A Bottle of Merlot

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Single, never married, and no kids, I had not accumulated many things and not much furniture. Movers always ask me why I don’t just junk everything and buy new stuff rather than paying someone to move what little I have. I just laugh and tell them, “That’s a good idea.” This time it took them maybe an hour to unload the truck and put the big furniture like the bed and couch in place. Small piles of boxes were stacked here and there.

Standing in the open front door, sweat beading on my forehead even though I only watched the movers do all the work, I waved to them as they climbed into the truck and drove away. As I closed the door, I unbuttoned my blouse in hopes of a little cooling air against my skin.

“Damn. The thermostat is set to 79.” I changed it to 69. “Now that’s something I could get into.” I grabbed my blouse and flipped the opening a few times. “Nice tits,” I said out loud as I ran my fingers over the left one.

I plopped down on the couch and as I looked around at the boxes still taped closed; there was a knock on the door.

A slim tall woman, probably my age, stood with a bottle of Merlot and 2 glasses. She was dressed in a short jean skirt and thin almost transparent white tee shirt. It was obvious that she didn’t have a bra on. She didn’t need one anyway.

“Nice tits. I’m Karen from across the street.”

“Just what I said not more than 2 minutes ago. I’m Fran. Come on in.”

“Thought you might be ready for a drink. Nothing worse than moving.”

“I’m sweating up a storm and all I did was watch.”

After a quick look around Karen said, “Say, you travel light.”

“The movers always tell me that too. I’d show you around, but you probably have already seen the place.”

“Yup. I knew the woman that lived here before,” she paused and ran her tongue across her lips once in a somewhat suggestive manner. “Would you like a hand unpacking … or something?” Karen wasn’t taking her eyes off my chest. I was kind of hoping she would rather offer a hand with the ‘or something’ than the ‘unpacking’. After that tongue action, I was pretty sure I knew which.

The glasses clinked as she put them on the coffee table. The cork was already half out of the bottle so she wouldn’t need a corkscrew. A loud ‘POP’ and it was free, free like her breasts sliding around in her tee shirt as she leaned over to pour the wine.

“I guess there isn’t much to unpack.” The more I looked at her, the more I wanted to have my mouth all over her. “Have you lived here very long?”

She took a sip from the glass before handing it to me as she rolled her tongue across her wet lips. “A few years.”

As I took the glass, her fingers stroked the back of mine. Her tongue rolled back across her lips. The wetness that was now flowing between my legs was hot enough to almost leave burn marks. All I could think was ‘lets rip our clothes off’.

Without thinking I reached over and put my hand on the back of hers and gave it a light rub. She turned her hand over and gave mine a squeeze.

“I watched you as the movers carried things into the house, couldn’t wait to meet you.”

“God when I opened the door and saw you standing there, I just melted.”

“Would have come over sooner, but I knew they would have blown the front of their pants off if they saw I didn’t have any panties on. And they would have. Besides…”

She moved her hand onto my shoulder for a moment. With the back of her fingers, she rubbed my cheek lightly. My hand rested on her thigh and I slid my hand along it up towards that place under her skirt.

“Hmm, that feels nice,” she whispered offering no objection to my touch. She leaned back and let her legs spread apart as my hand moved higher. I cupped my fingers between her legs and began to stroke as I stared into her eyes looking for a response. “Don’t stop.” Her eyes closed and she began to breathe through an open mouth. The back of her fingers continued to rub my cheek. It took only a second for my fingers to find her opening and work their way inside of her. My thumb began rubbing her clit. “Oh … my…” she uttered as she leaned further back and spread her legs even more. My mouth replaced my fingers and her pussy humped my face through the next three orgasms before I let her begin to relax.

Now looking like a limp rag, she lay on her back with her head in my lap looking up at me with a nice smile on her face. I bent over and with one hand on her chest; I kissed her lovely lips. I could feel her tongue press against mine. The kiss went on for minutes as I pushed her tee shirt up. I looked down to find nice nipples on breasts that protruded just a little but were full and firm. Moving my mouth down, I began to kiss on her nipples, already sticking out and begging for attention, but growing more as I kissed them.

“Love your chest.”

“You’re so kind. Everyone tells me how flat it is.”

“No … really … these are so lovely.” My hand covered a breast for a moment before I resumed my kissing. I sucked a nipple into my mouth.

