Semper Figura Ch. 02

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Public Sex

Remembering the first two sexual exploits of my long-ago lover, Alan, has brought back further episodes in his bottom-quest. Further to ‘Pygiaphilia’ and ‘Semper Figura Chapter 1,’ here is the third coupling that came his way, in 1942, in what was then Southern Rhodesia. He was supposedly awaiting travel to the UK to take up a university place, but his real intention was to join the services, as so many wild colonial boys had already done, including the fiancé of this third pygiagasm.

The deprived womanhood of his small town were aware that he was available, and skilful in his ministrations, as attested by Jean and Rhoda. There were no secrets within that sisterhood and its members were happy to share this temporarily accessible orgasmaker.


He had met, and even danced with, Sally, whose conduct at the time had struck him as a little odd, possibly even neurotic. For she had snuggled close for several turns of the floor, and then had pulled away, refusing to look into his face. When the record ended she had given him a dazzling smile and a pat on the arm.

At his next orgasmathon with Rhoda, after yet another tennis match, she explained. ‘Poor little Sally, her man went off to England when war began. He trained as a pilot and was killed in the Battle of Britain. Of course, it was terrible for her. It was worse because she and her man had done much fok, and she needs it ever since all the time very bad. She wants you to help.’

‘But I can’t take advantage of a young girl like that.’

‘Not all you taking advantage. She wants taking advantage of you, too. She has heard about you from Jean.’

‘But she’s tiny. I’d be afraid of hurting her.’

‘Small woman can have big kont. You can make, not break.’

‘Where would we go. She lives with her parents, doesn’t she?’

‘You come here in the night. Tell her when you dance.’

‘You’re really sure about this?’

‘I am the mother for all women in this verdamt dorp, and I look after them good.’


To his own rueful amusement, Alan found it difficult to suggest an assignation to this small, slight girl. She was barely five feet tall and delicately built. She probably weighed six stone at the most, and though she had to be in her twenties she looked like a schoolgirl. Which made him reluctant. But as they circled the floor in a nifty quickstep and he wondered when to make the advance – perhaps in a later number – she herself spoke up.

‘Will you go with me?’ she asked, looking up into his eyes and grinning. ‘I know Rhoda spoke to you about me. You needn’t worry. I’m tougher than I look, and if I had a baby that would be good. It would be like my Archie had left me pregnant.’

‘Are you sure?’ Alan felt bound to ask.

‘I wouldn’t be saying this otherwise. You should know that women usually say what they mean, if you listen, especially if they’ve thought about it for a while first.’

‘Rhoda suggested we could use the sports pavilion.’

‘That will do, yes. But first you can see me home tonight. My parents won’t expect me to go with them. They’re always hoping some eligible young man will escort me before happy ever after. No such creature here, though nowadays. They’ve all gone to war, just as you’re going to do. I know you’re supposed to be going to England to study, but no-one believes that – well, no woman.’

Thus, after a tightly-clinched last waltz, to the same record as usual, and Sally’s brief visit to the cloakroom, Alan found himself walking down the rows of bungalows in fitful moonlight, her tiny hand paw locked in his own. He had to dispel the impression he was responsible for a child, especially as she was bouncing along beside him, swinging their joined hands, almost skipping.

She accounted for this exuberance by saying, ‘This is the first time for two years that I’ve walked like this with a man who might be going to do me.’

What does a young man say to that? Alan said nothing, but when they entered a deep shadow he stopped, pulled her close and bent to feel for her lips with his own. She received him with appreciative murmurs and gave herself up to their eager lingual explorations for some minutes. But she abruptly drew back, and said, ‘We can’t be long, as my parents saw us leave together and will expect me home soon. They see themselves as guardians of my honour, which means my doing nothing more than a little flirting.’

‘We’d better walk on, then,’ Alan said.

‘Another five minutes would be all right. You look quite strong.’

‘Do you want me to carry you?’

She chuckled. ‘In a way, yes.’ There was a rustling of fabric, then, ‘Put your hands one me, here.’

She was evidently holding her raised skirt round her waist, for he found himself holding her small, bare, bottom. She chuckled again. ‘Put my knickers in my bag before we left. Now, just feel if I’m ready. Go on, it won’t bite.’

He moved a hand onto her mount, with its tuft of soft fur, and traced a finger into her crevice. It was slick with her love-juice. He located the little ridge bahçeşehir escort of her clitoris, but she said, ‘No time for that now,’ unbuckling his belt and pushing down his slacks and pants. ‘Ah, yes, you’re good and ready. Lift.’

