The Marine Bk. 02 Ch. 10

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A/N – Previous chapters found in the following:

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Charlotte and I enjoyed around five nights together before she thought it best she returned home, and though we agreed to meet up every so often for a meal and drinks, she wanted to stop sleeping together. She feared that it would only lead to feelings being developed, and considering we were already get along so well, I actually agreed with her. Neither of us wanted a relationship, but although the sex was fantastic, I was already feeling things for her, and once she admitted to feelings for me as well, with sadness, we agreed to part as good friends with a promise to keep in touch. Maybe, one day in the future, we could meet up again and have some fun.

I had no idea how long I’d be in Berlin for, but I would inevitably return to London. Jennifer kept me in the loop about the next assignment, though couldn’t exactly tell me what it was about. But from the rumours, it was something about the Russians. That led to more than one Cold War joke, considering I was a spy in Berlin, possibly looking for Russians. Jennifer groaned, told me to stop reading cheap books, and to behave myself.

I didn’t promise to do the last thing.

With nothing to actually do, as the conference I’d used as cover had ended, I was left to my own devices, so figured posing as a tourist and just keeping my ear to the ground would help. Charlotte had promised to keep me in the loop should she hear anything that might interest me. I’d been to various places around Europe, and though I’d seen landmarks, I was always on the job, so I’d never had the opportunity to just stand there and take it all in.

And that’s when I saw her. She was standing at traffic lights, waiting to cross. I stopped and took out my phone, leaning against a wall but keeping my eyes on her. Once the lights changed, she started to cross, and I followed at a distance. There was no losing her considering the vibrant colour of her hair. Even in Berlin, that sort of hair colour stood out.

I assumed she was walking home from work, but that just led to more questions. What was she doing in Berlin, of all the places in the world? Sure, I’d seen plenty of the world, but that came with the job. I remembered what she’d been studying at school then university, but it still didn’t make sense as to why she was in the German capital.

She eventually headed underground to the U-Bahn. To my amusement, we ended up on a train heading west again, eventually getting off in the Charlottenburg-Nord district. I followed at a distance, crossing the road to keep her under observation. She walked along without her nose buried in her phone, unlike plenty of the locals. Turning off the main road, she made a couple of more turns before eventually disappearing into an apartment block, keeping to the other side of the road, and waiting for a light to appear. Top floor, to the right. I could have easily broken in downstairs, knocked on her door, and announced myself. But it had been far too long to just appear out of the blue.

Plus, I was meant to be dead, of course.

With nothing else to keep myself occupied, seeing Katie simply intrigued me. The last time I’d see my youngest sister had been the time she’d visited with the family after returning from a deployment to Iraq. I literally had no idea what any of the family was up to nowadays. Seeing her also pulled at the heartstrings, stirring long dormant emotions about what I’d put my family through at the time. I’d done it for the right reasons. I still genuinely believed that, but there were moments during the last few years when I’d have given anything to just call up Mum and tell her that I loved and missed her. I have no idea what I’d say to Amy, Hannah or Emma.

I figured a little stake-out wasn’t too harmful. Returning at dawn the next day, I was outside a cafe sipping at a coffee when she breezed past. Not in a rush, but it was the walk of someone on their way to work. Finishing the coffee, I left a couple of Euros on the table and followed her at a distance again, full of questions as to her life. What was she doing in Berlin? Was she with someone? Single? How was the rest of the family?

Joining the U-Bahn, we ended up in the centre of the city, getting off and walking up the stairs to the surface. She eventually disappeared into a building, smiling to myself when I noticed it was one of those global charities, this one dedicated to providing clean drinking water to everyone who needed such access. I was content to wait nearby, sipping at a coffee, reading the newspaper, or checking my phone. She reappeared around lunchtime, walking towards a shop to grab a sandwich and drink, keeping back as she sat in a nearby park. At least the sun was out, but as I observed from a distance, she looked sad, even a little bursa escort lonely. The urge to walk over and simply say hello nearly overwhelmed me. I knew I couldn’t keep this up too long without cracking. I hadn’t forgotten the times I’d sat outside Hannah’s apartment in Bristol, just wanting to go upstairs and see her.

