What Argument?

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We had been fighting for days, and we hadn’t even been together very long. He was out running around with his “business stuff” just like usual, and I sit out here all alone. Seriously, a girl wants to feel wanted; which is something he doesn’t grasp at all. He’s only worried about himself and not what I need or want! I don’t think he considers my feelings at all. I send him another angry response and slammed my phone down. Enough Bullshit I said leaving the room.

I went into take a hot shower. The stress of the day had been to much. I needed to wash it away. I turned the water on all the way to the left; the hottest setting is what I like. I open my favorite body wash as I’m wetting down my luffa. With the steam starting to cover the mirror, I know it’s ready for me. I undo the button on my jeans and take down the zipper until they were sliding off my ass and down my legs by themselves. Then, I unbutton the 4 buttons on my shirt and slip it backwards off my shoulders. I wasn’t wearing my usual G-strings so the only other thing to take off was my hair tie and my glasses. I carefully get into the spraying water and immediately I can feel kadıköy escort the stress start to melt away. I turn towards the spraying water and instantly feel the water drops hitting me down to my toes. I grab my luffa which was already nice and soapy from my favorite body wash.

It has a peach smell that is amazing and the suds start softening my skin instantly. I start by washing everything down and I scrub a little rough to make sure my skin stays nice and soft. Then, after I wash my hair; I take the body wash and pour it into my hand. This time I clean more specific spots the ones that are smaller and hidden. As I slowly run my soapy hands over my nipples I can’t help but think about the way he slowly caresses my breasts before he takes his lips and softly sucks on my nipples. I slowly slide my hand between my legs. I can already feel how wet just the thought of him touching me is turning me on. I slowly take my finger and softly push it inside of me.

Now I was wet inside and out. The steam of the shower and the sound that it makes would silence and sounds I would make in case maltepe escort he arrived early. And with my left hand I’m pinching n rubbing on my left nipple. Softly I take another finger and put it inside of me. I can already feel my muscles begin to contract. And slowly push my finger in and out. I then slide my left hand down to my clit and start rubbing in a clockwise circular motion. Almost instant I felt the wave of ecstasy wash over my entire body. I let out a loud moan, as my legs start to tremble and between breathes my muscles are contracting over and over. I’m a squirter, so my juices were running all the way down my thighs. I lean against the wall to steady my trembling legs and I try to catch my rapid breath. Wow, what a great shower.

I give myself a final rinse and shut the water off. Grabbing my soft blue bath towel I carefully exit the shower. I put another towel on my head and begin to grab for my lotion when there’s a knock on the bathroom door. Surprised I open it to see him standing there. “I can’t stop thinking about you, and from the sounds I just heard… you’re thinking escort bayan about me as well.” He rushed into me and kissed me as if this was the last time we would ever kiss again; both slowly and passionately. The kind of kiss all girls dream about, and the kind of kiss you feel in your soul. He pushes me up against the bathroom wall. I can feel his strength commanding me not to move. He slides one hand between my legs and with the other he unzips his jeans. My towel falls to the floor and he thrust his hard cock inside me. Oh my god it feels good. He kisses my neck as he thrusts himself in and out of me. Just then he bites my neck. Omg just don’t let him stop!

A few more thrusts and I am howling loud enough for my neighborhood to hear. The juices are running down both our legs. He gets so turned on by this he cums deep inside me instantly, and for a moment we stand there trying to catch our breath locked together before he slowly backs away. He throws me another towel. I’m going to need it for the mess about to run down my thighs. He then starts walking towards the bathroom door. Just before he reached the hallway he turned back around and teasingly said “what were we arguing about again?”

“What argument?” I said my mind drawing a blank.

“Never mind.” he said followed by “get your ass into the bedroom, I want to make you feel appreciated and desired.”

I said to myself quietly, “Omg, this man is going to kill me, but what a way to die!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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