A Change of Perspective Ch. 02

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August 2009

“What is it you say in English? A watched pot never boils – is that right?”

Maria’s laughing at me, so I make a show of turning my back to the clock. “Yeah, that’s it. Stop picking on me.”

She flicks her bar towel at me. “Okay, Mr Grumpy. I hope he arrives soon, and you won’t be so miserable tonight when I have to work with you.”

“I hope so too.” I’ve just picked up my beer glass when the front door opens again. I make myself count to three before I look up. To my relief, this time it’s finally Simon, flicking his shades up onto his head and blinking at the contrast from outside. He looks a little like a rabbit caught in headlights – a sexy rabbit, in a tee and long shorts. His face lights up when he sees me. I’ve been worrying that he’ll have changed his mind, but he looks pleased to be here.

I slide off my stool and pick up the bag at my feet. “Time to go. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Have fun.” Maria blows me a kiss.

Simon watches me cross the room, shyly holding out my jacket to me. “Here… thanks for lending it to me last night.”

“No problem. One second.” I chuck it behind the bar, not wanting to stay any longer than we have to. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“Sure.” He’s smiling and I want to kiss him, but he ducks his head and turns away, obviously nervous. That’s okay. I can wait a little while longer.

At the far side of the tiny parking lot there’s a dirt path leading up towards the forest. It’s not hidden but it’s not well-used either – I guess the locals have other places to go. Simon puts his sunglasses back down, hiding his eyes, but he follows me into the trees easily enough. It’s hot and the trail’s steep, and although we’re not moving quickly it’s not long before we’re both breathing hard. I can’t stop thinking about what else might make him breathless. My prick twitches and swells in my shorts.

He stops so abruptly that I nearly bump into him. “Isn’t that the hotel?” He’s looking down at the collection of roofs below us. Voices drift up, the pool’s a flash of electric blue. “I thought we’d be staying in the pub. If I’d known you were taking me hiking I’d have let you collect me on the way past.” His grin tells me he’s teasing.

“And I thought you were supposed to be fit. With legs like yours this must be an easy jog.”

He flexes his calves unconsciously, and I suddenly notice that his legs are smooth. Shaved, or does he wax? It’s a strange thought.

“I couldn’t run a hundred metres if my life depended on it. But I reckon I could cycle up this path, although it wouldn’t be much fun.”

“Well, that’s told me.” I’m impressed. Simon’s tall but he’s not built, and he doesn’t look that strong. I’m in good shape, but now I’m feeling a little inadequate.

We start walking again. After a while the climb starts to level out, making it easier to talk. Simon glances sideways at me. “Talking of telling things, where are you taking me?”

“I want to show you something – it’s worth the effort, trust me.”

“Oh?” He sounds curious rather than nervous.

“It’s not much further.” His tee’s sticking to him and sweat stains his blond hair dark at his hairline. I don’t notice I’m staring until he clears his throat and looks away.

The sun gets hotter as the trees start to thin out, and a moment later the path leads us out into a grassy clearing. I hang back, remembering the first time I saw it. I’d been on a run, following the trail on a whim – now it’s my regular route, and it never gets boring.

Sure enough, Simon steps forward. “Wow… I didn’t expect that.”

The far side of the clearing ends abruptly in a vertical drop, giving us a view for miles over the valley below. I can pick out half a dozen towns through the heat haze and in the distance the sun glints on the sea. There’s no sound except the cicadas – apart from a cruise ship inching across the horizon we could be the only two people alive.

By the time Simon turns round I’ve pulled a rug out of my back pack and spread it where we can still see the view, although right now the only thing I want to see is his naked body next to mine.

He looks down at me looking up at him. “That’s not the Med, is it?”

“The Adriatic – we’re across from Italy. You like it?”

“It’s amazing.” He sits down next to me, close but not touching. Not close enough. “In England this would be a tourist spot… I think I prefer it deserted.”

“I only found it a few weeks ago. I guess the locals must know it, but I’ve never seen anyone else up here. You’re the only person I’ve shown it to.”

“I’m honoured. Seriously.” He nods at my bag. “Any more surprises?”

“I came prepared.” I’m looking at what I’m doing and don’t immediately realise what I’ve said until he makes a small noise. “I mean…” I pull out a bottle of red wine, warm from the sun, and produce a corkscrew with a flourish from my back pocket.

Simon raises an eyebrow, a grin pulling at the corner of his mouth. “Do we swig, or did you bring straws?”

Wordlessly I produce two plastic tumblers and hand them to him. His nose wrinkles, demetevler escort but he’s smiling properly now. “I couldn’t possibly drink wine out of plastic beakers. What kind of man do you take me for?”

