The Doctor’s Appointment

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Bent Over

This takes place in a United States where young women go through a period of eligibility for being trained sexually by men whose daughters have also gone through (or are in) that stage. For each girl, it begins with a public Festival after her 18th birthday. Many thanks to the author of How to Train your Daughter for the universe, which I have taken some liberties with. This takes place before “Roommates in Training”, “Math Pets in Training”, and “Untraining Yourself”.


Emily was nervous as she got dressed that morning, checking herself in the mirror to make sure that she wasn’t overly covered-up. She was relieved to see that her white sundress was transparent enough to show her nipples off, even through her bra, and that when she bent over, it was short enough to expose her sheer white panties. She had shaved the night before in order to make sure she’d be perfectly smooth, finished it off by tweezing the remaining hairs, and when she got dressed, she had pulled her panties high so as to not hide the details of her vulva.

She’d recently graduated. And while she was no longer subject to her high school’s strict dress code, she still knew that it was important, as a trainee, to not deny any eligible men the pleasure of her body. And on this morning in particular, where she’d be going to the doctor to get a physical for college, she especially wanted to be dressed appropriately. She pulled her long brown hair back in a scrunchie and added some lip gloss just to feel a touch more grown-up before driving her new car to the doctor’s office.

The nurse sent her into one of the exam rooms to wait. The exam table was covered in soft leather and there was a print on the wall that was a close-up of a red flower. It made Emily shiver although she didn’t know why. She picked up a pamphlet (“Semen and you!”) but it was only a moment before she had company. He introduced himself as “Dr. McDonald — and I’m not just a doctor, I’m a father, a researcher, a deacon, and an eligible girl-trainer.” She wasn’t sure how to greet him, since he was a trainer but in this context he wasn’t exactly her trainer, and she was relieved when he put out his hand to shake hers.

He was thin and bald and older and of average height, and she could see he was wearing a shirt and tie under his white lab coat. He seemed professional but not especially warm, and while she didn’t exactly feel at ease, she didn’t feel uncomfortable, either. She understood that they both had a job to do.

He had her strip down in front of him, since he preferred to do all his work with eligible girls naked and, as he told her, there wasn’t much point in him leaving the room just for her to take her clothes off. Emily obeyed, although it was not with the ease that she knew she was supposed to feel.

He started out with height, weight, and blood pressure. He looked in her ears and eyes and down her throat. He chatted about what she was planning on studying and how much training she’d been getting in and, when she told him, he said that this was within the bounds of recommendations for how much penetration and ejaculate a young woman should be getting, but she could still raise that somewhat. He checked her reflexes and praised her exercise routine for its effect on her health and her body. He squeezed her butt and commented approvingly on its firmness.

When he was ready to examine her pussy, he scooted her to the edge of the table and put her feet in stirrups. He started with a basic examination, running his fingers over her mound, her labia, and her asshole and praising her for her thoroughness with her razor.

He warmed up the speculum in his hands and then spread her out and istanbul travesti took a swab. He palpitated her uterus while rubbing her clit, just to make the experience more comfortable for her.

When all the standard tasks were done, he rubbed his hands together and told her that today she was going to be the subject of a special experiment he was doing to test the responsiveness and vaginal elasticity of the female trainee. He had just started working on a paper, he said, along with one of the medical residents, a Dr. Chapman. He made a quick call to his colleague and instructed him to join them.

Keeping Emily in the stirrups, he brought out and showed her a set of objects that looked like penises, all in different sizes, from about average to a couple that Emily had serious doubts about her ability to manage. He saw her looking hesitantly at them and smiled, promising her that nothing was going to go inside that didn’t fit.

The door opened and Emily yelped and tried to cover her pussy as another man with a lab code and stethoscope walked in. Dr. McDonald lightly spanked her for covering herself, and her pride stung at needing such a basic correction.

