12 Labors of Hercules, Caged Pt. 04

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Female Friendly

§ Chapter 07 — a caged cock exposed to girls

Cathy’s imperious voice brought Richard back down to Earth:

“And because I know you like decalogues, we have written a decalogue of rules for you to follow.

But, before the rules, I order that you undress, and show the girls the cage you are wearing today.

No handcuffs today, as I promised, but only because you have to grill the meat”

One of the girls exulted, “wow, I adore it when a man offers me his meat!” (it was Skye, and she said it just to torment him).

Cathy continued: “After you strip naked, then I will read the Decalogue to you, and you will tell me whether that Decalogue will make you fly to a certain country in South America… or you choose to reach your beloved Greece and a better future for you.”

Richard stood in silence for a moment. He stared into his wife’s eyes, and saw determination but also endearingness: the voice might have sounded harsh, but the eyes were sincere and communicated to him that she loved him and that she was subjecting him to this torture to help him be a better person.

But how would he be able to manage those four intelligent scholars and direct their scientific research if they had the freedom to order any sexual performance from him in the evening?

He looked into the eyes of each of them. For a moment, he perceived only pent-up aggression, and anger, and he was afraid, “can I accept staying on a small island, a prisoner of four young women who despise me?”

But as he stood there motionless, he sensed tiny movements, which changed his mind. The tough, massive Teresa took hold of the thin, tapered little finger of the blond ex-baby, who smiled. Emily removed her glasses. Skye raised an arm, to shield her sensitive eyes from the sun: this gesture showed a pretty armpit with red hair that had never been shaved.

In one Scandinavian myth, Thor could not see where his hammer Mjollnir was because an illusion hid it from him. In dozens of Greek myths, goddesses and noblewomen hid the truth from a man, in a cloud of smoke or with other illusions.

Richard thought in a split second that those four girls were flaunting aggression to hide a sweet soul. He also thought that his wife had chosen them, and therefore, they were selected. Even Skye, who seemed so tragic, was seeking protection — from the sun today, or from who knows what, deep in her soul.

A few fractions of seconds, and Richard had already made his decision. He took off his clothes and stood naked with the cage. He knelt in front of his wife and told her, “Command any order you want.”

They all stand around, Skye stretches out a hand with emerald green enameled nails and makes him gasp, Barbara asks, “It’s so hot, Miss Cathy, do you mind if my Teresa takes off her shirt?”

“Ah, uh… YOUR Teresa… well, sure…” and in a moment the tough Latina has already taken off her shirt, squaring before the prof’s eyes two firm little tits with pierced nipples, and abdominal muscles built through many gym sessions.

The cock jerked inside the cage, striving for an impossible erection when Barbara accidentally spilled a glass of water on Emily’s tits, who was too shy to go topless: her black nipples protruded very hard under the fabric.

Miss Cathy also wet her shirt, laughing.

They all laughed merrily and lightheartedly.

And the first glimmer of light illuminates Richard’s smile: maybe his wife is right, maybe the role he would like to play in this story is precise to give serenity to these people, who maybe have insecurities, maybe have weaknesses, and he can help them.

Amid such cheerfulness, Cathy grin and said, “Very good. Honey, I have long been contacting these smart and wonderful young women to tell them about the opportunity for a month of archaeological research in Greece. Each of them was torn: on the one hand, excitement about the magnificent job opportunity, on the other, annoyance created by your bad reputation for making sexist comments and touching your subordinates’ boobs and asses.

But one of them (I won’t tell you who, smirk!) vaguely mentioned «with all due respect, he could deserve a chastity belt», and suddenly a light bulb went on for me.

I went to an online site and bought the most expensive product on the market. Then I reconvened them all together and we worked out this plan.”

Cathy stared her husband in the eyes before continuing:

“Rule No. 1. To safeguard their productivity and dignity in the workplace, you will wear the cage for the whole month in Greece, 24/7.”

Shouts of joy, “yay, yay!” and “Hooray!”

One said “knowing your reputation, I would never have agreed to participate, professor…”

With her hands on her hips and authoritative pose, Cathy added:


. To educate yourself to be less selfish and more attentive to other people’s needs, you will have to obey their every order as if I commanded it: and, If you need to hear it right from my mouth, «yes, they are in charge of tease you mercilessly», Kartal escort with unbuttoned open clothes, naked showers and any other kind of pressure, or command. You must obey, always.

