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This is the first time I’ve written in several years. It’s a quickie; nothing like the more emotionally involved romances I posted then, so I’m not sure how it will be received. But it was all I could find time for.

I am grateful to Lara_Blackadaar for helping me to shake off some rust and whip this minor piece into what I hope is readable form. I am equally thankful for how graciously she managed the task.


Not for the first time, Miriam shifted in her seat. The gusset of her panties slid once more over her labia, which were slippery and oh-so-sensitive. She was beginning to think she should’ve canceled her appointment.

Her vigorous libido was usually slaked by nightly masturbation after her husband, Mike, had fallen asleep. This week’s punishing schedule hadn’t allowed for the opportunity. For the last three days, she’d stumbled into bed after midnight. Last night she’d barely managed to undress before slipping under the sheets. Now the lack of relief was evident in her undies. Christ, it felt positively sodden down there, though self-consciousness was probably exaggerating the effect.

She had long since overcome any shyness about having her pussy waxed. After her first visit, she’d decided it was no more embarrassing than a visit to the gynecologist. These beauticians had seen it all before. Besides, Jackie’s easygoing manner made it impossible to feel uptight around her. Still, Miriam would rather not have faced the attendant with such obvious signs of her neediness.

The sound of her name penetrated her reverie. Miriam glanced up to see Jackie’s warm smile turned in her direction. “Sorry to keep you waiting. You ’bout ready, hon?” As a child of the north, Miriam hadn’t been raised with the Southern propensity for endearments. She’d grown to like them however, when spoken in Jackie’s lilting Georgia cadence.

As Miriam rose from her seat, the technician spun ’round and started back toward her room. As she had on previous visits, Miriam admired the voluptuous curves revealed in the form-fitting uniform dress Jackie wore. Miriam realized that her gaze had lingered a tad too long. She reddened and cast a brief, guilty look about the waiting room to see if anyone had noticed. Relief washed over her when she discerned that no one was paying her the least bit of attention. At that time of afternoon on a weekday, there weren’t many people present anyway.

After Jackie closed the door behind Miriam, she placed her hand on Miriam’s arm and asked how she had been. The touch was another Southern familiarity that Miriam had come to appreciate as part of Jackie’s appeal. But today, with Miriam’s senses on high alert and appetite practically throbbing, Jackie’s warm voice and soft touch sent an unexpected thrill through her. A thrill that caused another unwanted gush in her undies. Dammit. She really should’ve postponed this. Right now every little thing seemed to carry a sexual charge that detonated inside her with distressing force.

What was Jackie was saying? “…you know the drill, sweetie. I’ll be back in a few minutes, okay?”

Jackie always left the room long enough for Miriam to undress from the waist down and get herself situated on the table. As she removed her clothing, she noticed that the crotch of her panties was so saturated that the juncture between the legs of her trousers was beginning to dampen too. Her thighs were also glistening with spill. Holy wow, what an outpouring.

Miriam’s children were all in their teens now, but she’d never relinquished the habit of carrying moist towelettes in her purse for cleaning up unexpected messes. After she’d wiped away the signs of her lustful state of mind, she climbed onto the waxing table and tried her utmost to think unsexy thoughts. Weather patterns, economic theory, what she was going to prepare for dinner. Anything that would stem the tide.

A gentle rap on the door announced Jackie’s return. As the beautician put on a pair of thin latex gloves, she glanced at Miriam’s legs and let out an admiring murmur. “D’ya have any more tips for me, hon? ‘Cause I’m surely not gettin’ results like this.” As she spoke, Jackie grazed her fingertips unconsciously over Miriam’s thigh.

Miriam couldn’t quite repress a shiver. She struggled to focus and answer the question. “Have you been şişli escort doing the lunges, calf extensions and squats the way I showed you?”

“Yup. Every other day,” Jackie said.

“How about the bike?”

“At least three times a week, weather permitting. I’d do more, but I just can’t seem to find the time.”

“It sounds like you’re doing everything you should.” Miriam propped herself on her elbows. “From where I sit, you look amazing. So, what’s the problem?”

A look of uncertainty flickered across Jackie’s face. “D’ya mind?” She turned her back toward Miriam as Miriam wondered what it was she was supposed to mind. The surprising answer came when Jackie hiked the hem of her dress up to her waist. Miriam had always appreciated Jackie’s figure, but she was mesmerized by the sight of those shapely legs now completely exposed. Her smooth thighs culminated in a splendidly rounded derrière that was barely contained by a pair of tight, lacy panties.

Peering over her shoulder, Jackie complained, “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to firm up this flabby butt of mine.” As she spoke, her hands gripped her cheeks and squeezed.


In her current state, Miriam hardly needed such provocation. She chuckled nervously. “You must be joking. That is the yummiest bottom I’ve seen in quite some time.” Shit. Had she actually said that out loud? And so emphatically, to boot? “Why, thank you, honey. I surely do appreciate that.” Miriam hoped Jackie was too pleased by the compliment to notice her client’s deepening complexion. The technician dropped her skirt and smoothed it to its normal mid-thigh length. But the previous moment’s bewitching sight was imprinted on Miriam’s mind.

