The Fertility Clinic: First Visit

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After my husband dropped me off for my appointment, I checked into the fertility clinic in the swank, upscale medical suite. The pretty, young receptionist behind the counter in the nicely appointed lobby signed me in.

“Are you all set for your big day Ma’am? We hope you have a pleasurable experience here,” she said as she smiled, collecting my stack of consent forms. “All the wives enjoy their treatments and therapy with us”.

After my stack of paperwork was signed she walked me down a clean, brightly lit, white hallway into an exam room and guided me inside. She motioned me to be seated on an exam table. There were some white cabinets in the room, along with the generic medical office diagrams and artwork, but otherwise, it seemed very professional and nondescript.

A young nurse came in and told me to get completely undressed. She watched me as I removed my clothes, took off my bra and my thong panties.

The nurse took all of my clothes, my little pink, sheer thong panties and my pink push-up bra. I noticed she was careful to fold my little sheer thong and push-up bra on top of my clothes, as if to display them. She asked me my bra size and I told her, “34C”. I explained that since my reproductive treatments began my breasts had swollen up to a “D” cup. Now my tits were much larger and fuller, very firm and upright, with larger, more prominent nipples that were constantly erect and extremely sensitive. I hefted them with my hands, as if to emphasize their fullness and weight. She smiled approvingly.

“That’s one of the many benefits of our treatment plans”, she smiled approvingly, not even attempting to hide her gaze on my inflamed breasts and puffy, erect nipples.

The doctor came in, smiled, introduced himself and set immediately to inspecting my breasts, nipples, vagina and buttocks while I stood naked with my arms above my head as he directed. Then I was told to lie down on the exam table and spread my legs. The pretty young nurse strapped my ankles into the stirrups. There was no attempt to cover me up, I was on full display, completely nude and exposed, and this made me even more aroused.

Another young girl dressed in snug fitting scrubs came in with a tray of equipment. She applied warm wax to the carefully coiffed little triangle of pubic hair between my legs, what remained of it. My legs were spread wide open for her on the exam table. She waxed off all of the remaining pubic hair from between my legs, leaving me deliciously naked. It hurt when she tore the paper off, but I was completely smooth down there when she was finished. My pussy looked really cute and sexy when she was done, completely bare and shiny with wetness. It felt good to have a nice, smooth pubic area. I suddenly felt even more sensitive than all the fertility and sexual arousal drugs were making me. I was just incredibly turned on and very wet. My vagina was throbbing, I could feel my pulse in it. It felt so tight and so slippery wet. I felt myself leaking my own natural lubricant onto the exam table from my arousal.

All I could think of was sex and being fucked and inseminated. I was just craving penetration and cum so badly. I wanted it in my mouth, in my pussy, even up my ass. All the drugs and therapy and preparation made me willing to do anything sexual. All I wanted was penetration, release and insemination.

Masturbation didn’t satisfy me anymore, and I had been masturbating constantly since I began the sexual fertility treatments and drug therapy last month. All the discussions of sex, the constant examination of my reproductive organs, the probing of my vagina and kneading of my breasts had made me feel just so sexually invigorated. So many strangers had inspected my breasts and vagina since the treatment began that it began to feel completely normal to display them now. I actually looked forward to it. Seeing my body change into a sexual plaything from all of the treatments kept me constantly aroused.

All the wives in the neighborhood who had been to this alternative fertility clinic were asking me about my treatment. “How are you doing?” they’d ask. What they really wanted to know was, “How do you like stripping off all of your clothes in front of new people, having your vagina constantly examined, touched, probed and penetrated with instruments? How do you like being made into a sexual plaything optimized for fucking and impregnation? How are you enjoying becoming a semen receptacle and sex toy?” The truth was, I loved it.

I told three of the other young wives who had been through the treatment program that my husband made an appointment for me at the clinic. They smiled, looked at each other knowingly and told me we had to do some shopping to get ready. “You’ll have to dress the part of a wife who needs constant sex,” they said. “Once your therapy starts you won’t have time for much else, so we need to get you all set-up for success now”.

The three wives took me to Fredericks to buy push-up bras that made my tits look two sizes bigger than they are. I bought a black bra, a nude bra, a white bra, a red bra and a leopard print bra, all of them increased bursa escort the appearance of my cup size from a very full “C” to an overflowing “D”. My tits looked huge in them. Then they made me buy little matching G-string panties to match each of the bras.