“Oh-o-o baby … you suck nicely.”

We https://www.cfimi.com rolled off of the couch onto the floor like teens ready for a hot sweaty fuck. I could feel Karen pulling my shorts over my bare feet. I spread my legs apart hoping to feel at least her hands against my pussy. I could feel her breath against it and I looked down to see her just looking at it.

“You are so pretty down here”

I could feel her finger begin to work its way into my slit and another up towards my clit. She found my clit and pulled it out of the folds of skin. Stroking it between her thumb and forefinger, it began to grow and lengthen.

“Great clit.”

“Great touch … oh fuck yes,” I moaned.

“It’s huge!” she said replacing her fingers with her lips as she began to suck and bite on it.

“… God … fuck…” All I could do was utter single words as shock waves of orgasms rocked my body.

Not willing to let me stop, her fingers began slamming in and out of my pussy while she stared at my face. “Come again damn it!” Her stare intensified. I could feel my juices rolling across my anus and probably onto the carpet. “Well are you…?” she demanded.

I was almost raw as her fingertips pressed hard against the inside of my cunt. There was no way I could have stopped the orgasm that started seconds later. I spoke in a possessed tone as I slammed one hand onto the floor, the other almost squeezing her shoulder into pieces. Limp like melted Jell-O, I collapsed onto the floor.

Karen turned and straddled my head with her knees. I was too weak to do anything but watch as she lowered her pussy towards my mouth. She rested those lovely pieces of flesh against my lips for a moment before rocking her hips back and forth in a slow fucking motion. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could.

“Yeah baby, just lay there and let me do all the work. … Let me drag my pussy across your long tongue.”

Her arms collapsed and her face fell against my pussy, her nose almost inside, her hips thrusting faster, her clit now resting on my chin. No longer resting, but pressing hard against it, she was starting to hump my face. “Fucking good … one … starting…” She fell flat over the front of my body in a pile of dead weight, our faces pressed against the other’s pussy.

I lifted my body a little and rolled her off me. Resting my head on my hand on an upturned arm, I just looked at Karen for minutes before saying a thing.

“That was exactly what I needed today.” I said. “It’s been so long since I’ve known someone who shared that kind of urge.”

“Fuck yes. I loved that. If you’d like, we could go over to my place, shower, and I could fix us something to eat.”

“I know what I’d like to eat!” I said leaning over and running my tongue over her clit.

Suddenly she sat up and pushed me hard onto my back, my head whacking the floor with a loud thud. “Shut up!” she yelled. Not saying anything else, she bent over and forcefully began to suck hard on my clit. I didn’t know I had another orgasm in me, but almost immediately I began to vibrate and shake uncontrollably. I didn’t even have the strength to push Karen away. I didn’t want to either. The wild animal she had just become set fires all through my body. “Get closer,” I screamed! I pulled her face tight against my pussy. My hips slammed hard against her face each time my body convulsed.

“Wow!” I yelled. “That was something else.”

“Don’t know what came over me.”

“Think I came under you,” I teased.

I rested a moment as I leaned against the front of the couch before I began to pull my shorts and shirt on. Holding onto the arm of the couch, I stood up. Standing for a second making sure I could balance, I reached down and helped Karen stand up. With a hug and a deep kiss, we stood and stared into each other’s eyes.

“I’m so happy to have had a start to what I hope is a long, long friendship.” I said.

“Me too. It is turning out to be SO much better than I could have hoped for.”

I stuffed my key in my pocket after I locked the door and then we walked across the street still feeling like teens in heat.

She gave me a quick tour of her house. As we stood by the king sized bed in her bedroom, she pushed me onto the bed and pulled my clothes off. “I can’t get enough of you Fran.”

“Great!” I said as I pulled her clothes off.

Naked, we laid face-to-face and kissed. With the lust and horniness out of the way, this time we took our time slowly rubbing our lips together, working them apart with our tongues, and exploring the depths of our throats. Our hands rested on and rubbed each other’s backs while holding our crotch and stomach tight against each other.

