Room to Let

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For Hanna

‘We’re very much impressed with your skill set Yvonne, so many programmers these days just learn the fashionable languages like C++, Pearl and the like but you have taken the trouble to become proficient with machine code and assembler. These will be needed in this job as there is quite a large amount of legacy code to update. So you make an excellent candidate and we are all very impressed with you.’ Sally Wallace’ praise made me glow inside, just hoping it wasn’t showing visibly. What she was saying was nothing but the truth but it’s nice to be acknowledged for the hard work put in over many years.

‘Because of that we’d like to review your application between ourselves so would you mind waiting in reception for a while? The chairs are very comfortable and there’s coffee and cakes so please help yourself.’ I thanked Sally and walked outside, making myself comfortable with a large cappucino and an even larger cream slice. Okay, bad for my figure but it is an interview and calories help me relax.

This interview was rather unexpected and had come out of the blue, I suppose I was sort of headhunted as my current contract with Malco had just expired and I was looking for a new position anyway. Femcode Newlife was a women only company formed as a startup in the early 2000s. It’s intention was meant to be user friendly and staff supportive and provided software solutions to the perennial problem of legacy code (old stuff) interaction with the latest database applications written in popular languages.

Having only been given twenty four hours notice to attend I decided to make the effort as it solved all sorts of problems in one go and gave me the advantage as they had made the approach. I know that sounds mercenary but that’s how it is in I.T.. All job interviews are somewhat anxious times but this was my area and I almost felt at home in situations like this now as I had something genuine to offer, which would result in a position that suited and helped both myself and any prospective employer. I’m going into detail about this as I am trying to describe the confidence I felt during the interview and which I assumed would continue during any subsequent minor issues like finding accomodation.

Okay, so about myself. Thirty years old, above average height at 5’8″ and rather clumsy and awkward looking physically but not unattractive. It’s just that my ability lies in my head and that’s where my focus is most of the time, especially when work is involved. I wear my light brown hair in a sort of bob that ends just above my shoulders, and have medium boobs and hips but rather long limbs that are not in any way ungainly but tend to flop about with a mind of their own. Without flattering myself I feel my expression is warm and friendly on a plain rather than pretty face. Okay, yes, I look like a librarian.

So that’s me, Yvonne Fletcher. Experienced I.T. pro about (I hoped) to receive an offer of a very lucrative job which would enable me to finally buy my own house and maybe set up my own busienss one day. Sally came out of the conference room and called me back in. When everyone was sitting down again it was the company CEO who spoke this time. Emily Harcombe was tall with short blonde hair and quiet masculine looking, wearing her gay pride badge with…well pride. I also wore mine and I had stated my sexual orientation quite plainly on my application and CV I had sent to them online. From experience I found it best to be open about it and these days it was more a positive quality than a negative one to hide.

Emily spoke in a deep but feminine voice which I instantly warmed to and found attractive: ‘We’ve discussed your candidacy and we’re all agreed Yvonne that you’re the best person for the job.’ Smiles all around. I shuffled and recrossed my legs in relief. ‘The only thing is’ Sally continued ‘we are in a tight situation here and we wondered if you could start on Monday. I know this is short notice and of course we’ll pay you for the early start and any moving expenses.

Trying not to show too much relief or enthusiasm while keeping the advantage I politely accepted the offer but questioned the problem of accomodation. My current apartment was still under mortgage and I had nowhere to stay within any travelling distance of the company buildings. More I.T. work can be done remotely now but this was definitely a ‘hands on’ position.

‘No worries there Yvonne, I know of a very nice large house which has a room to let at very reasonable rent. It’s all female and you should get on very well with the residents already there. If you are agreeable I can call them when we have completed the paperwork and take you round to see the place and introduce you.’ Couldn’t be better, I thought. This job is improving every step of the way. So contracts signed and job description agreed, we walked to Sally’s car and chatted while she drove me to the lodgings she had mentioned. Just a mile from the offices, I could take the bus or walk, which I usually preferred to do both for the Ankara escort exercise and for clearing my head before and after work, I.T. being very cerebral and I found a physical activity before and after is essential for maintaining some kind of perspective in life.