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. “A very sexy one.” We look at each other for a moment.


“Really.” He doesn’t stop me when I gently pull his shades off. Green eyes gaze steadily at me. He looks nervous but resolute, and when I lean forward he meets me halfway.

His lips are soft and he tastes a little of salt. He’s tentative at first, until his mouth opens and he lets me kiss him properly. His hand’s on my arm, his fingers rubbing gently. I don’t think he’s doing it deliberately, but all the same it makes me think about how his hand on my cock might feel. Suddenly I’m fully hard and gasping for breath.

“Nnnn…” Simon pulls me back close. I don’t resist.

I could kiss him all afternoon but eventually he sits back, flushed. When I try to meet his eye he ducks his head. His friend was right – he’s a total novice at this, but it doesn’t make him any less gorgeous. It just means I can’t steam in like I usually would.

I uncork the bottle. “Wine?”

He half-laughs, still embarrassed. “Yes please.” I pour generously, and he drinks half of it in one swallow.

It’s scorchingly hot even in the shade. I shuck off my tee and lie down, resting an arm over my eyes and fighting the urge to jump him. “So what’s the deal with you and Gil? The way he looked after you last night… you’re not together?”

“God no, we’re just friends. D’you think I’d be here with you now if I had a boyfriend?”

“You could be in an open relationship. I didn’t want to make any assumptions, that’s all.”

“Oh.” He sounds unsure. “Is that… I mean, do you…”

I sit up, so that I can look him in the eye. “Is that how I roll, you mean? A guy in every port?” He nods hesitantly. “No. I’m single – I have been for a while. I’m not saying there aren’t hook-ups, but if I’m committed, I’m committed.”

Relief washes across his face, followed immediately by more uncertainty. “So… is this a hook-up?”

Bless him. If this was a hook-up we’d be fucking by now. I rub my thumb gently over the frown lines between his eyebrows. “You worry too much, baby. Why don’t we just take it slow and see what happens?”

“Okay.” Simon nods again, as if he’s psyching himself up. To my surprise I see the start of a sly grin. “I hope that doesn’t mean you’re not going to kiss me again?”

“I’ll kiss you anytime, baby – I’ll do anything you want me to. You looked so good last night I nearly dragged you off to the restroom then and there.”

He flushes bright pink and for a moment I’m worried I’ve pushed too far. Finally he looks up, troubled again. “It’s not that I don’t want to… it’s just that…”

“You’ve never done this before.”

He’s very quiet. “No. Sorry.”

“Jeez, there’s nothing to be sorry about.” I drink some wine, thinking. I haven’t played the seduction game in a long time, and I don’t want to scare him. On the other hand, the thought of him is making me light-headed. I shuffle slightly closer to him. “Can I?” My hand’s at the hem of his tee, tugging it upwards. After a second he takes the hint and peels it off, and I get to see him properly for the first time.

His body is much leaner than mine. He must have nearly zero body fat, although he’s wiry rather than scrawny. He’s got a real farmer tan – dark neck and arms with a pale chest. It should look stupid, but to me he’s gorgeous. I want to taste him. I don’t remember the last time I wanted someone so badly.

I lean forward slowly. “I’m going to kiss you again. Here…” I kiss the curve of his neck, tasting more salt. “And here…” This time his collar bone. “And here…” Now his chest, pushing gently at him so that he’s on his back while I kneel over him. He’s silent when I lick at a nipple, but his breath hitches and his abs tense when I move towards his belly button.

I lift my head. “Relax, baby. All you have to do is enjoy good how it feels.” I’m unbuttoning his shorts, but I’ll wait for his permission again. “Will you let me?”

Simon bites his lip. “Yes.”

He kicks off his shoes and I help him out of his shorts, and then finally I can see his cock. It’s beautiful – thick and uncut, and mouth-wateringly hard. A bubble of pre-cum oozes slowly and drips onto his taut stomach. I lick it up unthinkingly, only faintly hearing his gasp of surprise. “You taste so sweet, baby…” For a moment more all I do is look, and then I bend down to his prick.

His reaction is electric – he arches beneath me, shouting out incoherently. I meant to take this slowly, for me as much as for him, but he’s too eager. His hands fist in my hair, so I open my throat and take him as deep as I can, letting him fuck my face as he moves underneath me. The sun’s on my back and his cock’s in my mouth, and I can’t get enough of it.