Dr. Chapman said hello and looked down at her on the examination table. She couldn’t tell exactly how old he was, but she could tell he certainly wasn’t old enough to have grown daughters, meaning that he wasn’t old enough to be an eligible trainer either. He was tall and large and she liked his thick brown hair and felt shy to be meeting him like this, naked and spread open.

Normally, he would not have been allowed to have any intimate contact with a girl who was in her training period, regardless of either of their desires. Because this was in a professional context and under supervision, she knew this would be an exception, but she still felt just a little disobedient for hoping that he might smile at her and touch her naked body and approve of her.

As she lay there, Dr. McDonald got his colleague up to speed on her pussy. He pointed out its features – her long labia, her fairly prominent clitoris, the wetness that was already showing that her body was responding appropriately to being naked around men. He dipped a gloved finger inside her vagina to scoop up some of her wetness and commented on how healthy she tasted before instructing his colleague to do the same. Dr. Chapman seemed initially unsure, and Emily wondered what she was doing wrong that he didn’t find her attractive, but she was pleased when he dipped a finger in as well and agreed that she tasted good.

They started with the smallest medical device first. Dr. McDonald inserted it easily and kept it in for a minute. Immediately after its removal he spread her lips for Dr. Chapman to take a picture, and then they waited another minute to take another picture.

Then he inserted the next-biggest device, and they continued the pattern. Throughout it, Dr. McDonald made positive comments to his colleague about her wetness and the ease with which she was opening up, frequently touching her pussy, with Dr. Chapman doing so much more sparingly and with regular glances at the more senior doctor.

Emily was able to take the second-largest, which she didn’t think would have been possible, and she inferred from what they were saying afterwards that she had returned nicely to her normal shape afterwards.

The biggest one, however, was a challenge. Emily had never seen a cock that large in her training. She asked if there were any like that in real life, and thought she heard Dr. McDonald say something to the resident about “four sigma” and “crisper”, but to her he just said that it was unlikely but not impossible travesti istanbul that she would ever be trained by anyone that large.

They tried to get it inside of her and it didn’t exactly hurt but it wouldn’t fit, either. They tried to loosen her up by applying manual clitoral stimulation but it didn’t help. Mr. McDonald took a few more close-up pictures of her pussy and then thanked her for her cooperation.

As she was standing up and reaching for her clothes, the older doctor said “just one more part,” and Emily stopped. He asked her if her orgasmic function was normal and she said that she sometimes did have trouble with having an orgasm when she was told to, but other times she was able to get there.

Dr. McDonald motioned to her and spoke to the resident. “You should get some more experience with watching this.” The younger doctor nodded. “Young girls are still learning how to associate the range of sexual acts with pleasure, and to be able to orgasm in various contexts, and of course that’s part of the point of training.”

He motioned for Emily to lay back down and spread her legs again. “Now, as her doctor, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to have sex with her, although of course I can use my fingers if the goal is for therapeutic or research purposes, which this is. But since I just want you to see normal orgasmic response in a trainee, including how her vulva responds, she’s going to touch herself and for now we’re just going to watch.”

Dr. McDonald turned back to her. “Now, Emily, you’re going to show us how you masturbate.”

Emily was a little embarrassed. She didn’t masturbate much, and she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to make herself have an orgasm like this, on this exam table and with the lights so bright and both of these men looking. She started touching herself gently, just one finger lightly circling her clitoris.

“Can you talk her through this?” Dr. McDonald said. “The girl is nervous. Which is not so atypical.”

Dr. Chapman’s eyes widened. “Sorry, uh, what?”

The response was impatient. “She’s skittish. She’s obviously turned on – you can see the amount of fluid she’s continuing to produce.” He spread Emily’s lips and pointed out her wetness again. “But she’s going to need some assistance with completion. Can you talk to her?”

There was a pause. Emily was still touching herself, since she hadn’t been told to stop. Dr. Chapman looked even more nervous than she felt. Finally, the older doctor sighed. “Nevermind, I’ll do it.”