In the years, I have tried many ways, but maybe those who are younger and more patient can teach you something… useful… for me, and both.”

During Miss Cathy’s speech to him, the girls begin carelessly removing their shoes or unbuttoning their shirts, as if there were no man present. And indeed, since the only man has a caged cock, he poses no danger, so now they can relax as if at a coed sleepover. The only difference is in his eyes, which wander from the magnificent little feet of one to the pierced nipples of the other, to the long hair of this one or the blue eyes of that one… Richard thought that if he didn’t wear the cage, he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself.

“Rule number 3. To thank them for all the effort they will put into the tease, I command you to make them come whenever they ask,” these words elicited clamor: “yay!” “Great!”.

Calmly, Cathy resumed, “You are to obey their every request as if I were ordering it. Sure it’s a big-time commitment: but still less, than letting you go around to the discos and bars in Greece, or spend the afternoon masturbating in front of the PC. They are four: they might ask you to service all on the same day, or alternate, I don’t know… we’ll see.”

Emily interjected: “Miss Cathy, I don’t think your husband will be able to get me to come with his mouth… no one can,” she says dejectedly.

But Cathy was more optimistic, well knowing her husband’s oral skills, “We’ll see.”

Rule . If you behave well, if the work is fruitful, and if the reviews of all four doctoral students are positive, I may give the code to one of them to release you… maybe. We’ll see.”

Richard tried to object “but…the time difference…”

“Ah, of course! Because you think I go to sleep at 9 p.m. after watching TV. No, cutie, while you’re being a hermit monk in Greece, I’ll be going to the theater with my girlfriends, every evening a night out, and who knows, maybe I might even meet a flirt like you too, the kind who hits on everyone…and I’d have the house to myself too, right? Our arrangement about the cage means no orgasms for Richard, but it doesn’t imply «and for Cathy too»: do you agree?”

“Of course, dear.” (squeals of jubilation among the girls).

“Oh,… speaking about the uses of the word «dear»… I like the way the expression «Miss Cathy» sounds, I think that from this instant until you return from Greece, you must always call me Miss Cathy: and, by the law of communicating vessels, you must call them Miss Emily, Miss Skye, Miss Teresa and Miss… Barbara. Forget never again to pronounce «Barbie» which is just a fake-bimbo nickname to deceive the fools: she is a real dominatrix, with a master’s degree in Strapon Penetration from the University of the Street, and needless to say, as you know, in Greek, «Barbara» means fierce.”

With a guttural roar, Barbara gnashed her teeth, as if they were the fangs of a ferocious beast; Teresa, in a soft voice, tried to tame her.

Not far away, Skye watched a cloud obscure the sun and mumbled to herself, “Miss Skye… sounds good…”

“Don’t worry about the evaluation of their research work…we already agreed that the documents you should sign are all already signed, and each of them is accountable to another professor or professor, who stays here and knows nothing about how you will live on the island.

The expenses are to be accounted for by each one, directly to my vice-accountant and not to me. So, no conflict of interest: you will not be able to ask for favors in exchange for good grades, or threaten with bad grades. Just serenity, peace, books, hammocks, and cocktails. Like in the song: Piña Colada, you know…

Now, the Decalogue is long, and I got bored reading it… be nice… the girls would like you to serve meat from the barbecue… naked! Ha, ha!

You must wear just an apron (yes, the one with «Kiss the Cook» will do… pun super-intended here!), of course, to protect your delicate skin from sauce splatters, but wearing only the cage…you remember what the safewords are, right?”

“All green for me…Miss…Cathy…”

The smile, however, remained little on Richard’s face. Miss Barbara grabbed him by the cock and pulled him toward the table with the meat, saying, “So, Mr. Professor, get moving with this cooking, we don’t want to starve, ha, ha!”

So Richard, naked and barefoot, had to run back and forth from the barbecue to the table while his wife chatted serenely with four relaxed young women, only one wearing shoes, only one a (wet) T-shirt, only one an unbuttoned blouse, only one very short jeans.

The only one dressed as his wife, like a Roman matron, like the host Amphitryon, like Juno sitting on a throne. She had taken off her shoes, but she was dressed.

Both lovely spouses were barefoot: but with Kurtköy Escort a profound difference. She was barefoot to relax and rest; he, on the other hand, was barefoot to labor like a slave while they all watched him in his public humiliation.