The car stopped outside a tall terraced house, four stories I counted. The kind that goes back forever and has interesting nooks and crannies to explore. Emily took my suitcase and rang the bell. Door opened to reveal a short blonde girl in jeans and sweater who squealed with delight when she saw Emily. Flying out the door she gave Emliy a huge hug, friends already I thought, should be a nice place to live.

‘I’ve brought your new tenant’ said Emily. ‘This is Yvone Fletcher and she’s taking a position at my company starting next week. Yvonne requires accomodation urgently and I felt she would be ideal for the empty room you have.’ Short blonde girl agreed and led the way through the hall to a large reception room where half a dozen other women were relaxing in very comfortable chairs and sofas.

‘Hi everyone’ said Emily and her greeting was met with equally friendly replies and a couple more friendly hugs. I was already thinking of this as the ‘Huggy House.’

After the huggies and hellos were completed Yvonne introduced me: ‘Everyone, this is Yvonne and I thought she might be suitable for the spare room you have at the moment.’

The room echoed to the chorus: ‘Hi Yvonne’ and lots of nods to the accomodation suggestion.

‘Well I’ll leave you all to get to know one another and see how you feel about your knew tenant.’ Emily turned to me: ‘I know you’ll get on tremendously with everyone here, they’re all very friendly as you can see. So if there’s nothing else I’ll see you Monday morning at the office?’ I confirmed I would be there and thanked Emily for her help.

‘We are so glad you’re here Yvonne’ said short blonde girl whose named turned out to be Flo. ‘I’ll show you to your room then we can get to know each other over dinner.’ Sounds splendid I thought.

The room was large and airy with its own sink but no ensuite. However I noticed there were lots of bathrooms scattered around the house so showering and toilets shouldn’t be a problem. ‘If the house was being renovated now there would be an en suite in each room but it was updated a while ago. However there is just about one bathroom for each of us anyways so it’s not a problem. I’ll leave you to unpack and see you downstairs for dinner. I thanked Flo and began to unpack.

Dinner was served in the dining room and consisted of pasta, salad and some very nice wine, they obviously liked to live well here. We retired to the lounge and chatted and although the conversation was informal I could tell they were interviewing me, albeit in the nicest possible way. I had no problem with that and felt even easier when the last major hurdle was overcome. Flo mentioned the pride badge I wore so I said quite frankly: ‘Yes I’m gay, I always feel it’s better to be open about it.’

Things went from good to better when each one of the girls produced her own pride badge to a chorus of ‘Snap!’ I collapsed in laughter at the sheer relief and the giggles continued for a few minutes while the last of the wine was finished and the sniggering subsided.

Flo seemed to be the spokesperson for the house: ‘I think I can speak for all of us when I say you’ll fit in here wonderfully Yvonne.’ I smiled, happy at the prospect of living in such nice accomodation with a group of similarly minded girls. ‘So there’s just one final question Yvonne’ said Flo. ‘How often do you masturbate?’

I froze for a few seconds: ‘Excuse me?’

‘It’s a simple question Yvonne, how often do you masturbate?’ repated Flo.

Not wanting to seem in any way unobliging, yet still needing to protect my boundaries I responded in the best way I could: ‘I’m not completely sure why you’re asking that Flo, but if you’re serious it’s really non of your business.’

Flo smiled: ‘Oh but it is. You see we’re all very open here and everyone masturbates. Early on, when the house was first let out as rented rooms, the subject caused a problem so we’ve decided to be up front about it from the beginning. We all masturbate and presumably you do as well. We just feel it’s something we need to talk about instead of hiding in our rooms pretending it doesn’t happen.’

Not sure how to respond or what Flo’s motives were in raising this topic, I decided on a middle ground between defensiveness and denial: ‘I understand that and if you insist on pursuing the question I suppose I masturbate as much as anyone.’

Flo smiled as acknowledgement of my honesty, then the challenge: ‘Show us.’

Now genuinely confused, I queried: ‘Show you? Show you what?’

Flo leant forward, her face beautiful and sexy and teasing: ‘Show us how you masturbate.’

The rest of the room looked at me expectantly. I looked round and noticed their faces matched Flo’s: ‘Come on girls, I think this joke’s gone Ankara escort bayan far enough.’