“Once you get on the treatment plan, you’ll want to wear these almost every day to show off your tits and attract attention,” the wives told me. “You’ll see, you won’t be able to live without showing your tits off. It will help keep you constantly turned on”.

After we left Fredericks we stopped in some small boutiques to buy some tight sweaters, low cut, form-fitting blouses, tight yoga pants and more panties and bras.

“Be sure to buy some Gossard Glossies bras,” the wives told me. “They’re totally sheer, you can plainly see your nipples through them and they come in a bunch of colors. Guys absolutely love them, and your tits bounce nicely when you walk with one of these on.” One of the girls held a sheer, nude colored bra up to her chest, “This is the one I’m wearing now, with the matching sheer mesh thong. My husband loves it. Every time I put this on he fucks me. He even masturbated in front of me while I was wearing this matching set because it turns him on so much to see me dress like a little slut wife in a see-through bra and panties for him. I have a secret Instagram account where I never show my face, I just post photos of my body in slutty panties and bras. I have, like, 15,000 followers. No one knows it’s me except my husband and I. Imagine how many guys jerk-off and cum to my photos. Even my own husband masturbates to my photos. It makes me hot just thinking of all the loads of cum. I wish I could have them all over me and inside me.”

Just being in the program at the clinic kept me constantly aroused. A month before today, a week into my new treatment program, I was at our neighbor’s pool. I was wearing a little, light blue, Wicked Weasel bikini that my husband (and the neighborhood husbands) loved. I was so turned on from the drugs and treatment that I actually soaked through my little bikini bottom for everyone to see. My inflamed nipples were so hard they showed right through my bikini top. Every guy at the pool party loved it. The wives knew I was in sexual and fertility therapy. They just smiled knowingly, some of them having gone through it themselves.

I wished all the husbands had just taken me right then in the pool, ripped my little bikini off, fucked me, spit-roasted me, made me go airtight with all the husbands while their wives watched. I couldn’t escape my rampant sexual fantasies from all the fertility and sexual enhancement drugs. At night, sex was all I dreamt about, and my dreams became increasingly perverse and bizarre as the therapy continued. It’s no wonder I was constantly soaked.

But I needed real, human, sexual contact and just couldn’t get enough of it on all these fertility and sexual enhancement drugs. I craved deep penetration from hard, warm penises that would ejaculate large volumes of sperm inside of me. I had dreams about being gang-banged and I fantasized about watching a video of me in a hotel room with three men. I was riding one their cocks, another was on the bed fucking my ass, and the third stood on the bed while I sucked his cock. In my fantasy and my dreams, all three ejaculated inside me at exactly the same time, one in my mouth, one in my pussy, and one up my ass, completely flooding me with cum.

My husband had been fucking me regularly, often once in the morning and again at night. But he just couldn’t keep up, especially with the sperm consumption I craved on this treatment, so that’s what brought me here to the clinic.

I had already started dressing more provocatively even without the help of the other wives, almost without realizing it. Tighter tops, sheer, unlined bras under thin, form-fitting tops. I wore push-up bras that added two cup sizes to my already firm, ample tits. I just felt like I needed all the looks I was getting now from guys when I wore a short skirt or tight yoga pants, a tight top and a heavily padded bra. It was dangerous though, because as aroused as I constantly was, I’m not sure how I would respond if a man propositioned me in a grocery store or at the mall. I pictured myself in the back of an SUV in the parking lot of the mall, skirt hiked up, tits out of my bra, dick in my mouth of some stranger I met fifteen minutes earlier. Just to get fucked, just to get some cum in my mouth or in my sopping wet little pussy. It got so bad I took to carrying a vibrator with me everywhere I went, and using it in the ladies’ room just for some relief.

The nurse administered an enema and douche to clean me out completely before my “treatment”. Even those turned me on more. Then they put powerful suction cups on my nipples for a half hour while I lie there. It hurt at first, but then I got used to it. My nipples became so swollen, erect and sensitive. By the end of the half hour the slightly painful suction actually began to feel good, adding to my arousal even more. My swollen, erect nipples looked so big and puffy çanakkale escort after they took the suction cups off. It was another turn-on. I was just so hot and ready to fuck. I was so wet my own natural lubricant was actually running down my thighs now and there was nothing I could do to control it.