Before she’d married Mike, Miriam had enjoyed sex with either gender without any particular preference for one over the other. Despite Mike’s increasing neglect in the last few years, she’d remained faithful, however. It had been a long time since she’d been with a woman, but Jackie’s display stirred all sorts of memories.

Delicious memories.

Even under normal circumstances, it didn’t take a lot to incite Miriam’s juices. With the unplanned abstinence of the past several days, she was practically soaking the paper that covered Jackie’s table. And the scent—oh my. It seemed as if the little room were wreathed in it. Surely the waxer must be aware.

Miriam heard a fragment of a question, “…do I haveta do to get my legs and butt to look like yours?”

“My guess is there are three reasons for the difference. First of all, I’ve been working out pretty rigorously for years. As long as I can remember, really. Then there’s the fact that I lift some pretty heavy weights. Heavier than some fellas, actually. You also have to consider the fact that I’ve always packed on muscle more easily than most women. It’s a simple genetic predisposition.

“With all that said,” Miriam grinned, “I can’t understand your difficulty. You’re made differently than I, not lesser. Christ, girl, if you were any hotter, you’d be illegal.”

Jackie beamed. “Thank you, sugar. I needed to hear that. ‘Cause that’s not what my mirror’s been telling me.”

“Then throw the fraud out and get a new one. I swear, if I weren’t…” Miriam caught herself just in time, reddening once more.

“If you weren’t… what?”

“Nothing.” Miriam’s voice was small, even in the small room. She tried to read Jackie’s expression, but failed. There was a momentary hush until the attendant cleared her throat.

“Why don’t we get started, okay?”

Miriam simply nodded her assent.

Jackie gently parted Miriam’s legs. “Oh.” Until that moment, the waxer hadn’t noticed the mess her patron was making. “Um, let’s get you tidied up before we start.” She reached over to her work station to retrieve a hand towel.

Miriam wanted to disappear as the terrycloth soaked up her profuse spill.

“Sorry.” The word was barely a whisper.

Jackie placed her hand on Miriam’s arm, pausing in her ministrations to look directly at the reclining woman. “What’s to be sorry for, sweetie?” Her gentle drawl was soothing. “If horniness were a crime, we’d all be locked up.”

Miriam giggled a bit more than the humor merited.

“Say,” a look of comprehension and then wonder crept across the Southerner’s kağıthane escort features, “your, um, condition doesn’t have anything to do with my li’l display earlier, does it?”

The directness of the question caught Miriam completely unawares. She stuttered briefly, and sighed, “Well, it sure didn’t help the situation.”

“Wow. Really? I did that?”

Miriam didn’t know where to look or how to answer. Her heart raced. Her tummy fluttered. “It’s been a while. Too long a while. But, yes. You did that.” She took several deep, even breaths. “You shouldn’t be surprised, you know. You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

Jackie returned the towel to the table behind her. When she brought her attention back to Miriam, she removed her gloves with a bit of a flourish. The warm, naked palm of her hand came to rest on the curve of Miriam’s thigh. Miriam was hardly aware of anything else.

“You’re my last client today.” She cleared her throat. The increase in pressure from her fingers was subtle, but definite. “If you wanted me to… attend to your ‘condition’, we wouldn’t be interrupted.” It was a statement and a question at the same time.

Miriam’s breath caught in her chest. Her heart pounded. Fragmented thoughts of Mike battled with the growing warmth and wetness in her crotch. The scent of her arousal wafted to her nostrils, making her giddy. Finally, failing to find her voice, her acceptance came in the form of a hesitant smile and a nod of her head.

In response, Jackie’s hand skimmed over Miriam’s thigh and belly, nestling under her blouse. A hiss filled the room and it took a moment before Miriam realized she’d made the sound herself.

The hand under her blouse moved higher, cupped her breast while the thumb strummed her stiff nipple. Her back arched, pushing her tit into those pleasure-giving fingers. A rasping moan spiraled up from somewhere deep inside her. Jackie smothered the sounds of Miriam’s ardor with a kiss.

Pliant lips moved against hers, a warm, wet tongue slipped into her mouth, gentle fingers cradled her breast, and that maddening thumb flicked over the tender bud… Jesusfuck. Miriam’s senses were overloading and her inhibitions were vanishing with breathtaking swiftness. As her hips lifted slightly, she felt her juices streaming over the curve of her ass and onto her thighs. She could hear the plash of drops spattering onto the paper covering beneath her. The thought fluttered through her mind that Mike used to love the fact that she was such a ‘wet fuck’.

Still kissing her ardently, Jackie relinquished Miriam’s tit, sliding her fingers over her flanks and onto her belly. Her hand moved in a sensuous circuit on the soft, taut flesh, spilling goosebumps across her torso. Miriam whimpered into Jackie’s mouth.

When Jackie finally withdrew her lips from Miriam’s, they were both panting. Their faces were only inches apart as Jackie’s hand lowered to Miriam’s sex. She lightly squeezed the puffy outer lips between her thumb and forefinger, sliding them up and down. Miriam’s eyes widened, and clenched shut. A sopping sound laced and tangled with her whining and gasping. The smell of pussy was almost overwhelming.