§ Chapter 08 — A gag against mansplaining: 4 girls 1 man.

One of the four women said: “You know, professor, I used to attend your classes all the time, but you often overdo the mansplaining…”


“Oh, well, verbatim, with the male fixation on explaining things that girls already know, or, that they haven’t asked them at all,” and he gestured with his hand, mimicking the letter “M” with the three middle fingers of his left hand, joining his thumb to his little finger.

“Oh… But I do it for you!… uh… forgive me, Miss Cathy…”

“Dear, you must learn that to please women, you must listen to what they ask of you, rather than imagine what you would like them to ask of you.”

Then Cathy turned to the girls, palms open wide as if for an agreed signal, and said, “What do you suggest we do, to reduce my husband’s tendency to mansplaining?”

And the girls in chorus: “Gag, gag, gag!”, laughing and pounding their fists on the table.

Cathy gave Richard a broad smile and said, “Don’t be surprised: it was all agreed at my signal. Ha, ha, how funny, think of the joy of these girls, who will have the chance to go a whole month without being forced to listen to your very long explanations…

Do you know that in ancient and medieval times there were monks who took a vow of silence for whole years? You, on the other hand, could be gagged for a whole month, how about that honey?” and the girls laughed, mimicking the gestures of silence: a vertical finger on their lips, a horizontal zip, a key closing a padlock near the mouth.

While each girl joked with him with mimicry, Cathy leaned in close to whisper in his ear, “The gag won’t be for a whole month, honey, but just for the barbecue, to offer some relaxation to the girls who already know me, but they don’t know me if they can… trust you… anyway, you know the country where Rio de Janeiro is, honey… close to Sao Paulo. If you say that B-word, we’ll interrupt everything.”

He smiled at her and said, “It’s all right, Miss Cathy, my Queen… I know I always talk too much.”

She stared at him with eyes full of astonishment but also happiness: “Do you understand that we are now gagging you and that you won’t even be able to use the safeword?”

He felt a huge jolt at the base of his cock as he heard those words from her… but instead of using the safeword, Richard told her “if you hear knocking three times, either with a hand or a foot, it means… Yellow. Even if I’m bound or handcuffed, I’ll always have a way to knock, right?”

“I guess so… – said Cathy, thoughtfully… – maybe if we hang you from the ceiling, no, but that’s not something I’d do today, so, say, that’s fine for today. If you want a pause, just knock three times, and I swear we’ll all respect your break.” Then, turning to the guests, she said, “girls, it applies to all: if Dicky knocks three times, that means a yellow light.”

They all nodded, but the redhead couldn’t help laughing, and said, “Ah, ah, DICKY is such a funny name, for a caged and cuffed man…”

“That’s true,” said Cathy, “I never think about it, but it’s funny. All right, then from now on, he will be Dicky to you during sessions, while you will have to call him Professor van Middenstorm during working hours.”

Cathy took from her bag a small plastic gag with many holes in it. “I know in the novels you read there are huge cock-shaped gags, so long they go all the way down your throat… but we just need you to shut up a little bit, not choke… we need you still safe and sound to complete your Book, as well as other tasks that will be assigned to you”

She was about to put it on him, when the redhead interrupted her, “Miss Cathy…”

“Yes, dear?”

“Seeing such an obedient man makes me horny as hell… would it seem wrong to you if I… uh… sat on his face while you enunciate the next rules? As you wish, of course… you are the Wife and also the Keyholder, and the Architect of this plan…”

Cathy was doubtful. On the one hand, she liked the girls showing initiative, and overcoming shyness, and was grateful to Skye for breaking the ice: Alea Jacta Est. But she wanted the rules to be clear to everyone, and neither Skye nor Richard (!) should be distracted by facesitting.

As she thought, out of the corner of her eye Cathy saw the first drop of precum bubbling out of the end hole of Richard’s cage, and she had no more doubts.

“Yes, dear, but let his ears be free, for I want him to listen well; and you too, proceed slowly, please, for I want you to listen too.”

“Of course, Miss Cathy” chuckled Skye, who with a light touch on his shoulder indicated Richard to lie down on the floor.

She stared at him, biting her lower lip, then she moved to the right Pendik Escort her green thong and showed the sunlight her magnificent pussy of red hair, curly and glistening like copper in the sunlight.

