Slips Of The Tongue Ch. 08

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Tidings Of Comfort And Joy


Thursday, December 6th, 11:21 pm

Domenique, just drunk enough to still be in control, signed her name to the release waver. Manny, the boy faced bouncer, stepped in, took the document and the pen and carried it away. Domenique then sat back and tried to relax as Love sat upon her lap. She stared into her former lover’s eyes, desire burning in their black depth. Slowly, Love drew her lips closer to Domenique’s. Domenique reached a hand to Love’s cheek, stopping her advance. The burning look in her eyes dimmed slightly from Domenique’s small measure of control. But, as they sat there, the audience watching their every move, Domenique knew the tiny gesture held the force of manacles.

“You remember what I did for you, don’t you.” Love said.

“You helped me clean up.” Domenique answered, anticipating that Letreese Coble would dredge the past as soon as she had the opportunity.

“Yes; I did. Yes I did, and how did I do it?”

“With; with your love.”

Domenique stared sternly into her former lover’s eyes, and then, ever so gently, grazed the ghost of a kiss against her bottom lip. Love breathed her in, sniffing Domenique’s cheeks and neck with barely contained hunger. You’re so beautiful, sang a happily sad voice from the club’s speakers. The audience was virtually silent.

“My love; that’s right, and how did you pay me back?”

Domenique looked away, unable to muster an excuse. As Domenique’s silence lingered, Love reached small fingers to the buttons of her dance partner’s blouse and began to unfasten them.

“Oh, nothing to say now?” Love continued.

Domenique looked up quickly.

“Love-” she pleaded.

“No no no, don’t Love me Dom. Don’t; because you couldn’t move far enough away to get away with disappearing from my life. All I had to do was be at the movies that night. Don’t you remember; kissing and petting your new lover? Yes; I saw you two, so pretty, so free.”

Love smoothed Domenique’s blouse open, and then, with the deftness of practice, she undid the front hooks of Domenique’s bra. Committed, captive, Domenique shrugged out of her winter coat, and then out of her blouse and bra. A hushed whisper trickled through the crowd.

“I didn’t expect for us to be lured;” said Domenique, “Or were we hunted? Just, please: let me go try to fix fix this with Gwen.”

“Please;” Love answered, sucking her teeth, “you’re the huntress here.”

With that, Letreese Coble let her vest fall to the floor, and in one serpentine movement, let her hard left nipple drag along the edge of Domenique’s top lip. Tickled, laughing in spite of herself, Domenique uttered a hungry moan.

“I left because I just couldn’t dance anymore. ” she said, “It was too much, night after night.”

Domenique looked down and saw that Love had spread her legs. Then, tugging the face of her thong aside, Love revealed her diamond shaped pubis to Domenique. She stared, transfixed, her mouth suddenly starting to water.

“Oh,” Love sang, “But now you have Gwen to perform with and your own select group of adoring fans.”

Domenique, silenced once again, looked down at her own exposed breasts and rock solid nipples. Then, feeling Love’s face moving in closer, Domenique Quickly glanced up into her deep black eyes, and watched as she brought her lips in close.

“What do you want from me Letreese?” sighed Domenique.

“Please Dom.” Said Love, speaking the words against the other’s lips, “You know exactly what I want. I’d like to be recruited in your little army of carnal delight.”

The next thing Domenique knew was that Love had grabbed the edge of the table, lifted herself up and spread her legs so that her pussy was scrutinizing her old flame face to face. Domenique drew in a great breath of Latreese’s slightly parted bubble gum pink flesh and the soft brown vertical mouth around it, and savored its provocative, familiar fragrance. Seconds later, Love rolled her lower body up the rest of the way, and then swung it back down so that her ass came to rest on the table’s edge.

“Now come and join me on stage,” she said, beaming at Domenique, “Like old times, and let all these folks get a good look at that delicious looking pussy of yours.”


Friday, December 14th, 12:07 pm

More than a week later, Tina’s pussy was still salivating over having had Gwen all to herself. Yet, there was more to it than just her hunger. A war raged inside her head as Tina wiled through her time at work, wandering from booth to booth; her customer to customer conduct shallowing with each passing hour. Tina had told herself she wouldn’t try to call Gwen. Their one on one was all that she thought it would be. There they lay, hot, spent and embraced as they succumbed to sleep. Then came the moment, at the dawn of waking, when Tina anticipated that Gwen would be waking with her; until she knew in the next instant, a ghost of a scent in the air and a familiar coolness in the bed with her, that Gwen had opted to disappear during the night. But, of course Tina couldn’t Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan stop herself from calling and texting and texting and calling again and again. Finally, feeling completely stupid and incredibly frustrated, she began a ritual of nightly masturbating to her poster size copy of the magnificent shot of Gwen taken by Domenique those months ago.