As he grasped her under her thighs, finger-tips into her gluteal creases, she parted her legs and gave herself into his hands as he raised her and she secured a hold behind his neck. He felt for her opening with his penis-point, and she reached underneath a cheek to guide him He slid all the way in at once. She let out a little triumphant gasping cry, and came immediately, grinding her slippery labia against his pubic bone, as the orgasm intensified, to the point that she seemed to lose consciousness, her hand slipped from his neck, and he was holding her dead weight.

After a few seconds she came to, emitting a long sigh, and said, ‘Phew! That was quick. Shows how much I needed it. But we haven’t finished, have we? Go on. I want to feel you do it.’

He was, naturally, so keyed up and exhilarated that he needed only to ease her up and down a couple of times before, thrusting hard into her, he ejaculated, jerking and swaying, and she said, ‘Oh, yes. You really did, you really did me. We really did it.’

They remained locked together, like dogs unable to separate after mating, until she said, ‘Put me down now. I must get home, but can we meet on Friday morning? Not before, unfortunately, because my period’ll be on, unless tonight stops it – more likely to start it, though, I should think.’

‘I shall look forward to that.’

‘In the meantime you can do it with Jean and Rhoda, can’t you, you lucky boy?’

She retrieved her handbag from by her feet, and opened it as they emerged from the shadow and walked on, Sally shaking out her skirts. ‘Better put my pants back on, to catch the flow.’


Friday morning was the first time Alan had seen her by daylight, for although they were both resident there, she had been there only two years and he had been away at boarding school in South Africa, or staying with friends during the more recent holidays in Cairo or Lagos.

She was mousey in colouring, with grey eyes, pale brows and lashes, and a small, pink mouth. But she gave off a sense of energy and good health, as she strode into the dilapidated pavilion and threw herself into his arms, announcing, ‘It’s finished, thank goodness, in case you were wondering.’ She pulled his head down and administered a long, vigorous kiss.’ Pulling away from him, she went on, ‘I’ve only got half-an-hour,’ and dragged her dress off over her head. Her bra consisted of two triangles of fabric, and her knickers were little girl sized.

He stripped quickly, too, admiring her neat, petite physique. Small thought it was, it was womanly enough, especially when the bra came off to reveal her little pyramid-shaped breasts and the knickers came off to let him view the mount-fluff he had felt a week ago.

‘You can see the goods today,’ she said. ‘And you know that everything works.’

‘Not everything,’ he said, bending to tongue a nipple.

She pulled his head towards her to ensure he continued to lick. ‘Those work all right,’ she said, though I don’t think they spark off like some women’s do.’ She reached for his half-hard cock and gently squeezed it. ‘After all, this doesn’t go into them. But, wait a minute, I think you like the rear view best.’ She let go, detached herself and pirouetted, coming to rest with one leg bent, to slant her hips provocatively. ‘Tom liked my behind. “Plum bum,” he used to call me.’

As Alan said, so many years later, ‘Sheer size is not the point – or, rather, the round. Sally’s bottom was on a small scale, but perfect. It had that sense of the weight increasing is it swelled outwards and downwards, so that it reached its fullest circumference just before it tucked under.’

She half turned, and laughed. ‘Oh, yes, I see that’s caught your attention. Why not go in from the back? You can see I’m ready. Disgusting, really, the way it sometimes runs down my legs like that. Tom said it was, “Sauce from the source.” Different spellings…You see.’

He said, ‘It’s not disgusting, it’s wonderful. Enables me to get straight in. Like this. Oh, that is beautiful.’

‘Works best if I bend forward a bit, and you bend your legs. Oh, it is beautiful, yes. I’m not going to go at once this time, but I won’t be long. Be patient.’

‘I’m in no hurry, I promise you. I just love being in there. Could stay all day.’

‘But we haven’t got all day. If you could touch my cleat, as Tom called it. Yes! Like that. Rub it a bit harder. He called it “rubbing me out.” Move a bit inside, too. Good. Is that good for you?’

‘It’s not “good,” no. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life.’

‘Is it better inside me or in Jean or in Rhoda? No, don’t answer that.’

‘I will answer that. You are all beautiful women, but all different, so there’s no comparing. Am I bakırköy escort the same as your Tom?’