Keeping her knees wide apart to allow him to listen to his wife’s rules, Skye crouched over his face looking him in the eyes, then moving her tongue obscenely, she gestured for him to start licking.

Miss Cathy watched the scene smugly, “The gag can wait. It is clear, girls, that during working hours you cannot gag him, because he has to write and answer the phone.

Perhaps it would be good if, during hours, the tease was reduced to stimulate him to work harder.

But after hours, the tease is free, ad libitum, and you have my permission to gag him whenever you want, whenever he talks too much or does Mansplaining.”

Skye, in the spasms of the orgasm Richard was giving her with his skillful mouth, managed to find sufficient concentration to again mime the gesture with her fingers to compose the letter M.

At the sight of her trembling hand, they all laughed heartily: Skye was perhaps not so much a character from Greek Tragedy as she struggled to appear.

The laughter was covered by Skye’s moans and Richard’s groans.

Miss Cathy concluded: “Brief, gag him whenever his tongue should not be engaged in something useful for a woman. If you then fancy choose… to remember… to release the gag before he falls asleep… sounds better to me, that is.”

Miss Cathy recoiled, addressing her husband directly, as the red girl moaned softly from her licks, and the cage jumped at each moan:

“Don’t assume, Dicky, that these good girls are coming to Greece to take care of you…

These scholars will have a lot of work to do on their scientific research, and they won’t have time to waste getting ready for you, putting on make-up for you, or wearing sexy lingerie for you… I think… right, girls?

Or am I very much mistaken?” In saying the last words, his wife broke into a sarcastic grin, like the Cheshire Cat.

Barbara replied with a squeal of delight, “But no, Miss Cathy! Can’t you see that my Teresa wears piercings? They represent her choice of identity, but they also serve to arouse… me, first and foremost, and herself, of course, but also your husband… if… necessary.

And I, myself, often enjoy wearing see-through dressing gowns and lingerie to make love to my Teresa, and high heels, and if a caged man is forced to watch me, it’s not like I can hide under the cloak of invisibility, right? I’m neither Hermes, nor Athena, nor Perseus… and I’m not even Harry Potter…” Giggle, giggle…

Richard was fighting an unequal battle, between the pressure of his cock against the cage, the pressure of the blood in his heart, and the pressure of Skye’s pussy on his mouth… he was sucking with all his strength and Skye was moaning as if he was stealing her soul.

Teresa, to herself, though that Barbara was faking the whole thing, because usually, even on Saturdays with her friends in bars, Barbara had always maintained that this idea of «Dress to Kill» was just a silly male fantasy: a woman wants to be comfortable first and foremost, and the best way is certainly not by wearing tight bodices, metal underwires against her breasts and stinging lace over the shaved skin above her pussy.

It was true that sometimes they both had dressed on purpose to look at each other, but it had happened rarely: most of the time they had sex naked or in comfortable T-shirts, like two old friends who are so familiar that they don’t mind the formalities. And especially on Barbara’s side, who was more dominant: of the two, Teresa knew well that she was the submissive one, the one who always received the penetration of the strapon in the ass, despite her tomboy appearance – whereas Barbara, despite her baby-bimbo appearance, was more strong-willed and less feminine in bed.

Yet, perhaps all this enthusiasm of her Barbara for lingerie was not only to turn the professor on but also to send a message to her? Maybe it was: maybe Barbara wanted her to impress her by wearing lingerie.

Self-Reminder: remember to get the crotchless purple lingerie out of the third drawer at home, for the next Tracy+Barbie session.

Teresa had all these thoughts in a fraction of a second, but she just grunted and said:

“Exactly,” sneered Teresa, proudly flaunting her pierced nipples forward.

The redhead Skye, in a voice broken with excitement at the oral pleasure she was enjoying, added: “I like, in the evening, – aah… – to wear a fancy dress – ooh… and have a cocktail in front of the sunset… uuh… OMG… aah… the midday sun irritates my skin – ooh… – but the sunset I want to celebrate it… uuh… with refinement… not in flannel pajamas… and if there’s a caged man to rub my heels on and torture him while he stares at my cleavage and nipples, all the better, the cocktail will be tastier!”

As Skye said this, Richard feared he would explode. The image of such an elegant girl touching his cage with the tip of her heels drove him crazy.

Emily stood back and said nothing. After a minute she mumbled “We’ve been over this, Miss Cathy, I don’t think I’m going to perform to turn your husband on.

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