Then, at work, Tina had adopted the habit of staring into the diner’s parking lot to search for Gwen’s red Cavalier. So her days passed without a significant Gwen event, other than a good jilling to the memory of her. Tina knew it wasn’t like her to remain in such a rut, wallowing in self pity, her enthusiasm seriously diminished and her humor stagnant. Which; was why it was such a complete surprise when, one afternoon a week later, she discovered the unlikeliest of customers at table 14.

“Hi Tina.” Said Domenique, amiably enough, “It’s been a while. How’ve you been?”

Stunned silent and still, Tina saw that the look in Domenique’s eyes didn’t exactly match her smile. Awkward and afraid, Tina’s eyes darted and took in the woman seated at the other end of the table. Dressed for warmth, her over sized beret’ covering her hair, the exotic dancer was barely recognizable.

“I’ve been; fine.” Tina answered finally, wanting to be somewhere, anywhere else but that very spot as she pulled her order pad and pen from her apron, “What can I get for you?”

“I’d like to introduce my friend,” said Domenique, glancing at the stripper, “This is Letreese Coble. Letreese? Tina Sorenson.”

“Hello.” Said Letreese, giving Tina a warm smile and a small wave.

Tina smiled slightly and nodded.

“Would you like to hear the specials?” asked Tina, trying to move the moment along.

“Where’s Gwen?” was Domenique’s answer as she studied her menu.

Tina averted her eyes and began to tap the point of her pen against the top edge of her pad. I have nothing to say, she thought. I have nothing to hide. Suddenly, Tina shrugged.

“I have no idea.” She said, settling her gaze on Domenique.

“Really?” Domenique said flatly; meeting her eyes, “No idea at all?”

Tina kept her eyes on Domenique’s as she wagged her head slightly, suddenly not caring if she believed her or not.

“That’s too bad.” Domenique continued, glancing again at her companion, “Letreese and I wanted to invite you two to a little get together at Letreese’s place.”

“Get together?” repeated Tina.

“Yeah, you know; a get together, just the five of us.”

“Like I said. I have no idea where she is.”

“Well how about you?” asked Letreese, looking up from her menu and smiling broadly, “Why don’t you join us? We’d love to have you.”

Tina’s brow furrowed as she glanced from one woman to the other and back again. An odd jumble of feelings roiled in her belly. Domenique must know that Gwen had told her everything. Love, Letreese, has to know too, and was probably herself victimized by the woman once or twice or more. Or was she safe? What if they, thought Tina, had an all together different relationship? And where the hell is Gwen anyway? Why hadn’t she walked in with these two? It’s been over two weeks! God I hope she’s okay. I should just say no, that’s it. Right? I mean; wouldn’t I be betraying Gwen if I said yes? Wait. What if Gwen; made it up? Tina started to open her mouth. Oh who the fuck am I kidding?

“Okay.” Said Tina suddenly, “When?”


Sunday, December 16th, 8:12 am

Jules lay alone in her bed, a lingering hint of Mr. Sullivan still in her pillows and sheets. She’d have changed them weeks ago, but she’d been working back to back shifts at the hospital. It was a scheduling nightmare just to get to get a hook up in with Gwen, Domenique and lovely Tina. I’m so lazy, she thought, I can’t let myself wake up to the smell of that old bastard anymore. Jules, dressed in her warmest pajama top and bottom, and two sets of wool socks, sat up, and then went about undressing her pillows and mattress. As she pulled the bed clothing and wadded each article up, her thoughts warmed to the ladies; particularly to Domenique and Tina. Nearly two weeks had passed since their last interlude, the afternoon she’d been introduced to Tina. Oh my God, Jules mused as she brought the pile of soiled sheets and pillow cases to her washer, I had such a good time. Tina was cute. But she won’t call me. She’s stuck on Gwen, but different then how Domenique is stuck on Gwen. Jules tucked the load into the washer, added a few more soiled items from the hamper, and then suddenly stood stock still and thought: Come to think of it; Gwen or Domenique haven’t called either.

Suddenly, as if by some ghostly presence or by random divine contingency, both her phone and door bell rung at once, and startled Jules. Perplexed as to which to answer first, she shifted her body toward the kitchen, then toward the front door, and then looked into the mirror in the bathroom. Oh Jesus, you look like shit. Fuck it. Jules slid to the door as the phone continued to ring, and peered through Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan the eye hole. Surprised and a bit unnerved, she made a quick check of the rest of herself, unlocked the two dead bolts, and then opened the door.

