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The water from the shower head was as hot as I could stand it, steam swirling around and off of my skin, clinging wetly to every surface, fogging the mirrors and the stall’s opaque walls. There isn’t quite pain from the heat, but I’m feeling the effects as my muscles, knotted and abused, try to swell and uncoil as the heat invades and smothers me. I’m letting the water pound me right between my shoulders, arms supporting me from the tiled walls, relishing the sensation as it cascades about me, running down and around my body, washing away time’s stress. My head is down and my eyes are closed as I let go of my control and spin happily into a fantasy of you….

The shower stall door opens slowly, my head turning and eyes opening to find you there, wrapped in the softest of white towels, radiant in the steam, smiling at me sweetly. There’s only serenity in your eyes, pure and simple joy. I stand upright and make room for you and I’m struck yet again by your beauty as you dip your head to join me. The gentle bounce of your breasts as you move, the way your skin flushes pink in the heat of the water, shining brown hair framing your angel’s face- I’m transfixed and speechless.

You move directly into me, falling into my embrace, heedless of the water. The softness of your breasts and belly and thighs against me, the way your cheek buries into my chest, any residual pain I ever could of felt is immediately erased in your presence. I feel whole and alive. Unconsciously my hands roam over your back, seeking to hold you as tightly against me as you are keeping me. I love the smell of your hair, fragrant like flowers, perfectly feminine without being overpowering as I kiss your forehead.

I can’t say how long we stay there, but eventually we separate and it’s as if every moment is working in a kind of blissful slow-motion fugue. Maybe time just has no place here, or I just don’t want it to end. You bathe me gently with a bar of soap and a washcloth, lathering my body tenderly. Your hands roam freely over me, delicate and tiny against my comparatively giant frame.

You linger slightly when I catch your gaze, fingertips trailing down my stomach. A suddenly amused and mischievous smile crosses your face and you coyly look at my sex. The washcloth gathers more hot water, and you reach under my cock then, cradling and massaging my balls, your middle haramidere escort finger rubbing against my perineum. Using your other hand you carefully encircle my growing erection, squeezing mildly until I’m completely firm and rigid, head shining brightly aimed at your terrific cleavage. A bass grunt escapes my throat in the steam.

Casually you stroke me, almost milking me, adjusting your pressure as you slide up my length, fondling my balls on the return to the root of my cock. My breath catches each time you cycle my piston and I’m flexing myself in rhythm with you. Eventually a single drop or pre-cum emerges from me and you grin in utter delight.

Bending forward at the waist you lean forward and plant a generous and full kiss on the engorged head of my dick, swirling and licking your talented tongue all about the sensitive underside and I can’t even breathe. I’m not close to cumming, but I’m not far either, and the feeling is so delicious when you gaze up at me, your eyes greedily devouring me.

My hands find their way into your wet hair, pulling it out of your face. You must see something on my face because you smile broadly around a mouthful of my cock as I reach under your chin to coax you up against me.

I pull your face up to mine and delight in the feel of your body sliding against me. My erection is hard and imposing against your belly. Your nipples harden in contact with my rougher, superheated skin. Our kiss is virtually volcanic, driven by a primal passion, my hands cupped around your face, my tongue penetrating your mouth vigorously, dancing and rolling with yours, my facial hair softened by the hot water, tickling your lips.

My hands migrate down your body, palms cruising across the slope of your breasts, fingers brushing against the undersides, then falling down around your ribs to the smooth highway of your spine. Rough hands strongly grip your bottom, pulling you even tighter against the insistent erection lodged against your belly. I’m squeezing and massaging your muscular ass even as you hook one of your dancer’s legs around mine, grinding your sex into my thigh, pleasing yourself against me, spreading your wetness even amongst all this water.

I kiss your chin and jaw line, working my way to your ears. You moan loudly when I reach your throat, içerenköy escort my teeth and tongue exciting you, sucking on you. I love how vocal you are, it spurns me onwards, heightening my desire for you, to be inside you, pleasing you, subduing you.