‘Well, no, of course not. It’s different now. But he taught me, or we learned together. You learned with Jean, didn’t you. I’d like to know about how you do it with her and Rhoda. But right now – oh, it’s happening. Can you feel it changing inside? Tom said he felt he was caught in my Sally-port. He liked little jokes like that.’

‘Yes, I can feel it. It’s opening up inside but tightening at the mouth.’ It was at that moment that Alan learned a valuable lesson: that what is going on during sexual congress may be alongside, or over, some other psychic experience; that he was not simply servicing a frustrated woman – he was helping her to grieve for her dead lover, to talk about and celebrate him. This understanding almost unmanned him, because he felt humbled and deeply moved. And she sensed this happening, of course, and said, ‘You don’t mind if I talk about Tom, do you? I’ve never had the chance to speak about him before.’

‘I’m glad you can speak, Sally. I’m honoured you can speak like this.’

‘Don’t hesitate or lose…heart, shall we say? I need you to give me the special feeling, to take me over. That’s the way I can remember Tom. When I go over it’s as if he’s with me, though I know it’s you.’

As he renewed his attention to her ‘cleat’ and resumed slowly easing out of her Sally-port and in again, he reflected that with Rhoda the sex was giving her a renewed sense of being not yet an old woman, a woman still desirable, and her crude allusions to kont and little man in the boat were signalling her relish of her body and its capabilities. While Jean’s half-hidden agenda was anger with her husband for his neglect and disparagement, while a young man was appreciating her attractions and rendering the tribute.

By the time he was appreciating my attractions, he had devoted thirty years to the joyful reinforcement of many women’s self-esteem and sense of their own beauty and worth. A woman in Alan’s capable hands, receiving his cock, thrilling to his manippleation, would always feel attractive and valued.

Thus, instead of feeling devalued or resentful, he felt privileged and humbled, so the more determined to bring this sweet, bereaved woman all the comfort and reassurance he possibly could, and her mounting excitement, as her vagina changed its configuration around his penis, filled him with a satisfaction beyond any orgasmic release he might undergo.

‘It’s coming,’ she whispered, ‘Oh, it’s all over me. Do it in me now. Let me feel you.’ Without his having to move at all, her pulsations and little wrigglings of her bottom drew the ejaculate out of him, as if she were sucking all the sperm from his balls. After which she bent further and braced herself with, hands on her knees, making gentle cooing sounds.

Some minutes passed, and she said, ‘Can you go again? There’s time for another one, if you can…Oh, yes, you can. You’re still firm inside. Go in and out and rub my cleat some more…Yes, like that. Keep going. I can feel it. Hold my bottom with your other hand. That’s so comforting. Here it comes again…Don’t worry if I faint. Just hold me…Oooohaaah.’

And this time her cunt-walls fibrillated and flexed as the orgasm swept her away, and he did have to slip an arm round her stomach and brace her for a few seconds as the ecstasy peaked and slowly receded, and, having ensured that she was safe, he released his semen at her innermost limit and involuntarily bucked like a rutting billygoat.

Eventually, she drew herself off his flaccid cock, stood, and hastily dressed. ‘No time for more now. But good news, my parents are going to Salisbury for the weekend, to see my aunts, so the house will be empty. I said I couldn’t face the company and would stay home. If we go to the dance tomorrow, we can go there afterwards and have a night together. If you’d like that, of course…?’

‘What luck! That would be marvellous.’

‘Now I must go. Oh, you’ve filled me with so much of your stuff, I’ll have to go and have a wash and get clean knickers. See you tomorrow!’ She gave him a quick kiss and went.


It was irksome that they had to attend, and stay till the end of, the weekly dance. But it was necessary to try and preserve Sally’s reputation. However, there were at least two people in the secret, for, making sure not to monopolise the young woman, Alan partnered both Jean and Rhoda during the course of the evening.

Jean said, as they foxtrotted determinedly round the floor, ‘Well, you’re going to have a nicer night than I am. Your bedmate won’t be snoring the air full of gin-fumes.’

‘But he won’t be there on Monday?’

Jean smiled. ‘No, but perhaps you would like to come for…tea.’

Rhoda said, during an energetic quickstep, ‘So, tonight you are the manikin in the pretty boat, steering for a nice storm? Yes, I know. We women talk to each other.’

‘But you might like başakşehir escort a game on Tuesday?’

‘I will wash my onderbroekie. They will be full of sweet later, if we play hard.’

