Surprise Encounter Ch. 01

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Amazing Blowjobs

The following story is a collaborative effort between my internet chat mate and myself. It started when I sent here the first e-mail after we met on-line (we found each other through an on-line dating service.) I dared her to continue the story, which she did very nicely. After four or five interchanges we got together and found we had something in common. We both loved to fuck. Since we are both married, we can only get together every couple of weeks or so. The first half of the story is pretty much fantasy, while the later half is very representative of our usual four to six hour love sessions.

Angeleyes is a multi-orgasmic, tight pussied, wanton lover; game for almost anything. I love to eat a woman and get her screaming and begging to be fucked before I enter her. Angeleyes loves that kind of attention. And I love to provide it for her.

Since I’ve aged it has become hard for me to climax. With the help of Viagra, I can stay hard for hours and give her the hard fucking she likes and demands. On just our last meeting we met at 8am and we made love almost continuously until 2pm, when we headed for the shower. I came once early, before 9am, but thanks to that little blue pill, I was able to stay hard the rest of the time, giving her orgasm after orgasm. Everytime I got tired, I just pulled out and kept her hot by dropping down on her pussy and flicking her clit with my tongue.

Angeleyes — Like he said, we met on-line. I only answered his ad because he said that he was looking for a woman to chat on-line with and exchange e-mails. We exchanged several e-mails and pictures but then he suggested we meet somewhere for lunch and I thought… “What the hell…why not?”.

We met in the parking lot of the restaurant, he was there when I pulled in and I parked next to him. He got out of his car and got into mine as the restaurant wasn’t opened yet. We talked for a while, he kissed me a couple of times, then we went inside for lunch.

By this time, I had already decided that there was no way I was going to start up an affair with this guy. He sat next to me in the booth and we talked and ate lunch. For some reason, after talking with him for this extended lunch, I started to change my mind. There was just something about him……still not sure what it was that made me do a complete 180 in my thinking….but I felt like I had to give this one a chance.

After lunch, we walked back out to our cars, he came and sat in mine to “give me a proper good-bye kiss”. This kiss continued on as he went from my lips to my ear to my neck, with him caressing my leg, my abdomen and then my breast. By this time, I knew and told him that I thought he was going to be trouble for me. I knew I had to have him.

Of course, typical of a man, he then pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants and begins to stroke it. I couldn’t resist touching it and caressing it myself, as it stood straight up, glistening with pre-cum. Then, for some reason, I had this sudden urge, I needed to have this wonderful-looking cock in my mouth, able to run my tongue all over the head and taste the cum that was there.

My mind kept telling me “NO….your in the middle of a parking lot” but the rest of me kept saying “go for it”, so I did. I leaned over and ran my tongue over the head, then took almost the whole thing deep into my mouth. I sucked it, caressed it with my tongue, tasting his wonderful pre-cum. I wanted to take him all the way but decided not to, give him something more to look forward to. I had never done that before but I must have been feeling wild about that time…and am so glad I did.

We met the second time at a motel and what a day it was!!! Like he said, I am multi-orgasmic and he has been able to bring them all out of me. I have never had sex this good or wild ever…. not even when I was a lot younger than I am now. I have let him do things to me that I have never done before…including restraints and blindfolds. One fantasy I have is to take on two guys at once. I want them both in me at the same time and it would be with him that I will do this, if I ever get up enough nerve to actually do it. I know that he would keep me safe and wouldn’t allow anybody to hurt me in the process of doing this type of thing. Maybe, just maybe, someday……..

Saber6 — To aid the reader in determining whose work they are reading I have changed the font every time the writer changes and as you have already seen I start off each section without pen names: Angeleyes — for her work and Saber6 — for my work.

This is her first effort, so support and encourage her by voting and sending your e-mail responses, both positive and negative. We can only get better if you tell us what is wrong and we will only keep writing the good stuff if we know what you like.

Well, enjoy the story and let us know what you think.

Saber6 — It is a Friday evening at the Zuckey Lake Tavern (In Lakeland). The usual mixture of clientele is there, mostly construction workers içerenköy escort mixed in with a few business types and several couples off the lake enjoying an evening meal.