After all of my preparation the nurse asked me to get up, off the exam table and follow her. She walked me naked down a hallway with my jutting, swollen, tits and engorged, erect nipples in plain view. There was no opportunity to cover up. I felt like I was being paraded along for some kind of display and this turned me on. The wetness between my thighs was plainly visible. She took me into another white room. There was a big, white, “X” shaped padded table. She strapped me to the table with my legs spread wide open and my arms and wrists strapped above my head. She gently applied lubricant all over my vagina, massaging my clitoris for just a moment even though I was already soaking wet just from being so ready for sex. It nearly sent me over the edge. Then she looked at me, said, “Enjoy yourself, young lady. We’ll check in after a few hours”, and left the room, closing the door after herself.

A few minutes went by in silence, me completely alone in the room, naked, spread wide. My soaking wet vagina, tits all swollen and my big, inflamed, puffy brown nipples pointing straight at the ceiling. I noticed television cameras mounted on the walls around the room and a mirror on the ceiling that I could see myself in as I lie there, strapped down, unable to move, spread wide open with my firm, swollen tits and sopping wet vagina on full display. I must admit, I looked really hot.

A number of quiet minutes passed with me lying there strapped down to the table getting more and more excited. I was so alone in the room. So naked and exposed. So helpless in bondage on this table and so hyper-aroused, completely on display and ready for use.

Suddenly, the other door swung open. A big, heavily muscled, naked man with a huge erection came in. He walked swiftly and purposely across the room to me. His big, hard, red penis swayed in front of him as he walked. He stepped between my legs, gripped a pair of handles on either side of the table near my hips, lined up, and without a word plunged his cock completely into my vagina. In one swift thrust he penetrated me all the way to the back of my vagina, stabbing forcefully all the way up inside me. My head just jerked back involuntarily and I gasped out loud. My swollen, hyper-aroused pussy clamped around him and my tits heaved with his first strong, penetrating thrust.

Then he pumped me. Like a machine.

Oh God, it was just glorious. I needed fucking so desperately bad. Having a big, anonymous, silent man with a huge, hard cock just walk in and take me while I was strapped down, naked, my swollen tits, hard nipples pushing upward and jiggling to his athletic thrusts. My soaking wet vagina spread wide and on display before he impaled me. It was just so fucking good. He used me like a piece of gym equipment, and he was getting a good workout.

His pumping continued for minutes. An orgasm ripped across my body involuntarily. Then he buried himself inside me, inhaled hard, and I felt his cock buck inside me. Then I felt the hot flood deep inside me. He must have ejaculated a shot glass full of cum or more up me.

He unceremoniously pulled out, turned, and left through the door he entered. It was as if he had just finished a workout on a piece of exercise equipment.

Maybe thirty seconds passed after the door closed behind him when it opened again. Another naked man with an impressive erection entered, stepped purposely over to me, impaled me, and fucked.

Over the next few hours, one by one the men came in. Each man took his turn having sex with me while I was strapped down. This succession of men worked so hard to fertilize me, to impregnate me. They entered the room one at a time, completely naked with their big erections. They stepped between my legs, gripping the handles on the side of my table near my hips for leverage. Then, one after another, plunged their hard penises into me. They pumped and pumped me. I found out why I had to be strapped firmly to the table. They pumped me so hard I would have flown off the table without being firmly strapped down. Each man gave me a hard, extra thrust when he started to ejaculate in me, just to shoot his sperm as deep as possible inside of me. It was as though they had been instructed on exactly how to fuck me.

I was being fucked all morning long by this succession of men. It lasted about four hours. Four hours of constant fucking. Constant pumping. Constant, concentrated breeding. It was so nice. So wonderful. I never felt more feminine, more sexy, more reproductive, more like a woman. I just laid back and tried to absorb all their thick, warm sperm and the pleasure my vagina was giving me. I was like a passenger along the ride for an orgasmic thrill ride, or an actor in some pornographic fetish film like the ones I had been watching for hours a day. çankırı escort My tits felt so heavy and swollen, my nipples even more puffed up now. When the men were pumping me, my tits bounced back and forth as I lay strapped to the big “X” table. Part way through the treatment I looked directly at the video cameras mounted around the room. I presumed someone was watching me, monitoring my therapy as I was inseminated over and over, by all these men. It hadn’t occurred to me that I was also being videotaped.

