Stripper Girl

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Big Tits

Moving out was rough, I had to rent an apartment and work two jobs to pay the rent. After a few months I was laid off of my job and the landlord of the apartment threatened to kick me out if I was short on rent. As nervous as I was I had no choice but to find a job, one that paid a lot and fast. I decided to work at this strip joint. I wasn’t proud of it but I knew it would make ends meet. I got hired right away because the manager thought my big tits (I am a 34 DD) and my big booty would be a great asset to the company. He pointed to the back and told me to get “comfortable.”

I got silivri escort into the back room which had mirrors and racks full of clothing, lockers, showers, and naked girls. A bell rang and all of the girls rushed upstairs except one. The one that stayed was Tiffany, she was black and had the phattest ass I had ever seen. She was bent over, naked, fixing her make up at the mirror. I don’t know why but my pussy started to get real wet. She turned around and said “What the fuck are you looking at?” I was startled. She walked over exposing her nice şirinevler escort titties that were very large. “Are you going to stand there and stare or rub this oil on my titties bitch?”

I rushed over and grabbed the oil and began massaging her massive breast. I told her that I was new but she didn’t listen she began to moan. “Mmmm rub those titties mama, mmmm” she kept moaning it to me and I wanted to grab her phat ass and lick her pussy but I didn’t take any action.

“So you say you’re new? You’re a latina? mmm”

“Yeah, şişli escort I am…how long have you worked here.” I answered and continue rubbing her tits and watched her nipples get hard.

“Honey, I am the queen of this place. No bitch gets to stay unless they do things to me.” As she said this she started to rub my ass and grab it and she began to moan. “Suck my titties” she said this and I did it right away, I couldnt afford to lose this job and I didn’t mind pleasuring this beautiful woman. She turned around and sat down on the chair and told me to take of my clothes and strip for her. I began to strip and dance and shake my ass in front of her. She started slapping my ass and I loved it. Then she opened up her legs wide and I saw her fat juicy pussy glistening from being wet, she obviously liked my dance.

“Eat my pussy”

I bent down and started licking away. I knew I was going to like this job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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