A Belated Gift

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Randy smiled as he finished meticulously cleaning the second of the completely intact antique medicine bottles he’d found while walking along the edge of the old canal on Christmas day. Having a day warm enough to take the walk and excavate them from the bank was a gift, as far as he was concerned.

The shriveled bit of remaining cork in the bottom of the second bottle was the bow on top.

Divorced, and with no living family still in the area, the unseasonably warm days providing a chance to escape the onslaught of syrupy holiday cheer had been more than worth it as well. At least with Christmas finally over and done, he wouldn’t have to deal with it every time he turned on his television. Even the barrage of campaign ads that would only get worse for the rest of the year was better than that.

All that remained was to carefully dry the bottles, set them up against a good backdrop, and take pictures for the collectors’ group before determining their permanent home on his shelf.

He barely got started on that before the phone rang. He almost ignored it, because it was most likely a political survey, a telemarketer, or someone looking for a donation. Work had no reason to call him while they were on holiday shut down, and anyone he cared to talk to would have called on his cell. When it rang a third time, he made the effort to cross the room and check the caller I.D.

When he saw his landlord’s name, he picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Have you seen the next door neighbors by any chance?”

“Not today, but I haven’t really been out.”

“Do you think you could walk over there and have them call me? I’m not getting an answer from the number I have, and they still owe me fifty on the rent.”

Randy’s brow furrowed. Even with as tedious and borderline pointless as his life had been for the last few years, he could sympathize with someone who was far worse off. The two girls living in the trailer next door were sisters. They had lost their mother when they were little, and their father had kicked the oldest one out for getting pregnant. The youngest had left home and moved in with her sister the day she turned eighteen earlier that year.

Two girls trying to raise a baby on cashier wages had to be a struggle. They frequently asked to use his phone when theirs had no minutes left, and he mowed their lawn for them, because they had no way to do it. He knew their one car had been broken down for a couple of days earlier that week, which surely hadn’t helped matters at all.

“Their phone is probably out of minutes,” he explained to the landlord. “Their car was broke down, so they’re probably behind, too. You know what, it’s only fifty bucks. I’ll take care of it for them this time.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. They’ve had a hard enough time this month. I’ll send it as soon as I get off here. Don’t tell them I paid it.”

“Well, okay. Thank you, and happy new year.”

“You too.”

Randy ended the call, opened the app, and transferred the fifty from his account. He wasn’t hurting for money, thanks to staying in the run down trailer, even though he could afford better after a couple of years of solid raises. Anywhere was as good as anywhere else as far as he was concerned, and it was cheap.

That done, he returned to his bottles.


A knock on the door surprised him a few hours later. He hadn’t been the only one to take advantage of the warm days leading up to Christmas, or the only one to get lucky with new finds. He’d completely lost track of time looking through the new pictures, and chatting about the two additions to his collection. It had managed to get dark while he was distracted — not that it took long for that to happen in December.

When he answered the door, he saw that it was the younger of the two sisters — Emma. The pretty little blonde was so petite that he was always surprised that she didn’t blow off the steps in the breeze.

“Mind if I come in?” she asked.

The warm streak had died out, so he moved aside to let her in out of the cold. “Come on in.” He closed the door and asked, “Need something?”

“Actually, I was wondering… Did you pay the rest of our rent?”

Randy clenched his teeth for a moment and grunted. “I asked him not to tell you.”

“He didn’t. We borrowed a phone and called to let him know we’d have it next week, but he said it was already paid. We couldn’t think of anyone else it might be.”

He nodded in acknowledgment and said, “Well, consider it a late Christmas present.”

Her beaming smile made her look even more beautiful. “Thank you so much. You don’t know how much that will help.”

“You’re welcome. You two just take care of yourself and the baby. I’d rather have you girls over there than whatever loud idiots would probably move in if you moved out.”

She let out a brief, silvery laugh at that, and then said, “I want to do something for you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I…”

He trailed off and his eyes widened Kartal Escort when she reached out and cupped her tiny little hand between his legs.

“But I want to,” she said, her voice taking on a sultry edge as she squeezed, causing blood to rush into his loins.