I touched her hip and stroked my fingers over the nice firm skin and then slipped my fingers inside her crack and touched the skin around her asshole. “Yes!” she moaned as I pressed gently. I could feel her relax and then the tip of my finger entered her. Not pushing hard or deeply, I worked my fingertip in and out and Karen began to moan without saying anything that could be understood. She started to suck hard on my tongue almost pulling it out of my mouth. Alternating between sucking on my tongue and nibbling on my lips, she continued to kiss me hard until I pulled my fingertip away from her ass.

Now in need of at least a nap, we dozed off in a deep sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

About an hour later I awoke with Karen kissing my lips.

“I was worried it was just a wonderful dream.” I said.

“Nope, it’s real.”

“For sure.”

Naked, we went to the bathroom. As Karen sat on the toilet, I kneeled next to her and wrapped my arms around her. When she was though, I folded some tissue and wiped her dry.

“That was so sweet,” she said as she stood up.

I pulled her against me. “In just a few hours, I’ve fallen in love with you.”

She didn’t have to say anything for me to know she felt the same way, I could tell by the way she touched me as I kissed her.

Still undressed, we went to the kitchen and fixed ham and cheese sandwiches. A little mayonnaise spilled on my fingertip and I pushed it into my mouth to suck it off.

“Not as nice as you.” I cooed.

She reached between my thighs and pushed a finger deep into my pussy, then took it out and sucked it several times between her lips. In a deep sultry voice she said, “Your taste is sure a turn on.” Then she wiped her finger on the sandwich.

We talked for the next few hours about lots of things, nothing deep, just getting to know each other better.

“I’d love it if you slept here with me tonight.” Karen said.

“There is NOTHING I’d like more than to be wrapped up in your arms. Let me run home and grab my toothbrush and a few other things.”

With the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan blowing across us, and the soft sheet covering us, we held each other close covering each other’s faces with light kisses.

“What a wonderful day!” Karen whispered in my ear.

“I know my clit has seen more action today than in a long time, but I want you to make me cum just once before we go to sleep.”

“If you insist.” She giggled.

It didn’t take long for me to be begging her to stop. I bent over and wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked her through a few orgasms.

We turned so our faces were together, wrapped my arms around her, and fell asleep.

Back home from a nice breakfast of Belgium waffles covered in strawberries, we stood by her pool and undressed. Our clothes fell into the same pile, mixed as we were becoming.

Standing naked in the clear warm water up to our waist, our hands touched each other in so many wonderful ways. Our lips pressed together and tongues made love.

“You taste so much better than those strawberries.”

“Sweetie, you just stole my thought.”

“Where have you been all my life?”

“Just waiting for you to find me.”

For the next 3 days, spent time together, we made love, fucked, got to know each other better, and unpacked my boxes and put things away.

The trip home from the first day of work only took 5 minutes through the neighborhood streets between the office park and home. I opened the door to the car and Karen was standing there pulling it further open. As I stood, she wrapped her arms around me, balanced on one foot, her raised knee pressed against my crotch, her mouth pressed against mine in a deep wet kiss. I was sure all the neighbors were watching, but I didn’t care.

Pulling back just a few inches, “God how I missed you today.” Karen said.

“Me too. The day sure dragged. All I could think about was you.”

“You’re so sweet. I’ve got a nice hot dinner fixed for us. Let’s put your stuff in your place and then go to mine, eat and relax.”

“That sounds perfect.”

We went into my place, I put my briefcase down, and quickly changed into some loose fitting shorts and my sandals, grabbed Karen’s hand and led her across the street. We walked, almost skipping, our hands swinging back and forth. Our fingers were rubbing against each other as if to say hello to each other. Nothing was said, only smiles saying how nice it was to see each other.

As we walked into Karen’s house, I said in what was more of a moan, “Oh-h-h that smells wonderful. I’m so hungry.”

We sat across from each other with plates filled with lovely steaks covered in a nice sauce, baked potatoes covered with butter, and wine glasses filled with Merlot.

I raised mine to make a toast. “Here’s to a love I thought I’d never find.”

Karen raised her glass and said “My heart pounds with joy looking at you.”

We clinked our glasses together and sipped the wine.

“Hmmm. This is really nice.”

I cleared the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. Karen stood behind me playing with my ass.

“Can’t keep my hands off of you,” she said.

I wiggled my ass against her hands. “I’m yours.”

She reached out with her hand and pulled leading me to the bedroom.

Quickly, we lay naked on the bed.

“Karen, just lay there, this is my treat to you.”