Lorena, a pretty brunette with a gorgeous smile took over from Flo: ‘We’re not joking Yvonne. We take masturbation very seriously here. And we’re not trying to embarress you or set you up or trick you, because I can see from the expression on your face you are getting very defensive. But we need to know you’ll fit in with everyone here and our way of life. We’ve had other tenants before and they haven’t been able to adapt or be honest about this and it’s never worked out. So before we agree you can live here we need proof you’ll be suitable.’

At this point I had no idea what to do or how to respond. Were they being honest and genuine themselves or was this some kind of hazing or trick? If the former, what kind of community was I going to be a part of? If the latter, how do I get out of here without losing face or the promise of cheap accomodation?

‘I can see you’re hesitant and suspiciuous of our motives Yvonne, which is totally understandable and to your credit. As a gesture of our good intentions we won’t push you any further and we’ll give you a demonstration to show you what we mean’ Lorena threw down the peace offering and I relaxed somewhat. But what did she mean by a demonstration?

Flo stood up and walked over to me. I could see the other girls rising excitement and my own nervousness immediately put me on the defensive again. I felt manipulated, pushed into a corner, I was desperately looking for a polite way out but they weren’t going to give it to me.

Although only 5’3″ Flo was perfectly proportioned and I could not deny I was very attracted to her. She must have noticed my looks in her direction and my quick though rather obvious glances at her boobs and legs and what lay between them. Less than a foot seperated us as she slowly swayed from side to side, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. Shit, she was hot. Her breasts described figure of eight shapes in front of my eyes as she moved sensuously and gracefully.

Then she was lap dancing me! One leg each side of mine, although not touching me. Hands reached out to almost caress my face, but never making contact. Following the outline of my hair, over my shoulders then behind her own head and ruffling her hair as her body continued the hypnotic motion that was rapidly and undeniably turning me on.

She bent forward to kiss me, again not making contact, just pushing the provocative teasing another step: ‘Do you like what you see Yvonne, does my body meet with your approval?’ Flo knew how to torment but do it without making it seem confrontational.

Realising I was getting wet I automatically adjusted my position and as I did so one of the girls on the other side of the room must have seen up my skirt between my legs: ‘She’s wet Flo, you’ve definitely got her attention.’

Oh no, another of my boundaries fallen. I could not deny it as it was true. My emotions turned from wariness to embarassment as I inadvertantly made a little moaning sound, as I do when I’m aroused or self conscious.

Flo’s smile widened and she moved back a few steps. The striptease began. This was going too far and I couldn’t do anything about it, the whole room knowing Flo had aroused me, I was hemmed into a corner, literally and figuratively.

The t-shirt she was wearing, tied at the waist, was slowly pulled over her head. Her boobs looked even more impressive, barely being held in by the uplift bra. Shoes kicked off and jeans slid down next, her figure was stunning, not slim or fat, just curved in all the right places. She moved her hands over her body, obviously taking pleasure in her own sensuality.

Turning round she unhooked her bar and as she spun back round again, flung it at me. I automatically caught it and she took it from me and wrapped it round my neck, in doing so her boobs now firmly pressing into my face, no reluctance to make contact anymore. Letting go of the ends of the bra she took my hands now and placed them on her breasts. I moaned again and this resulted in a long slow kiss from Flo to which I couldn’t help but respond. Our mouths opened and tongues circled each others.

Breaking away, her boobs released from my hold, she slid down her panties, folded them and placed them on the arm of my chair. Still looking directly at me she reversed till she sat back down in her seat and opened her legs. Smooth shaven, her pussy was wet like mine and I could see her pussy lips were swollen with arousal. She stroked them and let go her own moan, which became louder as her fingers moved inside. One hand went to her breast and began stroking the nipple, the other continued its slow rhythmic motion up and down and in and out.

Flo never broke eye contact with me as her breathing became heavier and her body heaved slightly with every stroke of her fingers. I sat transfixed, totally unable to avoid any pretence of disinterest or arousal and quite frankly I didn’t care. So turned on by this erotic Escort Ankara display of sexuality I found my breathing increased to match hers.