“James!” Simon suddenly cries out urgently. “James, I’m… fuck, I’m…” His hips otele gelen escort are pushing up at me, telling me what he can’t say. I don’t know what he expects, but I want him to come in my mouth. When I don’t move away his hands grip more tightly, pulling at me frantically. It’s only a few seconds more before he comes, not shouting this time but almost sobbing as his body convulses in pleasure.

I swallow everything he gives me, until his fingers finally relax and I can lift my head. His eyes are closed but he’s smiling, almost laughing. I sit up and drink some more wine, pleased with myself.

After a long beat of time his eyes flicker open. “Jesus.”

“You liked it?”

“Very much. I’ve never… Well, you know.” He’s blushing as he sits up and reaches for his glass. “Can I, um… Can I do something for you?”

Hallelujah. “I’m not sure…” I kick off my trainers, pretending to consider. “I mean, you’re insanely hot, and I’m so horny I could probably come just looking at you, but maybe we should just talk. Get to know each other.”

Simon looks at me in surprise, but shrugs. “Okay, if that’s what you want. I’ll start. What’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?” He leans behind me, reaching for his shorts.

Oh shit, I fucked that up. “Si…” I sound pathetic. How the fuck am I going to get this back on track?

“Mm?” He moves around behind me, presumably getting dressed. “Is there something wrong?” His mouth is suddenly close to my ear. A tremor runs down my spine, and I can’t speak. “Did I say the wrong thing?” He rests his chin on my shoulder. “It’s not fair if I’m naked and you’re not, is it?”

I open my eyes to see his hands at my belt-buckle. My erection miraculously reappears. “You bastard, I thought you were serious.”

He nuzzles into my neck, letting me feel him grinning. “Just because I’m inexperienced doesn’t mean I’m stupid, you know. Now show me some respect and take your shorts off.”

I do as I’m told. “Yes sir.” The combination of wine, sun and relief makes me laugh. Simon laughs with me, like we’ve known each other for years. When he reaches round to touch my prick it feels right, as if we fit together.

He slips out of his bossy mood. “How do you like it?”

I put my hand over his, showing him. I’m wound up so tight and his fingers feel so good on me… I can barely stay sat upright. Simon shifts behind me, his left arm around my chest and his mouth still close to my ear. “Lean on me. Is this okay?”

“So okay, baby…” I can’t think of anything except how horny I am.

“When I first saw you last night I wanted you so badly I couldn’t breathe. You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.”

I feel his cock against my back and think of how he’d tasted, and that’s enough. “Oh god baby, I’m going t-” My orgasm hits me and the rest of the sentence dissolves as I come, hard, arching my back and spattering both of us.

For a moment we just sit there, me half-lying in Simon’s arms and trying to get my breath back. The sun beats down. I don’t think I’ve ever been more content.

Eventually Simon stirs. “I hate to break the mood, but I’m getting pins and needles.”

“Shit, sorry.” I sit up hurriedly. I packed wet wipes along with the rug and the wine, so I fish out the packet and clean myself up while he stretches his legs.

When I hand Simon a wipe he laughs. “Hey boy scout, got anything else interesting in there?”

“Let’s see. Sun lotion, water, condoms, lube, Pringles…” I chuck each item onto the blanket.

Simon pulls his shorts on and sits back down, picking up his glass. “Ugh, warm wine. Nice.” He grimaces, but he still drinks it. “Why Pringles?”

I repack the bag, leaving the crisps out. “I’m always hungry after sex. Want to share?”


After a moment of passing the tube back and forth, he takes a deep breath. “James?” He sounds nervous again.


“Do you mind that we didn’t fuck? You obviously thought we would.”

“Well, I thought we might… it never hurts to be prepared. I really was a boy scout, once. And no, I don’t mind. There’s always next time, isn’t there? How long are you staying?”

His face falls. “Until about 1am tonight.”

I stare at him. “But you’ve only just arrived. You’ve not been down to the bar before – I’d have remembered.” I’m pleading now, hoping he’ll tell me that he’s teasing again. “I thought last night was your first night here.” My stomach sinks when he shakes his head.

“No, we leave tonight. I don’t know why I thought you’d know that…” He looks hopeful. “Maybe I could see you this evening?”

“I’m working tonight. I mean, you’re welcome to come join me, but I have to work. I called in favours to get this afternoon off… I’m on from six until two.” I look at my watch, forestalling his next question. “It’s four now.”

“Fuck.” He crashes down onto the rug. “Just my fucking luck. I finally meet a guy, and I only get to spend four hours with him before I have to leave the country.” I lie down next balgat escort to him, just as disappointed. After a moment he rolls to face me. “I’m sorry. If we’ve only got a couple of hours left, I shouldn’t waste them being a spoilt brat.”