She returned home at the same time that evening. I stayed and observed, ready to leave, when she appeared back downstairs within an hour, having changed out of her work clothes into something more comfortable, a tight pair of jeans though her top was covered by the coat that kept the chill at bay. Following her down the street, she turned and within ten minutes, had walked into a local pub. The sort of German boozer I was fond of. Aware that she probably wouldn’t recognise me, with my hair coloured black, my beard also coloured black, and eyes with brown contacts, I could only hope it was enough of a ruse.

Walking inside, there was a long bar with stools, and a few empty tables. Katie was sat at the bar, checking her phone, a beer already in front of her. Didn’t know my sister liked beer. Would have assumed she’d stick to wine or spirits. Walking up next to her, I gestured at the empty stool. “Is this seat taken?” I asked in German.

“It’s free if you want it,” she replied in the same language.

Taking a seat, I ordered a half-litre of beer and glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. No idea what she was doing on her phone, looked like she was messaging someone. Taking a sip from my glass, I asked, “You from around here?”

She glanced my way, and I noticed the eyes widen slightly. I guess, from a sideways profile, I’d look familiar to her. “Do I know you?” she asked in English.

“I don’t believe so,” I replied, using the English accent I’d perfected over the years. I offered my hand. “I’m Nick.”

“Katie,” she replied, shaking my hand, “Any reason you wanted to sit next to me?”

“Just wanted some company. Often walk into these sorts of places and feel a little out of place,” I replied, switching back to German.

“I don’t mind as I usually keep to myself anyway.”

“Oh… If you need…”

She smiled. “No, please. It would be nice to speak to someone,” she said, switching to English, “All my colleagues speak the lingo, but I prefer speaking in German with them. I’m in Germany so might as well speak the language to ingratiate myself better.” She took a sip of her beer. “Are you here for work?”

“Yeah. Was only meant to be a short assignment, a recent conference, but I thought I’d stay a little longer, see if I could discover the real Berlin. Yourself?”

“I’ve been here for around a year now. Accent is obvious, right?”


“Bingo. I’m originally from Sydney.”

“Sydney? Never been there. I’m from a place called Reading. It’s west of London. So, you’ve swapped sunny beaches and constant weather for here?”

“It was a great opportunity, far too good to turn down. I love what I do.”

“What is it you do?”

“The company I work for ensures every person on Earth gets clean drinking water. It’s an ambitious challenge as, well, I’m sure you can understand some of the difficulties we face, with the world it is today.”

“Do you get your hands dirty around the world?”

“No, I’m the one organising everything so our people can get to the far-flung places and put together the infrastructure to provide what is needed.”

“Impressive. Certainly doing something more worthwhile than, well, what I do.”

“Which is?”

“I hate telling people nowadays that I’m some sort of financial analyst. We’ve still got the bad reputation after the global financial crash. It was years ago now but still can’t shake the blame. At least I work for the government and not one of the banks or other firms.”

We’d finished our beers so I ordered her another one, ensuring we had a pils type of beer, as I suggested it was better than just the normal lager, though German lager is still the best in the world. She took a couple of sips of the next drink and agreed. We kept chatting vaguely about our lives, but took the plunge and asked when we’d finished our drinks if she’d like to grab dinner. And when I said dinner, I meant some authentic German food. She looked me up and down again and said, “I swear you seem familiar, Nick.”

I stroked my beard a second. “Who do I remind you of?”

“I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. Just getting this feeling that we’ve met before. There’s just something about you I can’t put my finger on.”

“Good or bad feeling? If it’s bad…”

She smiled, resting a hand on my forearm. “Good feeling, Nick. Come on, let’s head to this restaurant of yours.”

Heading outside, I took her hand, glancing to see her smiling at me again. The restaurant wasn’t too far away. It was a joint restaurant and bierkeller, selling large plates of food and beer glasses of various sizes. I was impressed when my sister asked for a stein of bursa escort bayan beer, ordering a schnitzel with all the trimmings for dinner. I ordered the same thing with additional sauerkraut. I’d grown to love the stuff while in Germany. We continued to get to ‘know each other’, though I already knew everything about her, asking all the right questions to keep her talking, and I could see she was happy that I was showing such an interest in her. I told her about my life, the fake life that I’d moulded over the years. My parents in Reading. I was an only child. Lived in London but travelled Europe extensively for my job.