Many white Rhodesians knew some Afrikaans, and Alan was tickled by the equivalences of vocabulary. ‘Sweet’ was ‘sweat,’ but it made a nice ambiguity.

At last the last waltz, during which Sally asked him, ‘What about your parents. Won’t they miss you tonight?’

‘My dad is in Cairo on some hush-hush business, and my mother stays home to be with my sister. They never came to this club much. My mother knows I’m here, and she has half an idea I might be having some tryst, but she doesn’t ask or need to know.’

They left after the National Anthem record was played and walked the first few hundred yards decorously, without touching. Then they paused for a long kiss, and for him to forage under her skirts to get his hands down the back of her filmy knickers. ‘Onderbroekie,’ he said, ‘But that suggests something substantial, to go riding in.’

‘Well, I am going to go riding. I hope,’ she said.

‘But without your onderbroekie, perhaps?’

‘And without bruising my agterste.’

‘Well, I can always kiss it better.’

They resumed walking, briskly, and were soon at Sally’s home, and making their way quietly across the veranda, or stoep. She said, ‘The neighbours on one side are away and the woman on the other side won’t gossip, because I know too much about her goings-on.’

In her dimly-lit bedroom they were suddenly shy, as if the improvised nature and brevity of their previous intimacies didn’t amount to an introduction to a leisurely, unstressed exploration of the sexual possibilities. They stood by the bed, grinning at each other, until she said, ‘You’ve seen it all before, but if you don’t undress me you won’t be seeing it again.’

He knew to remove her four garments – dress, petticoat, bra and knickers – and her high-heeled dancing pumps, without haste, stroking and kissing her body wherever it was revealed. Each kiss or caress awoke her nerves, preparing her for the subsequent sensitising of her nipples and cleat.

She lay down and opened her arms and legs, ready to embrace him. ‘Frontways, this time,’ she said. ‘I want to hold you and take you straight in. Shameless hussy that I am, I’m ready. I’m opening for you. Can you see?’

He was stripped and ready, on the bed between her legs, gazing between her thighs. Beneath the tuft of soft, dark hair, her labia were a little apart, already swelling, and the little spur of her clitoris showed a darker pink within her shining vulva.

She said, ‘Tom and I had so few times like this, a whole night together. When we did, he liked me to put him in. Would you like that?’

He lowered himself and offered his cock to her vestibule. She grasped it below the head and brought it to bear. ‘Go in,’ she said, and gasped as the glans slid easily in. ‘Lovely,’ she said. ‘If you move up my tummy a little I can feel you with my cleat…Yes, that’s right. Perfect. Now just go in and out, pressing down…Like that.’

He concentrated on maintaining exactly the right angle of entry, delighted that he could simultaneously gratify her clitoris and her cunt. As he steadily increased the pace he was also able to lick her little pointed nipples, and was rewarded by her gripping him tightly with her legs and pressing his mouth to her breast with a hand behind his neck. And by her saying, ‘I’m going. Can you do it? I want us to go together…Yes, I can feel you going harder. Let go now, darling…’

For a second she went limp, and he thought she had fainted again, but then she became rigid, her calves locked round his bottom, driving him into her to the limit. She shook as if with a fever ,’and ground her teeth, as if undergoing terrible pain, and emitted series of staccato yelps. All of which confirmed for Alan the sheer intensity of her orgasm, which so awed him that for a moment he froze. Then he drove hard and ejaculated, again and again, and, in the sublimity, understood that he was falling in love with Sally.

Further, ruefully he understood that there was almost no prospect of any future for them, for a series of sickening reasons: she was several years older; he was committed to leaving the country and enlisting in England; if he survived that, he must prepare himself for life by university study.

Being a truthful and open young man, he felt, briefly, bound to confess his feelings and their consequences, or lack of them. But, wise beyond his years, he decided to hold his peace: declaration wouldn’t help either of them; she would almost certainly intuit his condition, anyway; and Jean and Rhoda had probably already grasped his situation.

As he settled beside her, temporarily satiated, a great, delicious, sadness settled into his half-sleeping system. Tears pricked at the back of his eyes. This was not the well-known post-coitum omne triste (after intercourse, sadness) but something beyond, something interwoven with the contemporary, social, political, philosophical contexts.


Perhaps they slept for a little while, but they were young, eager to take advantage of this rare chance to enjoy each other to the full, an eagerness now enhanced for him, and possibly for her, by his comprehension of the wider implications of their activities and their emotional consequences.

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