I’m seated at the end of the bar with my back to the door. I’m neither the business type nor one of the construction workers. In my shorts, sandals and a T-shirt from Maui I look more like one of the couples off the lake. Only I’m not a couple.

For 54 years I still look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I keep my light brown hair cut pretty short so the few gray hairs that are starting to come in on the sides don’t show. I’m medium build and still in pretty good shape, so I probably don’t look my age.

The few office type girls that are here and unattached are all too young. So just about the time I’m ready to down the last swallow of my drink and hit the road, a real lady walks in. I only see her from the back as she passes, but she has an air of confidence and maturity that really attracts my attention. There is one bar stool open about four seats down the bar, but she walks on by. Maybe she’s just half of another couple on the way to the bathroom. A couple steps past the empty stool she pauses, stops, turns around and slowly makes her way back to the stool. She asks one of the construction types if the seat is taken. Getting a negative reply, she slowly slides up onto the stool.

She sits at a 45-degree angle to the bar, with her back slightly towards the construction worker she just spoke with, thus facing almost directly towards me. There is a large space between her stool and the next one to her left allowing the barmaids a place to give and pick-up their orders.

I’m immediately attracted to her. She looks to be about fortyish, shoulder length curly red hair, hazel blue eyes, full figured and what I would call pleasingly plump. A woman you could hold and know you have someone in your arms… soft curves of sensual pleasure. No bony extensions to jab or dig into your ribs. But what really turned my eye, was the way she held herself, with confidence, pride and an apparent self-awareness that she was in charge of her life.

What she wore, suited her to a T… short black skirt with a matching sweater top… smoky black nylons and shiny black pumps. The sweater is opened well down into her cleavage, however clung close without revealing her charms. The combination told me, again, that she wasn’t out to impress anyone; she was a woman comfortable with herself. She smiled as she noticed I was looking at her, but glanced away with the grin still in place. Ordering a Squirt, she sat quietly waiting, just relaxed and calm. Her drink came and she took a slow sip and I heard a slight sigh of “ahh” whisper from her lips. For some reason I thought I’d like to hear that sound again.

I call over the barmaid and say. “The lady that just ordered, what’s she drinking?”

She looks over where I’m indicating, turns back with a smirk on her face

and says, “A Squirt.”

“That’s it?”

The barmaid just looks at me as if to say, “What kind of jerk are you. Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“Would you please ask her if she would mind if I bought her another drink?”

“Sure, stud.” She responds with a note of sarcasm that says as much as, What do you expect to get with a line like that.

Without hesitation she walks right over to this beautiful lady, leans over the bar and begins talking, while pointing back at me.

Angeleyes — As the barmaid approaches, you notice that I have glanced your way. The barmaid tells me what you want, I turn slightly on the barstool and, as I do, my skirt climbs a little on my thigh, barely exposing the top of my stockings. You notice, as my eyes look you up and down, trying to size you up with just a quick look. “Tell him I would prefer his company rather than a drink”…saying this loud enough for you to hear. Turning more toward you, I ask you to join me at a table, where we can sit and get to know each other more privately. You help me off the stool, at which time my skirt rides up just a bit more, which you are very quick to catch.

We walk over to a table near the back. You notice the construction workers watching us as we move, all of them wondering how you managed to catch my attention so quickly. Maybe it was the way I saw and felt your eyes checking me out as I walked by or maybe your natural good looks. I still don’t know for sure, but there was something about the way you looked that made me think you would make for an interesting evening….

Saber6 — I take her arm slightly at the elbow and guide us toward an empty table in the back corner of the room. I’m trying to think of something to say, but I can’t get the picture of those lovely thighs incased in the smoky nylons out of my mind. Actually, it is the soft, white flesh above the nylons that I can’t stop seeing and wondering if that last glimpse I got was black, lacy panties or dark, kadıköy escort rich hair. Then I reason it must have been black, lacy panties, otherwise the dark, rich hair would have been redder.

As we sit down, I finally find my tongue, saying, “My name is Bill.”