It was the absolute last thing in the world he would have ever expected to happen. He was all but bald, packing more than a few extra pounds around the middle, and he wasn’t that good looking even before that. He’d obviously underestimated how grateful she was. A feeling of obligation was the only explanation for a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl to be grabbing his dick.

Despite the best of intentions to do so, he couldn’t manage to summon up the words to tell her to stop as he hardened beneath her hand.

“I need it too,” she said, and then moaned when she felt him stiffening. “Between work and the baby, we have no time to ourselves. I can’t remember the last time I had sex.”

Hearing that was enough to free up his tongue through pure incredulity. “But, me?”

She gave a little giggle. “We kind of saw this accidentally one day this fall, when you had the windows open and the curtains blew open at the right time.”

That was the one point he had in his favor. He was bigger than average — and a shower. She’d gotten a good look even though he was most likely flaccid when she saw him.

“I need it. So bad,” she said. “I’ve thought about it so many times when I looked over here at night and saw your lights on, but I was afraid you’d say no.”

He knew that he should. He couldn’t imagine that she wouldn’t regret it afterward, even if she was as hot and bothered as she was putting on.

“Please?” she asked while fixing him with the most intense gaze. She bit her lower lip, and he shivered from the sexy sight.

“I don’t have any condoms,” he said. It was as close as he could come to doing the right thing — a last vestige of propriety that wasn’t drowning in the sea of temptation.

She smiled and shrugged. “That’s okay. The clinic got us both on free birth control. Not that we’ve needed it.”

She let go of his throbbing erection after that, but it was only to shrug off her coat. It had barely hit the floor before she reached for the tail of her top.

He was done the moment it slid up and over her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra over the little mounds. They swelled from her chest just enough to announce beyond any doubt that she was a woman. Her nipples stood out, pointing toward him — long and large in contrast to the breasts they adorned. They and the small circles surrounding them had only the slightest blush of pink to contrast with her fair skin.

Emma reached up, slid her hand behind his neck, stood on her toes, and kissed him hard. His inhibitions shattered, Randy’s tongue slipped over hers, and his hands explored the soft skin of her bare back. She grabbed his shirt and yanked it out of his jeans. A moment later, she pulled away from their kiss with a gasp. Randy lifted his arms, allowing her to take off his shirt, and toss it away.

She went straight for the fastenings of his pants.

Randy slid his fingers into her dark blonde hair, and cradled her head in his hand. She looked up at him with a level of needy desire he hadn’t seen in ages. Her eyes remained locked with his — her lips slightly parted — as her fingers continued their work. When she pulled his dick out and curled her fingers around it, he leaned in for another hungry kiss.

Emma’s hand pumped up and down his turgid shaft as they kissed, and he turned her. They both gasped when their lips parted. She sat down on the couch at his urging, holding onto his cock for as long as possible. As soon as she sat down, she lifted her right foot.

Randy slipped off her shoe, and let it clatter to the ground. Her sock followed it a moment later. Emma unbuttoned her jeans and began to wrestle them down even as he was removing her other sock and shoe. His dick throbbed hard when she revealed a tuft of curly hair on her mound, and his zipper nipped at the root. While she wriggled and pushed at her jeans, he shoved his down and began to stomp his way out of them.

His looser denim yielded faster, and took his slippers with them, so he grabbed the tight legs of hers. A few seconds later, they were both naked, and she turned to recline against the arm of the couch.

Randy lifted a knee over her — planting it where the back and cushions met — and then bent over her to answer the siren song her tits had been singing to him from the moment she revealed them.

A loud whimper escaped her when he sucked her pebble-hard nipple between his lips. One of her hands moved to caress the back of his head, while she wormed the other between their bodies. He groaned around her nipple when her fingers tickled the head of his cock.

“Yes. Oh yes,” she cried while arching her back to press her breast tight against his lips. He suckled and tongued her nipple, making Tuzla Escort her squirm beneath him. After a few seconds, he switched to its twin, drawing out another whimper from her.

As exhilarating as it was to have a woman reacting with such pleasure, he wanted more, and he knew how to get it.

Emma reacted with obvious delight when he straightened over his knees, and began to scoot toward the opposite end of the couch. Her eyes lit up and a thrilled, open mouth smile decorated her face. She pulled her knees up and out in anticipation, letting him see her pussy in all its glory.