After dinner, I suggested maybe one last drink at a nearby bar. She must have felt comfortable as she leapt at the idea, taking a short trip on the U-Bahn to a bar I’d frequented a couple of times, never with company. We sat together in a small booth, continuing to sip at our drinks, conversation flowing easily. “I find you so easy to talk to, Nick. I don’t know what it is.”

“Well, I can’t complain about the company myself, Katie. You’ve led quite the life so far.”

“I felt bad leaving my parents and sister on the other side of the world, but I needed to leave.” Only then did his face fall slightly. Taking her hand and squeezing it, she smiled sadly. “It’s the one thing I don’t like talking about.”

“Lose someone special?” She nodded. “Then I’ll leave that door closed unless you want to open it.”

She took a long draw on her drink before turning to me. Turning towards her, I recognised the look in her eyes, immediately leaning forward to kiss her. When she responded, I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her tight. She was a petite as I remembered, barely five-two and still quite slim. I didn’t exactly want to make out in a bar in front of a crowd, eventually pulling back just enough to meet her eyes again. Clearing my throat, she released a nervous giggle. “As I said, this feels weird, Nick,” she said softly, “But it immediately feels right at the same time.”

“Glad I’ve made a good first impression.”

“I’m not one for doing things in public. Want to finish our drinks and head back to mine? It’s not far. We can chat and enjoy another drink.”

I took her hand, not worried about finishing our drinks. She locked our fingers together, leaning into me as we caught the U-Bahn back to the original stop, eventually heading towards her building, letting her lead the way though I knew where she was going. Entering her apartment building, it was in better condition than some I’d been through, walking up a few flights of stairs to her apartment door. Opening the door, I walked into quite the modern apartment. “Only been here six months, not really had time to put my stamp on the place yet. I’m not exactly sure how long I’ll be here.”

Taking off our coats, scarves and gloves, she led me to the living room, asking if I wanted another drink. Sitting side by side on the lounge with a beer bottle in hand, she turned towards me, resting her head on a hand.

“Single?” I had to ask.

Thankfully, the question made her smile. “I wouldn’t have invited you back if I wasn’t, though don’t be getting ideas just yet. But, as I said, you’ve made me feel comfortable so I didn’t mind inviting you back. What about you?”

“To be honest, nothing serious.”

“Ah,” she said, smirking to herself, “You have lovers.”

“Something like that. I’m not in a relationship.” I’m sure if Jennifer heard me say that, she’d either be totally pissed off or would agree with me.

“To be honest, I was engaged to be married a few years ago,” Katie said.

“What happened?”

She glanced across the room at the mantelpiece, and that’s when I saw the pictures of the family. In the centre, taking pride of place, was a photo of Katie and I, taken when the family had travelled to the UK after I’d graduated as a Royal Marine. Other photos included Katie and Amy; Katie, Mum and Dad, and Katie with Hannah, Amy and Emma.

“We split up. He reminded me too much of someone else,” she whispered.

“Take it your family is back home?”

“I do have some family in the UK. My parents and sister are back in Australia.”

“I recognise the uniform,” I said, gesturing with my head towards the photo, rolling up the sleeve of the shirt on my right arm. When she noticed the tattoo, her fingers immediately traced over it. “I served in Four-Two Commando.”

“You were a Marine?”

“Well, once a Marine, always a Marine, but I retired after my second tour. One in Helmand, one in Basra.”

“My brother…”

She paused and looked away. That’s when reality hit home. That’s when I realised that she was still broken by it. And if she was still heartbroken, what about the others? I tried not to think about home too often. I’d forged a different path in life. I sat there thinking that linking up with my sister was turning into a very bad idea.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

“It’s why I left home,” she whispered, escort bursa “Too many memories. I still miss him every day though. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.” She finished the rest of her beer and sagged against me. “Sorry, didn’t mean to bring down the mood.”