Miriam shoved her cunt into Jackie’s hands, offering herself.

“I love how much you want this,” Jackie growled. Her middle finger split Miriam’s slick furrow, her hand continuing its exploration of that sensitive flesh. “Would you like me to eat you out?”

Under normal circumstances, Miriam was an unusually articulate woman. But language had fled under this assault on her senses. All she could do was nod frantically.

“I want to hear you say it.”

Miriam mewled, but the look in Jackie’s eye was uncompromising. “Say it.” Her fingers persisted in their sweet torture.

“Please…” Miriam groaned.

“Please, what?”

Fierce want howled through and through Miriam. “Please… Eat. Me. Out.” Each word surrendered with a sharply exhaled breath.

“My pleasure, darlin’.” With a wide grin, she moved to the foot of the table. Hooking her arms around Miriam’s hips, Jackie dragged her forward, heedless of the sodden paper crumpling beneath her bottom.

Miriam raised her head, her gaze spellbound as she watched Jackie lower herself between her legs. Only Jackie’s eyes were visible above the curve fatih escort of her mons, but it was obvious she was still smiling. She hovered as the seconds ticked by, making Miriam wait. At last, Miriam felt the tip of the other woman’s tongue feathering her dripping petals, driving her mad. Hypersensitive nerve endings flared, fanning out, sending signals to the farthest reaches of her body.

Just when the pleasure became almost unbearable, Jackie shifted to lapping like a cat. Purring too, which sent exquisite vibrations thrumming all the way inside Miriam.

Head arched back, hips pumping, Miriam panted like a runner at race’s end. She was so close now. So very close, when Jackie pointed her tongue and skewered her. Withdrew and plunged in again, deep and hard. Out and in again, her mouth bumping Miriam’s clit with each thrust. Lewd, liquid sounds as erotic accompaniment.

Miriam was coming before she realized it, her cunt clenching savagely around that fucking tongue, drenching that willing mouth with her juices.

When Miriam was able to recall who and where she was, aftershocks were still zinging inside her. Her hips continued to spasm delicately. She opened her eyes to find that Jackie had moved to her side.

Peering down at Miriam, Jackie cradled her face with one hand and rested her other palm on the recumbent woman’s heaving belly. With an illicit thrill, Miriam noted how the waxer surveyed the ravishment she’d wrought. It felt almost as if Jackie were taking possession of Miriam’s body with her gaze. For her part, Miriam wanted nothing more than to give herself over to this beautiful woman. She reveled in the freedom of absolute surrender.

“Do you want more?” In her blissful state, Miriam felt as if Jackie’s words were pouring on her like warm honey.


“D’ya want me to fuck you?”

“OhGodyes. Please.” Miriam blushed to hear the plea in her voice.

Jackie leaned over and pressed her lips to Miriam’s throat. She played amongst the muscles and veins, nipping, sucking, stroking with her tongue.

At the same time, Jackie’s left hand felt the corresponding throb of Miriam’s heart beneath her palm. Her fingers moved over the curve of Miriam’s breast, kneading the mound into tautness. Miriam shivered and groaned.

Jackie’s right hand slid right through Miriam’s sopping cleft. Miriam almost exploded then and there. Her whole body shuddered with the effort to stave off another orgasm. Jackie’s mouth at her throat, her hand at her tit and her fingers on her pussy. So many rapturous signals at once; Miriam was engulfed in a haze of pleasure, nearly out of her mind.

Jackie intensified her efforts when it became apparent that Miriam was quickly approaching critical mass. While she continued to tease Miriam’s nipple, Jackie thrust two fingers of her other hand into Miriam’s ravenous pussy. Finding the G-spot, she curled her fingers and began to ravage the responsive tissue. Miriam arched her back and snarled, her face contorted joyfully, all inhibition vanished.

Her hips bucking at Jackie’s onslaught, Miriam went wild until at last, ecstasy overwhelmed her. Consumed her. Powerless in the grip of almost unbearable pleasure, she came and came and came again. Her entire body spasmed in time with her wails, her squirting ejaculate spattered Jackie’s hand and forearm in pulse after pulse.

Miriam had no idea how much time passed before her raised and quivering hips finally slumped back to the table. What she did know was that she was utterly spent. A delicious languor cradled her as she became aware of her surroundings once more. The room was silent but for their rapid breathing. The air was steeped in a heady brew of sweat and raw sex.

When she could access the language center of her brain again, Miriam simply croaked, “Christfuck. I can’t tell you the last time I came like that. It was incredible. Every second of it. Thank you.”

A beatific smile illuminated Jackie’s features. “Oh honey, the pleasure was mine. Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to do that since you first started coming here. And seeing you explode like some kinda Roman candle—makin’ you writhe and moan that way, knowing I did that to you—ohmygod. Waaay better than I ever imagined.

“Miriam? Look, if this was a one-off—maybe due to something you’re going through right now—I understand. If so, I truly hope I was able to help. But if you’d ever like to revisit this…” Jackie paused to lean over and impart a scalding kiss upon Miriam’s willing lips, “…I’m your girl.”

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