Weekend Stayover

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I was about 32 when I went on a business trip in a city my cousin lived in.  I thought that I would do a weekend stay over and stay with him and his partner.  It was the late 90s and he had come out a few years earlier.  It was back in the day where coming out was way less accepted by most families than it is today.  I thought it would be good to reach out and see how he was doing.

That Friday I arrived at his house.  I visited with him and his partner for hours and had lots of laughs with plenty of alcohol.  Finally it was bed time and I adjourned to the guest room.  I looked at the book shelf for something to read before I went to sleep.  There were two book shelves full of gay sex and relationship books.  I thought to myself “what do these guys really do in bed?”  I had never looked at or watched gay porn before and on the rare occasion I did run across it, it turned me off.  I grabbed a book, I don’t remember what it was called but it more than opened the door that has lead me to my current sexuality.

As I flipped through the pages, reading paragraphs here and there, looking at illustrations, and tasteful black and white pictures of men being intimate.  I quickly found myself incredibly hard and a wet spot forming on my underwear.  I quickly slid off my underwear and continued to look through the book.  Slowly stroking myself afyon escort as I did.  The men kissing was bothering me less and less.  I was finding an intense erotica where I never thought I would find one.  The touching, cock to cock, oral sex was so sexy they way it was all done in the book.  I have to admit, I was especially taken with the anal sex….oral and fucking.  The intense intimacy shared between two men having anal sex was intoxicating.  By this time, I was so aroused, I laid back and started stroking more intensely.  I was so wet from all of my own precum.  All I see in my mind were visions of men making love, kissing, primally fucking, sweating.  My first orgasm was huge.  Cum shot far.  Some all the way past my head on the pillow, some on my face, a lot on my chest and abs.

I cleaned myself up and thought “I am glad I got that out of my system.”  As I lay down and tried to sleep, I noticed I was still hard.  The visions still shooting through my mind.  

I grabbed a couple of other books and started reading through them. One was a large one someone like a sexual “Dear Abby” for gay men.  As I read about what men did to each other and how their bodies reacted, I couldn’t help but get more and more curious.  A desire to experience gay sex started growing, not just a fantasy.  It wasn’t long before I ağrı escort came again.  It was a long night as I kept masturbating and cumming.  

I looked at the clock and it was after 4 am.  I had just cum a 6th time and had no idea how late it was.  I cleaned up and tried to get a few hours sleep.  

I heard their alarm go off at 8 am.  I laid there a bit thinking about the night before, morning wood in my hand.  As they went down stairs I got up and slipped on my gym shorts and a tee shirt.  I didn’t cum as I wanted to save myself for later.  As I stepped out the hall way, it is hard to explain but I was extremely horny, catching a whiff of the smell of fresh cum wafting from their bedroom.  

As I made it downstairs, they were in the kitchen preparing breakfast.  They were letting their flag fly so to speak and, frankly after what I had spent the night reading and doing, it was arousing I kept catching my cousin’s lover looking at my crotch as my gym shorts were slightly tented as I had a half hard-on.  Frankly, if they would have asked me if I was curious, I would have told them what I did all night.  I was having visions of the 3 of us shooting through my head.  I felt like such a perv and so hot.  

We ate breakfast and then they instructed me where the towels were for the shower.  I went up to the bathroom aksaray escort and to get in the shower.  I couldn’t help but be horny thinking about all the sex they must have in the shower.  They had a wash mitt which I put on and ran over my body thinking about how their cocks must touch this.  In metaphorical way, it was like we were all touching cocks.  

I then moved a bottle of body wash and there was a tube of lube behind it.  My heart really started pounding as the night before when I was doing all my reading, I realized my hairbrush had the perfect handle for insertion.  I reach out of the shower and grabbed my hair brush. I knew just what to do after all my reading as I prepared my ass.  I was so excited! OMG my cock was sticking straight up even after all the abuse from the night before.  I placed my foot on the ledge of the tub and slowly slid the brush in my ass.  It took a little as that was the first time I ever slid anything in my ass.  As I started working the brush, I thought my cock was going to break it was so hard.  I jacked myself off with their wash mitt as I fucked my ass.  When my orgasm came, it came hard.  Up to that point it was the hardest, most intense orgasms of my life.  My penis twitched and shot.  I cum so much already, there wasn’t much white in my fluid. My legs started to shake and my eyes rolled back in my head.  I had to sit down in the shower for a moment.  

The next night I did much the same thing except the thought of walking in their room naked and hard and saying “show me” kept crossing my mind.  The day after, I had an early fight and flew home. 

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