I saw her face acquire the beautiful agony of orgasm as she cried out in a sudden climax that shook her whole body and gave her face an expression of complete vulnerability and ecstacy simultaneously.

No one spoke for a moment which lasted forever, and I realised I was still breathing heavily and my hand was resting between my legs. Had I touched myself, rubbed myself unknowingly? I had no idea.

Lorena broke the silence as Flo and I still looked at each other in open desire: ‘Its your turn Yvonne. We’re not going to force you or take advantage of you but if you want to live in this house you need to reciprocate the trust we’ve just shown you.’ The whole room looked at me, I floated in a sea of indecision. Was I really going to do what they asked? Notwithstanding the display already provided by Flo. On the other hand if I walked away and refused the accomodation arranged by Emily, what would my employment situation be when it came time for a job review? My decision was made for me not by any of these considerations but just by the sheer fact I was horny as hell and if I didn’t rub one out now I was going to explode.

Slowly and hesitantly I stood up and removed my jacket. A light round of applause went round the room and they all leant forward expectantly as I kicked off my shoes undid my skirt. Sliding this down they saw my stockings and more sounds of approval were forthcoming. Deliberately taking my time, undoing my blouse caused eyes to gleam and when I stood in front of my fellow future housemates wearing nothing but my underwear my self conscious embarassment caused a flow of pussy juice to run down my legs to which I automatically responded by rubbing my fingers over my panties. This produced a little mewling sound from me, my signature cry of arousal.

Bra unhooked and removed, my boobs now on display for all to see. I followed Flo’s example and caressed them slowly, stroking the nipples while I watched her for encouragement and guidance. A little nod and I knew I was on the right track here. Panties came down and I place them, folded, on the opposite arm of my chair and sat back down as Flo had done. She gave me one last word: ‘Keep your stockings on Yvonne.’

I stared at her and recognised the first feelings of affection rise up inside me. Not been in this town for less than a day and already I was falling for someone. The expression on her face showed me the emotions were reciprocated and she nodded toward the arm of my chair where she had put her panties. I took them and placed them in my mouth, tasting her scent. This sent me off and the rest of the room and quite frankly the rest of the world became insignificant and I only saw Flo, naked and beautiful and I wanted her, oh fuck I wanted her so badly. But knew I had to do this first.

Unlike Flo I could not come with my eyes open, so I leant back, did my best to relax and slid my right hand between my legs as my eyelids closed. Left hand to right nipple and the two moved moved in unison, my nipples already standing out firmly and a few strokes increased my mewling both in frequency and volume.

The fingers of my right hand started on my pussy lips which were as swollen as possible now and I felt pussy juice run down even more freely over my hand. My first finger went inside to a gasp from my lips, then slid in two fingers. I couldn’t open my eyes at this point and I knew I had to keep them shut and carry on or I would never reach a climax.

Temporarily removing my fingers I placed them in my mouth and licked them for a few moments producing murmours of approval from my audience. This encouraged me further and I returned my hand to my pussy, pushing my fingers straight in now.

The wave started building, a pressure inside my abdomen, flowing outward toward my head in one direction and through my pussy and down my legs in the other. My fingers moved increasingly faster and warm melting started in my head, down my body and hit my pussy. My hips raised themselves off the chair as my climax hit me and my mewling turned to a high pitched squeal…

I’ve never been sure what happens after that. It’s almost like I leave my body and float for a while in some other world than this one. But I came down to earth eventually and opened my eyes to the sight of a room full of feminine smiles and…whoa…a very enthusiastic Flo landing on me and covering my body with hers: ‘Oh Yvonne, well done. You’ve passed the test…mmmm…’ Her words turned into kisses smothering me with a warm wet tongue and soft caressing lips. Not that I objected…

Neither did I get to sleep in my bed that weekend, or get much sleep at all for the next two nights, Flo was very enthusiastic and passionate and…

Come Monday morning I felt I had lived in the house for a lifetime and knew all the girls by name, heard their life stories and told them mine. The sound of moaning could frequently be heard from behind a door and if they wanted an audience the door was simply left open. They were right, it was better to be honest about masturbation and that in turn led to honesty and genuineness about everything else.

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