Her folds were the perfect pink of youth, with a glimmer of wetness shining from the center. A prominent hood wasn’t enough to conceal her large clit, which peeked out from beneath it. She teased her saliva-slick nipples while parting her nether lips with the other hand, revealing a shimmering pucker that he could almost feel wrapping around his cock from the mere sight of it.

He could also almost taste it, and that’s the urge he acted on first.

She offered a moaned, “Mmm hmm,” of encouragement as he leaned forward into the V of her legs. He caught a whiff of the heady perfume of her arousal just before parting her folds with a stiffened tongue.

Emma moaned loud and long when he probed deep to gather up her nectar. The bittersweet tang of her juices set his heart to racing. He lapped for every drop he could reach — aided by her hips lifting to grind her pussy against his lips.

It had been ages since he’d gone down on a woman, but with a sweet young pussy beneath his tongue, skills long unused returned as if not a moment had passed. He lapped his way slowly up to the center of her pleasure, gave her clit a flick of his tongue, and then attacked it with the tip.

Emma gasped once, twice, and then a third time before emitting a loud, surprised-sounding, “Oh!” A shudder rippled through her lithe body, and her next several cries sounded even more astonished. “Oh! Oh my god! Yes!”

Randy growled and flicked his tongue even faster. Up and down. Side to side. Diagonally. It seemed to have developed a mind of its own, moving without conscious direction in response to her every twitch and heavy breath. A hand pushed on the back of his head — the fingers stiff and trembling. He paused long enough to give her button a hard lap, lifting the hood and exposing more of her clit to his tongue for a fraction of a second before renewing the assault.

Emma erupted into warbling, joyous laughter. “Oh, that’s so good. So good. Oh my god.”

The sheer delight in her voice gave him goose bumps.

A feminine grunt escaped her when he pulled her hood back with his thumb, exposing the once guarded recesses of the smooth little sphere to his tongue. She yelped when he attacked her naked clit with rapid laps, and then a brief suck. Another even louder yelp echoed back from the walls from the feather-light flicks that followed.

Her breathing quickened. When he glanced up, he could see the flush in her cheeks. He wanted more. He wanted her to come. Randy sucked her hood and pulled it in — his upper lip pressing against her clitoral shaft. She cried out and arched her back from the sensation — and then again when he sucked hard and rolled her clit with his tongue as rapidly as he could manage.

Emma let out a squeal and then cried out in a voice that grew louder and higher in pitch with every exclamation, “Yes. Yes. Right there. Like that. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” She let out a long series of loud whimpers followed by a shrieked, “Ah!”

God yes. Come for me, he thought, unwilling to part his lips for even a fraction of a second to say it aloud.

“Oh god!” she shouted. “I’m gonna come. Gonna come.” What followed were three exclamations of almost words, a sudden tightening of her muscles, and then a scream of release. He only heard the very beginning of that scream at full volume, because her thighs clamped down around his ears with ferocious strength.

Emma thrashed and bucked, wrenching his already sore neck every which direction. Randy’s lips curled into a smile even as he continued to lick her throbbing button — at least whenever he could manage during the wild ride. Her muffled cries rang out between gasps for breath. Her nails dug into his scalp and back. For the first time in years, he felt truly alive with the beautiful young woman climaxing on his tongue.

He resisted at first when her legs snapped open and she pushed on his head with a hand that was shaking forcefully. He instead sucked her hood in again. Her upper body lurched upward and she screamed. When her head slammed back down on the couch cushion, the fingers of both hands fisted in his hair and her hips shot up, burying his face in her pussy for a second. Her hips fell as rapidly as they had risen, and her grip on his hair tightened. At the same time, her feet lashed out, pushing him away, and he finally relented.

Emma rolled onto her side and curled into Anadolu Yakası Escort a quivering ball. She jerked and yelped with each shockwave of her slowly waning orgasm, and drew in ragged breaths between them. Randy knelt above her, watching her come and smiling so wide that his cheeks ached almost as much as his neck.