“I sort of understand how you feel. I lost friends and colleagues during my time with the Marines. Still remember all their names. But it’s also why I eventually had to retire and move back into civilian life.”

“Was it bad out there? My brother… He obviously didn’t want to worry us.”

“Yeah, there was a reason why. I don’t really… You know… Did he love what he did?”

That made her smile at me. “He loved it. Left everything he knew and loved to go join the Royal Marines. He was so proud to wear that green beret. I know he found it fulfilling. And part of me does find comfort in the fact he died doing what he loved.” She sighed somewhat contentedly. “Talking to someone who served in the same branch helps as you would understand.”

Taking a chance, I wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Why don’t we meet up tomorrow?” I wondered.

She turned and smiled up at me. “I’d like that. I guess it is getting late.”

Clearing my throat, it was a suggestion I should probably get back to my hotel, particularly after checking my watch, noticing the time. Putting on my coat, scarf and gloves again, we hovered by the open door, standing there awkwardly, before I stepped forward and kissed her. When she almost melted into me straight away, I couldn’t help smile.

“Hang on, I need your number,” she said, heading back to grab her phone. After swapping numbers, I kissed her again. “Where should we meet tomorrow?”

“You’re more local than myself.”

Smiling, she broke out into a giggle. “Ah, I forgot. Um, I know the area around Oranienplatz is quite lively. Take the U8 to Moritzplatz and I’ll meet you there. It’s only a short walk from there.”

“Works for me. See you tomorrow evening?”

“I’ll call you when I’m finished work. I’ll head straight to the U-Bahn.”

Kissing her one last time, it was only when I was walking downstairs that I realised it was the first time I’d actually kissed my youngest sister so intimately. During her visit to the UK, she’d been with her boyfriend, and growing up, we’d been close but never that intimate. Feeling a smile form, I was whistling by the time I was walking down the street towards the nearest station.

I spent the next day in my hotel room reviewing details of the previous mission, pleased to read the doctor and his family had been moved to a secure location within Switzerland, additional photos and documentation proving that my word had been kept on my behalf. As for the Frenchman, he’d been named and charged of treason by the French Government. Not being full up to date with French law, if found guilty, he wouldn’t be executed but would see life behind bars.

As for my next possible assignment, Jennifer didn’t have all that much further information for me and wasn’t entirely sure whether any operation would take place. She assured me I’d only be in Berlin for a few more days at most, dependent on whether the operation being green lit. I had to ask if it was possible I’d be sent to Russia instead. Jennifer assured me that wouldn’t be the case. If nothing happened, I’d return to London immediately.

Katie called me an hour or so before she was ready to leave work, letting me know she’d still like to meet. Letting her know I’d leave my hotel soon, she sounded excited to be meeting up with me again, which is always a good thing to hear.

I was waiting by the exit of Moritzplatz station when Katie appeared from underground. Noticing me immediately, she smiled as we approached each other, leaning down to kiss her cheek. Both of us were wrapped up warm, her cheeks turning a little red rather quickly. Knowing the area well, she led us to a bar first to enjoy a drink or two before moving onto a restaurant for dinner. Surprisingly, it was a Vietnamese restaurant, Katie happily telling me that Berlin hosted any sort of restaurant you wanted.

“So just like London,” I said, “Though I guess ordering in German would be better here.”

The food was as fantastic as any I’d eaten around the world, though we hankered for another beer or two once we’d finished, wandering from one place to the other, sipping at our drinks as we continued to talk. I opened up a little more about my previous life in the Marines, mixing part of Nick’s life with my old life as Nate. I’d written Katie often enough that she had an idea of what I’d gone through so nothing would have taken her by surprise.

Heading back to the station as she did have work the next morning, she asked if I was going back to my hotel or if I’d like to go back to hers. Meeting her eyes, there was something in them that suggested she really wanted me to reply that I’d like to join her.

“If you’re after company a little longer, Katie…”

“I want you to stay the night, Nick. But…” She pressed herself against me, ensuring I held her. “Maybe just for cuddles?”

“I can do cuddles,” I said softly, “Don’t let the tall, obviously hunky frame suggest that men don’t like cuddles too.”

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