In the mirror above me I could see everything. Seeing myself being spread open and fucked by one man after another, my body jerking back and forth on the table in the straps to their thrusts- it made it even better. None of them said anything. I was completely helpless. They just entered the large, white procedure room with their erection, inserted it inside me, pumped hard, and filled me up with warm semen, then pulled out and left. I couldn’t ask for better.

It was one man after another, all morning long. And these men, I have no idea who they were or where they all came from, worked so hard to make me pregnant, to fill me with cum. As soon as one finished inside me, filling me up, he would leave and another would enter, then push his penis up into my wet, cum-filled vagina, pump, and ejaculate. I lost count of how many men were in me. Cum was leaking out of me and onto the floor in a puddle. It was bliss.

As soon as the last man was done the nurse and doctor reentered the room through the door I was brought in through.

“Look at you! You did so well young lady!” the nurse told me.

“Like a champ!” the doctor said.

She told me not to move, to hold perfectly still. She unstrapped just my legs, leaving my arms strapped to the “X” table above my head and my waist strapped down. The nurse carefully lifted one leg, then the other, stretching a pair of skin tight, nude-colored latex thong panties onto me to hold all the cum inside me. The panties were hard for her to stretch over my thighs as I laid there, but they sealed all the semen inside me. I was just so full, so filled up. It felt so good. So satisfying. Before the latex thong sealed it all inside me, it leaked all over my thighs. By the time all the men were done with me around noon there was so much cum inside me it was flowing out of my swollen vagina into a puddle on the floor. There was so much cum you could smell it in the room.

“Lie very still young lady,” the doctor told me. “We need to stimulate you further to increase the chances of successful insemination.”

The nurse brought in cart a with several devices, some kind of control box and a series of wires on it. She applied cool gel to my nipples, then put small adhesive pads on either side of my nipples. She strapped my ankles back down, strapped my thighs down, then put a small, adhesive pad on either side of my crotch high on my inner thigh. She repeated the process just next to my latex thong on the bare skin on either side of where my clit was under the latex panties. Then she attached a wire to each of the adhesive pads. The wires all ran back to a control box on the medical cart next to where I was strapped down.

“We’re going to use some mild electrical current to stimulate your breasts, vagina and clitoris to improve your insemination procedure”, the doctor said. “The stimulation will cause your breasts and nipples to swell further as they continue to become engorged from your arousal, fertility drugs and your nipple suction treatment. Your vagina will pulse and contract involuntarily from the electricity, helping to pump the semen loads deeply into your cervix for thorough impregnation. The pulsing electrical current crossing your clitoris will provide very powerful sexual stimulation to further improve tight, powerful vaginal contractions and induce strong orgasms. You will effectively be using your own vaginal muscles to pump semen up inside yourself, past your cervix, for fertilization.

The young, attractive nurse stood back, and the doctor stepped over to the control box for the electrode pads attached to my body. He slowly began to manipulate the controls that were wired to the pads now attached to my tits and vaginal area.

The effect was instant. Strong electrical pulses caused my pussy to slam shut and spasm. The extremely forceful contractions pushed the massive loads of thick semen further up inside me. The powerful electricity across my nipples drove me wild. I involuntarily strained against the straps, trying to push my tits upward to meet the stimulation, craving even more. Even with all the suction beforehand, the electricity across my nipples made them feel even more sensitive. It was like I could feel the texture of the air against my nipples, and it was making me even more aroused, if that was even possible. If I weren’t strapped down so tight, I would have involuntarily arched my body completely up, off the table to meet the stimulation on my tits and pussy. I couldn’t help it. The drugs and the electricity had taken over my body and made me into a sexual tuning fork, resonating with constant orgasms one after another. My hips felt like they were ready to explode. My cunt was involuntarily gorging itself between my legs on the thick sperm loads left in me by all those men, at least the sperm that hadn’t already spilled back out of me into the puddle on the floor beneath me.

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