My fingers are kneading and pleasing your ass, driving your sex onto my thigh. I run my right hand inside your crack, fingers against your anus, pressing gently. My left hand slides up your hip and body to cradle a breast, more forceful in my pressure, more urgent.

Suddenly I pull you away from me. I lift and place your smooth leg on the edge of the tub. You grab the railing of the stall to keep balance. Going to one knee, I trail kisses and lick hot water all over your hips and stomach. I allow the short hair of my goatee to tickle your pubic hair. Alternately breathing hot air on you, I inhale the perfect and clean scent of you. Your smell and taste is so sexy to me, as you well know.

My hands are stroking the silky skin of your legs, adoring the satiny softness of your thighs even as my fingers crawl ever closer to heaven of your pussy. A forceful deliberate lick touches your labia, applying pressure to the puffy lip, going to your opening and then back up, one side and then the other. You moan your approval. My shoulder comes under your raised leg and you allow me to support you further as my hand slides up to your ass again.

Licking and lapping at you, my tongue invades you and swirls about, my face pressed against your lips. A finger replaces my tongue, slowly inching into you. My tongue slips and darts in your wetness, running up and down your inner lips, even as my finger twists and gently moves in and out of you. My tongue moves to your excited clit, flicking across it and occasionally giving it full and hard licks. Your vocalizations begin to echo with the stall’s glass and tile walls as you direct me to your heightening pleasure.

A second finger inserts into you along the first, twisting and spiraling deeply as my tongue lavishes hot affection on your clit. Your pussy is feeling the wonderful pressure inside and out and you can feel your orgasm building like a wave about to crest over the shore.

A subtle vibration begins to emanate from my mouth as I hum “mmmmnnn,” into your clit. My fingers are innovia escort pumping into you and suddenly the building pleasure peaks. Your pussy spasms around my fingers and I receive a greater taste of your elixir. A finger from my other hand gently enters your rectum between contractions. “Mnnnnnn” I hum as you howl your climax and cum all over my face, my fingers fucking your pussy and ass. I love how you throw your head back and forth when you cum.

“Take me,” you cry breathlessly in the heat and sweat and sex scented steam. I’m almost sad to leave your pussy. I stand and you turn away from me. You present your beautiful round ass to me as you bend forward. My cock is still super hard from your ministrations earlier and the excitement servicing you always keeps me that way.

I pry your cheeks apart and rub the thick part of my head down your crack, across your anus where I linger and consider. You moan and push back slightly in encouragement, but I decide to take your pussy again. I love stretching your cunt with my cock right after you’ve cum. I lever my cock further down and begin to push into you.

You almost growl as you push back onto me, taking me as deeply as you can. Grunting and groaning as my cock spreads you and fills you. The seductive heat of your body completely outclasses the heat from the shower, and I can still feel little tiny tremors of pleasure quaking within you as you squeeze and manipulate your vaginal muscles around me. I grab your hips and begin to pull in and out of you harder, thrusting faster. One of my thumbs comes to rest against your asshole and you gasp as I force it in. I love the sexy feel of your sphincter as my knuckle penetrates you.

With one hand you reach between your legs and play with your clit as I pound my cock inside you. When my dick almost withdraws, I push into you hard with my thumb, fucking your ass as I fuck your cunt.

We’re both getting loud as you moan and I grunt in the ecstasy of the moment. My dick is swelling quickly, yearning for release. You turn your head and look at me with that private, lusty gaze and I lose all control. My orgasm hits me like a solar flare from the sun, the world turning white, with tracer after images of you staring into me over your shoulder. It’s the single sexiest thing you do.

My orgasm triggers yours when you feel my cock jetting cum and spasming inside you. Your ass clenches and your pussy convulses around me as I keep pumping for all I’m worth. At last you calm and I gently slide from you as you turn to kiss me. We’re both breathing heavily and sweating from the exertion.

You return into my arms, trembling in the aftermath, nuzzling into my chest, holding me as much as I’m holding you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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