As she slides across the seat of the booth to the back of its corner, she replies, “Hi Bill, I’m Angel.” She places yourself in the corner, again at a 45-degree angle and brings up her left leg onto the seat, giving me another great view of her warm, white thighs, but not enough so I can truly tell what lies at their juncture. She continues, “But my closest friends call me Angeleyes.” While saying this, she turns your head down coyly and bats our eyelids.

I’m speechless at first, my eyes darting from her thighs to her eyes and back again. As I slowly sit down next to her I place our drinks on the table. I can’t believe how lucky I am and my mind is racing to figure out what to say so I don’t blow what is promising to be a great evening. Finally, I say and mean, “I can see why. Your eyes are just beautiful.” And I keep my gaze locked on them.

Before either of us can say anything else, the waitress comes and asks, “I see you already have your drinks. Are you ready to order or do you need a little more time?”

Still looking into herr eyes; thinking I know what I want to eat, but I’m not sure it is on the menu yet; I ask, “You will have dinner with me, won’t you?”

Very softly in a rich husky voice she replies, “Of course, what do you recommend?”

“I’m having the Chicken Fajita Salad, with honey mustard sauce. It’s great. There is more than you can eat, so it works for a lunch the next day. It’s what I always order, unless my wife brow beats me into ordering something else for a change.”

Without so much as a notice of my last comment, she looks up at the waitress, saying, “I’ll have the same.”

“Married.” You say as the waitress turns and steps away.

“Yes.” I reply, raising my hand to show my ring. “But all is not well and she is gone this weekend visiting a friend.

“That’s okay. I noticed the ring when I sat down. I’m married also.” She raises herr hand as well. “But, hubby knows I’m out and it’s okay with him.” She pauses then adds, “So, you’re out on the prowl.”

“Yah, I guess so. Sounds like you are too.”

We talk about other things waiting for the food to come. I find out she is a teacher and I tell her I’m retired Navy and now work computers. All the while, I keep staring into those beautiful angeleyes, scared to look down in case she notices.

I want to rest a hand on that thigh that lays so invitingly close, but I don’t dare. I don’t want to blow this. I want something to happen. Then I question myself that maybe she wants something to happen and is waiting for me to make it happen. So, I reach out, but at the last second my hand drifts away from your thigh and grabs the edge of the seat next to it. However, I do let my finger softly glide across the nylon on its way to the seat’s edge and does not seem to take notice.

Encouraged, I turn and ask, “Why don’t I get the waitress and have her change our order to-go. My boat is parked across the street. W-w-we could be a little more comfortable out there.” Before you even have a chance to answer I add, “I know we just met. But, we don’t have to leave the dock, just sit in the boat. It’s less crowded and certainly a lot nicer atmosphere. What do you say?” And with that I raise my hand off the seat edge and lay it gently just above her knee.

Angeleyes –I answer “yes…sounds like a nice idea”… before you have a chance to change your mind. I feel your hand resting softly on my thigh and a slight chill of anticipation runs thru my body. I’m thinking to myself that this could lead to a very interesting and fulfilling evening. You summon the waitress and change our order “to-go”. Once the order arrives, we get up and leave the restaurant.

Walking over to the boat, we make idle chat, discussing everything but what might be about to happen. The night is warm with a slight breeze and a full moon overhead. As I step onto the boat, you hold my hand…”just so you don’t slip”. But once on the boat, I do notice that you don’t release my hand, in fact, you give it a little squeeze and hold it a little tighter. We sit on deck and begin to eat our salads, continuing with our idle chatter.

Once we finish dinner, we both lean back against the seat…gazing up at the stars. It is beautiful out, the stars shining brightly. You lean close, again placing your hand on my thigh and say to me…in nothing much more than a whisper…”The stars seem closer and brighter away from shore, out in the middle of the lake where there are fewer lights”. I look into your eyes and respond “Well, what are you waiting for then…lets go see exactly how bright those stars are going to shine tonight. Besides, maybe we can see a few fireworks kartal escort while we are out there…”

Saber6 — Without waiting for any further encouragement I lean closer and give her a quick peck on the cheek and squeeze her thigh slightly. I start to get up, but her arm goes around my neck and she pulls my head back to hers. Our lips meet with more than a little passion, which keeps building and building. Our heads rock back and forth as our tongues begin to do battle for possession of the other’s mouth. I lean harder and harder against her and allow my hand to slowly roll to the inside of her thigh.

