as they received Simon’s throbber. I increased the tempo of my stroking and felt my chest get tight.

My balls drew up close to my prick and I knew the end was close. My fist flew up and down my dick as orgasm started to send my pleasure receptors into overdrive. But the harder I stroked the more my orgasm seemed to be eluding me. On and on I whacked my by now aching rod. And then I got an idea.

I got behind Simon and spat into my hand. I slicked up my cockhead and pressed it against his bung hole. The moment my cock head entered that warm tight chamber I knew it had done the trick. Seconds later I felt close to passing out as another heavy load of cum gushed out of my cock and into his ass.

I felt Simon clench his assring around my cock as I tried to ease it out of him. Fortunately I stayed hard as he milked my spent pole and rode it to orgasm. His loud grunt was followed seconds later by Bob’s ecstatic cries. We all collapsed in a heap and drifted off to sleep.


Copyright 2003 Daniel Blue

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