“Oh my gosh,” said Jules, “Hi! How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Answered Tina, her hands hidden inside the sleeves of her pink hoody, “I’m sorry. I know it’s really early, and I didn’t call first, and-“

“Oh my God, don’t worry about it!” said Jules, her attention drawn to the ringing phone just before it finally went to voice, “Come on in!”

“Do; do you want to check that?” asked Tina, nodding toward the kitchen.

“I can check it later. So what’s up?”

Tina looked off thoughtfully to her right for a few seconds.

“Have you heard from Gwen?” she asked, turning her gaze back onto Jules’s.

“No, actually,” answered Jules, her smile fading to a more serious expression as she glanced toward the kitchen, “Why? Is something wrong?”

“Oh no!” Tina said quickly, “I think she’s upset with Domenique. I guess she, Domenique, was planning on bringing someone new into the group, and I guess Gwen; uh, wasn’t part of the interview process.”

“Oh.” Said Jules, folding her arms and beginning to shuffle her left foot, “Well, honestly, I’m not sure how many players should be allowed through; let’s call it our revolving door intimacy. I mean, the more of us that become involved in the spin, the more necessary health clearance becomes.”

“Right,” Tina agreed; pulling her hood back and stepping nearer to Jules, “Absolutely. So I was wondering: are you like supposed to be anywhere for the next few hours?”

Jules reddened as a fresh smile played around her lips and a sudden radiating tingle got her clit’s attention.

“This is actually my first morning off in two weeks,” she said playfully, her words spoken more slowly, her tone deeper, “What did you have in mind?”

Jules watched as Tina slipped out of her boots and socks, and then gently kicked them back toward the door. Then off came her hoody, her very old Sex Pistols T shirt, and then her jeans. Jules advanced, standing close enough to her breakfast so that she could help her remove her bra. Jules studied the ample glory of Tina’s full creamy butter milk white breasts and their hard candy rose nipples. Next, Jules got to her knees and proceeded to remove Tina’s thong, and relished the sight of her totally shaved pussy, its smooth pink complexion, its shimmering wet slit, its hooded clit and the glistening white gold mounted green sapphire that rose gently higher and higher with each successive pulse of love blood that pumped into Tina’s swelling morsel.

Very excited herself, Jules rose to her feet, went to the door and locked it back up. Then it was Tina’s turn to watch her undress. Tina stared, almost having forgotten exactly how incredibly put together Jules really was; her high, gently conical breasts and light pink nipples, her flat tummy, subtlely muscular frame and gorgeously natural red haired pussy. Meeting her again, Jules took Tina by the hand and led her into the bathroom.

Tina saw that the bathroom, tiled and modestly furnished in lavender, was perfectly clean. Jules went to the tub, which was almost as wide as the standard Jacuzzi, and turned on the water. Then Jules stepped to the sink, and went about brushing her teeth while Tina traced her fingers slowly around the contours of her perfect ass. Orally refreshed, Jules stopped to give Tina a very long, wet kiss before squatting down to open the vanity, from which she withdrew a bottle of shampoo, water based lube and two fresh packages of anal beads. Tina looked on, her brow quizzically raised before turning her attention to switching the faucet flow to the shower head.

Presently, Jules followed Tina into the roomy tub, and then set her gear along the edge. Tina, her hair thoroughly soaked, stepped aside so that Jules could drench her hair. A moment later, Jules pulled Tina toward her, and they exchanged hungry kisses for a time under the hot spray. Tina’s right hand eventually found Jules’s pussy, spread her lips apart, and then proceeded to coax out some of her natural lube. Jules followed suit, but made a point of reaching her other hand around to Tina’s asshole in order to insert a fairly soapy finger. Presently, it occurred to Tina that she’d like to wash Jules’s hair. Jules agreed, and gently removed her probing digits from Tina’s pussy and ass.

That done, Tina then went about cleaning Jules’s ass with one or two of her own soapy fingers, which Jules seemed to enjoy very much. A moment later, Tina’s partner for the morning reached to the faucet, diverted the water from the shower, and then closed the drain to let the tub fill up some. Jules then leaned over the tub, withdrew a thick foam cushion from the cabinet over her commode, and then directed Tina to kneel on it. As Tina obliged, Jules unwrapped the first of the two packaged anal beads. Then, handing them to Tina, Jules turned to put her ass in Tina’s face, bent over to stop the faucet’s flow, and then remained that way in anticipation.