I began kissing her around her head, over her face, on her lips, never spending much time in one place. Working my way under her chin and across her throat, it was not long until I was sucking on her nipples. Now I began to linger alternating between kissing them and rolling them between my fingers.

“Baby … so … good,” she moaned as her fingers dug into my back.

Still sucking her nipples, my hand was already touching around her pussy, just teasing the areas around it with touches, just little teases. Working my way quickly down her stomach until my face was between her legs. I reached beside me and lifted her feet and placed her legs over my shoulders. Using my hands against the backs of her thighs, I pushed her legs against her stomach leaving plenty of space for me. With 2 fingers of one hand, I spread her lips wide while with my thumb from the other hand I rubbed the wet pink skin of her cunt up towards her clit.

“Don’t just tease me, make me cum … now … please.” She begged.

“Just enjoy this.”

“No!” she demanded.

I ignored her and played with her clit and the tender pieces of skin around her pussy for a while before replacing my fingers with my lips and tongue. Nibbling on her clit with my teeth and licking the moisture with my tongue.

“I just love to have my face here, the way you feel and taste is so wonderful.” I said feeling her body beginning to convulse in the beginning moments of a pending orgasm.

While sucking her clit like it was a small prick, I inserted a finger deep into her pussy and hard against the front of her vagina while pressing by chin against the outside of where my finger was. The pressure was enough to trigger the G-spot sensations. Before long Karen was moaning and thrashing around in uncontrolled motions.

She begged, “No more … I can’t…Ó but I did not stop. Before long, she stopped moving around and lay limp.

I stopped and lay next to her to make sure she was okay. I held her and shook her face. “Karen … Karen… talk to me.” I begged. I felt her neck and there was a pulse. “Karen…” I called again.

Her eyes fluttered and then opened. “What happened?” she said weakly.

“Don’t you remember?”

“Remember what?” she said a little stronger than before.

“I think you just had a major orgasm and fell into something like a comma.” That kind of scared me.

“I remember the orgasm. I felt like I was falling over a cliff. Just lay here and hold me until we go to sleep.”

As we lay cuddled together, I could feel her fingers touching my clit. I just lay there enjoying the feelings racing though my body.

Soft music filled the room as the alarm turned on. I reached over and turned it off, then leaned over Karen and began kissing her.

“What a wonderful way to wake up.” Karen said as her eyes fluttered open. “That was some orgasm last night. I actually feel like I have some strained muscles.”

“Guess I need to be careful.”

“No way. I want you to do that many times again.”

Standing in Karen’s doorway, we hugged and kissed. “Maybe tonight we can do some skinny dipping in my pool?” I whispered into her ear.

“You say the sweetest things Fran.”

A few feet from the door, I turned and blew her a kiss, then turned and walked to my car.

The days passed and I found myself unable to focus on my work. Long before lunch I was ready to leave some days. This was not like me. I was a person who is very driven, who often works late and some on most weekends.

The drive home was a little hard. I dragged myself through the door.

“Geez Fran, you look like you got run over by a truck. What happened?”

“Oh we are trying to get a huge contract and we just heard some rumors that they don’t think we can handle it. We have 2 of the world’s best researchers in the subject. I just don’t see how we couldn’t do a great job for these people. So I’m sending Jan to talk to the company.”

“What if you don’t get the contract?”

“This was the contract that we thought would get this office off the ground. I might take a lot of heat.”

Karen took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. Pushing me back onto the bed, she undressed me tossing my clothes in a pile on the floor. Her clothes off, she lay on top of me and while kissing me, began grinding her pussy against mine. Looking into her eyes, I began to relax and moan.

“That’s it. Just forget about all that crap at work and let our bodies melt together.”

“Oh Karen, you make me so happy.” She pressed a hip hard against my clit. I jerked. “Fuck that’s nice…” My hands stroked the sides of her face as she continued to grind against me.

I woke up. The clock read 10:00 PM and I was alone in bed. As I walked out of the bedroom, I saw Karen standing in the kitchen. Quietly I snuck up behind her and put one hand over a breast and the other hand between her legs from the back and kissed her on the back of the neck.

“Thanks.” I whispered. “You’re so good to me.” I leaned against her back just holding her close for a moment. “Let’s go find a nice motel at the coast and celebrate!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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