And in a different and much gentler tone of voice, he resumed speaking as he began petting her shoulders and breasts. “Ok, sweetheart. I know you’re feeling shy, but this is important. I’m going to keep touching you. You look so pretty like this, and you’re going to look even prettier when you have an orgasm for us, alright?”

Emily was feeling calmer, and she followed his instructions to take several deep breaths. He started rubbing harder, pressing hard on various points on her chest, and she found herself relaxing deeply and closing her eyes. She could hear the older doctor saying something softly to the younger one, but she was beginning to lose herself in her own body and couldn’t make it out. Then the rubbing stopped and she was on her own.

Dr. McDonald spoke. “There we go. Good girl.” This, she heard, and she could feel herself getting closer, her own touches on her clitoris getting more insistent. She heard more murmuring in the background and then felt a finger inside of her. She knew she wasn’t supposed to have an opinion on who it belonged to, but she found herself hoping it was the younger doctor and that he liked feeling her from the istanbul travestileri inside. The thought turned her on more as she thought about having an orgasm and showing him how tight she got, how good it would feel for him to penetrate her, even though that would never be allowed.

“So pretty, so pretty. Such a good girl. Keep being a good girl and come for us, dear.” Even though the voice was Dr. McDonald’s, Emily moaned and felt her body respond, beginning to clench around the finger that was still inside of her. “Yes, there we go, sweetheart. So good.” She pictured the younger doctor penetrating her, testing out her responsiveness and elasticity with his cock instead of a medical device. She felt her whole body responding, her leg muscles going rigid, her abs tightening. Her cries got louder, pleases and yeses and mores, her inhibitions gone as she begged the doctors to fuck her.

As her orgasm continued, she could feel more fingers than before, and she enjoyed the sensation of opening up to take them. She could feel her body rising off the table and someone was holding her legs up as he continued to penetrate her. She heard the older doctor’s calm voice instructing her to keep coming, to keep showing them her body, and her orgasm continued until she couldn’t take anymore.

As she began to return to earth, she could feel that she was no longer being penetrated, but now her hair was being stroked. She opened her eyes to see Dr. McDonald standing over her but looking at the younger doctor, whose back was turned to them.

Dr. McDonald spoke. “You did well, Emily. You can lay there as long as you need to, and when you’re ready you can get dressed and we’ll get these results to your new school. Keep up the exercise routine and try to get some more training in.” He opened the door, and she still was feeling so relaxed that she didn’t even cover herself while he was exiting, leaving her with just the younger doctor.

Suddenly she felt shy again, naked and alone with a man she wanted to touch her but who she knew couldn’t. She told herself that since Dr. McDonald had left them alone together, there couldn’t be anything wrong with her continuing to be naked around him. His back was still turned, and he was writing something on a clipboard as she screwed up her courage to say something.

“Was I ok before, Doctor?”

He turned to face her and he had a look on his face that she thought might be pity — but that couldn’t be right. “It was fine.” He paused and said in a much quieter voice, almost as if he were talking to himself. “Beautiful. Beautiful girl.” Without saying goodbye, he exited, leaving Emily still naked on the exam table.

Emily didn’t know what to make of this and worried that she’d done something offensive or wrong. As she got dressed, pulling her white panties as high as possible in order to make visible the outline of her vulva, she contemplated what it could have been but nothing came to mind. She’d done what she’d been told, and the older doctor had said she’d done a good job. It could be so difficult being a trainee, she thought. Other girls seemed to grasp it effortlessly, but she felt like no matter how much effort she put it, there was always something she was doing not quite right.

She exited the exam room and through the waiting room to the elevators. She was comforted when Dr. McDonald spotted her and briefly groped her breasts under her sundress while repeating that she’d done a nice job and wishing her good luck with continuing her training in college. Maybe, she thought to herself, the younger doctor had just been having a bad day.

As she drove home, Emily was glad that this was something she could mark off her list of pre-college tasks. As she vigorously worked through the rest, she put the odd encounter out of her mind and focused on how she was going to try to start her freshman year on the right foot, as a student and a trainee.

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