Tasting Vegas

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We are in Vegas again and having a great time as usual. We got 2 tickets to see the Vampire show again; I think we both know it somehow turns us on. We are seated and are waiting for the show to start and I excuse myself to go to the restroom. On my way I pass a dressing room, and as I’m passing I see the same woman who took you on stage the last time we were here.

I come back to our table and you immediately ask me why I have such a crazy smile on my face. I play it off and tell you “I was just people watching and saw some strange stuff”. The show begins and before I can say anything you lean over and say “that’s the same woman from the last time we saw this show”. I act surprised…

At the same point in the show the same woman comes to our table to take you to the stage again. The only difference this time is that she’s really looking at you (you’re wearing the same outfit you wore when we went dancing in the club) as if she is noticing for the first time how hot you are. I notice that as she is leading you onto the stage she makes sure that your bodies touch; if I wasn’t focused and really watching I would have missed her walking past you as you got on the stage letting her bare arm graze across your breast.

To my surprise from where I’m sitting I can see your nipples respond; I think everyone in the audience has now noticed you; this gorgeous woman with the killer body who’s nipples are now straining against the fabric of her clothes. I also notice that the other woman’s nipples are much larger than I remember last time; I can only guess what’s going on in her mind. I notice she keeps her eyes pendik escort on you watching every move. The scene ends and you come back to the table not really sure what to say to me; you’re wondering if I noticed your reaction; your nipples, the flushing of your neck. I play it off as if I didn’t see a thing.

The show ends and we decide to get a “yard”, I take tequila, and walk the strip. We are having a blast and as usual you are acting crazy..:); dogging the guys with the little cards; “clackity clack”…we both are laughing so hard it hurts.

We finally make our way back to our room. I open the door for you and follow you in. I remember that we didn’t kiss enough the last time you were here so I’m making up for lost time. I pull you to me as the door closes and begin to get lost in the taste of your mouth, your soft lips, and the feel of your body. We slowly undress each other always getting back to our never ending kiss. I can’t remember a kiss this intense; it’s almost as if our mouths have found their own language and without our knowledge or permission are speaking it; sucking lips, teasing tongues, nibbling lips.

We are both naked now and I push you away long enough to take you to one of the chairs in the room; it’s similar to the chair in your office at home. I turn out the light and open the window shade. The moon is full and shinning directly into our room. Your wonderful fair skin is glowing; I can see the anticipation in your eyes remembering what happened the last time you were in a chair. I come to you and stand behind you and begin to kiss you rus escort on your neck as my hands lightly, very lightly graze across your nipples. You lean you head back giving me the full length of your neck. You can feel the hotness of my kisses almost burning your skin. I work my way up to your ear lobe and whisper gently: I saw your reaction earlier tonight with that woman; it made me soooo hard.” You admit that it turned you on more than you expected and that you are still wet from it. “I have a surprise for you Wendy”. The next thing you hear me say is “come on out”; it’s the woman from the show, naked, skin glowing, nipples hard and inner thighs moist from watching us. You look surprised but that look slowly turns into a hunger knowing what’s in store. I whisper in your ear again “for you baby” and then I step back.

She slowly walks towards you and stops just inches from you; you notice for the first time how tight her body is and how full her nipples are; like yours only darker to match her hair and skin. She lowers her mouth to yours; you hesitate at first but then allow it to happen. Her lips are as soft and wet as yours; I can see from where I’m standing the dance your tongues begin to perform. She has yet to touch you but now gently lets her hands glide through your hair as she pulls you closer forcing a deeper kiss. Her hands slowly slide down the length of your arms and you shiver at her touch; she never allows her hands to lose contact with your skin as she begins too caress your breasts being careful to avoid your nipples. I can hear you moaning and can see your sancaktepe escort wetness glistening in the moonlight. She pulls her mouth from yours and sucks your left nipple into the hotness were your tongue was just a moment ago was. You close your eyes and gasp for air; you open your eyes again at the feel of my throbbing hardness wet with pre-cum lightly against your lips; “suck me baby” is what you hear and you immediately pull the head of my cock into your mouth.

The sensations are overwhelming you; my hardness in your mouth, her mouth on your breast, all of our moans. She slowly lowers her hand to your wetness and lets her fingers trace the swollen length of your pussy lips; your body responds and you arch you back all the time sucking my cock. She drops to her knees and the first wisp of her breath against your clit sends shivers up and down your body and causes you to cry out loud……she begins to make love to your pussy with her mouth; you pause long enough from sucking me to look down. You see her dark hair spread across your fair thighs, her full lips sucking your wetness and her deep brown eyes looking right back up at you. She stops long enough to say “I want you to cum in my mouth”. She closes her eyes so she can focus on you. You take my cock back into your mouth and begin to suck me like you never have before. She easily finds your sweet spot and begins to bring you to passions edge; your body begins to shake as you feel the explosions building from deep within you. Your juices flow freely covering her lips and chin as you explode again and again and again her lips and tongue never leaving your pussy. You collapse from the earthquake that just shook your body. When you open your eyes you see that she is gone just as magically as she appeared. I turn you around in the chair so that you’re facing the back with your knees on the chair and your ass in the air….I slowly enter you from behind and lose my mind…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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