A weepy whimper preceded her muscles relaxing — but only for a moment. Her back arched and she threw her head back with a yelp when one last electric pulse of orgasmic energy wracked her body. When it faded, her right leg dropped off the couch, and she let out a long, groaning sigh.

Randy caressed her leg — his eyes roaming from her flushed face to her pussy winking at him from the continuing contractions of her intimate muscles. Her breathing slowed slightly, and she let out a brief chuckle. A longer one followed, and then she moaned, “Oh my lord.”

Her eyes rolled up in her head and she groaned. When they opened, she caught his gaze and offered him a dreamy smile of pure satisfaction. He smiled back and joined her when she laughed.

“That was… Wow,” she said in a quavering voice. “Nobody has ever licked my pussy like that before.”

“Did you come hard?”

“I thought I was going to pass out. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Just practice.”

“God. The guys I’ve been with need a lot more practice then,” she said as she pulled her leg back up onto the couch and settled into a more comfortable position. She then beckoned him with a wave.

Randy leaned over her and pressed his lips to hers. The first kiss was brief, but the second was far longer and deeper. A few quick pecks followed, and they both ended up chuckling.

‘I taste pretty good, don’t I?” she asked, and then licked some of her juices off his chin.

“Like heaven.”

She bit her bottom lip, then licked the upper and asked, “Want some more?”

“Oh yeah.” He wasted no time planting his face between her creamy thighs once more.

Sore neck be damned.

Emma propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch. “Your tongue moves so fast. It feels so good.”

He knew that could become a problem as he felt his tongue stiffening from overuse. There was little he wanted more than to make her come again, so he fought through the discomfort. Pausing to suckle her clit every so often helped, but the relief faded a little faster every time he did it.

Emma gave him encouraging signs by moaning and whimpering from his efforts. She squirmed and began to gasp. He latched onto her hood, sucking hard and shaking his head back and forth in little flurries. She rewarded him with a loud squeal for that each time.

He could tell from the tensing of her muscles that she was edging toward orgasm, but it was going to be a near thing. He could barely keep his tongue moving, and it was becoming more difficult to maintain suction by the second.

He got a welcome reprieve when Emma gasped and said, “I need you inside me.”

Randy let her clit go with a final slurp, and sat up over his knees.

“Hurry. I want it. I need it,” Emma pleaded as he grabbed her thighs and knee-walked into position.

He took his dick in hand, right behind the head, and rubbed it between the parting of her lips. She was soaked to the point of dripping from his tongue, and the very first swipe left him quite slippery.

“Please. Please. Please,” she begged, lifting her head to watch.

Randy pushed his cock down into position, and then in. An explosive gasp escaped him as he slipped inside her. She was absolutely virgin tight, her walls molding around him like a second skin.

Her squeaky, “Yeah,” as his cock stretched her out made it all the better.

He pumped his hips, slowly opening her up a little more with each thrust and luxuriating in the tightest, wettest, most incredible pussy he had felt in ages — maybe ever.

Emma cried out, “Yes. Yes. Yes,” in time with his thrusts. He was almost penetrating her to his full length when she moaned, “So full.”

She grasped the couch cushions in a white-knuckled grip and yelled when his balls slapped against her on the very next thrust. He moved his right hand from her thigh to her clit, and began to roll it beneath its protective sheath.

“Oh! Oh! Oh god! Yes! Yes! Ah! Ohhh!” she screamed as the flush in her face deepened and spread down to her neck.

“Come for me, baby,” he said through a tight throat as he pounded her harder. Loud claps sounded from their colliding flesh, mingling with his grunts of exertion and her yelps of pleasure.

Her little breasts quivered. Her head lashed back and forth. Her eyes grew wide, and rolled up in her head.

“Come for me,” he repeated while rubbing her clit faster and harder.

“I… I’m… Ohhh g-g-god!” Her body undulated as if cracked like a whip and she screamed as her orgasm took hold of her.

“Oh fuck yes,” Randy growled when her pussy clenched around him like a vise.

When she grabbed the hand between her legs and pulled, he leaned over her. She quickly put her arms around his neck, pulling him even closer, and her feet thumped into the small of his back as well. He pushed his hands beneath her lithe body and gave her short, quick, deep thrusts into her climaxing pussy.

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