We kiss and kiss for several minutes, while my hand continues to slide slowly up her thigh. Finally, with my fingers just ever so slightly below the juncture, I pull my lips away from hers and begin search her neck and ear – looking for that spot that will make he tingle.

Angeleyes — “We’re going to be caught if we stay here. We really need to get out into the lake if we want this to go any further.” With great reluctance, you give me one last little kiss on the lips, start the boat, and we are quickly off. Once we get to the middle of the lake, you turn the motor off and turn to me. By this time, I have leaned back in the seat and am staring up at the stars. “The stars are so brilliant out here, it’s almost like you can reach up and touch them” I say to you in not much more than a whisper…as if saying it much louder will blow them out. You walk over to me, kneel down beside me, taking my hand gently and say, “If you like the looks of that…..

Saber6 –maybe I can make some real sparks fly. Just close your eyes.”

I gently brush my lips across hers, sort of testing the waters. I feel her lips pucker slightly and I bring mine down increasing the pressure slowly. I feel her lips part and I allow mine to do the same simultaneously turning my head almost 90 degrees to hers. Our mouths open wider as the pressure and passion of the kiss continues to increase at an almost exponential pace. Our arms wrap around each other as I fall into the seat with her. Grasping each other as if we were long time lovers, our heads turn and rotate in a spiral of passion, desire and wanton need. There’s no turning back now, even if we wanted to, the need has grown so strong as now our tongues joust frantically for possession of the other’s mouth. A battle of lust that only stokes the flames of desire to yet another level.

After several more minutes of letting each other know how desperate our need is for one another, I gently break our kiss. I move my head to her neck, searching for that special spot I know has to be there, that will make her so desperate, that she will start begging for more ardent advances. I work along her neck and up towards her ear sliding my lips and tongue slowly over her soft skin. At her ear lob I feel her shudder slightly and I am encouraged. I move down her neck into that hollow at the base and side of throat. She really shudders this time and whispers, “I knew you were going to be trouble.”

“This is no trouble at all.” I reply and go back to my ministrations on her neck. I am promptly rewarded with yet another series of even more intense shudders.

I lower my hand now to her knee and slowly let it roll over to the inside of the thigh again. She moans in response to that or to my insistent sucking at her throat – I’m not sure which. My hand pets in a circular motion and slowly I move it up the soft flesh incased in those smoky black nylons. Eventually my hand rides above their top and onto soft, naked flesh. I’m still not sure whether I will find panties or exposed loveliness. With my hand resting slightly below the juncture of those lovely legs I raise a finger ever so gently, determined to find the answer.

Angeleyes –As your hand goes to my leg, I can feel the thrill of excitement go thru my entire body. Your hand slowly works its’ way up my leg, to the top of my stockings and beyond. As you raise your finger up further, you are met with warm, exposed skin; a well-trimmed pussy, very wet from the passion you have brought out in me. I hear a little moan of excitement escape your throat; I can tell that you are surprised and pleased to find it not only exposed, but wet. As you begin to slowly rub the lips with your fingers, I begin to moan approval of your technique. I am getting wetter than ever from your rubbing and probing. I raise up a little in the seat so that your lips move from my neck down to my breast, where, with your free hand, you easily remove my blouse and bra in one swift movement. Your mouth and tongue quickly find my nipple and begin sucking and flicking it, alternating the two, trying to see which will illicit the greatest response from me. My moaning is getting louder…”Oh yeah baby…suck it good. Feels sooooo nice babe, don’t quit.” Then your fingers find…..

Saber6 — … that little button of passion. As my finger lightly grazes over it, she gasps and thrusts her pelvis up into my hand. I let my fingers drop down through that valley of delight between the petals of desire and slide into her tunnel of lust. I slide two in and out slowly several times. I turn my hand slightly, reaching north with my thumb. It slides back up that valley of delight between those petals of desire, again finding her love button. Again she gasps.

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