“No…” I sigh in frustration. “So what’s so important that you have to leave at 1am?”

“The flights are booked. How much do you know about cycling?”

I think about it. “Um, Lance Armstrong won the tour of France a bunch of times. That’s about it.”

He laughs. “I wonder if cycling will ever get mainstream like football. There’s a bit more to it than that. Next Saturday I’ll be racing in Spain for three weeks, which is why I was here on a training camp.”

“Can’t you stay for just one more day? Does it really make that much difference?”

“Yeah, it really does… my schedule’s pretty rammed. From February to October, if my boss tells me to do something, I say ‘yes sir’. Unless I want to get dropped from the team and watch the races on telly.”

I eat some Pringles absentmindedly. “I haven’t had to say ‘yes sir’ for a while. Not counting earlier, anyway.” I can’t help grinning at Simon’s blush. “Do you enjoy it?”

He smiles unselfconsciously, his face lighting up. “I love it. I don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t cycling – something really dull in Brussels, probably. How come you don’t have to answer to anyone?”

“I’m travelling… I’ve been away from home nearly a year.”

“Non-stop? That’s a long time. What did you do before?” He adopts a serious expression. “Tell me about yourself, James.”

“You want the full life history? You’re going to wish there was more wine – I can’t promise it’s interesting.”

“Go on, I want to know.”

He did ask. “So, I’m 26, and I’m from Edmonton in Canada – it’s nice enough, but nothing special. I was a civil engineer and I was doing okay at it, but last fall I decided to take some time out. My mum’s British and I’ve got dual nationality, so I figured I’d come over and see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t stay long in the UK, I was burning through money too fast. Since then I’ve been drifting. I find somewhere I like, pick up some work, move on when it feels right. I’ve been thinking I’ll head north at the end of summer – I like my winters cold. Norway maybe, if they’ll have me.”

“Where have you been?” He sounds genuinely curious.

“Oh, all over. England, Germany for a few weeks, France… I liked France, but I couldn’t get work. Then Italy, Austria, Hungary, and now here.”

“That’s quite a trip. D’you speak all those languages?”

“I wish – but you’d be surprised how easy it is to manage with just English and a bit of French.”

“Yeah.” Simon’s mouth quirks as he tries not to grin.


“Um…” Now he’s embarrassed. “Most of us can get by in at least three languages… I speak six.” He changes the subject, clearly not wanting to crush my ego any more than he already has. “What made you decide to go travelling?”

I reach for what’s left of the wine. “You must be bored listening about me. Your turn.”

“Are there any more crisps? They’re dangerously addictive.”

I pass him the tube. “Thanks. Okay, well, I’m 27 next month. I’m from Bruges, in Belgium. I moved to England about five years ago – I’ve been based in London for the last two. I’ve been racing my whole life, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Huh, I’d thought he was British. Now he mentions it I can hear a faint accent, but I wouldn’t have guessed. “Do you win?”

To my surprise, he blushes. “This and that – I do alright. Gil’s the one who wins things.”

Hmm, successful and modest. “If you won’t tell me, I’ll Google you and find out anyway. There can’t be that many Simons in… what’s the race called?”

“The Vuelta. Don’t you ever wish for the old days when if you wanted to know something you had to get the paper on the right day, or look stuff up at the library? I remember getting so excited as a kid collecting my copy of l’Equipe. Now everything just appears in your email in-box while you’re asleep.”

I get a split-second image of Simon as a small boy, reaching up to pay for his magazine at the local newsagent. It’s unfeasibly cute. “Hell no. I love the internet.” A thought strikes me. “Are you set up online? We could Skype, if you like?”

He looks pleased. “You want to stay in touch?”

“Yeah. I thought it might be fun. And I thought maybe I could be in Spain in… what, about four weeks’ time? If you wanted me to be?”

There’s a long pause while he thinks it over, and then he smiles. “I’d like that. Sure.”

“Good.” I’m surprised how glad I am that he’s said yes. It’s way too soon to know how I feel, but I definitely want to see him again. My prick twitches, reminding me that that’s not the only thing I want to do again. “You know, we’ve still got an hour…”

His grin is sinful. “I thought you’d never offer.”


Simon ends up staying at the bar all evening. It’s Saturday and reasonably busy but Maria takes pity on me, letting me spend most of my shift talking to him. We swap contact details during a lull, Simon spelling his surname out carefully and laughing at my pronunciation, promising to email me his itinerary. Everything’s very relaxed until around midnight, when the door opens and Gil walks in alone, obviously here to collect his friend. Jealousy stabs at me unexpectedly. Perhaps it’s not too soon to know after all.

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