Tina took in Jules’s beautifully lean shoulders, angular back and smooth round ass, and then picked up the tube of lube before biting and nibbling at various points around the gentle horizontal slopes and deep vertical meridian between Jules’s ass cheeks. Then, not thinking at all about it, Tina set the lube back aside, grabbed Jules’s cheeks good and tight, parted them, leaned her face in, and then spent the next minute trying to get her tongue inside her fuck buddy’s ass hole. Jules moaned quietly with pleasure and reached the fingers of her right hand to feel the place inside her crack where the tip of Tina’s nose was. . Tina laughed luridly as she pulled her mouth away and retrieved the lube.

In the next instant, Jules could feel the coolness of the lube being slowly massaged around the puckered slit of her anus, until the first of Tina’s fingers slipped inside. Then came the second, and then they were slowly withdrawn. Taking their place was the steadily inserted bead after bright blue silicone bead, until Jules’s was filled with them and their ring hung from her ass hole. Jules turned then and faced her pussy toward Tina’s mouth. Tina peered up into Jules’s sultry green eyes, and reached for a fresh wash cloth. After rinsing her face, Tina went immediately back to work; spreading Jules’s pussy lips wide and licking her from hood to introitus and back again, as if she was a quickly melting cone of soft serve vanilla ice cream. Jules whined and whimpered and whispered her name; uttering the same vile, dirty things Gwen would say. Gwen is gone, she thought. Here comes Love or whatever her name is, like Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon, and she can’t take it. So she’s gone. I can’t believe how stupid I was. This woman is divine, so divine. Jules was craning her neck, moaning more harshly now, her pussy sopping, her body quivering and melting with each pass of Tina’s practiced, firm tongue and gentle teeth.

“Oh fuck Tina,” she whined, “Oh fuck! I’m gonna’ come. Can you, can you keep eating me and slowly, slowly tug the beads out of my ass?”

“Hmm!” said Tina, nodding, sending shivers up Jules’s spine.

Jules’s slid her feet further apart. Tina grabbed hold of the ring. Next came a series of plinks, plimps and alternating shuddering moans and guttural cries that gradually increased in succession as Jules’s neared her climax. Tina had difficulty keeping her tongue on Jules’s clit, as she only had one free hand to brace her hip while the other was carefully pulling the string of anal beads from her ass.

“Oh my God Tina!” Jules cried, “Oh my God! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh. Oh fuck Tina; yes, fuck yes!”

As she tried to remove the last of the beads from Jules anus, Tina realized, as Jules’s began bucking at her mouth, that she wasn’t letting them go. Then, with one final surge of excitement, Jules entire body stiffened as she clutched Tina’s head tight against her belly. Tina peered up and couldn’t see Jules’s head because her back was so arched. Suddenly, she heard Jules’s come up for a great gulp of air. Her face came into view then, bright red, her eyes wide. Her breaths came fast, like she had in deed survived drowning. Eventually, Jules regained control and realized that she ought to release her grip around Tina’s head.

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“Neh, chill; it’s all good.”

“Cool. Okay; now it’s your turn.”

Tina looked back at the unopened package of beads, and wasn’t sure if she ever had that much of anything in her ass.

“I’m not sure I can take it.” She confessed.

“Don’t worry,” Jules assured her, “I’ll go easy on you. You’ll be fine.

With that, they switched positions, though Jules suggested that Tina remain on her knees as well as her hands. Tina did as such, and Jules moved in behind her. The first thing Tina felt was the smack of Jules hand on her right ass cheek. Then came her lips, tongue and teeth. The sensations became increasingly pleasurable the further down and in Jules went.

“Mmm.” Hummed Jules as she began to flick her tongue against Tina’s asshole, “You taste so fucking good baby. Mmm yeah.”

Spying the floating string beads that had been in Jules’s ass, and certain that they’d wash again , Tina lowered to her elbows so that Jules could more easily access her asshole.

“I’m gonna’ fuck you good Tina.” Threatened Jules between licks, “I’m gonna’ fill your ass and eat your pussy right.”

And that she did; painting a decent amount of lube around and in Tina’s anus, and then carefully popping bead after bead inside her. At first, Tina wasn’t sure at all about how her ass felt. But, after having the chance to clench her Kleegles, she realized that her clit began to tingle from the inside, and it actually wasn’t a bad feeling at all. Then, Jules asked Tina to stand up and turn around. That, she did. So Jules’s went to town; gripping both of Tina’s hips tight, lavishing her tongue and lips in both broad and tiny circles and letting Tina fuck the hell out of her face. Eventually, most if not all of her frustration forgotten and the sheer joy of having the gift of another human being’s presence and participation lightening her heart, Tina was ready to come as hard as she had the last time she and Jules were together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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